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September 1, Live Feed Updates


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(It's been FOTH since my last post, and I'm not sure what is going on right now. Earlier, they were asking each other when something was going to happen, and they said it would happen at 9:00 bb time. They also mentioned that probably they were anxious to let Julie leave. So possibly something else is going on tonight, but they aren't letting us see it.--ed)

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Erika, Boogie, Janelle playing Gin at the dining table. Will comes in & takes over Erikas cards because she gets called to the DR.

While Erika is gone they say Janelle has to win the veto so they can get rid of Erika (of course they have the same plan w/Erika) Janelle tells them Erika still thinks she is going after CT & that her & Erika are going to be final 2. Janelle asks what she is supposed to say to Erika. Will says for Jan to tell Erika that if she wins POV she is going to nom Will & vote him out.

Boogie asks Jan if she could have won the HoH comp tonight. She says no, she is not good with numbers. Boogie tells Janelle he can't believe she didn't get the gig on The Price is Right. Jan says she was up against 6 other beautiful girls.

Now Erika comes out & Janelle gets called to the DR. Erika makes a comment that Will & Boogie probably told Janelle the same things while she was gone but she's too stupid to listen to herself ( ;) )

While Jan is gone they tell Erika that Janelle was saying it's the 3 of them against Erika for POV. They say obviously we acted like we agreed & Erika says that she too "acted" like it was her & Janelle to final 2. Erika says she is trying to make Janelle think she is after CT. Will tells Erika if she wins POV to take herself off, nom Will, & then vote Jan out. If ill wins POV he will leave noms the same & vote Jan out. If Boogie wins POV he will leave noms the same & Will will vote Jan out. Erika is kind of acting like Boogie could put Will up instead of her. Will says fine put me up, it doesn't matter. Boogie says whoever wants to be the star of the show.

Erika says I don't want to be nom Boogie because it makes me look like a Ho-mance (there's no repairing that rep, it is a Ho-mance) Erika keeps begging & pleading, to not be nom. Boogie says he will let it be a surprise.

Janelle comes back from the DR so the convo changes.

Everyone heads out to the BY to hang out & pat themselves on the back for being "the best final 4 ever".

(It's looking like CT is a lock for final 3 since they have identical plans with both girls & neither girl seems to be questioning the plan)

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Boogie gets his HoH & they all go up to check it out. Boogie is thrilled that he got SpaghettiOs (cracks me up that he runs some really nice restaurants & he like SpaghettiOs) Janelle says the bedding is the same as it was for the 1st HoH.

Boogie says they are getting some more booze in the SR tonight. Boogie says they told him he would get his leather CT basketball outfit tomorrow. Janelle asks if they can open Boogie's wine. He says yeah. They all decide to go get in the HT. Will asks if the POV is tomorrow or can he totally get smashed. They say nominations will be tomorrow & the POV will be Wednesday (they are wrong about the POV because they don't know there will be another eviction on Tuesday)

They decide to have a blind taste-test to see if they can tell which bottle of wine is the low quality one & which is the high quality wine. Erika & Janelle get it correct. Boogie, the restauranteur, gets it wrong :lol: They mention that the 2 wines are Woodbridge & Yellowtail (which I know to both be about the same quality & price so they are all wine idiots :P )

Jan & Erika go to change into swimsuits. Erika puts on one of Janelle's skimpy bikinis that Jan says she wore when she was 15LBS lighter. Janelle puts on an unflattering red 1-piece that she calls her Baywatch bathing suit. They go outside to smoke. The guys come out & comment on the bikini Erika is wearing. Lotsa WOWs & talk of how it looks like lingerie.

(I'm out. Nite all)

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It's just been general chit chat for quite a while amongst the 4. They're rating this year's Hgs. Diane gets the lowest combined score (5 out of 10).

Mike is really getting into the romance talk (He says it's not a showmance, it's a romance. I really think he's hoping to get lucky tonight).

Everyone (including Mike) is discussing Mike and Erika's baby. Mike says he'd be a good dad. Will said he'd be a good uncle. "If I forget the baby at the park, you could call me and remind me and I'd go pick him up."

