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4th Annual Relly Awards


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Philbin Competes for 'Best Regis' Award


Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin pose with the

Rellys Golden Stool Statuette

Poor Reege. For the past two years, Regis Philbin has been snubbed on his own show for the "Best Regis" award. On the Friday, August 18 episode of "Live with Regis and Kelly," his latest challengers were announced for the "4th Annual Relly Awards" to be awarded on Friday, September 22 on the daily chatfest.

Tom Hanks, Jennifer Garner, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Ted McGinley, co-host Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, will all compete against the real thing for "Best Regis." In the past, Regis has been bested by comedians Darrell Hammond and Jimmy Fallon at The Rellys, a self-mocking and self-affirming award show for the syndicated talk show.

Newly added categories include Favorite Athlete, Favorite Music Guest and Favorite Real Person: Male and Female. Favorite Go-Go Dancer honors a dancer featured in the show's "Trivia A Go-Go" segment. Other categories include Best Non-Human Guest, Favorite Specialty Performance, Best Host Chat, Most Touching Moment, Best Winning Reality Guest and Best Guest Co-Host Moment.

To combat the syndicated talk show's lack of success in snagging a daytime Emmy, "Live" created The Rellys, which give "Golden Stools" a trophy-size version of the show's seats for the hosts and their guests. Each award will be decided by viewer votes, which can be cast at http://www.RellyAwards.com.

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4th Annual Relly Awards

(winners will appear highlighted in red)

Best Regis

Neil Patrick Harris

Tom Hanks

Anderson Cooper

Mark Consuelos

Ted McGinley

Kelly Ripa

Jennifer Garner

Regis Philbin

Best Wild and Wacky

Jimmy Kimmel: The Protector

Regis and Jack

"Project Schulweis"

Cirque du Soleil: Bedtime Bounce

The Back Waxer Cometh


Kelly's 'Idol' Adventure

Favorite Go-Go Dancer

Nadine Mozon

Bob Cunningham

Cristobal Benitez

Janet Frerichs

Lauren Pritchard

Favorite Music Guest

Shakira and Wyclef Jean

Joss Stone

Ricky Martin

Gretchen Wilson

Alanis Morissette

Stevie Wonder

Favorite Specialty Performance

The Anhui Troop

Moscow Cats Theatre

The Laurie Berkner Band

"The Incredibles" on Ice

The Golden Dragon Acrobats

The Olate Family Dogs

Roseanne Barr

Best Junior Achiever

Nickie Anderson ~ "The Pogo Prodigy"

Emma Watson

Emma Slabach ~ "The Sport Stacking Champ"

Actress/Singer Cheyenne Kimball

Michael Tang ~ "The Bowling Champ"

"Live's" 5 Beautiful Baby Finalists

New York City Spelling Bee Champs

Best Non-Human Guest

Morgan ~ The Biggest Dog


Molly ~ The Stranded Cat

"Avenue Q" Puppets

Pee Wee ~ The Funniest Looking Dog

The Snakes of Peter Gros

The Bad Dogs of "Live" Staffers

Mariah Carey's Dog ~ Jack

Favorite Athlete

Maria Sharapova

Jason Kidd

Johnny Damon

Danica Patrick

Sugar Ray Leonard

Shaun White

Hines Ward

Best Host Chat

The Moaning Masseuse

"The Bachelor" Recap

Papa can you hear me?

Gelman Works Out

Favorite Real Person: Female

"Project Schulweis" ~ Grandma Helen

The Very Excited Cathy Roche

The Dunbar High School Cheerleaders

Good Morning Gerri

Miss New Hampshire does the Pretzel

Favorite Real Person: Male

The Watermelon Smasher

The Chicken Clucker

The Hand Walker

The Kid Stuck on a Tram

The TV Watching Guy

Most Touching Moment

Krysta's "Rescue Me" Makeover

The Wedding of Staci and Jeremy

Wisconsin Mom's Surprise

A New Outlook for Stacy

Best Winning Reality Guest

"American Idol" ~ Taylor Hicks

"Biggest Loser" ~ Matt Hoover

"The Apprentice" ~ Sean Yazbeck

"America's Next Top Model" ~ Danielle Evans

"The Amazing Race" ~ The Hippies

"Skating with Celebrities" ~ Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler

"Last Comic Standing" ~ Josh Blue

"Survivor" ~ Aras Baskauskas

Best Guest Co-Host Moment

Damien Fahey ~ "Wet and Wild"

Joy Philbin ~ "Not Guilty"

Pat Sajak ~ "PJ's for Pat"

Jimmy Kimmel ~ "Chicken Head"

Vanessa Minnillo ~ "Text Lessons"

Mark Consuelos ~ "Tennis Anyone?"

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