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August 27 Live Feed Updates


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Been a quiet afternoon in the BB house.

F1 & 2: Backyard with Erika, Will and Danielle just relaxing. Will has gone inside and Danielle moves across to talk to Erika by the pool about who she is going to replace Janelle with.

F3 & 4: Janelle and George in the kitchen making food and doing dishes.

No sign of Boogie.

Erika is telling Danielle that she has to be honest. "I cannot beat you at the end. I came here to win and I can't beat you. You asked me before if I would put up Jack, I was never put in that position. My head and my heart are tellling me two different things." Danielle says it's ok and walks away.

Will walks over and Erika tells him that she told Danielle.

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3:30 BBT -- Tuned in mid-convo. w/ Will/Erika...

W: Getting rid of Janelle wouldn't hurt me at all....if it's me, you, Boog & CG in final 4, that's remarkable considering what we came in with. If you told me final 5 would be me, you, Boog, Janelle & CG, I would've told you you're on crack juice.....if you get rid of Danielle this week, you're guaranteed final 4. Paraphrasing, but Will basically telling Erika it's hard to get rid of Dani, but every week someone has to go & she has to be able to do it...

Will then went to help Boog w/ laundry...he wants to put dishwashing liquid into the washer... :blink:


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3:46 BBT -- F1&2 on BY Boog lying on trampoline, Erika in pool, Will off cam talking to Boog...now taking over tramp. F3&4 on Dani/Janie in BR

Will trying to show Boog how to do proper tramp. bouncing. Erika watching, Dani flossing teeth, Janie filing nails (no talk between them).

Janie/Dani now talking about someone trying to backdoor Janie (CG had told her). I didn't catch who they were talking about...sounds like it's James. Yeah, she says Howie & she (Janie) were always skeptical of James after he threw that POV to Dani & was such a bad actor. Hard to hear w/ Will's bouncing, so I'm switching feeds, but as you know, this seems to take forever.

Ok, missed some I'm sure, but still flosssing & filing going on... Janie says another reason for voting out James was she knew Boog was voting him out, so it made it easier. Dani just kind of grunting, uh huhs here & there. Dani says Erika just pretty much confirmed that she's putting her (Dani) up. Janie says she's sorry...Dani says it's alright, it's a game. Dani brushing teeth through this convo, Janie playing w/ hair.

Janie says her hair is sticky, she thinks there's food in it. Dani leaves Janie combing hair in BR & goes to green room... Dani talking to herself/us saying who's not gonna vote for her. She says unbelievable, ppl are getting rid of me cause they're scared of me... Asks to be called to DR ... quickness!

3:56 BBT -- Janie/Dani in BR -- Janie says she can't wait to get out of here (house). She wants to do other things, like read the internet to see what ppl are saying.

** Sorry was interupted **

Janie says to Dani that she made it really far though...Dani starts to respond, but kind of jumbles words and decides there's nothing to say.

Dani says I can say this to you now, you were my target when I was HOH, but as weeks passed I'm kinda rooting for you now. Janie says why? Dani says I don't know, it's just...I don't know, I look at you, I know you're a good competitor, but I wanted to work w/ you. You'll see when you see my DR sessions. That's why I was smiling when you won. No matter what happens, I'm cool w/ you... Janie says thanks & hugs her.

Dani says based on what Erika is doing to me, you cannot completely trust her, she looked me in the eye & told me I was safe...Janie asks is she a big liar? Dani says, she's doing what she has to do, I hate to say she's a liar....meanwhile, Erika is lurking outside WR door (where they are talking now), but I can't tell if Erika could hear them or not. Dani tells Janie that the only person she knows will have her back is CG.

Janie doesn't know what she's gonna do next week. Dani tells her to look at who she can beat in the jury, just look at that. Dani says she will vote for the best player. Hard to say who that is right now. Dani says she hates being played like that. Dani says when she makes a commitment to ppl...it's hard for her to understand Erika changing her mind. Apparently Erika told Dani that she has to put her up cause she can't beat her.

Sorry...have to go for a bit...

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Dani & Janelle playing cards.

Erika jumping up & down on the trampoline in her bikini (& her boobs aren't moving :blink: sry I just find that odd). She keeps asking Boogie if it is sexy & he says yes. Erika quits bouncing & now we get Boogie lifting weights (which isn't too sexy either)

Now Will's jumping on the trampoline. It looks like BB did something to the trampoline because yesterday when Will jumped it was wombling like it might fall but today it looks safer.

