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August 31 Live Feed Updates

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feeds back-Everyone trying to figure out what will happen next.Lots of speculation-someone coming back,show ends early,people going out of house on luxury trip ?????????????????Will still moaning about his thumb.Erica and Jani playing cards.Jani asks Erica if she is mad about nominations .Erica says she's ok with it.

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6:10pm BBT

Janie, "Do you want to play gin or something?"

Erika, "Okay, if you promise not to nominate me again" (playful voice)

Janie asks, "Are you mad?"

Erika said no, just don't do it again.

Will and Boogie talking about tonight's show and comps in bug room. They're whispering, so I can't hear.

Will's changing his shirt so he doesn't "wear the same shirt for three comps."

Boys are back in the kitchen. Will joins them at the table. Talks about his hurting finger.

Willboogie going over what weeks Janelle and Erika won HOH and Veto.

Boogie sitting in front of the memory wall studying it.

Erika repeats she's shaking.

Erika and Boogie say they're nauseous.

Boogie wandering around the house, goes into the red room and puts CG's yellow peanut shoes on the ironing board (I think that's what it is?). Lies down in the green room.

All four feeds now on Will, Erika, and Janie in the kitchen.

Will: "This is a pretty dope final four."

They're all shocked into silence.. Not much talking going on at all.

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yes indeed feeds are back.

will and boogie just whispered in the bug room some strategy. didnt catch all of it, but some of it.

they agree that erika CANNOT win hoh

if erika wins hoh, and janelle wins pov one of them is gone.

they say they HAVE to win hoh this time, and they hope that Janelle can play again.

Boogie: "well you know they're into twists, so maybe she can play again."

Meanwhile Erika and Janelle chatted and started playing cards in the kitchen.

Janelle asks Erika if she's mad at her for putting her up, and Erika says no of course not. But it is like the third time! She asks erika if she wants to play cards:

erika: "sure, as long as you promise not to nominate me again." (they laugh)

will & boogie join them, and watch erika and janie play cards and they all kind of talk about whats going on, what week it is, etc.

6:19 BBT

Will watching Erika & Janie play cards, boogie is lying down somewhere.

Will: This is a pretty dope final four.

(girls laugh and agree)

Will: seriously. just look at the memory wall. the producers, the audience, everyone... they would love this. if the producers could pick their final 4, two guys two girls... this would totally be it.

Then will tries to contemplate how many competitions in a row he's lost.

they all say they feel bad for CG leaving since he didnt expect to leave, but no body wanted him to be in the end.

Erika gets up and goes to the bathroom and Janelle & Will stared at each other for a while.

Janelle: C'mere.

Will: no, i dont want to get up.

[she goes over to him]

janie: come on, lets go [inaudible]

will: no, what? do you want some attention?

janie: yeeeesss.

then erika came over and put her arm around janie saying something about will being lucky theres two hot girls.

will then agrees that he looked around and was estatic about the two hot girls (right, whatever will)

Will: Big Brother All stars!!

They talk about CG some more, and then Janelle starts throwing M&Ms into will's mouth as he catches them.

now we have flames at 6:27 BBT

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The guys had a quick conference in the bug room as the girls sat down to play cards.

[Don't these girls SEE this????]

If I heard correctly, they said that the next POV winner is the one with the power, and they've decided that Janelle should stay.

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Boogie said earlier that he felt like he was on a ride on Magic Mountain. Erika, Boogie and Will all say they are nauseous. Janie didn't say that.

In the bedroom, Will says that his thumb is smashed and they are going to get him a brace for it.

Boogie asks Will what he thinks--was she (Janie) just saying that to appease Erika?

Will whispers and says Janelle is NOT with Erika at all--she is with CT. He says that they HAVE to take Janelle with them.

Will says that if Erika gets HOH, she will put up Janelle and Will. Then, if Janelle gets POV, one of them is going home. He says again that Janelle has to go to the final 3 with them.

Boogie seems to agree.

They leave the room quickly.

Will says that this is a pretty dope final four and that the fans and everyone must be happy.

Erika puts her arm around Janie's shoulders and tells Will "Look at this--you've got the two hottest chicks left in the house!"

Will says he knows.

Erika says "Show-er!"

Will keeps saying he feels terrible about CG leaving. He says that CG leaving makes him feel better about Dani leaving, but he still feels bad about CG.

He says that CG is such a great guy.

Erika says that it is weird that CG is only ten years older than her, and yet she feels that he is like a father figure.

Will asks if Erika thinks that Dani knew she was leaving? Erika says she doesn't know. She says Dani wouldn't even look her in the eye when she left.

