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August 30 Live Feed Updates


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  • 2 weeks later...

9:00 BBT

HGs are all sitting around chatting at the dinner table in the BY. Dani asks if people have plans to go on any trips after BB is over. Janie says she's going to MN. Will and Boogie talk about Will's Aruba trip... (I think that they said that they will go around New Year's?)

They are feeding each other (dessert I think) and drinking wine.

Boogie asks CG about his most romantic date with his wife. (Boogie also threatens that it better not involve a bowling alley) He says it was approx. 2 years ago in Chicago.

Janie and Will are feeding each other still and they whisper in each others' ears a couple times then they start staring at each other and smiling. Boogie asks them what the heck they are doing. Dani says they are doing that staring thing they do all the time. Boogie says he can't figure it out. Dani says she figured it out and Boogie asks her what it is and she says that Will is staring at Janie trying to make her think about how attractive he is and Janie is staring at Will trying to make him think about how attractive she is. (It was funnier how Dani worded it but the memory portion of my brain is not functioning properly). All the HGs laugh at Dani's joke about Will/Janie.

(ed--I don't think anyone has mentioned this.. but Boogie's outfit is just.. I can't even explain.. he's wearing like a salmon colored suit)

Boogie is talking about how they got furniture from a club that had closed and set it up in one of his buddy's apartments so his living room was like a club. Will says he went over there once to get his ipod and they stood there at the velvet rope with their arms crossed and were like "are you on the list?"

Boogie is telling other stories but we keep getting FotH and it's hard to understand what exactly he's talking about.

Will and Janie are doing the staring thing again and Boogie is like "do you guys do that with your boyfriends/girlfriends?" Janie says she doesn't have to do that with Big Daddy because they talk. HGs are now pressing her for details on Big Daddy's identity and she clams up and says she can't say. Someone asks if he's a professional football player. Dani (I think) says "she said he was a lineman." CG says "he could be a telephone worker" and the HGs laugh and Boogie tells CG that Janie wouldn't mean that. Janie says he's a baseball player.. he's a catcher.

Talking about BB.. a couple convos going on here. Will says when he gets out of the house he doesn't want to talk about BB and that he will stick a fork in someone's hand if they try to talk to him about BB.

CG: the day Howie left was a baaaaaad day

Will: well you sent him out!

Will says that Howie's life was BB.

Will starts singing "don't stop.. believing" and we get FotH.

They talk about sequester. Janie says that everyone would be mean to CT if they were in sequester.

Janie says in sequester last year she was in an attic with James in a bed and she slept on a mattress on the floor with Howie. Will says "fuck that" and says that he will chug vodka in the middle of the night and hitchhike home.

Janie and Will whisper to each other again.

Boogie says something about wine and tiramisu so I guess that's what they had for dessert.

They are still talking about Howie. Will says that he thinks that Howie will be fine when they get to sequester because he was just in a bad place when he left.

Janie and Erika go inside the house to go in the DR.

9:45 BBT FotH on all 4 cams.

5mins later feeds are back.

Boogie asks what they said in the DR and asked who it was. They keep dropping a lot of names and now are singing so I bet FotH is coming again.... or not.

Boogie says something about beers so I think that's what Janie and Erika went to the DR for.

Janie and Will go in the house.. they are in the BR. They are both brushing their teeth.

Erika and Boogie come in the house.

Erika wants Will, Boogie, Erika, and Janie to all do a DR together. Janie says 2 at a time. They ask why and apparently Will and Janie want to do a DR together first.

Janie and Will go in DR and Erika and Boogie are waiting outside... then FotH on all 4 cams.

Feeds back and Boogie decides that they don't need to stand there because they will probably be a while in the DR. Erika asks what they do in there and Boogie says he doesn't know. She asks if it is something they should be worried about and he says no, Will wouldn't do that to him.. blah blah blah. Then they make out and all 4 cams are on Boogie and Erika making out (loudly) in the BR.

They go out in the BY to join CG and Dani.. start talking about how some people are allergic to sulfites.

Dani is talking about how she has two different signatures.. one for BB stuff and her real one. Erika says she can barely remember how to sign her name because she's been in the house so long. (ed--how can you forget how to sign your own name?!)

Erika says something about how Will and Janie are in the DR and very sarcastically/jealously says "yeah.. the Big Brother king and queen." She is also wearing a fedora now.