Not much happening in the BB house at this moment in time.

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4:14 BBT -- came back to Dani/CG/Janie -- Dani telling Janie she really needs to start training him (CG) for comps. Janie asks CG one question, he doesn't know the answer, then says he has to go.

On quads, Erika on F1&2 bouncing on trampline...F3&4 Dani/Janie sitting on red couches in BY playing cards.

No talking yet. Janie enjoying a smoke while playing cards. On F4 now to try and catch any further game convo between Dani & Janie. Nothing yet. Can hear Erika talking off cam to either Will or Boogie, can't tell which. No sign or sound from CG.

Janie asks Erika if she had a good workout on tramp. Erika says yeah. Janie says she threw one of her knees out yesterday on it. She got double bounced and almost thrown into the window, good thing for the netting. (ed: wonder who was double bouncing ppl?? lol <_< )

Hearing Boog/Will talking off cam. I believe about weights in BY.

Absolute quiet for about 5 min. Then an off cam Will asking, I believe, if Janie wants to go on tramp. (plane overhead so hard to hear), but Janie says, "Nah." Then Erika heard responding to Will saying..."She got hurt yesterday."

No discussion between Dani/Janie who are still playing cards. Nothing but the sounds of the tramp. bounce in the background & shuffling of cards (ed: reminding me of good ol' Marcy).

Janie yawning....(ed: I am too watching this oh so exciting day at BB house -- Show on here in 34 min., so I think I'll take leave till then.....)

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4:45pm BBT

Erika jumps in pool "GOD ITS FREEZING" she says.

CG commenting on his shoes and how the doc should like them-he says he does.

Now Boogie & Erika in Hot Tub...Will asking if she will come in I think.

Dani must be inside.

Not much going on in the BY or the House. Everyone seems calm.

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Sorry if this is really random and out of place, but I noticed this was missing from some of the updates, so I just wanted to add it here.

During the time where Will was laying in bed with Janelle, and then moved down to the floor beside her bed saying he has a girlfriend and he can't, something else happened that you had to pay extra special attention to notice or else you'd miss it. Will tugged on Janelle's mic and she moved around to face him and they both rearranged the blankets so they were covering the side of the bed, and will moved his hand up (you could see it) and held janelle's hand under the blanket for quite a while, and then started stroking it, and then when other people sort of woke up, he stopped and they moved away.

Just thought I should report that so people will know the juicy things happening that all may not notice! Didn't want to leave it out!

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Dani and Janie are talking about last season. Dani is saying that now that Janie explains (I missed the actual talk--sorry) why she voted for Ivette, now she completely understands and agrees that she, too, would have voted for Ivette in Janie's situation. Janie says that Rachel told her that if Ivette won the game she would be really upset. Dani says that Rachel took it personally, then. Dani says Rachel called Ivette a "piece of shit" to Dani. Dani talked to Rachel after the show.

Janelle says that Maggie never admitted to anything. She acted like she wasn't playing and said "I just ended up here." She acted like she ended up in the finals due to "dumb luck," and it was stupid. Will comes up and asks if he is interrupting, and they say no and tell him that they are talking about season 6. Dani says that watching the show, you would think that everyone would think Maggie should win, but now that Janie explains that they didn't know that Maggie was working strategy, it makes sense that Janie would vote for Ivette. (Janie said that if Maggie had admitted what she did, and her strategy, that she would have voted for Maggie). Will asks Janie if she really wanted Ivette to win, and Janie said yes. Will says that Neil Patrick Harris told him that he had to stop watching the show last year because he couldn't stand the meanness of everyone--everyone was angry. Wills says he guesses season 6 sucked, then, because if someone who was a huge fan, and yet stopped watching, then it must have sucked. Janie says no--they were just angry. Janie says Will is just jealous that America voted for so many people from season 6 to get onto All Stars. Will yells that he can't stand it! He is going to throw Janie into the pool, but Dani tells him not to mess up her mic.

Will is talking about how he didn't know who several people were who were up for All Stars. He didn't know who Dana and Diane were at all. He says that the Internet was very "accurate" as to who would make it. (Yay, us!!).

