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August 29 Live Feed Updates


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  • 2 weeks later...

Everyone eating in the kitchen before they go on slop tomorrow (and before the 5 star dinner).

They keep singing on and off. Janelle going to make more waffles for the boys.

Danielle goes outside by herself and talks to BB asking why they haven't called her into DR and then says because i am leaving or something. Then says if she stays she needs to get HOH so that she can evict Erika.

Talking about wrap party and saying there will be one after that one.

Will talking low to Janie telling her not to worry she will have fun at the party. She laughs and says will I?

Will and Janie looking at each for a few seconds.

Boogie asks don't you guys get uncomfortable looking at each other?

Janie: No

Boogie: Just pretend you're looking at yourself in the mirror. (To Janelle) You better hope your BF has a football game the next day.

Will: We're just friends.

Not much going on. Talking about Janie's sponsors and how much they would spend in a night. Poor George's mouth is about to the ground.

They are all playing poker.

Dani saying there they going again with the blinking and the staring thing (Will & Janie)

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Dani fighting until the end. Mike told Will that Dani said that Erika and Janie have an alliance (did you follow that?)

Mike and Will in SR talking about how Erika is a blabbermouth and how they are trusting Janie a lot more than Erika right now.

Will goes into the br and asks if Janie is going to read to him. She says yes and he goes sweet.

Everyone getting ready to turn in for the night it looks like.

Will just told Janie that he is staying in the br on the couch while she gets ready for bed.

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Will and Janie are in BR talking.

She told him he obviously wants to be in the f2 with Mike.

He said while it would be great it wouldn't be fair to Janie and he will walk away. That he couldn't win anyway.

He says he thinks they want the same thing. And Janie asked what was that. He said you know. She argued she didn't. He said well then you will find out in 3 weeks.

Janie said he owes her a prediction. Said he would give her one in the next DR they do together. She goes want to go tonight? He said after the big dinner they will do it that it will be fun.

Will telling her that mike said Will was having a better showmance than he is.

Now rehashing how they need HOH and how Erika has to go.

Will asking if Janie going back MN as soon as the show is over. She said yes. He goes how soon. She said right after. He asked why - she said because of my dogs.

Then she asked what he is doing. He says staying here in LA since he lives her and jumping right back into work. Then asked if she was ever going to visit LA area. She said yes.

They start that mmmhhh and uhhhh stuff back and forth. He says whatever you are thinking is probably it. Asked her what she was thinking. If its good - she says some of it. Some of its bad. He keeps asking her what she is thinking.

Are about to go play cards. Both telling each other are fun. Janie wants to know what Will is thinking and he says he can't tell her. That she needs to figure out. She told him its wrong. Both staring and smiling at each other.

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10:22 bbt - erika is now up (ETA: she seems to have gone back to bed now!)

She went to the storage room and exchanged her battery, then went to the patio door and looked out but she never went outside (perhaps she was looking to see where Dani is, so she doesnt have to sit with her alone!)

Dani is outside, hiding behind the red couch while she smokes. (Like we all havent seen ya smoking Dani...Might as well sit on the red couch where its comfy!)

You can see little puffs of smoke coming from behind it! LOL

Dani hasnt said anything, but she has started to cry. (She's now on the couch again..She has her head in her hands and is crying pretty good)

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Erika and George in kitchen. Dani still outside, alone in her pink robe, crying. Pretty much shows that her crying isn't to sway votes since everyone is asleep.

now she's reading her letter from home and it's perking her up. Nope, she's crying again - sobs that she can't believe she's in the position of no one wanting to take to the end with them - like a kid who got left out. Now she's telling herself, "I'll be fine" over and over and trying to dry her tears. This is hard to watch - very heartwrenching, imho.

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Looks like shes reading the letter she got from her family when she was HOH

Dani: 'I miss you Mom'

Im ok...I just need to get the cry out in the morning. I'll be fine

(talking to herself)


I cant believe Im in this position. I cant believe no one wants to take me to the end. I just cant believe it.

Dani: Im sorry Sarah. I tried to save him. Really I did. I begged.

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11:47am BBT

Feeds 1&2 outside.. Dani is sleeping (or appears to be sleeping) on the red couch.

George was just in the bathroom. Feed switches to Janie sleeping. Switches back to George now eating in kitchen.

Erika is in the HOH bathroom. Leaves, fixes sheets, then curls up under her comforter.

Pretty quiet morning in the house...

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1:57 BBT

Dani asleep on red couch in BY

Erika laying back in bed after doing her make up

george eating in the kitchen..he was eating something that did not appear to be slop :o

(wich they are supposed to be eating slop today until their 5 star dinner tonight at 7:00)

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12:55pm BBT

George and Dani outside by the pool talking. Doesn't seem to be game related (on quad)

Boogie and Erika in kitchen. Talking about, "Putting things out in the cosmos." Boogie making a protein shake.

Janelle and Will aren't on the feeds.. Not sure where they are.

Boogie outside now with George and Dani. Erika in the kitchen alone.

Talking about the screen in the living room.. "Looks like someone splashed paint on it or something." Not sure if it's intentional or accidental.

1:25pm BBT

Dani and Boogie playing the movie game outside by the pool. Erika in pool, not saying much.

George cleaning up in the kitchen and bathroom.

Had a flash of Janie sleeping a few minutes ago. Still no sign of her or Will.

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2:19 bb time

Dani telling Mike about the conversation with Erika about being in an alliance with Janie. Mike is saying you can't play that way - that Erika needs to take a stand (LOL). That if he goes to the end with Janie that she can't win because Janie wins everything and is too good.

Dani laughs and says well we can tell her - ok see you next week (or later that night we should say)

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Still nothing of consequence.

Still no sign of Janelle and Will.

Erika daydreaming in her bed in HOH.

Dani and George chatting in the backyard.

Boogie taking care of business under the covers in his darkened bedroom.

ETA: Outdoor lockdown called.

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