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Boogie & Erika walking thru the house talking about Janelle. Erika asks if they should be worried about Will & Janelle. Boogie says no he would never, he would never. He would never do that to me. Erika says Janelle is going after Boogie because she wants to go to final 2 w/Will. Erika telling Boogie about the convo she had with Janelle in the bathroom earlier. Erika laughs & says "little does she know" (haha little do both gals know) Erika & Lance Showmance make out loudly for a minute then they go join CG & Dani at the dining table in the BY.

Will & Janelle are in the house trying to get more booze out of BB. Boogie says if they would give Will more alcohol Janelle could get him to make out with her because Will is a light-weight.

CG & Dani do a funny imitation of how Will & Janelle act. Boogie says he doesn't know which is worse Will's singing or the Will/Janelle flirting.

Will & Janelle come out & say if they go inside that BB will give them more alcohol. Talk of changing & getting in the HT.

Janelle is wearing pajamas & a tiara :rolleyes: . Erika is standing in the living room at 10:20 at night in her bikini :rolleyes: & a stupid looking Boogie hat.

(Sorry I am just not up to watching another night of baby talk, Will/Janelle flirt action, or another Boogie Erika body run session so I am calling it a nite)

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Janelle and Will are upstairs playing cards alone.

They're whispering to each other, but they're doing it loud enough for the feeders to hear. Will said, "I like you" and Janelle said, "I like you a lot."

Janelle said, "I really wish I could kiss you" and "I want you." Will responded (no longer whispering) with, "Just play cards."

Boogie says from down below to CG, Dani, and E that Will's gf is going to freak out when she sees this.

Dani keeps trying to interrupt them from below. She seems concerned about Will's relationship with Erin.

Will told Janelle to stop whispering and he keeps saying no when she says she wants to tell him something, but, he keeps going to her anyway. Janelle whispered, "What about your girlfriend?" and Will said "We'll figure it out."

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10:00pm BBT

Janie and Will are still in the DR and it seems to really be bothering the rest of the HGs that they are so close.

Dani and CG pretend to be Janie and Will. Erika and Boogie are in hysterics laughing at the imitation.

Boogie is complaining about Will's singing... how it's always out of key.

Boogie says that after his season, Will went home to his new condo with his dvds of the show and watched them over and over again. They say he is obsessed really but pretends not to be.

Janie and Will emerge and say that if they leave everything outside and go in and have an indoor lockdown, BB will give them more alcohol. Will says that it was really hard to convince them but they did.


Feeds back and HGs are all inside changing into pjs and such. CG is wearing his duck hat and brushing his teeth.

BB: please go to the storage room.

All HGs are psyched. They have beer now.

Janie: hey Mr. Fart.. how are you?

then she starts singing and we get a brief FotH

Dani excitedly says to Janie "we got the good wine!"

Dani tries to get Janie to change from pjs to a bathing suit so that they can get in the HT and get their showmances on...lol.

Dani yells to Erika who is upstairs in HOH, "ERIKA HURRY UP! WE GOT THE GOOD WINE!"

Dani says she only wants one glass of wine and everyone else can finish the rest

Will says he doesn't want more than 2 glasses of wine

Janie says to Will: that mascara looks wonderful on you

Boogie wants to cut Will's hair tomorrow.

CG: I've eaten lobster, 3 pieces of cake, and a loaf of bread

He says that the level of food dictates the level of snoring so tonight CG's snoring should be intense. He is wearing his "Anyone for an alliance?" shirt

Will and Janie are doing their staring thing again

She asks him if he wants to play a game of gin and without missing a beat he firmly says yes. They get up and go to the lounge outside the HOH room.

The HGs ask why Janie isn't wearing a bikini. Boogie says she should wear her "Elly May Clampett" one or "Will's favorite, the Baywatch one"

Will asks Dani if she wants some "white chocolate" and she says "no, I'm sure you want some brown sugar but you ain't havin' any" and they say how she's a happily married woman.

They are all hanging around the kitchen waiting for indoor LD to end so they can go in the HT.

Will and Janie still in the upper lounge. They keep whispering in each other's ears.

I swear Janie just whispered "I want you" then Will said "that's enough.. let's just play cards"

then Will says no more secrets tonight but they still continue to whisper

Boogie is saying how Will is the one in the house most likely to hang out with Kaysar outside of the house.. they will shoot hoops and hang around "discussing Middle Eastern medicine" but Will says to be quiet because he has this whole "I hate season 6" thing going on with Janelle and he wants to keep up that facade.

