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August 25 Live Feed Updates


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Erika is playing cards in her bikini top, still. Janie is in long sleeves, and Dani has normal clothes on (in case anyone cares).

They are wondering why they didn't have alcohol today, and Dani says that they are never allowed to have it when there is a live show.

(Watching them play cards is way too boring, and I doubt they will talk strategy right now, so I'm out for now --ed)

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Mike just explained the "power" he had to all of the others. And said how he almost lost it and had so many people watching/listening to him. Was going on with that story and then flames.

And yes really boring tonight

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11:47PM BBT CG is lying on the couch in the BY and tells everyone else "I never thought I'd take out Howie!" Now, the rest of the houseguest are talking about his eviction and the Boogie fight.

CG is telling them how when he was taking a bath Howie was bothering him about the tue breaker.

Jani just came out in the BY, she was listening to a cd.

Will: "What if they bring out animal penis and say 'eat a dick' as a comp."

Ericka: "They might, its owned by the same people at Fear Factor"

A little bit ago: Dani and Boogie came out and said they will have a food comp tomorrow and they put in a list of foods they wanted such as name brand ice cream, soup, and other things.

11:55PM BBT

Jani and CG talking about Dairy Queen

Ericka is hugging Boogie in the HT

Will is talking about Allison in the window a few weeks back.

11:59PM BBT

Will is still talking about a comp called "Eat a Dick" (This is getting way boring)

CG has agreed to eat whatever he has to in the food comp tomorrow even though he wont be able to eat! They think the food comp will consist of eating nasty things. Will wants it to be penis. (What a freak)

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Everybody reminiscing about the ugliest, most shocking evictions in BB history complete with reinactments and props. Their top 4 . . .

1. Marcellas during the live eviction stopping to pack his sweaters

2. Howie/Boogie for the hat toss/'get to steppin' combo

3. Anything with Marvin and a snappy comeback - applies to Jase, the twins, etc

4. Will Wikle's 'if karma is a boomerang' with the twins thinking he was talking about Carmen Electra.

They're telling Boogie he should have stepped up the action to make it worthy of #1 with use of a chair, etc.

(Lot's of giggling - looks like the wine they received is kicking in ;) )

* * * * *

They are starting to see that the end is near and are trying to imagine how the final 2 is going to go down, and what kind of questions they are going to receive and whether the questions are going to be mean.

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(Just tuned in....awake for awhile so I thought I'd help out!)

Looks like BB gave them some alcohol. Everyone except Erika is in the BY just sitting aroung talking about past seasons. Danielle is talking about Kaysar and how he loved him when she was watching BB6 last year. Lots of talk about the Nerd Herd from BB. Looks like no one really liked them! Not a whole lot of any strategy talking going on. more when it gets interesting!


Will is in the shower and Boogie is in the bathroom. They are talking but I can't hear because if the water! Will mumbled something about Danielle and Boogie said he was going up there right now (HoH room?). He leaves, Will is talking to himself and says that he has to go to work now. That he has to work "late hours" in the BB house.

Boogie goes up to HoH and Erika greets him at the door with what else? Kisses. Hmmm. He asks if she wants some alone time, she responds she was some him time. They are cuddling on the red chair and the talk is turning to Danielle. He says he is happy she won Hoh. He is telling Erika that Danielle annoys him and is dangerous because she runs to the power all the time. Erika asks what they are going to do with Will and Janelle. Boogie tells her that Will was setting the HoH up so that Janelle could win HoH and put up Boogie and then he says that he and Will have not talked about the plan beyond the fact that Janelle did not win Hoh. Erika tells Boogie that she is going to put up Janelle and CG and if one of them wins PoV, she is going to put up Will. He looks surprised and asks "you wouldn't put Danielle up?" She says that she thought the plan was to send Will to the Jury house? Now they are talking about what if Janelle wins PoV? And Erika says she wants to keep CG over Janelle.

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Boogie asks if Danielle is truly off limits if she puts her up. She says no, but she doesn't want to do that because if she gets voted out, then that is really scumbagging her. Boogie says that he doesn't want Will to go now, its too soon. Erika says its not too soon. She is asking if His allegiance is to her or to Will and he tells her that it depends on their financial arrangement. She says they have already talked about it, He suggests that they have a 3-way converstion with Will about it.

Erika now asking about why Boogie didn't use the power to take out Janelle? He says he didn't use it because it wasn't to his or Will or Erika's advantage, so he thought it things worked out for the best without having to use it. Erika is telling Boogie that her allegiance is to him and asks him again. He says its too early but for different scenarios he as allegiance to her and to Will. Boogie trying to cut off the conversation and telling her that they can talk about this stuff later in the week.

Erika says that they are 4 now. She says she has CG. Boogie asks her if she is sure, she says she's pretty sure. Boogie now telling her that Will will be hurt if she takes a precedence stand with Danielle instead of him, when she is supposed to be with him and Boogie.