Janelle says that she didn't think Dani was in the top 20, because James told her that Dani wasn't. Dani says that she had to say that. She says James didn't lie to Janie. She did tell him that. She wasn't going to do it.

Will says that he knew that Dani was lying when she said she wouldn't do it. He spoke to Nicole and Hardy and they said they wouldn't do it, so he knew that was true. Boogie came to him with the list of people who were supposedly going on the show. Will told Boogie that there was no way Dani wasn't doing it--she was lying. He called Monica and told her "you ain't shit!" and she said "You know I can't talk about it!!" He knew Monica wasn't going on the show.

Will says that BB "messed up" when the list was released, and Will took a screen capture of it and emailed it to (sounded like Jonah and Robin?) and we get FOTH.

The feeds come back and we hear Will say "It was amateur hour over there. They missed that up big--" and FOTH again!

Will heard that Eric from Dani's season was told that he should "watch the casting special to find out if he was on BB7." So the people who weren't on the list thought that they would watch the show to find out if they might be on the show, when in reality the top 20 were on the show. Janie says that what they did to Scott was bad. Will says that they (the top 20) were all watching the casting special wondering how they looked on t.v. and other BB people were watching wondering if they would be on the show. They think this was awful of CBS.

Now they are talking about how they should have put Survivor people on BB, and vice versa.

(At various times, Will mentions Neal Patrick Harris and how he can't believe he met him, and what a great day it was).

Will talks about how men store fat versus women, and how a big group of people in the late 1880's were trapped in a snow storm, and the women didn't die but the men did die, because the men couldn't store fat. (ed--This doesn't sound like the Donner party, in case anyone is wondering).

They seem to be grilling outside -- bratwurst.

George says that he didn't think he would get on the show. Dani says that she knew George had to get on! It wouldn't be All-Stars without someone from season one. George says he looked at the odds and they were 70-1 that he would get in the house. Dnai again says she knew he'd get in the house.

George: (laughing) I was probably rated right up there with CT. We're neck and neck.

Boogie is lying alone on a lounge chair with his hat pulled over his eyes, clutching a pillow on his stomach.

Will says that this shows you that when BB needs story and they say "Christmas," TAKE IT! When they say "trampoline," take it!

Dani says she loves her presents. Will says that he thinks Boogie got the best and Erika got the worst, and he thinks CG "made out like a bandit." George says "No complaints from me!" Will says they even gave him his favorite color--"Fart green!"

(I can't see Erika outside. They aren't on lockdown, because Janie went inside to get something for the bratwurst. Janie is cooking for all of them.)

Dani just got all excited because she found a dime.

Will: We accept that currency in Sixpakistan!

Dani: Here we go again!

Will says that Janie will fall in love with him. She says, "I can't help but fall in love with you, Dr. Delicious! You make the days go by so much faster!"

Chicken George is (appropriately) wearing one of the bird hats from the food comp.

They are also grilling Mahi Mahi.

Will is lifting weights and talking about "Sixpakistan." He says they have a very "lenient entry policy" and that you don't have to bring a VESA--Just a bottle of lotion.

Dinner is ready and George yells in and tells Erika. Janie says the Mahi Mahi smells funny, though.

George is trying to get everyone to eat. Will says he is full, but he will keep them company.

He asks Dani, and she says, "I'm not hungry." George asks her over and over, and she finally says she will "do it for you."

Janie asks Will why he didn't sleep--he says that he wasn't tired. She asks why. He says he has a lot going on in his head, and she asks what. He says "Like, none of your beeswax." and says that she will find out "when the time is right. This is an A and B conversation, so why don't you C your way out of it?" She tells him fine, and he says he is just kidding. (But she does stop asking).

George tried to get Boogie to come inside to eat, but they say he is sleeping.

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Will says that Nicole told him that she called Eric from Dani's season, and he had just heard the rumor about BB All-Stars, and it was awkward because he wasn't invited.

Dani says that really Eric didn't have time to play.

Will says that Boogie didn't either, but they "knew he was a wild man!" He says that Boogie raps, and anyone who rhymes "Autumn with bottom in their goodbye messages.." He says that Boogie gave raps to people in his goodbye messages, but BB couldn't show them.

Janie says that the Mahi Mahi smells like socks.