Dani: what are you guys doing up there?

Janie: nothing!

Will: playing cards!

FotH keeps coming and going.

CG has covered Erika in tinfoil. Then she dances around in it, takes it off, crumples it up and then Boogie yells at her for ruining CG's outfit and he says it's okay because he already did the tin man.

Boogie: I could have thrown that shit over the wall faster... LET'S GO!

Erika: stop being a brat.

They are wandering around...

Finally they are off indoor LD and Boogie yells "YEAH"

They try to convince Janie and Will to come outside with them but they are playing cards. Everyone goes into BY except for them.

Janie and Will are playing rummy.

Erika, CG, and Boogie are in HT.

Dani isn't on camera but I think she is somewhere in the BY.

I think that Boogie is making fun of us livefeed posters. :angry:

Dani has joined the HT crew.

Janelle is telling Will some story about when she was jogging and this guy tried to attack her (although she's not being a very good storyteller and having a hard time getting to the point/repeating herself)


Dani convinces Janie and Will to come out with them once they are done their game. They are whispering and flirting again... I can't make out what is being said.

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Janelle asks again about the girlfriend Will is always talking about. He says he thinks they're already broken up. Will asks about her boyfriend and she says they're probably already broken up.

Janelle says if it's true (Will's gf leaving him), why won't he kiss her. Will just says uh uh. Will is touching Janie quite a bit, though. (Her waist, neck, etc.) A lot more than normal.

Will whispered to Janie to wait for him and Janie whispered that she wouldn't wait. Will laughed and said Janie's used to getting what she wants and Janie says, "So?"

Will says they should go inside the HOH and lock the door. Janie agrees.

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Janie and Will go in the HOH room and are under the covers.. they are going to listen to Erika's Coldplay.

My feeds timed out and when I got back all 4 cams were on the BY (HT area). Grrrr....

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Boogie has been in the HOH room with Will and Janie for a while chatting.

They were talking about how CG has been really annoying lately.. talking all the time.. they think it is because he is so happy that he's still there in the house.

Janie is a little drunk and there is serious flirting going on.. Boogie seems really concerned... Will says to Boogie that it's a flirtmance not a showmance.

They are talking about the show. Janie says that she told Alison (Grodner) that she wanted Will on the show because he was sexy. (ed--I really don't think that she said that but is just saying in because of the dynamic in the room right now)

Will: Boogie what's gonna go down tonight?

Boogie: Gonna get under the covers and eat her box

(talking about Erika)

Boogie wants Will and Janie to "ravage each other"

He goes to listen to Coldplay and the volume is up on full blast and he yells at them for blowing out his good ear. He turns the volume down and lays on the floor listening to the headphones.

Will and Janie decide to play cards in the HOH bed.

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Updates for the last hour

Erica and Danielle came up to HOH room where Janie and Will were playing cards and Boogie was listening to music. Erica and Boogie were being flirty on the loveseat, at one point she said she was going to do a dance for him but then he announced it to the room. She said it was only supposed to be for him so doesn't do it. Boogie suggests they go down to the green room, said all the action doesn't have to take place in the HOH.

Boogie, Erica and Danielle left HOH. Danielle said she feels like the odd man out. Erica and Boogie brushed teeth and then went to his bed in the green room. They majorly made out, very loud smacking, Mutual stroking, etc. At one point Boogie asked Erica if it feels good, she said no comment. Erica complained a few times that they were in green room instead of HOH.

Janie and Will still in HOH lying in bed. Janie wanted to ask Will something under the blanket, he didn't want her to, said it would be edited badly, tells her to just whisper it in his ear. He was quite firm with her and she sulked, they each went to their own side of the bed and fell asleep.

Erica and Boogie decide to go upstairs to reclaim HOH. Erica trying to wake up Will and Janelle, says I love you guys but I want to go to bed. They decide to all sleep in HOH bed, "couples spoon". Order in bed is Boogie, Erica, Will and Janie. After a couple minutes Will starts saying he can't be in the bed with them. (It looked like Janie was touching him under the blanket) Will keeps insisting he has to get out of bed. Janie and Erica don't want him to leave. Will says he has to pee and starts trying to get out of bed, Janie keeps pulling him back. He finally rolls out and says he'll come back. He goes to bathroom and then comes back and says he's going to get water and that he'll be back.