Erika says so if CG wins PoV and takes himself off, she should put up Danielle? Boogie says yes. Erika says that then they can then take out Janelle. But if Janelle wins PoV, then she wants to put up Will to send him to the Jury. Boogie is trying to steer her from this idea. Boogie tells her that if she, he and Will makes it to the final 3, if htey have a sound arrangement he will take her to the final 2 (Erika sidebars and says "let's just make out"). Boogie tries to reassure her of this telling her that he would take her since Will knows him winning would mean alot to him and that he feels that Will really screwed him over during their season and Will doesn't really need it anyway.

She keeps telling him that he needs to be staright with her and Boogie says, now talk of let's not get ahead of ourselves. (more kissing, talk about the room and touching...I'm going to switch feeds.)


Will and Janelle in the BY....just got tail of convo, Will says "I'm working on it" Janelle says that she doesn't want to be in the house if Will is gone. Says she would be better off at sequester house. Will tell her that he has a plan that he is working on and not to worry. They are playing cards. Janelle asks if he is going to talk to Erika about not nominating him. He says that Boogie is going to do that.


No talking going on right now, Danielle is now in the BY looking over Will's shoulder. Looks like he is losing. Boogie just came out and asked if they were playing rummy, they say yes. Still no talking....!

Boogie disappeared, Dani went out of cam's way to have a cigarette and now Will, Janelle and Dani are all playing cards. BB just called Erika to the SR.

Will was singing, wen to FoTH now he is humming. Dani has gone inside and just he and Janie are in the BY still playing rummy.

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F1 & 2

Erika and Boogie in bed talking about Howie and James. Erika telling Boogie about a time when Howie told her something that she had told James, she was pissed off about that. Boogie saying that James was a good guy, but he was back and forth. Now no talking, looks like they have decided to go to sleep. Nope, Erika is saying that she hopes to God Janelle doesn't win PoV. Now the talk is about CG and how he really knows what is going on and how interesting the dynamic is with him.

F3 & 4 Following Dani cleaning bathroom and taking laundry outside (boring) she is cleaning like a mad woman. Walks outside and tells Will & Janie that when a woman is PMSing, everything looks so much dirtier (guess she is still PMSing) Feed back on Will and Janelle, still playing cards. Looks like he just won a hand of rummy. Will suggests to Janelle that she talk with Erika and offer her a truce for a week so that she won't put Janelle up on the block. Janelle doesn't see Erika putting up CG or Dani. Will says that Erika can put him up against anybody and whoever that person is to vote them out and keep him safe. He tells her to promise Erika that she won't put her up if Janie wins HoH and that she will promise to vote whoever she wants out. Janelle asks if he is going to talk to her and he says no, he says that he has never talked game with Erika and Boogie talks to her on his behalf. He likens his and Boogies relationship to hers and Howie's when Howie was in the house. Janelle asks why did he come to talk to her? Will says because he wanted to talk to her. She asks why again, he tells her he wanted to talk her and tells her that she is very suspicious.

Will accuses Janelle of cheating and she tells him he has nice eyebrows. She tells him "God your handsome", he asks if that works in her real life and she says no. He tells her it works here. :) Please stop cheating, you taught me this game last week...you are cheating. Please admit you are cheating.

J: I hate you! sorta.

W: Does that mean the opposite?

J: no!

Now they are arguing about the rules of rummy, Dani just walked out and Will is asking her the rules. He is sure Janelle is cheating. Danielle says Will was right and they are playing Janelle rummy and takes a seat. Will wins and now Dani is playing cards with them. Janie, Dani and Will are taking hits off of Janies cig and Will says "god damn I love cigarettes". Will is humming again. FoTH sure to come soon.

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2:30 BBT

Cards are over, Dani, Will and Janie all walk into the house and they are hungry. Will wants to eat Mexican, Dani is going to eat Top Ramen. Janelle says she never eats this much in her real life. Will is still humming. Finally FoTH. Janelle asks if Will wants chicken fajitas, he says yes, yum. He says he's going to cut up a grapefruit too. They all walked to the bathroom to look at the toenail clippings in the toilet room that someone left (they think its gross, I guess by their snippets of talk, looks like someone crapped in the toilet and got some on the wall!)

Laughing back in the kitchen. Janelle is making fajitas and Will and Dani go to switch beds so Will has Erika's mattresses. He asked to sleep in Erika's bed, but Janelle said why? Whose going to sleep with me in the BR? He says she can have Erika's bed and she says why can't you sleep in the BR with me? He says he will, but he's going to get his stuff settled. Janie tells Dani that she's like Erika, she hates to sleep alone, she wants someone in the room with her.

Will: I wonder if Erika and Boogie are getting freaky?

Dani: Noooo.

Will: Hmmmm

They talk about how much alcohol BB gave them (guess its a ratio thing, the more alcohol, the more likely Boogie and Erika might be getting it on!) Dani says they gave 4 beers and 2 bottles of wine. So Boogie and Erika didn't have that much.