Will says he honestly believes that Dani will vote for the best player.

Erika says nothing. (She doesn't seem real upset about Dani leaving--ed)

Erika: Can someone check and see if Janelle is actually a machine?

Erika says they need to check to see if she has a battery somewhere.

Janelle: Why? Are you nervous?

Erika half laughs, doesn't seem amused.

Erika: No.

Janelle is shoveling Snickers in her mouth, but she asks if Erika minds if she has another one (they seem to be the mini ones).

Erika says "Eat! Eat all you want."

Erika says that Janelle had the shortest run every as HOH in BB history. Janie says she is tied with Drew.

Erika throws herself onto the red chair in the bathroom. She says WTF just happened? She says this to Will, and it looks like he motions and whispers, but it is impossible to hear him.

Will says that they have to have an awesome food comp or luxury or something this week.

Will: Thanks for putting me up this week. You easily could have.

Janelle: No, I couldn't. Why would I do that.

Will: Because you are AFTER. ME. (Whispers this)

Janelle: Oh, yeah!

Will says his love potion must be too strong, then.

(So Janelle didn't try to hide it from Erika, and I guess Will was trying to pass it off as though the fiction of Janelle not working with him is still believeable.--ed)

Erika says this is crazy. She and Will comment that the comps are always trivia. Erika walks away and says again, "It's always trivia..."

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we're back

will is wrapping up his finger.

Erika: can somebody check to see if janelle is a machine?


Will: yeah shes a robot.

Erika: janelle do you have like a battery thing on you or something?

Janelle: Are you nervous?

[they laugh]

Janie says that she is tied with drew for the record of most HOH wins.

6:31 BBT

in the bathroom erika, janelle and will are standing/sitting around

Will: Hey, Janelle thanks for not nominating me.

Jani: You're welcome doctor delicious.

Will: I was worried you were going to.

Jani: I could never nominate you. why would i do that?

Will: because you're after me!

jani: oh yeah! right.

will: i guess the love connection's too strong

(could be love potion, couldnt hear very well.)

[or something like that]

this was said right in front of erika who looked very bemused.

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Janelle is in the weight room putting on makeup again in the mirror. Erika and Will are in the kitchen, and Boogie is in the DR.

Erika: Final four.

Will asks if she thinks Dani was mad or hurt or both when she left. Erika says she doesn't know, and repeats that Dani didn't even look at her when she left.

Will: She asked me if she was safe two hours before she left, and I said yes.

Erika looks around to make sure Janelle isn't listening.

She gets Will to follow her and says something about Janelle competing in HOH. (I couldn't hear if she said Janelle can't compete, or if she asked he thinks she will be able to compete).

Will says that Janelle is going up on the block, either way.

Will whispers to Erika that it doesn't matter who gets HOH now, as long as Janelle doesn't get POV.

Will follows Erika into the bug room. She says "I told Boogie he's taking me to the final two!" Will asks what she just said, and she repeats it. Will says "He probably is."

Then Erika says "Nah...I know he'll take you."

Will changes the subject to when he came out of the voting and he told Boogie, "I think you're leaving."

Janie joins them and says that CG asked if he was leaving, and she told him she didn't know.

Erika: It was hard.

Janie says CG was really nervous and asked if he was getting voted out, and she said she didn't know.

Will: I don't know why I'm kinda down right now, but this is a kind of sick final four.

Boogie comes out of the DR and he says it doesn't even feel like final four because of the way it went down.

Will asks why they are all sad?

Erika says because CG and Dani are gone.

Boogie says that he doesn't feel bad--he feels sick because of how it all happened. He says they can all look around and there is no one to think of as the bad guy.

He says he didn't want to send anyone home, but Dani was dangerous and had to go. CG is loveable, but ....

Mike puts his face in his hands, and Erika asks him how many he got right in the questions, and he says six. He panicked on the Marc. question and Julie said he was taking too long.

Janelle says "I got them all right, didn't I?"

Erika: Yes, you did. You got them all right.

Erika goes into the LR and picks up the veto and waves it at the camera in an excited way (no one can see her). She says "Ve-to. Veto. Ve-to!"

Erika goes back into the kitchen and says that at least CG can eat now. She says she couldn't stand watching him eat slop any longer--it was killing her.

Boogie is saying he thinks the show will be pre-empted because of Labor Day on Sunday.

Boogie says that they probably figured "Let's blam it out tonight, get a couple of people out."

Erika starts saying in a baby voice "No more Chicken Doors. No more Chicken Fours."


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After a long FOTH, the hamsters come back to complete silence. They sigh and seem tired and sad.