Will joins Danielle and George in the backyard, says it's crazy up there. Danielle starts acting bossy and says I told you to come outside, you should have listened. I'm watching out for you. Danielle asks Will if he kissed her, he states NO, definitely not.

After a few minutes, Janie leaves HOH and finds Will out in backyard and gets mad at him for not coming back.

After a few more minutes Erica comes out to backyard, says she can't sleep.

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Will and Janie have fallen asleep in the HOH bed (with the lights on)

Erika and Boogie are in the green room in bed. He's making a lot of moaning noises and there are lots of kissy noises but she's wearing a bikini and he's fully dressed so there isn't serious hanky panky going on.

They stop and lay there for a little then Erika says "let's go kick them out of my room"

Boogie and Erika go up and start waking them up.. they are groggy and say they should just join them.. Erika says they can't have 4 people in the same bed...

Well, apparently Erika was wrong because all four of the shomancers are in the HOH bed together. Lights out and they are snuggling in for the night.

Meanwhile CJ and Dani are out on the BY couches chatting about the game.

Will gets up to pee and then he decides he wants water so he goes downstairs and out to the BY. Now he is sitting on the BY couches with Dani and CG and said that this was his favorite week in the house.. it was an allstar week.

Janie leaves the HOH and finds them in the BY.

Erika gets up and locks the door so they won't come back.

In the BY the conversation goes like this.. Dr. Delicious.. originated with Holly... wrap party... "they could make it so cool".. real world... talking about Puck: Will says that Boogie almost got in a fight with him and Dani says that she auditioned for that real world in San Francisco.

Will is now talking about the 50 reality stars show on BRAVO that he did.

He says that Omarosa is mean and crazy.

Erika left HOH and is now in the BY. Boogie remained in bed.

Will is talking about Love Shack.

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1:15am bbt


camera's come back and Erica and Janelle are in the kitchen. Janelle pokes her head out the patio door to ask Danielle question and Will comes in, they have their arms around each other for a while. Will then also puts his arm around Erica and says "Big Brother All Stars". They giggle. Janelle asks Will why he left their bed. She says is it because you are scared of me. He says yes. She has him pinned against the wall and is leaning right against him. He didn't move right away. He asks her why she's wearing her tiara. Erica says because she's the prom queen.

Will starts complaining that he feels really sick and thinks that he is going to throw-up tonight.

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Updates for last hour

Erica, Danielle, Janelle & Will in kitchen making slop waffles. They sat around chatting at the kitchen table for a while. Will and Janie still eye flirting sometimes. Erica asked them if they have kissed. Will said no, you don't kiss in a flirtmance. He then jokingly said Janie's not even attractive. Janie said "I hate you Will". He said "Don't get mad at me, blame your parents".

Erica and Danielle went to bed. Will agrees to play one game of cards with Janelle right after he washes off his make-up. (He curled his eyelashes and put on mascara for 5 star dinner, was going through Janelle's make-up bag)

Janelle & Will are playing cards on red couch in living room. He says he hopes that he cleared things up a little more for her (referring to their relationship). She said she doesn't understand at all. He's trying to express something to her without really saying it. He whispers something to her a few times.

They talk to the internet a little bit. Will says he loves the internet. Asks the internet to not vote for CG or J for America's Choice but to give it to him. Janelle says if she wins she will take Will Kirby so please give it to her.

Will still complaining that he doesn't feel well. Janelle says she'll take care of him. Will says he needs a lot of attention. Janelle said "I know you do Will".

Will and Janelle talk a bit about HOH competition. Janelle asks if he is going to win it. He said he definitely doesn't mind winning it. Says it's really important that they not allow CG to win. She can drop out right after CG goes out.

Will asks Janie to go to bed and says he will meet her there in a minute. Says he wants to walk around and burp and be gross for a minute. She says goodnight, see you in the morning. Will changes his mind and goes right to bed with her anyway.

They are now both in their beds

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George has been up for a while. He showered and now he's doing that typical chore -- cleaning the kitchen mess.

Boogie still doing his workout, wearing his shomance T-shirt.

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FOTH over - booger telling Dani in the yard that he and will are voting to keep her safe and that Erika wanted her out. He said they told Erika they were voting Dani out, but that she's really safe. He's also saying that he thinks Janelle and Will are for real. He's lying while lying down on the lounger.

