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James Denton as Mike Delfino

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Meet James Denton as Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives


Nashville native James Denton has been one of Hollywood's busiest actors since he hit town with a training background that has launched many performers into stardom -- a solid body of respected work in the Chicago theatre.

Denton, who originally attended college on a basketball scholarship, wasn't bitten by the acting bug until he was 20. He landed the role of George Gibbs in a Nashville production of "Our Town," got fine reviews, but thought there was a more solid career in selling advertising. He did that in Tennessee and then in North Carolina for four years, before taking off for Chicago to risk everything to become a professional actor.

In addition to his series-starring roles on TV, his guest appearances include "JAG," "Slider," "Dark Skies," "Two Guys and a Girl," "Ally McBeal" and "The West Wing."

HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN

BIRTHDATE: January 20

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Guest GaYToR
1- he is straight :( 

2- he is married! :evil:

HA! And your point? I've had many husbands. Not all of them were my own. :oops:

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Leaked Location Forces James Denton to Flee

Source - celebrityjustice

On "Desperate Housewives," Mike the mysterious plumber gets Susan's heart pumping. But now, the actor who plays him, James Denton, has trouble in his real-life neighborhood -- a situation so desperate that he's getting out.

Denton and his wife, Erin, purchased their house in a Los Angles suburb earlier this year, but the family's hopes for a dream home were dashed when a big national magazine ran a picture of the house, revealing where the family lives. Strangers started showing up -- so now the Denton family is packing up.

"Yeah, we're going to move," Denton said. "We've been in the house for about six weeks, so we're not happy about that. When you've got kids, you know, David Letterman had that problem with his child. So you've got to be aware of it, and you've got to take precautions."

So did the magazine cross the line? "Because of the first amendment, they probably did not," hotshot Hollywood lawyer Don Zachary told "CJ". "There was a recent case where Barbra Streisand tried to stop the photographing of her home from a helicopter and the court had no trouble saying she has no privacy interest in pictures of her home."

Security is an ever-increasing issue for celebrities and finding star homes in Hollywood is as easy as buying a map or hopping a ride on one of many bus tours. A few years back, Sharon Osbourne told "CJ" that fans found her house and took her dog. "It's like taking a family member for me," she said.

The magazine has since apologized, but Denton isn't taking any chances. He's heading for an undisclosed location. "With my wife and my kids, suddenly you get real protective," he said.

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Denton Accuses Paper of "Sensationalizing" House Move Plans


Desperate Housewives star James Denton has accused a Los Angeles newspaper of "sensationalizing" his plans to move house in an effort to escape his gawking fans. Denton recently revealed that he's leaving his Glendale, California, house of less than two months after Us Weekly published a picture of the front of his abode - leading local fans to work out where he lived and pay him unwanted visits. And Denton is appalled with a Daily News article - published yesterday and carrying the headline "Desperate Houseseller" - which includes quotes from him and his neighbors. He says, "It sounds a little paranoid and they actually sensationalized it, I was gonna say a little, but a lot. We've had some people stop by and it's not that big a deal but when you have a kid you wanna take some precautions. A national magazine ran a picture of the front of our house and I don't live in a compound, as you know. It's right there on the street. There's not even a gate."

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Denton 'Desperate' for good baseball

Actor enjoying fame's perks to catch up on America's pastime

By Ben Platt / MLB.com


Actor James Denton is a fan of both the Angels and White Sox.

ANAHEIM -- A little over a year ago, James Denton was just another working actor in Los Angeles who had some good roles in film and television for the past 11 years. But in September 2004, the 42-year-old from Nashville, Tenn., was thrust into the hot Hollywood spotlight when "Desperate Housewives" premiered on ABC.

The notoriety bestowed upon him by the hit show -- he plays mysterious plumber Mike Delfino -- has helped Denton indulge in his favorite sport, baseball. Since the series premiered, Denton has attended the All-Star festivities in Detroit, thrown out the first pitch at seven different games, played his guitar onstage with Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo and, thanks to Oprah Winfrey, suited up and worked out with Arroyo's teammates in Boston.

"It's been pretty amazing," said Denton. "Happily, I mentioned on 'Oprah' that I was a big baseball fan, and about a dozen clubs called us and offered to throw out the first pitch or take BP. It's been an unbelievable year. I've made friends with a couple of really great guys who are big-league ballplayers; it's like a dream come true for a kid who's a baseball fan."