Janelle mentions that they didn't play very many athletic comps this year at all.

Boogie says thank God they have all of the questions lined up for them in the DR, because otherwise they would be lost. They would have no idea of what just happened.

They all agree. (Will is in the DR, I think)

Erika walks away, looks at the board, has her hands on top of her head.

Janie quickly whispers to Boogie and says that they have to win HOH. She says they have to win it so that Janelle can vote out Erika. She says that if Erika wins, they are screwed. Boogie agrees and says they were talking about that earlier.

Erika comes in the room and they switch talk to the set up of the picture wall, and Boogie says he can't stand looking at the wall any longer.

Erika is talking to herself. She says "WTF am I doing here? Winning vetoes..."

Janelle says she feels really bad for poor George. He told her he was a goner when she had to nominate him.

Erika walks back in and asks what Janie was saying, and she says she feels really bad for George. Erika remains silent.

They are wondering where the sushi is.

Janie just got a HOH basket, and she thanks BB and says it is sweet of them, and she needs this stuff.

Janie tells Erika: Oh, they gave us a bunch of stuff! Oil of Olay!

The sushi is here, and Will is out with them again.

Will: I don't know why, but this is a tough day!

Boogie: You don't know WHY?

Will says he just feels really down, and he couldn't be funny or anything in the DR.

Janelle: Spicy tuna. Love it!

Will: Love it!! Love it, I love it, I love it!!

Will asks if they should make a quick toast, or if someone should say something?

Janelle: Yeah!

Erika: Let's!

Will keeps singing, but BB hasn't gone to FOTH

Erika: Well, since Mike did the last one, you should do this one. Only appropriate.

Will: I think it's pretty obvious that there are only four of us left in this house. We're down to the final four, guys, and that is something that you should be pretty proud of. For me, this experience has been hell on Earth. (Erika giggles) It's been horrible and it's been terrible, but the only reason it has been tolerable is honestly because of you three people. So. This is more of a hood saying, hate the game, don't hate the player, hate the game? Here I hate the game and I love the players.

Erika: Hear, hear!

Boogie: Nice!

Erika: Congrats, final four, guys!

They think this is great and they toast.

Will says that he was told that out of the last five people evicted, he has told four of them that they were safe first. Will says he told them that is just because he couldn't get to CG....

Talk of goodbye messages. Janie says she didn't think CG was leaving, so she just left him a bullshit message. She feels bad that she didn't get to leave a good message, but she didn't know he was going.

Boogie: Poor CG. It was a good way to go, though.

Will: Fast and furious?

Boogie: Yeah. You didn't have to sit there a week. He would have unpacked again....

(Just an observation--Janie seems irritated or mad, or in game mode--she isn't her usual self--ed)

Erika: God, that was crazy.

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Erika walks out to go to the DR.

Immediately, Janie, Will and Boogie look at each other and smile.

Boogie whispers "F-----" and Will says "I am sorry, guys."

Janelle says "Don't let her win it." She says that she wants to evict Erika.

Will says he tried--he was "that close, guys!"

Boogie says that Will made a great effort.

Will says he was so close.

Janelle asks if they think Erika still believes that she is coming after them after this? Boogie says he doesn't know what she thinks now. He says she is such a floater that she might just float and forget about it. Janelle says she made a deal to the final two with Erika. Boogie snickers. Janelle says it will suck if Erika wins.

Janie: I do not want her in the final three. That was bad.

Janie: I don't think she totally suspects it, though. I think she still kinda thinks I'm coming after you guys. She was like, Janelle, I'm scared. You're a robot. You win everything. I was like, are you scared? She said no, and I was like, you should be, bitch!

Boogie says that hopefully they will get veto.

Janelle says that Erika is so good (at endurance comps, I think--ed)

Janelle says that she feels bad that CG was out--he didn't expect it at all.

Janelle: I can't believe she won that. And then she threw it up in the air, and I was like...

Will says that he's so sorry--he had the veto, and there was no way it would come through the thing.

Janie: Can you imagine if CG was here instead of her?

Boogie: It was right there for the picking.

Janelle: I wonder what she thinks about me not nominating you guys. Right when I walked outside, she was like, what if you have to nominate me, and I was like, I don't know.

Will says to blame it on him---say he begged.

Boogie says it doesn't really matter--they are down to the nitty gritty now.

Will says to go to her and say that she hates him but likes him at the same time, and she didn't know what to do. Janie says that is what she will do.

She tells Boogie he needs to win it.

Boogie: Any idea what type of contest it is?

Janelle: Q and A.

