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August 31 Live Feed Updates


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telling stories about celebrities and such.

will went to go sit by janelle on the couches.

they pressured erika to say who she's dated thats famous.

finally after lots of convincing she said Matthew McConehey (dunno how to spell)

Janelle exclaims how hot he is! She says: "Wow he's like the hottest guy ever! Besides Will of course."

more of the same, will & janie staring and smiling at each other. he leaned over and she whispered something in his ear.

now they're just talking about erika's ex bfs and such.

Mike Boogie just commented something about how Will should forget about his gf and make out with Janelle or something,

and Will goes: "WHAT?? Thats not cool boogie, not cool at all." and janelle said: "besides i have a boyfriend." will: "yeah." smiling.

They talk about what Janelle and Will whisper to each other. They're saying that Janelle only says how hot or cute will is, nothing else. and then Will and Janelle extend their lie from before, saying that Janelle tells will: "You're toast." or "Next week im going to kick you out." and stuff.

Boogie jokes that its some sort of S&M torture thing.

Will complains that its sad when a beautiful girl says she wants to tell him a secret, and then she leans over and is like: 'next week im going to get hoh and kick you out.'

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All HG's in backyard talking. Erika and Janelle are arguing with Boogie about girls having one night stands. Someone asked Boogie if he's ever had a one night stand. He said yes, lots. Janelle was asking why girls would do that. Boogie asks her if none of her friends at the club have had one night stands. She says no, Erika agrees that her and none of her friends do that. Boogie is getting mad because they act like it never happens. Will says he has definitely gone out and had women proposition him.

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Will tells a story that this famous guy was being interviewed and a beautiful woman brushed past him a couple of times but this guy ignored her. then the interviewer was like: "wow thats a beautiful woman, everyone's looking at her, why did you ignore her?" and the guy was like: "she may be beautiful, but somewhere someone is putting up with her shit." mike and will thought this was hillarious, but Janelle was NOT amused.

Later Mike and Janie and Will are talking about what kind of engagement ring she would get.

She said she would be satisfied with a 2 karat.

they dont seem to believe her, and she said it wouldnt matter how big it is it would just depend on the person. she said she would even be happy with a friendship bracelet. they smile but dont seem to believe janie. then they ask her all sorts of questions about her wedding whether she would have it in minnesota or not, etc and she says it doesnt matter.

Then mike boogie suggests a crazy party where they go to Las Vegas and Janie and Will do a fake wedding. Will asks why would we do that? and mike says it would be funny since they're all cutesy and smile at each other and stuff. will said: yeah but knowing you, you'd get a real minister as a practical joke and janie and i would be drunk and end up married. and then i'd be in las vegas getting an anulment. janie turns to will and goes what? and he covers up and goes: "um, an annulment so we can have a nice wedding in minnesota." and they laugh. will goes on to say that was a nice cover up.

Then Boogie asks if they come out of the show and their significant others have broken up with them would they get together? And they look at each other and smile. and Will says: "well we'd take it day by day." and boogie says: "well she lives on the other side of the country its not like you could take it day by day and chill you'd have to make a decision."

they evade the question and talk about their significant others. whether their significant others have broken up with them. Will says he doesnt think Erin's broken up with him, and Janelle says she doesnt think her bf's broken up with her either. he goes on to say he's worried she did but he doesnt think she did.

Then Boogie asks them if they would hook up if will had lots of wine. he said its not in his moral character. and janelle says not hers either, but they continue to smile and look at each other.

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Mike is asking George if he could honestly look the girls in the eyes and not have their keys in the box if he won HOH. He said I can now. I have a new philosphy. Mike said he could believe him. That they would have to take each other to the final 2.

Mike is annoyed at Erika/Janie because they do not know the girls that hook up with guys. (Idiot)

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Boogie is saying that Janelle and Will are hypocrites (to CG & Dani) because they whisper and cuddle in bed and yet claim they have their bf and gf and aren't interested in each other, and he hates it because no matter what whether they are telling the truth or not, their significant others are going to be percieving the worst, and arent going to be very happy from what they've seen. (not exactly what was said, but paraphrased)

Boogie: Janelle's boyfriend is probably banging a bunch of chicks and hasn't even noticed.

And now CG, Danielle, and Mike Boogie are talking about perceptions and such.

All four feeds.

(ED: I wanna see whats going on with Janie and Will!)

Will's having an asshole talk with Mike Boogie, telling MB almost exactly what he has been whispering to Janelle. Saying that she thinks that they have a future outside of the house. MB asks have you told her that? and will says that he's been implying it. and they kind of laugh over it. then he says to the camera: "internet just so you know this is the truth i love erin brodie, this is just operation double date in action." etc.

now boogie and will are talking strategy about whether they should throw HOH and who they should put up, and etc.

(Sorry, ED I have to say this: If will really is playing Janelle then he is an f**ing jerk and i hope janelle kicks his stupid butt out of the house. AND he's an idiot because regardless of whether its strategy or not, hes been taking it too far with Janelle. Jerk.)

