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August 26/27/28 Picture Thread


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Please post screen captures from feeds and any pictures of interest in this thread.

Please include small captions explaining them.

Conversation WILL be deleted. Please use the Big Brother Forum for conversation.

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A few hours later and Danielle is taking a nap.

Boogie has begun his night's mission. But the conversation is monotone and listless.


Will eavesdrops (admittedly), then joins them on the balcony, followed by Janelle.

The conversation among them creates an event, an animated hour.


While the two nominees await the POV competition/



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Intimacy in the house

Will started at the head of the bed, then switched to the other end, for internet safety's sake.


Once switched, he wanted to at least hold Janelle's foot.


George stops in and surveys the crew, noting that Boogie is even there. He goes back to his bed in the other room (after trying to turn out the lights).


The outsider perspective makes Will uncomfortable and he switches to the floor. But not without another nonverbal gesture of BB7 intimacy.


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This is not going to be a good day for Erika (hee hee)


And now she's really lost it. Couldn't hear what she was saying but she was laughing as she talked into the camera, walking away saying the game is brutal


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