They're getting into the specifics of Mike and Erika having a kid. Mike asks if he has to live with Erika and the baby. :lol: They're even discussing tax deductions.

Janelle has had quite a bit of wine and just said (in the middle of conversation about past events in the game) that she would've never put Will up. The HT goes quiet for a second because everyone's been telling Erika that Janelle is going after CT. Will quickly changes the subject, but I think Erika picked up on it. I don't think she'll do anything with the info because she's so conviced CT is loyal, but it did look as if she was processing what Janelle said.

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1:20 a.m. BBT - The final four have been rating HGs from all seasons based on "pop," likeability, strategy, competition and ability to form alliances. Janelle gives Nakomis a really high rating - a solid 9. Everyone's pretty drunk now having consumed three bottles of wine between them.

Janelle was trying to kiss and cuddle Will but he made a point of pushing her away. He said he would sit next to her but he was adamant (but kind) that he needed his space. He said "I will sit next to you" (but that's it).

Will has proposed that Erika and Boogie conceive a baby to celebrate making it to final four. Will has been reviewing all the elements that affect the decision, whether they would elope to Las Vegas, whether religion is important, where they will live (Will says Boogie can't raise a baby in his place), can Boogie commute to work from Erika's house. Will wants to be an uncle. Will jokes that his mother wants a grandchild so they could pass it off as her grandchild. Boogie thinks having a baby would calm him down (which he thinks he needs). They take a vote and all four raise their hands in favor of Erika and Boogie having a baby. Everyone is in really good spirits. Will thinks that baby should be called Chilliam Boogie or Chillma if it's a girl! Erika and Boogie both like the name Janelle. They are now guessing their favorite baby names.

1:35 a.m. BBT - STILL talking about babies, discipline (Boogie and Erika both say they aren't disciplinarians because they are pushovers) and Janelle talks about how she plays Barbie with friends little girls. Janelle keeps suggesting that certain names are "stripper" or "porn star" names!

1:38 a.m. BBT - Erika and Boogie are now getting out the jacuzzi. Boogie once again compliments that bikini that Janelle has lent to Erika; he says it is the sexiest bikini he has ever seen. Hummm, wonder if he will get lucky tonight?

Janelle is pretty loud and drunk.

Boogie and Erika are snogging in the kitchen and snacking on sushi. Boogie is looking for the beer he hid earlier.

Erika is amazed that Janelle doesn't know that Erika is with Chilltown since she voted out CG. Boogie says that it is because Janelle is so cocky.

Erika asks if she can talk about something that is outside the game "I really like you"

Boogie tells her that she is his friend and the girl he really wanted to be in this house with.

Erika: "Honey, we do have to change the spaghettio habit though"

Boogie: "why?"

Erika: "Because it's bad for you"

Oh g-d, she's already acting like a wife!

Janelle is mad at Will in the HT; she pouting and has moved to the other side of the jacuzzi. She has now left the HT and is smoking on the red couch. Will is lying on the ground at the edge of the jacuzzi. Neither of them are even looking at each other. First lover's tiff!

1:50 a.m. BBT - Boogie is having a heart to heart with Erika. He says he is sentimental and maybe a little corny. He says it means a lot to him to be in the house with his best friend and Erika who he really wanted to be with from before they entered the house. Awwwh! He actually sounds really sweet!

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Janelle just went in the house without saying a word to Will. He just went into a rant to the internet audience saying that Janelle is crazy. He's says it's like "Pyscho" and that he might wake up in the morning to find a "terantula stuck to the wall with a butter knife." He rants on about how she just wants to make out with him and that she is ruining his life (not maliciously) but she's crazy. He talks about how he has an incredible girlfriend and Janelle is ruining his life. He is clearly hamming it for the camera.