One thing that surprised Denton was the fact that a lot of Major League players are big fans of his show.

"Jeff Kent and Sean Casey are a good example of players who watch the show all the time," said Denton. "It really surprised me that they really enjoyed it, so when I went out to throw the first pitch, both of those guys volunteered to catch it. Curt Schilling did the same at Fenway because his wife, Shonda, watches the show and you know, normally the guy who catches the first pitch is the guy who draws the short straw, so it's been a pleasant surprise that they all like the show so much."

Denton, who lives in Glendale, Calif., is a Dodgers season ticket holder, but he's had no problem driving to Anaheim in order to catch the Angels' 2005 playoff games against the Yankees and White Sox. When asked who he was rooting for in the ALCS, the actor said he was torn.

"I oddly enough was a 20-year White Sox fan," said Denton. "I lived in Chicago for a long time, loved the White Sox, loved Ozzie Guillen, but I also have an Angel connection because I know the front office here. All these players are good guys, I love Mike Scioscia, so I'm just a baseball fan this weekend and it's been a lot of fun. As you can see, I have no gear on. I have my All-Star weekend cap from Detroit and it's just fun to be a baseball fan."

As for who he'd like to see in the World Series, Denton does have a preference.

"I have nothing against the Cardinals, but I have a bunch of good buddies on that Houston team," said Denton. "Phil Garner's a friend and they're just a bunch of good guys. Garner said to me, 'I don't know if I can win this thing with a bunch of milk drinkers' -- he said he had a bunch of guys you'd want your daughter to marry, so I'm unabashedly for the Astros in the National League. Over here, it's much tougher for me. Both teams are great, so I'm in a no-lose situation in the ALCS."

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Denton Reprises 'Dr. Hunky' Role

Having Teri Hatcher and Reba McEntire find him sexy does wonder for actor's appeal

By Kate O'Hare

February 23 2006


James DentonLOS ANGELES --

Believe it or not, James Denton has not always been a TV hunk.

Before being cast as T-shirt-wearing plumber Mike Delfino, the on-again/off-again love interest of flaky Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), on ABC's Sunday-night smash "Desperate Housewives," Denton was stalwart government agent John Kilmer on ABC's short-lived espionage thriller "Threat Matrix."

"That's what's so funny," Denton says, "nobody ever, one time, referred to John Kilmer as even remotely attractive, let alone hunky or sexy. Then, you know, literally three months later, I'm hunky.

"I honestly believe this -- convincing America that Teri Hatcher is interested in you makes you more attractive. If our writers can sell America that Teri Hatcher thinks I'm hot, it makes people look at you differently. I believe that's a lot of it."

About the same time Denton was preparing to be host of the ultimately very successful Miss America pageant broadcast on CMT (Country Music Television) -- part of a production deal the Nashville native has with the cablenet -- he was having some fun with that "hunk" persona on another show.

After doing one episode of The WB's "Reba" last year, as Dr. Jack Morgan, Denton reprises that role in the Friday, Feb. 24, episode, called "The Trouble With Dr. Hunky."

Directed by series star Christopher Rich, it features Morgan returning to Houston to rekindle his romance with Reba (Reba McEntire). But when it's revealed that he's technically still married, the shock sends Reba back to ex-husband Brock (Rich) for advice.

"The show-runner over there, Kevin Abbott," Denton says, "cast me as the lead in a pilot years ago, that didn't go, so I'm forever indebted. So I went over there last year, fell in love with Reba like everybody else. The cast is so funny. It's the best show on TV people aren't watching.

"We did lots of smooching last time, and more this time. It's a good job. It's fun."

Asked how his wife feels about all this, Denton says, "My wife just rolls her eyes and says, 'Bring the check home.' Baby needs shoes. She's a good sport about it."

And you can just about bet that when Denton arrived on the "Reba" set, he knew his lines backward and forward.

"When I was on 'Threat Matrix,'" he says, "as the so-called lead, I saw a lot of guest stars come and go, and I was appalled how many of them showed up as guests on a show, completely unprepared, un-memorized, and dragged us down. I would be mortified if I were a guest star and didn't come in more prepared than the regulars. They have one day of work.".

While Denton believes America took some convincing to accept him as a hunk on "Desperate Housewives" -- and on "Reba" -- he feels that the basic character of Delfino fits like a glove.

"I do almost nothing," he says. "Mike is so close to me. He's a blue-collar guy with a dog and a pickup truck. How much can I stretch?"

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