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Danielle now outside, having a chat with Boogie. She firmly believes she is staying, and Boogie is supporting that belief. "Those are two bad-ass girls, they gotta go." She says that he and she are really the only two who could take them out. She asks if they've told Erika that she's staying and Boogie says no. Dani finds it curious that Erika is being so open with her -- as if she were going. But she says, "Okay, I'll play my role."

ETA: Boogie remains suspicious of Janelle. Danielle doesn't seem to support all his badmouthing, though.

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Inside lockdown. Erika awake and up in HOH drying hair. George making bacon and eating a big breakfast. Boogie washing up @ kitchen sink and making a cold protein drink w/ice. Dani likes the smell of the bacon. Janie up - George tells her goodmorning.

Erika downstairs - Boogie asks if hotdogs last two weeks in the fridge. Erika tells him they're pumped with preservatives and last forever so Booger eats them. Erika hates lavender so she gives a lavender scented wrap to Janie who thanks her for it. Janie tastes some of booger's protein concoction. Dani can't find her apple juice and thinks someone drank it until she remembers she left it outside. She's mad that she can't get it.

George and Erika think BB is being bitchy today. GEorge yells to ceiling - "get enough sleep up there last night?" Erika tells Janie that BB is being nice to her.

George can't believe they ever had 14 people in that small house. Booger agrees. Erika makes a comment about Howie being a night owl and Dani says it's because his bad thyroid affects his behavior. Erika makes coffee and Booger makes more hotdogs. George comments on Booger's protein drink (like gatorade w/40 grams of protein and no carbs) but won't taste it.

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For the last half hour or so, all are at the kitchen table, playing cards, except Janelle.

Will a bit restless and steps away to cook, or brush his teeth, whatever.

Both he and Boogie have now gone outside. He wants to vent, and has a few tidbits to talk over with Will.

Tells of Dani saying how open everyone is with her (since they think she's leaving). He says she was concerned that Janelle mentioned to Dani that she's unsure about trusting Chill Town. Will says doesn't matter, he's convinced she's 'locked'.

Then Janelle comes out to BY and that conversation stops.

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With Janelle there, Will asks Boogie how the showmance is going.

Boogie says, Great. Too good. Let's evict her already. She can't keep her hands off me.

When Will persisits with questions, Boogie says they're great. While you guys were in the DR asking for more booze, we were ... things are great. Not everybody needs to do stuff as often as you two. (parapharased coment on the W-J showmance -- he's putting it down, ever so bluntly)

Will is being relatively honest in front of Janelle -- as if she knows more of their plans than Boogie thinks she does.

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Dani and Boogie on the couch in BY. She's talking about family.

Erika, Will, and Janelle in HOH room -- some card playing happening. Janie and Will under the covers of the bed. Erika sitting on top.

George is cooking burgers, judging by his yelling out to Boogie from the kitchen.



Boogie and Dani talking about his chances to win the game. Dani says his chances are better than Will's -- cause he plays so well how could you not give him the game? After that, Will says that everyone has been looking at them as a team, and now it's time to start thinking of them as individuals. He also comments on how he can't understand how Will can hang out with Janelle for 12 hours a day.

Dani says she's been dropping some seeds for him to win. "You know how I do."

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Both Will and Janelle wanted to go to sleep. Will says it will be less strange if Erika gets in bed, too. But she's not sleepy. So she and Janelle leave, and Will dives under the covers in the HOH room.

So far, Janelle and Erika are still in the kitchen with Boogie. Erika just called to DR.

Now Danielle is outside with George.

All feeds on Boogie cooking Chicken Bites in the oven and Janelle frying a slab of beef (for Carne Esada) in the pan.

There shouldbe alcohol tonight, but so far I've heard Janelle and Will say they're not drinking tonight.

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Boogie asks Dani when they're alone out on the porch ...

"If the game ended right now, who would you rather be in the finals with, Will or Chicken George?

Dani says, Will.

Boogie says he would hate to lose to Chicken George.

Dani says, Why? You second guessing your vote -- for tomorrow?

Boogie: Oh, no.

Then George joins them. All feeds on these three outside.

[ed. - It almost seems as if Boogie has been assigned to Dani today -- to keep her away from Erika.]

I'm out for now.

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