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August 27 Live Feed Updates


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Still FOTH--9:45 (Storms are rolling in here, folks, with heavy rain and lightning. I'm going to have to quit because of it. Sorry--I hope someone else can fill in, and I wish I could have stayed on longer! I'll come back if the storm doesn't last.)

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Janie Has POV :)

They are all taking in the kitchen. Sounds like it was house guest pictures mixed together and they were timed. Janie has POV necklace

Sounds like Janelle completed it in a minute. Other times thrown out was 1:53, 3 minutes, George 7 minutes.

They are all laughing. Everyone says they knew Janelle won. Erika says you gotta give it to her the girls good. They are going have some meat and beer for dinner.

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In the workout room right now:

Boogie: This is not good

Danielle: Why?

Will: She's going to win the show

Danielle: Look guys . . .

Will/Boogie: You're not going to vote for her to win

Danielle: Nuh uh

Boogie: That's a good attitude - we're going to start thinking that way I think

Will: I think nothing can be done - it's just incredible

D: When I walked out W, and if it's a morphomatic she's won - I told you that, remember?

W: She's going to win EVERYTHING . . . I don't even know what to do

D: I don't know how many competitions she's won

W: Okay here's what will happen next week - It'll be me, you and Boogie and we'll put up Janelle and Erika and if Janelle wins POV

D/W: Sarcastic laughs together

W: 4 f-ing people playing against her next week - there's no way statistically she can win week after week after week

D: It depends on what competition it is

. . .

W: It is now my life goal to get rid of her - lol - it is my life obsession. It can't be done.

D: I'm down with you guys. You've got the votes.

W: I'm not mad, I'm not James, I'm not saying she cheated

D: If something happens and miraculously I'm sitting next to her in final 2, I'm bringin' ALL that up

W/D: More joint giggles

W: I don't know . . . I'm going to eat some f-in turkey

D: Sounds good

* * * * *

Everybody's having a midnight snack - a couple of people asked 'how's the turkey' but Janelle just asked Dani 'how's the fish'.

Conversation seems to be a little forced cheery. Boogie didn't finish his food. Erika deep in thought at the counter. Janelle eating what looks like waffles at the dinner table.

Hold the presses - Boogie's reading the bible! :o Awkward silences between Erika and Janelle . . .

* * * * *

The three women are now outside on the couch smoking - more awkward silences and a lot of staring into space, all 3 women looking downward in reflection. Janelle now heads inside and Erika goes to destress on the trampoline, but instead of jumping starts to yell 'Where is the wine? I hate this game!' Erika is now lying on the trampoline staring at the stars. Danielle is back on the couch curled in a quilt staring at the ground again . . .

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Erika and Janelle having a game session up in HOH, I think Erika is trying to see whether Janelle will tell her which way she will vote with respect to the replacement noms. Kind of an awkward conversation because there's little trust between these two and neither wants to admit to their alliances. Janelle leaves to make deviled eggs. Erika says 'Oh god, what the f am I going to do?

Erika now asks Boogie to come upstairs. She lets Boogie talk on and on about putting up Danielle, then Erika asks him who Janelle would put up next week and then it gets awkward. Erika then mentions that she is worried about being a 'Diane' to him and Will, worried she will be a casualty of the old 'bros before ho's' mantra (she uses that quote). Erika is also worried about getting played for a fool the same way Marcellas, Howie, and James got blindsided by Chilltown (and the way Chilltown wants to blindside Danielle this week). Boogie goes full circle back to trying to get Erika to put up Danielle . . .

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Erika and Boogie have been in the HOH room for the past hour - just more and more Chilltown trying to persuade Erika to put up Danielle. I haven't heard anything that's made it sound better for Erika to put up Danielle instead of one of them, but maybe Erika has . . .

* * * * *

Everybody playing on the trampoline, and they just got 2 bottles of wine . . .

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Erika is now meeting with George in the HOH room and what Chilltown couldn't accomplish with carrots and sticks, George seems to be doing with simple kindness and a gentle reminder that he tossed out his one true friend in the game Howie to save her when he was in her position.

So he got her to admit that ultimately her choice is between seeing Danielle leave or George, since Will and Boogie would have the votes to stay. She ends the conversation saying 'Thank you George for coming to speak to me - it really helped :) '.

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Jani and Dani are still up but the sound isn't on them so we can't hear what they are saying.

Jani and Will and Danielle are talking in the bedroom. We have sound back and they are talking about missing physical touch with someone.

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At 3:30 Erika is smooching Boogie, who is being pretty unresponsive. She comments how frustrating it is with the cameras. Boogie chimes in with "yeah, the limitations."

By 3:45 4am Danielle, Will and Janelle are still awake in their room. Janelle decides to leave and do her nightly ADLS, read the bible, etc. Danielle keeps Will awake with a 5-minute story and then decides to get a deviled egg from the fridge, so she leaves. By 4am we see both of them out in the yard sharing a smoke and having an animated, laughing conversation. However, they don't have their mikes on and we hear nothing on the feeds. Same thing when they move to the bathroom. Can't say if BB just didn't want to call them out or if the conversation wasn't worth the hassle.

Danielle back in bed now, Janelle in the kitchen. Suddenly she returns saying the cameras were shaking their heads at her when she was looking for something to eat. "They don't want me in there." Will still awake -- the overhead microphones pick up on their short exchange about missing human contact by now.

