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After lurking on Morty's site since BB3 this is my first topic. I have looked all over and I can't find the answers to a few questions, so if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.

1. Where can I get a copy of BB2 on DVD, or is there a place on the net where I can watch them?

2. Where can I see the Big Brother episode of "Yes Dear"?

3. What does WC stand for?

Thanks to anyone that knows the answers. :)

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for #1, there is no BB2 DVD. You have to go online & download the torrents for that season. Do a search for "torrent" in the forum search & you should be able to find all the info you need to do that. Can't help you with #2 or #3 (the only thing I know WC stands for is the toilet :D )

Welcome to Morty's EvilAngel.

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YES, DEAR - "Big Brother" episode: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=INPH82NZ

(This link should be good for at least all season.)

To download from MegaUpload

First, click the link above. Then,enter the 3-character check code into the box and click on the button which says "Download".

(You can close the small pop-up window which will appear after a few seconds.)

(If you are taken to an advertising page first, just click on "Continue with MegaUpload" in the top left.)

You will be instructed to wait 45 seconds.

A small pop-up window will appear after a few seconds. You can close it.

AFter 45 seconds, the countdown will be replaced by the words "Click here to download".

Right-click on the words and select "Save Target As...", then indicate where on your hard-drive you would like to save the file.

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The season 2 DVD was never released. If its on eBay I'm sure its where someone taped the episodes and are selling it. Copyright infringement and VERO will eventually catch up with them.

They couldn't get all of the cast to sign for it to be released, so it never was.

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If you don't like to mess with Torrents,

and picture size is not as important as simply watching the episodes,

all 30 episodes of Season 2 are available through Rapidshare.

(Thanks to Nece.)

{See below for instructions.}































Instructions for downloading from RapidShare

When you click on one of the above links, you will be taken to a web page.

Scroll down and click on the FREE button.

This will take you to another page. Scroll down again.

There will be a timer counting down to zero.

Wait until the timer runs out, then fill in the input box by entering the colored characters that appear.

(You will probably see 3 hosts to choose from, you may want to choose the least busy one.)

(These days, all 3 seem to be very busy, so it doesn't make much difference.)

Finally, once that is done, click on the download button and choose a place on your hard drive to save the file to.

Rapidshare limits downloads by your IP address unless you are a subscriber, so you may have to wait 75 minutes between downloads. This isn't that bad, since you can always watch the episode you have just downloaded while waiting.

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Thanks so much for those BB2 links. I downloaded the torrents & they took 50 times longer to download than these rapid share files. Plus most of the torrents for shows 20-30 out there are somehow corrupted so after 2 days of downloading them you can't watch due to some wierd codec thing.

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Okay, I'm/We're confused and need to do some math.

From reading everywhere:

Each week in the house? $4000

Each week in Mexico? $5000

2nd Place $50,000

Okay, how many weeks for each?

Marcellas makes out the best of anyone in the jury?

Next one out could do better than the 2nd place winner?

There must be bonuses we don't know about.

Somebody 'xplain it to me/us.

After all, we need to know the math they're doing -- if it's all about the money.

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