Dani tells her (in a nice way) not to eat it if she doesn't want to.

George asks if they know people who wanted to get in really bad, but didn't get in the house?

Janie says yes, and says Ivette really wanted in the house.

Dani says Lisa wanted in really bad. They ask why, and Dani says that Lisa had this "thing with the coattails" and she wanted to prove she could play. She would have lied and backstabbed.

Janie says that Holly didn't want on the show because of Jase. She says that they had a really bad breakup. Dani asks what happened, and Janie says she isn't supposed to talk about it. Will says that Jase told him about it, and Holly would lock herself out the car when she got drunk. He says he made Holly five copies of the keys with pictures of her cat on them (I really think this is what he said, folks--ed) and that she lost all of them in one night. Jase told her that he can't keep coming to get her when she is drunk and locks herself out of the car. They again ask what Janie was told by Holly, and Janie says that he was mean to Holly. They ask further, and she says "as mean as you can be." Janie says she isn't supposed to talk about it further. They all say that there are two sides to every situation.

They also say that Scott really wanted on the show but didn't get on it.

Will: "My favorite James anger moment for the year was when he said, 'Now the pool's done for the Summer!' and I said, 'Yeah, and you haven't been in it all Summer, so what do you care?!' CG says pepperoni was floating in the pool. Will says that CG had the best reaction to the food fight ever--he just kept eating the pizza. Janie says she had to put chocolate cake down Will's pants, and they start wondering if that will be on the show.

Will says that he hopes they will just show it all as a montage of craziness. Will and Janie say that they were never asked about the food fight.

Will says that Janie was coming after him, he looked at George, and just went "smoosh!" and took a huge piece of cake and smeared it on CG's head, and CG just kept eating and had no reaction.

Howie fell down, and Dani says it scared her, and she asked if he was okay. Janie says that Howie brought some of the cake up to her bedroom, with ice cream on it, and CG "saved some of the cake!" She says that plate of cake took up a whole plate. Will says the fight really took off when they busted out the pizza. CG says that was fun. He liked the food fight. Janie says it was pretty funny.

Janie again says the fish is maybe bad, and George tells her not to throw it away. She says okay--he can eat it. Will says, "CG is spraying mud in the bathroom--who fed him the bad fish??" George says "I'll take my chances at this point." Janie and Will are having a little fight with the aluminum foil.

Janie is pointing out where everyone's picture was last year.

Will: Don't nobody care! (He's trying to be a brat and tease her at every moment.)

Will again brings up Neal (Can we just call him NPH from now on to save time? --ed)

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Talk about last year's show.

Janie is talking about how she got kicked out at the end and Ivette won three comps in a row that were huge.

Dani says that something "clicked" in Ivette at the end.

Janie says that she thinks it depends on who you are competing with, too. Ivette had Maggie. She thinks that helped Ivette.

They all agree.

George says that Ivette was good, then.

Janie says yeah, she was, but that those were the only ones that Ivette won all season.

George: The ones that mattered, then.

George: So Howie went out week 5, and never lasted to the final 5.

Janie: And then I won HOH. Like, he won HOH in final 6. Like, he was where Erika is now.

Will asks if there is "another endurance competition this year?" They say not until final three. (They seem to be definite on this).

Will and Janie say that they must have realized it was stupid. (I think they are talking about the crap shoot comp)

Janie says when you get down to the final 5, it is kind of stupid to have a crap shoot.

They are trying to decide what to do tonight. Dani says they need to get in the hot tub, remember? Will says that he and Janie should walk now, then. Janie says she ate two big bratwursts, and she needs to digest it. So Will says that they will play gin, then.

George asks again about last year. Janie says that she had HOH and wanted to get rid of Maggie, but Ivette got POV, and she couldn't get rid of Maggie. Janie says that she and Howie didn't have the votes to get rid of Maggie. April was telling Maggie that Janie was going to take Maggie to the end. Janie told Ivette that she would take Ivette to the end, and she was being truthful.

Dani: If you will just work with me.

Janie: Yep.

Dani says that she remembers where Janie and Ivette were sitting, and she was trying to convince Ivette to take her to the finals.

Will says that it just goes to show that if you give the producers a great idea, they will use it (the Christmas thing, NPH, etc.)