WiLL: It's always Q and A.

Janelle says that is the only kind they haven't done yet.

Boogie is asking if they usually do it in three parts. Someone wins endurance, and someone wins Q and A, and then the final part.

Janelle says she thinks it will be about stuff they wrote about the houseguests.

Janelle says "What if she wins HOH? Oh, my God."

Will: You did great today.

Janelle: I did?

Will: I'm sorry I let you down. I was right there.

Janelle: It would have been so much better if we got rid of her and not CG. Cause what if she wins HOH?

Will: I know.

(Boogie went to the WC just before this, and he comes back)

Will: There's four people. How can there still be three weeks left?

Boogie: I don't know why you people are having such trouble understanding this.

Boogie explains in a condescending way that BB doesn't have the "whole landscape to themselves" now because of football, so there will be less shows per week.

Boogie says that he feels like that POV was made for Erika, who is a Pilates instructor. Janelle says "they" heard that and knew they were targeting Erika.

Boogie: It's one little setback, but we can still do this.

Janie: No you guys have to win HOH.

Boogie: Mmmhmm.

Boogie; It's your time, Will. It's your time. You flirted with it. I think it's your time.

Janie asks if they all tied out there (on the HOH comp), and George was so close, too, and Boogie says that once Janie got one step ahead, he was breathing easy because he knew CG couldn't beat Janie.

Erika comes outside and Janie goes into DR.

Erika: She's a f--ing Terminator.

Will asks if they are sure that Janie can't play in the next comp? Erika says yes. Will says that obviously Janie is going to get nominated. He tells Erika that if he wins, he will nominate Erika and Janie. If ERika wins, she will nominate Will and Janie. She says right. He says that there is a 75 percent chance Janie won't win POV.

Boogie asks if Erika is cool with that--one of the three of them wins?

Will says that Janie has Marc's vote.

Boogie: She'd have everybody's. Everybody will vote for the best player. Anybody who wouldn't vote for the best player are her friends.

Will: Dani will vote for her. CG--Eh.

Boogie: No one is beating her in the finals.

Will: No one is beating her.

Boogie: We have to do this tomorrow. If they change the rule that she can play, I'm going home. I'm pushing the red button. That's just too convenient to them.

Will says that he begged Janelle not to put him up. He says that she said she would have to put up both Boogie and Will.

Erika: You didn't really think I was voting you out, did you?

Boogie says he just worried because Erika went to talk to Janie. It's hard to sit next to CG. He feels kind of bad that he made that speech now.

Will says that he and Janie have the weirdest relationship ever. She depends on him for companionship in the house, and yet she wants him out.

Erika asks how they managed to get Janie not to put them up?

Will says he doesn't know. He says he told them in the DR that he will have to see the tapes. He begged her.

Boogie: The HOH can veto their own nominations, right?

Erika says that it didn't matter--Erika wouldn't have voted him out.

Boogie says that no--he is trying to say that maybe Janelle was trying to backdoor one of them. Maybe she would have won the veto and took off CG or Erika and then put up the one she wanted out.

Will (quickly trying to make up lies and stumbling a bit) says that he remembers now what he said to Janie. She told him that the best she could do is not put up Will first on the block. Will told her to put up CG. She told him that she wouldn't put up CG--he is the nicest person in the house. Will told her that is why she should do it--he won't get mad at her for putting him up! Will says therefore, he is the reason CG went home.

Will: That's what I kept saying. He won't get mad. He won't get mad!

Talk turns to Dani.

Erika thinks that Dani will believe that the four of them were in cahoots to get to final four.

Will says he was thinking of suggesting a four-way split.

Will says they are going to get Janie out. They have a 75 percent chance of getting her out.

Erika: She's a f--ing terminator machine. It's disgusting. If she wins it, then I go home.

Will: No, not if you win HOH.

Will says for their idea to work, they have to not have Janie in the final two.

Boogie says that he understands that.

(It sounds like maybe they have a final three split deal with Erika, because then Erika says that they shouldn't talk about that, because they will come on the intercom again and tell them not to talk about it).

Boogie: I just kinda feel like there has been an exorcism of the bullshit.

Will: The people left here earned their keep. There is not a person here who rode coattails.

Will says that he didn't win comps, but he worked his ass off behind the scenes.

Erika agrees and says there is no one who doesn't know that.

Erika says that Will needs to let her and Boogie make their splash--a couple, etc.

Will: Get rid of her (Janie) and you have a deal. I'll go work the jury.

Boogie: F--! We have to pay attention to stuff like garbage now.