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10:40pm bbt

Will and Mike in HOH room

Mike tells Will he is concerned about his relationship with Janelle. Will says he understands but it is important that they both be sweet to the girls right now because they don't know what's going to happen next week. Will says they have worked really hard on operation double date and need to keep it going. Will says he trusts Janelle completely because Janelle thinks stuff is happening with them after the show. Boogie asks Will if he has told her that. Will says he kind of implied it then says "Officially for the internet, I totally love Erin Brodie, this is just strategy.

Mike asks him is that what they whisper about. Will says they whisper about the future and then when Janie goes too far then he pulls back and says he can't talk about it now. Tries to convince Boogie to turn up the Showmance with Erica. Boogie says he can't do what he and Janelle does. Will pleads with him to do it, says Erica is dying for the attention. Mike tells him not to worry about and that everything is fine with him and Erica. He then adds that Will should prefer Mike feels the way he does about Erica because it will be easier for him to kick her out next week.

Will then continues to convince Mike that Janie is the best one to keep. She is with both of them 100%. She will take them to final 3 and isn't so convinced that Erica will do the same.

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After this strategy talk with Mike, Will headed out to make food, and then when Janelle entered, he delivered some fish sticks he had made for her. Janelle said: "As long as they're from you, Dr. Delicious, im sure they'll be delicious." then they did some flirting and whispering. I think Will said no to kissing Janelle, and she pretended to get mad. she told him shes mad at him and stuff, and he asked her what she wants to hear to feel better and she wouldnt answer him, saying shes mad at him. then mike boogie enters and they eat. then will asks janelle if she's still mad at him and she says yes. he asks her to repeat why shes mad at him cause he doesnt even remember. she covers up her mike and whispers in his ear. but i suspect its because he wont kiss her. then he goes "oh ok." and theres some silence as all 3 eat. then when boogie gets called to the diary room, will asks janelle: "do you want to do a diary session?" she asks: "with you?" will: "yeah." janie: "okay." and they trot off to the diary room together.

Now all 4 feeds are on Mike, Dani, and CG just talking about past veto comps etc.

Janelle just entered.

grrr janelle just went back inside, probably to talk to will but we cant see because all 4 feeds are on the convo in the back yard. SO BORING. SPREAD THE FEEDS AROUND. GIVE US SOME CHOICE BB.

Looks like im the only one on the feeds right now/tonight?

Will, Boogie, Janie and CG playing cards upstairs where Will & Janie flirted the night before, and Dani is smoking outside behind the couch where she thinks we can see her. (newsflash dani! we can!)

well well... its like 12:11 or something? in the BB house. or 1:11. whichever time they're at.

I could tell you every card move they've made but it would put you all to sleep, and frankly, put me to sleep too.

(ed: have no fear, i'm staying and watching til they go to bed, and i will report anything interesting that happens. i just dont think this card game is all that exciting, so im going to save my energy for the late night will-janie whispers. yayyyy!)

Oh joy! at about quarter after, I have something to report!

Will got called to the diary room and Janelle asked: "Can I come with you will?"and he said: "of course, is it alright if janelle comes with me?" and then they went off together. Boogie asked (more good naturedly then usual) "dont you guys do anything without each other?" and janie just said [off camera] "sometimes". then they went to the diary room. all 4 feeds are on CG and Boogie who were left waiting for them to continue cards. CG just sat there laughing and boogie peaked over to see what was going on, and shook his head. He said: "i dont know, its just nauseating."

they waited for a while

and then george got up to go to bed, and mike followed him down stairs. CG: "Who knows how long Doctor Delicious and her will be doing their thing?"

Now Boogie and CG are in bed, as are Dani and Erika. And all four feeds are on them sleeping.

The only two still up and still in the DR i believe are Will and Janie.

YAY! janie's finally back & is getting something from the fridge.

Hmm i wonder where will is.

Will just came in and asked janelle if she was offended by anything he said, she said she was mad about it, and he said not to be that it was a joke and they were just playing their roles (in the DR) him as the ass, her as the cute girl. Then she said that she was more confused then ever about them tonight, because he was acting like their flirtmance was all an act, and she feels like he is laughing at her expense and making fun of her. and he said not to be, that he was just saying that stuff to the DR room to make a soundbite and also so they wont pick up on stuff. He says that if you give them an inch they will take a mile and he wants their private stuff to remain private. She says okay and then asks him if he wants to go play cards. He says yes. She says she isnt tired at all and he says: "i know you're not, its because you slept all day." and she said: "Wiiiiillllll." and he said: "Sorry sweetie but i have an hoh to win tomorrow." janie: "the first time you need to win it." and he agreed. they went into see mike boogie to tell him about how they talked about him jacking off in the diary room, and then left to go play cards outside, however, now for the past 5 minutes we have missed all the action and instead are watching the houseguests sleep. DARN YOU BB. ill let you know if they come back at all & what happens.