Will says that they should put out to the producers that they want "Shannon Elizabeth" to be on the show. But then she doesn't have a CBS show this year. Janie says she doesn't know what shows she has going.

Will: That's probably why she was so rude to Stevo (?) and I. She was in love with us.

Janie: Will!!

Will asks Dani if she wants to play cards, and she says no, she is sleepy.

Janie and Will are playing cards.

Janie says that she wishes she had her Xanax and she could sleep and make the time go by faster.

Will says he calls Xanax a "first class upgrade," because he can take it on a plane and sleep the whole time, and the flight attendant can roll over his leg with a cart and it won't bother him.

Janie says she took two at different times on a trip to Singapore, and she didn't even know it--she slept through the flight, and she got up to go to the bathroom once and that's it.

Will tells the story about going to Europe with his brother and they said they needed a doctor and he was on Xanax.

Janie asks if they ever take Percocets, and she wants to know why they made her itch? She took it once. Will says it is because it is an opiate. She asks what that means.

Dani asks if you can just ask for Xanax if you are going on a plane trip, and the Dr. will let you have it? Will says yes.

Janie says she has a prescription.

Dani says that she drinks on the plane.

Janie says she tells them she needs a window seat on the plane and passes out.

Will says that you can become addicted to Xanax, and Janie agrees. Will says he takes them only when he flies. And when he works every day. Then he says yells "Just kidding!"

Janie asks if they will give her the Xanax in sequester? Will says he doesn't think so. She asks why not, because she's not on the show anymore at that point and she has a prescription. Will asks if she okayed that prescription with Dr. Horowicz? She says no, and he says she should have done that. Then we get FOTH.

Will starts to sing "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" and we get FOTH.

The feeds come back, and Will aggressively half-yells "Don't Go Breakin' my Heart" and sings it again and we get FOTH immediately again.

Will and Janie go outside to the trampoline.

Will immediately tells Janie that he has seen Dani sneak behind the couch and smoke cigarettes, so she should be sure when she sits there that Dani isn't hiding back there smoking. Janie says okay. Will says he saw her do it today.

Will: I just don't want anything crazy to happen before the nomination thing.

Janie: Yeah! I know.

Will: Like you have to just keep being friends with Erika.

Will: I love it when you are so in disbelief of the abilities of CT to work like secret ninjas. I'm like, you have got to be friends with her, and you're like "NO!" and I'm like, you have got to be friends with her! Can you imagine if you hadn't? It's worked out so perfectly!

Janie: I know!

Janie and Will are jumping on the trampoline.

Janie is holding with both hands onto one of Will's hands.

Talk about how they were both nauseous last night. Will says he wants to sleep outside tonight.

Will yells to George and asks how DR was.

George: Oh, just fine, Dr. Delicious!

Will asks if they let him wear his Santa outfit. He says yes, the whole nine yards, and that "they are really working that angle of you getting him (NPH) in here, too!" He says he can't talk about it because it is DR.

Will says that before the show, he talked in his letter that he only listed NPH movies and shows as his favorites. They could list things to change BB on their "lists" and he listed get rid of sequester, and he put that they needed a trampoline.

They think it was maybe America's choice. Then Will says that when they asked what they should give the houseguests, Will said to give Bunky a trampoline, even back then.

He says yes.

Janie and Will are jumping again on the trampoline. They fall down and Janie says he was leaning back and "she saw that look in his eye." He says that he didn't try to fall--she was trying to fall on top of him AND trying to stick her tongue in his mouth! She says she was NOT!

Jumping again.

All four feeds have been on them since they went outside, and when they were in the house. NO idea of where Erika is right now, or Dani.

Janie and Will fall down on the trampoline and are lying there. Janie was irritated because she hit the wall of the trampoline.

Janie whispers "Hi" to Will and he says "Hi." Janie asks how long they have slept--3 hours? He says yeah, not that long.

(I've rewatched this three times. I have a degree in Speech Pathology and can read lips--seriously. So I could make out one thing and that's it, because I saw Janie's lips as she said it.) Will is talking really low. Janie said "Really? So, what did you tell her??" Will mumbled something after that, and Janie had a smile on her face.

Janie and Will are talking really low, and it's impossible to hear them. BB tells Janie and Will to put on their mics, so they get up and start jumping again, counting as they jump.