It seems that now (4:15) they might all be working at falling asleep.

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5:57 am BBT

Will and Erika still talking, will talking bout Erin and how she should know that they are playing a game.

convo goes to how they will all be portrayed... erika sweet, gCG farts alot, is a bad cook but everyone loves him,

janie is americas sweet heart and that everyone is against him


will talking about erin stating that if Erin were here she would have thought the shower scene was funny and that the editors will automatically imply that someone will happen, the same thing happened when he was with shannon and then it cut to Bunky (i think) saying they are having sex, and boom it was automatically applied.

telling erika that he hopes she has done damage control

will says that whenever janie is hoh she tells him he can sleep on the other side of the bed like Howie and he said NO cuz they way they automatically edit big no! if you are single than that is fine

will - oh well it is christmas in an hour...

erika mumbling

w- i rely on everyone here, I was talking to dani and i told her I just miss holding someones hand

will talking about how after the last season he was on he left and had to go back to live in his car with his brother... but now he is more stable. he said he was telling janie that when he gets home he is gonna be lonely cuz erin lives in another state and he talks about after you get home from the show you have ADD really badly.

w- howie told me in the DR that he could be a DR. like me if he took some correspondant courses, I burried him and I told him that is not something you joke about in my profession. They will edit him to look like an idiot.

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6:36 am BBT

W & E notice that it is now light outside, they talk about C-mas in the house, and will states that this is the latest he has stayed up and that they may have to do comps for their presents.

Then the talk changes to Dani and how she has played everyone, will is smooth talking erika.

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At about 10:05 we see HG around the table for a split second. Feed 1 had Will in J's hat, feed 2 had J, 3 had Boogie, & 4 has Neil Patrick Harris or someone that looks exactly like him.

Then at 10:50 we get F1 flash of CG wearing Santa suit and F2 flash of the HGs (with CG) in the backyard on red couch

11:15 HG walking into the house. Will confirms that Neil was there. CG "That was awesome. What a day that made!" Looks like Jannie may have gotten a PS2. George got a camera. Will took a cute pic of J and G.

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Boogie & Erika talking on the HoH landing. Boogie is laying on the sofa & I can't tell if he is unhappy or just tired. Boogie says at least Will got something that he wanted (so I wonder if Boogie isn't happy with what he got)

Will in the bathroom blowdrying his face & Janelle applying some cream or face mask. Will talks about Neil Patrick Harris & how he told Boogie he would get him on the show. Doogie Howser was Will's gift. Janelle tells Will thanks for trading me & giving me the Nintendo.

Will, Boogie, & Dani in the bugroom. Will thinks the ratings for BB must be good or Neil Patrick Harris would not have done it. Boogie says he wouldn't read too much into it. Boogie seems to be in a pissy mood. Will says he is totally going to hang out w/Neil after the show. Janelle joins the bug room & gets in the bed with Will. Janelle stays in the bed with Will. They are all just laying around (I feel nappy time coming on)

CG alone chowing down in the kitchen.

Will gets out of the bed w/Janelle & says he can't be in the bed with her. He gets up & lays down on the floor. Janelle gets pouty & says we are just friends & I can't believe you won't lay in the bed with me. Will says let me GF break up with me 1st & then I can sleep in the bed with you.

They try to turn off the BR lites but the BB voice tells them twice to turn them back on so they do. Now CG is in there in bed too so I see an exciting next few hours happening in the BB house.

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The HG are so excited. Just like kids on Christmas morning. The house looks like Christmas morning also, it's a mess. Boogie and Erika were on cams 1&2 upstairs lounging outside of the HOH room. Will and Janelle in the BR cleaning their faces. Will turned on the blow dryer so I couldn't hear what was being said with Boogie and Erika, but I did hear Erika say "Did you hear what happened to Will?" Then I heard Boogie say "Well, there you go Will." (I wonder if Neil told Will that Erin broke up with him?)

Erika got some kind of spa thing.

Will (earlier) asked if Janelle could flirt alot with him today. She said sure! Then Will walked upstairs and said something about trying out Janelles bed. Janelle said "Will you spoon with me?" Will said "Janelle, don't start something you can't finish". She said she wouldn't. So now they are in bed together.

(Something had to be said to Will, because earlier and at no time before would he lay down in bed with Janelle)

Oops. Now Will is laying on the floor next to Janelle. She said I can't believe you won't lay in bed with me. He said wait until my girlfriend brakes up with me THEN I will lay in bed with you.

Will moved closer to Janelles bed so that he is right next to Janelle. Janelle is stroking Will's......hair. :lol: (dirty minded people)LOL

They said earlier that Neil was such a good sport. That he ate slop and did a diary room session. Danie said "Neil Patrick Harris, please come to the diary room". They all laugh saying he was so funny.

Everybody is trying to sleep now. Will looks so cute laying on the floor next to Janie's bed.

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1:11pm BBT

HGs still napping

F1: CG

F2: Erika in HOH bed

F3: Bug room with sleeping Dani, Will, Janie, and Boogie

F4: close-up of Will sleeping on the floor next to Janie's bed

Will just woke up... and he's turning around and going back to sleep.

(ed--now would be a good time for BB to play America's wake-up messages.. lol. I wonder if they will show Christmas on the show tonight or if they will wait until Tuesday?)

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