2:01 a.m. BBT - Will just tried to talk to Janelle in the bathroom. He says she is being very stubborn and acting strange. He doesn't understand why she is being so strange. She claims she is not mad at him. They are now both in the shower. J: "Excuse me, maybe I'm insulted" Will: "Why?" J: "Why do you think?" J: "I think you are impossible and very inconsiderate of my feelings" J: "I feel disrespected and I am very offended by the way you have behaved towards me recently" He keeps telling her to lower her voice and listen to him carefully. W: "How can you not look at this situation and not think what a respectful person this is." Couldn't catch what Janelle said but she was shocked at what he said (bear in mind she is drunk). W: "I am sorry you feel that way. Let me know if you change your mind." J: "Thanks for being so formal." W: "I don't know how to be any other way with you . And I am super hurt too." He changes in the loo and then leaves the bathroom.

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Here's the transcript (I agree though, it was totally fake :rolleyes: )


That girl is CRAZY! She is nuts! They should take her, put caramel and nougat on top of her and leave her at the front of a grocery store, that's where you buy nuts - she is nuts! She is so crazy, she's trying to seduce me, when I tell her no she loses her mind. It's like I can't even fake a showmance with her because she's so crazy she refuses to accept no for an answer. Agreed I'm incredibly likeable, but my GAD woman what is wrong with you?!? I mean honestly in all seriousness . . . I'm not that likeable, I'm not that charismatic, and for the life of me figure out what is she doing? She's ruining my life. I have an amazing girlfriend, I have an amazing job, I love so many things about my life, she is trying to ruin them! Not maliciously, but she is trying to infiltrate my life and take over - it's like the movie Psycho. I'll wake up tomorrow and there's going to be a dead tarantula with a butterknife stuck to it on the front of the ant room door. My gad! Boogie and Erika went upstairs to make a baby - that's less crazy than Janelle is at. Janelle has lost her mind! Oh my god! Am I being Punk'd? Am I on Candid Camera, is this what this is? There is no way this is really happening, there's no way you guys put in a crazy psychotic blonde woman to try to purposely ruin my life. Operation double-date was a joke. It was a joke, oh my god - I started a joke that started the whole world crying!

She has lost her mind! She is Psycho! Operation Double-date was a joke! Now she's coming on to me so strong, I literally like physically have to restrain her. Trust me, I think I'm charismatic, funny, handsome, a great catch, she thinks it's that times ten. I don't even know how to control her, I need in security the big brother house, I'm scared. Bring back Howie.

* * * * *

Janelle and Will then went into the shower and Janelle said she felt insulted by the way Will treated him in the hot-tub. They're having a bit of an argument but there seems to be a bit of a communication breakdown . . .

PS I agree too that the Erika and Boogie moment is actually very sweet. Lots of gratitude, mutual support, gentle touching and occasional pecks while they reflect on making the final 4 in light of their expectations, what they've been through and what they face. I think no matter what happens, they'll probably be friends outside the house :)

* * * * *

Back to gameplay and it's more Chilltown playing the girls - Will trying to reassure Janelle in the supply room. Erika was eavesdropping on their conversation and Boogie notified Will. Now Boogie is reassuring Erika in the green room and Janelle comes out of the supply room having been reassured and announces to them that 'Will and I are in love again'

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3:00am BBT

Janelle got called to the DR. She wanted Will to go with her but he wouldn't.

As soon as she left, Will started telling Erika that Janelle is ruining his life. He tells her about the fight that he and Janelle had. Said, Janelle was telling him in the hot tub that he had to kiss her, when he wouldn't she stormed off. He is explaining to Erika the earlier conversation that she overheard between him and Janelle in the storage room. Erika said she heard the whole thing. He tells Erika not to worry about anything she overhears that he is 100% with her. Erika says she knows and same with her. He repeats several times that Janelle is ruining his life. He admits that he has definitely led her on but says Janelle is going too far. Says Janelle probably just broke up his relationship with the most amazing woman he's ever known.

BB: Janelle to the DR, Will to the DR

Will unwantingly goes to the DR

Erika goes up to the HOH where Boogie is.


Boogie and Erika in bed. He is being very sweet to her. Said it's nice just lying next to her. He was worried that they were going to be separated tonight. He said he adores her and is so glad to be in the house with someone he really cares about. Erika keeps saying you are being so sweet. Boogie says you even gave up your side of the bed for me. He then notices that she doesn't have her pillow and insists on going to get it for her. He leaves and while he is downstairs he says "Kenny I'm going to Hell". As he is going back upstairs with her pillow and teddy bear he passes Will and Janelle coming out of DR and says a few times "I'm going to Hell".