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Now, Will starts whispering to Janie. He grabs her arms to slow down her jumping (so that they won't be told to put on mics, I guess).

They start to jump really little jumps. Will is whispering.

Janie says, "WHAT??"

Janie says "That's not fair to us! That's not fair!"

Will says "Wait!" and shushes her and says "It's okay" and whispers some more.

Janie: Do not save her! Do not save her! He's gonna mess up the whole thing.

Will whispers. I hear "He's gotta..."

Janie jumps and nearly falls out of the trampoline. BB tells Will and Janie to "Please be careful." Janie says "Sorry."

Janie gets out, and says when you get out you feel like you are bouncing, still.

Now, Janie is on the couch with Dani.

Will is lying down on the trampoline and a plane is going overhead.

Silence between Dani and Janie.

Janie asks why everyone is sleeping? Dani says she doesn't know why. She says she doesn't want to sleep so she can sleep tonight.

Janie says she (Janie) used to be in such good shape, and she needs to start working out and running.

George is sleeping (or pretending to sleep) right next to them.

Dani starts to sing, FOTH

(ed--Dani looks really beaten or tired or something)

They are both laughing at Will, who is now jumping again.

Janie is talking to Dani. Janie is talking about cheerleading, and how they had crushes on the players and they would decorate lockers, and it was cheesy. Dani laughs and says she loved "Bring it On" and the spirit stick.

Erika called to DR.

Dani says she loved cheerleading camp.

Janie says that her cheerleading squad was awesome, and she loved cheering for football and they wore the uniforms on the day of the game, and Dani agrees. Janie says her skirt was extra short. Janie had her name on her panties. Her squad made All-American.

Dani says that was so fun, "back in the day."

Will says that they wouldn't let him in DR.

Dani: They called Erika, that's why.

Will: I know. But I had something I wanted to say!

All four camera on Janie, like a stalker. She goes inside to get her clothes changed to run.

Will is inside with her. They are getting clothes out of the red room (which obviously isn't closed down).

Will keeps singing and we get FOTH

Will: Boogie, what's going on, Man? You look terrible?

Boogie: I'm tired.

Will asks if he is going to stay up all night? He says he doesn't think so. Will tells him DR will call him in there in about 15 minutes.

(Dani is watching them while they talk)

Will is putting on his long socks and tennis shoes.

Will says that since they are shooting "How I Met Your Mother," Will is surprised that no one was given a gift of an extra walk-on part.

Boogie says that Will is thinking about things that are too creative.

Will says that Boogie is right.

Will says that he thought that there would be a special prize right before NPH left, and he would say that they could leave with him right now for a walk-on part.

Boogie says "Well, you heard the initial reaction when he was begging them to let him host a competition. Why wouldn't they let him? That's crazy."

Will says that he wants it, and NPH wants it, and the producers are trying to keep them from "being in love."


Boogie and Erika are in the kitchen at 8:15. Boogie asks if she took a bath and everything she wanted to do. She says yes. She says she tripped out about Doogie Howser being in her living room and woke her up with a Santa hat on. She asks if they are not getting wine? He says he doesn't know what the deal is with that.

Boogie stands looking at the wall of pictures.

Janie is going in and out looking for something. Erika keeps telling her places to look.

Erika: Dumbass. (whispers)

The camera is on close up of Dani smoking behind the couch. Will just told someone that Dani smokes behind the couch. (It sounded like he was talking by the couch when he said it, and Dani is back there RIGHT NOW.)

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The sound of the door opening and closing happened right after Will told someone about Dani smoking behind the couch (either Boogie or Erika).

Then, Dani got up and went in the house.

Will and Janie are walking outside now.

Will: So, yeah, Boogie is just in a bad mood because he went through--you know how he has a crazy ego? He went through a lot of trouble convincing Erika and then I stayed up with her and we convinced her. But he's just really annoyed that it took so long to convince her. But I'm surprised we convinced her at all.

Janie: Yeah.

Will says that you have to do it in a certain way to do things and it takes a while. He says that sometimes Boogie is like Howie, saying "You gotta do it!" and he tells Boogie that he needs to do the talking from now on. "You just shut up and work on the POV and let me work on what I gotta do."

Janie says yeah, sometimes Boogie comes off like that.

