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Emmys just missed BB


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Janelle will win next year, she wins everything.

Last night's emmy's

Outstanding Reality Competition Program


"The Amazing Race"

Other Nominees:

"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar"

"Dancing with the Stars"

"Project Runway"


If Janelle wins BB7, it'll be tight between AR and BB.

(lol, it wont be close, BB still suks jk)


I Kinda like seeing the Nielson ratings, I haven't watched any other show this season in the top 20 other than BB.

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lol . . . oooh America's Got Talent ended up being pretty good once some of the really bad acts got weeded out. The girl who won is talented like in the level of Leann Rhymes type - she really added back to the show what David Hasselhoff took away in terms of credibility :o Funny BB hasn't cracked top 20 this year at all - then again I kind of did like last year better . . .

Tomorrow there's another potential show conflict - Simon Cowell's new singing show called Celebrity Duets is also on at 8pm. Dade put up all the info in the Reality Show thread that's got all the celebrities listed - Carlton from Fresh Prince is going to be on, along with Cyndi Lauper and a gazillion other people. It sounds like sort of a cross between Idol and Dancing with the Stars . . . can't wait!

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AR wins because it is harder to stage a reality show when on the run - something like 40,000 miles... while Survivor is based on 2 or 3 islands.

I like both shows - Survivor for the people dynamic, and AR for the travel scenes and interesting info!

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Amazing Race appeals to more people. Not only that, people are constantly moving. Often, here at Morty's, we yell at the screen/HGs to move, do something. Instead the HGs are sitting around not doing much of anything.

Yeah, Amazing Race is a far better show!

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i tend not to pay so much attention to amazing race when its on tv. i am not glued to it or rewind it to catch something again.

with BB on tv i insist that nobody talk to me, call me, pass by me, come in the same room as me...heck, if i hear someone breathing in another room i will start yelling.

maybe that is why there are more veiwers for Amazing Race... its not a show that you have to really pay attention to. BB requires a lot of attention and there are a lot of people out there that just dont want a commitment to a tv show 3 times a week for 3 months.

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