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3:24am BBT

Erika and Boogie up in HOH making out. Boogie still saying really sweet things to her.

Will and Janie in kitchen making triscuit pizza's. They started arguing about whether Boogie is in the DR right now. Janie says he is in the DR, Will says he's up in the HOH. Will bets her $10 that Boogie is up there. He goes up, knocks on the door and opens it, asks if he has interrupted something (duh). He asks them if they want some triscuit pizzas, they say yeah but wants them to bring them up.

Will goes back down, after a few minutes in the kitchen, Will and Janie start bickering again. Janie says he was saying one thing but acting another way, how could she know what he was doing. He starts to look upset that it's starting again. Janelle says she's over it. Now they are just sitting there in silence.

Boogie and Erika going to sleep.

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Janelle and Will brought the pizza's up to Boogie and Erika. After they eat they decide to turn off the lights and all get into the bed for a couple's spoon. Order in bed Boogie, Erika, Janelle, Will. Will wants to get in between Erika and Janelle because he feels like he's going to fall out of bed on the edge. They are all laying there, then he starts asking for pillows. Janelle asks him if they are going to sleep there. Will says yeah, it's like 4am, I'm going to fall asleep. He asks her if she would rather go down to the ant room and she says yes. As they are leaving Erika says they are fickle roomates. Janelle says sorry. After they leave, Erika gets up and locks the door.


Boogie and Erika going to sleep, he is facing away from Erika hugging his pillow and has the earphones on.

Will has gone to bed in Ant room and Janelle is getting ready for bed in the bathroom


Janelle comes in Ant Room, Will tells her to come sit with him on his bed (He's already snuggled in to go to sleep), she comes and sits down, asks him if he has any secrets and he says no he's all out of secrets. He's facing away from her and not talking much, sounds tired. She says she's going to go to sleep and goes to her bed, says goodnight, Will says goodnight, dream about me. Janie: I will Will: I know you will. After a few seconds he says yes. Janie: What? Will: MmmmHmmmm, J: What? W: Mmmhmm, what does it mean when I say that? J: I don't know W: Yes you do. J: Ok W: Ok, Are you still mad at me J: No, I'll get over it. After a few seconds W: 'Night J Goodnight

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Janelle just got up and came out to the backyard. She sits on the red couch and while trying to light a cigerette says to the camera "I can't sleep". Everyone else is sleeping.


Janie still outside, she has been jedi drilling for the last while.

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Booger outside exercising. Before he went out, he was cleaning up a bit and bemoaning that CG wasn't there to clean up after their slovenly asses. Erika agreed.

While mike runs sprints on the lawn, Erika is in the bathroom complaining to the cameramen that Janie is a "fucking blonde tornado" and "why don't you guys do a segment on who's the messiest?"

Booger only ran for a couple of minutes, now he's drinking water and sitting in the yard. It must be hot because he was complaining about the heat to Erika and she said "It's a pool day."

Now Erika's taking all the food, glasses, etc. left in the bedroom and taken it to the kitchen to sort/clean all that filth. She took it there because Will and Janie are sleeping, but she's grumbling about it none too quietly.

Booger is running again - nope, he stopped. Now we have a bright orange crotch shot of him on camera one as he lays down exhausted on the lawn. Now he's grunting thru some pretty sorry ab crunches.

Erika is picking her way thru all the clothing Janie's left on the bathroom floor trying to get to the shower. She gave up and went toward the HOH - can't tell cuz it went to flames.

It wasn't the HOH. She tried to get into the storeroom and couldn't because they were apparently putting a Chilltown basketball jersey in there for Booger. Both of them were in there when the flames left and Booger was going nuts. He was sooo excited - "I never thought I'd be able to wear this again. Thanks, BB!"

He then hung in on the stair railing near the DR for all to see and went to his HOH room. Erika went back to the restroom to try again and we got flames.

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