Will says that it is a miracle that they have Erika at this point, and he doesn't want anyone talking to Erika or anything. Everyone needs to stay cool, right now Erika is cool with it. FOTH

Will: We will have accomplished so much on this show--it will be amazing. Like the first five weeks, I've worked so hard. As long as she doesn't know we are together.

Will says that last year season 6 went and freaked out and talked to people and it would collapse.

Will: What I do is secret ninja workouts. We do it slowly and steadily, and then when it is too late, that's when the person knows. Like with James, he didn't realize until the night before of that day and it was too late. Like with Danielle, she doesn't know.

Janie: She knows.

Will says Dani doesn't know.

Janie: She thinks CG is leaving?

Will says that Dani thinks she is staying.

Janie: I can't believe you and Boogie pulled this off.

Will says "You, too! You did your part."

Will says that it would have been "incredibly awkward" if Janie hadn't won POV. He would have pulled her off if he won POV, but it worked out perfectly. Boogie wanted to "draw the line in the dust," but Will said it was better to do it ninja style.

Will says the greatest part is that Janie has no faith in him. She says she does.

Janie says that Erika is "so f--ing sneaky" because she is only agreeing to this because she thinks Janie and Will will go after each other. Will agrees.

Will asks what happens if "God forbid" George wins HOH next week?

Janie says she doesn't know.

Will says that he will call them each up to HOH and they all have to have the same story--that Erika sold him out and wanted him to go. But they all helped George to keep him.

Janie says that it won't matter--they have the votes.

He agrees, but says they still all have to tell CG that story.

Then if CG puts up Erika, and she wins POV, they are all in trouble.

Janie agrees.

Will: The remarkable thing about this week is, if our luck continues, Erika won this and you won POV, but then we got DANIELLE out and Erika can't play next week! I love it!

Janie asks if James really thought he was staying? Will says yes, that James completely thought CG was leaving. Janie asks why James would think they would pick CG to leave instead of James?

Will: Because I told him that.

Will invites Dani to walk.

She walks with them. (First time I've seen her join them--ed)

Will says "Can't a cracker get a Zima up in this place?"

Will says liquor is the only thing BB doesn't listen to them about, and they think that BB buys in bulk just before the show and that's all they have.

Dani says she was starstruck when she saw NPH.

Will: Let us give you a tour. Well, this house sucks.

Will says that there were so many things he wanted to ask him.

Will: He had to get to work, obviously.

Will says that he was a great sport, jumped on the trampoline and ate slop.

Dani says that he said "I can't even swallow it."

Janie: He said, 'I thought it would be a bit milkier."

They think they are selling slop buckets on ebay because of them.

Talk about the "Chenbot," and how things are introduced on the show.

Boogie is bouncing on the trampoline. Erika is talking in the background, saying she had 3 naps today.

Dani says they should be getting liquor soon.

Dani: Look at Boogie! He's all into it!

Will says he doesn't know why she won't try it. She says she does, and she does it when he is not around.

FOTH because Will sings.

Feeds come back briefly as Will says that David Lee Roth would probably "roll in here for about 20 grand." Then he sings "Panama" and we get FOTH again.

Dani: I'm gonna check and see if we have libations.

Will: Okay. I know Janelle has been waiting to drink.

Janie: No, I haven't. No I haven't!

Will says that she is REALLY nice to him when she drinks.

She says she is always nice to him.

The feeds come back briefly. Erika is sitting with her arms crossed sitting on the couch, alone, except for CG lying asleep on the other side of the couch.

Janie and Will and Dani are walking and Boogie is jumping on the trampoline.

Will says that he thinks he is going to have to have a conversation with the Internet now. They say okay.

Will: Internet, I just wanted to give you a quick update, because you're gonna have to wait--


Will: That's right. The real NPH. The one you know and LOVE.

Dani sings 12345, 678

and FOTH again. And it's a long one.

He says

They are speaking French now.

Erika is smiling from the couch. Janie says "jes sout American!"

Erika says her name is Erika in French.

Will sings something in French and then says, "Oh, don't sing in any language??"

Erika to George: Well, I've officially ticked off a jury member. I guess I'm right there with everyone else.

She laughs and George laughs.

Erika: The thing is, is that.

George: At least you ain't got one that wants to beat you up.

Erika: I don't know about that.