Boogie asks if they asked Will if he felt that the parents had left the house now or not, and he says yes.

Boogie: Erika landed in the final four yet again. You cannot stop her. You can only hope to contain her. (They laugh)

Boogie asks Erika, if Janie is on the block and wins POV, will Janie decide who goes home, then? Erika says yes, and says POV is the most important position.

Boogie says he thinks tonight must have been the last of the crazy stuff for BB.

Erika: You weren't really sweating, were you?

Boogie: No, I was acting. We're doing a t.v. show here, you know.

Erika: I wouldn't homance you out like that.

(Erika keeps asking him if he was really scared that she might vote him out--ed)

They ask "When all of this is supposed to take place tonight" and Will says he thinks 9:00.

Boogie says they probably want to get Julie out of there.

Will: Do we need to discuss anything while we have time and it's quiet? Erika is there anything we need to discuss?

Erika: What do we need to discuss?

Will: It's just one contest, if she doesn't win POV, that's it. If she can't win HOH. That's it. I didn't realize it was that simple. This doesn't even matter. Like, this part doesn't even matter!

Will tells Boogie that he has found food in the pantry, and so they won't have a food comp.

Erika leaves for a minute, and Will says that he and Boogie have to win the HOH, and then it is "real simple--it's three on one."

Will again apologizes for not winning. Will says he snapped his thumb trying to get it.

Will says again that the veto could not get out of the rope. It was impossible. Boogie says that it's a little late to protest that, though, since someone got evicted because of it. Will says he isn't going to protest.

Boogie whispers: It's okay. We're still gonna do it. We're still gonna do it.

Boogie says that they need to think how the person thinks answering the Q and A questions. They can do this. Boogie asks Janie to tell them more about people from Season 6, because they don't know them as well as she does, and they don't know how they will answer.

Janie says Nakomis is artsy fartsy. Anything like that. Janelle says that Howie's favorite mag is Playboy or Maxim. His first job was giving blood.

Boogie: Okay.

Will: Sperm donation.

Janie says they would know anything about her.

Boogie: There will be stuff about you?

Janie: I think it will be about everyone.

Will asks if she is sure this is going to be a Q and A comp?

She says yes, and Boogie says he likes their chances in that type of comp.

Boogie says James is probably anything Dave Matthews or Coldplay.

Jase gotta think country boy, Dixie Chicks.

Janie: He's a country boy and likes hicks and sticks.

Boogie: He's a party animal.

Janie: In the Air Force.

Boogie tells Will that even though they think of Danielle as "like this" (makes a gesture), she is really white.

Boogie asks if Janie spent time talking to Alison. Janie says "Hell, NO!" She says Alison hated her. She says that Erika knows about her.

Janie: She was into pageants. Like she is very feminine, girly.

They are doing some heavy-duty Jedi training (which they did not do with Erika--ed).

Mike says that it stinks that Janie can't compete for HOH. Then he says "Maybe." They hope there are twists and turns and she can play.

Mike says that is a big flaw in the game.

Boogie jokes that Janie and Erika have a pact to final two, and he is sure Erika will honor that. Will says Erika won't at all! Janie says that she thinks Erika really believes Janie will take her to the finals. Erika was saying boys against girls. Boogie says "Awesome."

Janie says that Erika will take Boogie to the finals. Will says yeah, she is in love with Boogie. Janie says "Whatever."

Janie says that Erika said that Will was a stronger player and he will win at the end.

Boogie: That's true. It would be hard to deny him. His speech would be off the hook.

Will: People, I actually have a question for YOU. What were you thinking?? There were 12 of you sitting there that could have--are you crazy???

Will says that the producers are really happy. Imagine if it was CG and Diane in the final two?

Boogie says they got the best looking, best dressed, the smartest, the most competitive, the banginest final four.

Janelle says last year she could not have won. Boogie says he thinks she could have beaten Maggie. Janie says she wouldn't have taken Maggie--she would have taken Ivette.

Janie says that Maggie had all of the friends in the jury.

Boogie asks how people would have voted, including James? Janie says James would vote for the best competitor.

Boogie is laughing and being animated talking about the horrible outfits people wore when they were leaving.

Erika comes in from outside, and there is silence again. Boogie says the house is f--ing empty.

Boogie asks if BB is more communicative when they are closer to the end, and Janie says yes.

Talk of last year with Allison Grodner stopping by. (No FOTH while she talks about this).

Janie says that it was after she had left the house, though.

Will thinks that since they have food, it is either luxury or AC this week.

Janie asks about Will's thumb, asks if he is putting ice on it, etc.

(I'm out for the night--ed)

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