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Janie and Will just woke up Boogie to tell him that they were asked about eloping in the DR. Also said they can't use the term jacking off but can say masturbate. Will said it sounds like they are going to do a segment on him jerking off. Boogie said great for my street credit. Will "not really". Boogie asked him if he said anything funny about it. Will told them he's sorry he broke the jack shack because now Boogie jacks off in the ant room. They were all laughing.

Will and Janie left to play cards

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Now finally after watching boogie pleasure himself on the feeds for 15 mins, it follows him outside to Janie Will and Boogie.

Will says that the DR only asked him about 3 things

1. Boogie's jacking off.

2. his elopment with janelle.

3. what size the engagement ring would be.

also he said that they're fascinated with their whispering because they cant figure it out cause they cant hear it. they said that they told the DR that they're whispering that they're going to kick each other out.

Now they're going through survey answers so they'll be able to do well in HOH.

Will seems to know quite alot about janelle.

him to mike boogie: "true or false, is janelle's favourite colour pink?"

boogie: "true."

will: "FALSE. Her favourite colour is green!"

the enthusiasm is kinda cute.

now will went in the house to go to the bathroom and mike & janie are chit chatting about favourite things and such.

Janelle just asked what erika's favourite colour is and boogie said: "i dont know. i dont talk to her about this."


Will's back and they've been chatting about the game, just boring stuff.

Janie/Will stuff because its interesting:

(Will and Boogie talking about homances, nomances, showmances, flirtmances, and fauxmances)

Janelle: Are we a fauxmance?

Will: No, no no... a flirtmance.

Janelle: a flirtmance?

will: yeah

janelle: oh okay good.

Will says he's going to watch the BB episodes with Janie.

Will just tried to get boogie to go upstairs with Erika (I think so he could be alone with janie).

they're still chatting away about botox, previous houseguests, the show, etc.

Will said he's going to go to bed soon, but janie tells him he cant. will says this is what always happens, janie sleeps all day and then she tries to get him to stay up with her at night.

Dani just came out to get some gatorade then went back to bed.

Boogie [after she left]: dead man walking.... know your role... know your role.

Now they're talking about making the show interesting, and the beginning of the season.

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2:08 BBT

Now will and janelle are holding hands behind the pillows on the couch.

they tried to make it unobvious, but i noticed it EASILY.

they were talking then looked at each other, smiled quickly then looked away.


Will (talking about old DR sessions): Janelle you wont like this one i did. when alison was up i said you guys didnt like each other because blonde girls dont like other blonde girls.


W: Sorry, you didnt like us then.

J: I didnt know you. But didnt you know I'd come to like you?

W: I thought you might.



W talking about all the effort he's put into making the show good, and giving them stuff to work with.

He wants a producer to come up to him after the show and be like: "good job. thank you."

they're not holding hands anymore, but still talking. Will moved his hand away quickly to his hair to make it look like they werent holding hands. Whatever will, you're the most obvious person ever. :rolleyes:

Still talking game... blahblahblah.

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2:30 BBT

Still really darn obvious.

Will stretched and put his hand behind the pillows and janelle looked at it, but waited. Will is quizzing boogie on stuff and then janelle rearranged the pillows and slid her hand behind them to will "subtely"


Oh yay erika is up. lets hope she doesnt go outside cause she will break up the party fast.

she poked her head out, will said she could join them but she doesnt.

Will is doing some pretty good impressions of James. :lol:


Boogie gets up saying he's going to bed.

Will says: "Yeah I think I will too okay sweetie?"

and she says she's going to as well.

W: "Chill town heading to bed."

He opens the door for her as they enter,

J: Thank you doctor delicious.

He starts to hum as he walks over to the bathroom and as a result we have flames. thanks again will.

2:40 BBT

Back, Janie got a drink of water as Will went to bed, Janie is now getting ready for bed.

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All HG's sleeping except Erika who has been picking at her face for the last 10 minutes. First she was in the main bathroom. I think she was picking at a pimple on her chin, then holding a wet towel to it, then put some cream on, back to picking, etc. Then she went in the WR and sat on the floor and picked at her chin for a while in there. The camera zoomed in a couple times and I don't see anything on her face. Now she is up in the HOH bathroom still picking at her chin.

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Everyone is asleep except for erica...she is in the ... I dont know where she is in the house but she is sitting on a red sofa chair like thingsy with her infamouse pink pants, what looks like a black turtle neck sweater and a black hat ... she is playing a game of some type of solitare card game ... and she is cheating... now she is shuffling the cards and she starts playing again....

NOTE: wait a minute is that a hamburger she is eating.... NAW lol I was just kidding lol :P

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Erica leaves the HOH room and goes out to the backyard...looks in one of the mirrors ...sits on the red sofa smoking with the hat lowered on her face ...(waiting for her to grab her crotch and sing Beat It)

She walks to the pool and back to the couch and stands there ...yep just standing there and still standing hmmm maybe my feeds are frozen ok now she sits down and she is smoking again...

Everyone is still asleep

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