George says that his has a light saber that can cut off his arms.

George: Oh, boy.

Erika; All right.

George says it's nice to have the HOH room, though. You can lock the door and leave the world behind. Erika agrees.

Erika asks if he listened to her music and he says he will. She says it's a great album to just "go to another world with," and asks if she knows Coldplay at all?

He asks what Josh's favorite was, and she says Prince.

George says he met him one night. (Sounds like he means Prince and not Josh).

George talks about Mandalay Bay.

Will says it was neat that they got to eat today and it was a good meat day, and tomorrow is slop.

(I'm on quad so I can hear all of the convos--ed)

Dani is not walking with Janie and Will right now.

Will is saying that America loves Janelle.

Janelle: No, Will. They love you.

Will: No, YOU love me. America loves YOU.

I've heard Dani's voice say she wants alcohol a couple of times.

Will says he likes walking with her, and she says the same to him. He asks if she walks Bear, and she says she does. He walks ahead of her on the leash.

George is droning on and on about security at Mandalay Bay or something.

Will talks low to Janie:

Will: Can you imagine the sequester house this week? Marcellas, James, Danielle? They are literally, I mean, if something bad happens and I leave, they are gonna KILL me. I mean, I served them on a platter. All of their asses.

They are laughing, talking about Taco Bell, and Will asking James for his mic, and James wouldn't give it to him, but Diane did. He thought "Wow, Diane is cool!" He didn't know she was.

George says that it seems like forever since all of those people were in that house.

Talk of NPH.

Will says that he is shocked that they are all still awake, and then he realizes that Erika slept all day.

Boogie jumped on the trampoline, jumped in the pool, and now is in the hot tub. George says he will join him. George is getting drinks (water, not booze) for everyone.

Will asks what the date is, and Janie says 27th.

They have wine now. Everyone is stampeding into the house.

Boogie says he will take beer if everyone is having wine.

Will says that he wants them to relax now and chill out, and he will work out with Janie tomorrow and push her really hard. She agrees.

They got two bottles of wine and four beers.

FOTH for singing.

(I have to take a break if anyone else can jump in for a little while.)

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All the HGs are in/around the HT

Boogie is the center of attention.. telling stories about living in some kind of porno house/mansion.

There are several stories involving different porns being filmed there, one in his bed... furniture being changed constantly.

Says he and his friend Jeff finally decided that they wanted to leave because they were done with it and they had overpaid $1000 and to get it back they stole a bunch of furniture. Brief FotH and then we're back and Boogie says that they ended up taking documents too and turning the people in to social services, INS, and tax evasion.

Will had asked him to tell everyone about the dog and Boogie gets to it now... Apparently the dog was really mistreated by the people and Boogie used to try to take care of it but the dog used to crap in his bed 5 out of 7 days a week. The dog used to just run around everywhere and the people wouldn't do anything about the dog and they would leave for several days at a time. One day the dog was running around on Mulholland Drive and Boogie lured the dog into his car with crushed Oreos and took his collar off and took him to the animal shelter to save him from the people.

Now they are saying that they probably put the dog to sleep and they are discussing animal shelters and how many animals they put to sleep per day.

Conversation is going back and forth.

Will mentions the movie The Omen. Janie hasn't seen it and he tells her that she'd probably like it and that it's "scary as hell." He is refering to the 1976 flick with Gregory Peck, not the recent one with Julia Stiles.

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No game talk, all HG's around HT telling stories about dog shelters and pets. Erika says she used to volunteer at a shelter and they were putting down about 100 dogs a day, not a week...a day (her words).

They're all just talking about rabbits, chickens, litters of kittens, etc. being brought into shelter where she worked. Erika talking about criteria for which animals are deemed adoptable and which are put down. She uses the term 'euthanized' and Janie asks what that means...Will tells her.

Dani says when ppl come to rent out apts. w/ her, she can't rent out to ppl w/ pit bulls because they can't get insurance to cover that type of dog.

Will says he once had his ear bitten off by a pit bull & it was his dog. Erika talking about no-kill shelters, but they're mostly for lap dogs, docile dogs that perhaps the owners have died, etc. or dogs from rescue shelters. She says if they get purebread dogs, ppl are on a waiting list and they go (get adopted) like "that" (snaps fingers).

Will check back when convo changes.....

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