Dani's noodles are ready and she sits down to eat them at the bar. The talk turns to Hardy and Will says that Hardy was alot like James. Will says that his favorite day with James was yesterday (when he was drunk) They are all eating chatting, being nice to each other and chatting about how good their food is.

Will says out of nowhere that if he eats another fajita (he's had 2 & making another) he's going to have gas and then says that the other day Janelle was farting in her sleep but didnt want to say anything cuz it might embarass her. Dani says no big deal, everyone farts. :)They've finished eating, doing some clean up and chit chat about when did BB close down rooms in Dani's season and how they didn't do it in Janie's season.

Will goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Dani follows and is brushing hers too. Janie goes to the toilet,comes out and starts brush her teeth too. Talk about America's choice, how CG will win. And the food comp tomorrow too...they are glad they ate.

(really not a whole lot going on, going to take a break, watch and brb in a few minutes when something interesting is said or happens)

3:02 BBT

They have all decided to go to bed.....Will and Janelle are asking for a scary story, they ask Dani and she says no "Go to bed, go to sleep."

Announcement: WILL - "I have not masturbated in the BB house ever." However, Howie and Boogie have whacked off in the bed Janelle is in.

They both talk Dani into moving her bed into their room so that they can all sleep in the same room. Dani moves her things and looks like they are having a slumber party. Will tells Dani about how the Ants in the BR fall and how they have fallen on Boogie and Howie. She pulls on one and it comes off easily, goes to another and then FoTH.

Feed back...now talk about Will and the first time he fell in love. Dani asks him what happened. He tells the story to her (Janelle knew her name, so I guess she heard this story) Now Janelle is talking about her ex-boyfriend from college the one who went into the Air Force to be a pilot and how she didn't want to become and Air Force wife to be left alone while he was gone on deployments and such (ed note: I'm an AF pilot's wife! what? she thinks I lead a terrible kind of life? :(). He wanted to marry her and she wasn't ready and asked him to wait. He waited for awhile but he has another girlfriend now, Janelles said she called him 6 months ago and he wouldn't take her back. Dani deduces that Janelle still loves him and she says that she does. Dani says she needs closure. Janelle keeps saying that she couldn't see herself as an Air Force wife, she says she would be miserable but she loved him and that she saw herself having kids with him She met him she was 18 went out for 7 months, got back together when she was 24 and it wasn't time for her yet, she still wanted to experience things in her life. She says she regrets it now. Dani tells her that there is alot more to love and marriage than just love. Janie asks them both if they think if Love is enough? and both Dani and Will say no. They say that you have to look at your relationships like businesses and you have to have common goals and such. Will says that Dani should have her own show.

Feed 1- HoH, Boogie and Erika alseep, Feed 2 - CG sleeping, Feed 3 - Erika and Dani talking, Feed 4 - Will under pillows still talking tho

Ok, Dani is talking about some friend of hers and Will has gotten quieter and Janelle is listening.

(It's 3:30BBT and I have to get to bed! Hopefully someone can take over.. hope I did ok keeping up tonight!)

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3:37 BBT

Dani just tried to wake Will and he begged to let him sleep, so she said ok, goodnight. Said she was going to sleep too, said her goodnight to Janelle. Janelle said goodnight and now it looks like all the HGs are finally quiet and trying to sleep!!

(really going now, that happened just as I finished the last post...'night everyone!)

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9:00am BBT

erika is awake and creeps out of hoh room.. stands on balcony and looks down below. she stands there for a few moments before goes downstairs. she then walks into the bug room and looks around before going to the dinning room table and sits down. now she seems to be stareing at the memory board of pictures.

after a few minutes of this, she walks into the bathroom area saying "hello? hello?" and then sits on the couch in the bathroom area.

side note: the whole time she was walking around she had her arms crossed... very weird behavior.

boogie slept in hoh room and is now listening to music.

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9:40am BBT CG is up went to bathroom and then went into gym to weigh himself.

CG went back to bed. he is laying on the Big bed in the redroom and his suitcase is next to him on the bed.

foth - bb wakeup call maybe.

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BBT 10:45am

We have Erica in the HOH bathroom putting on makeup.

Boogie running on the threadmill

George eating breakfast and Dani cleaning the kitchen

BB calling for all houseguest to get up. Then we hear BB saying Will, Will, Will. I guess he is not gettig up.


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11:05 am BBT

will and janelle laying in their beds.. trying to wake up. CG still eating, boogie working out.. erika walking around.. (funny, she was doing that earlier)

Will is OUT of bed everyone cheers

Danielle: your house could be so dirty, but you spray pinesol and everyone is like "ohh smells so clean in here"

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Will is blow drying his face. yes i said face :huh:

now he is doing pullups by the stairs. he is wearing a headband and wristbands.. but the wristbands are up by his elbows. they match the headband.

now danielle, CG, Will and boogie are in the LR.

(sorry i cant keep up with convo's.. between painting someones nails and getting phone calls and pretending to be working...its hard to keep up) i dont think they talked about anything anyways :)

Will said a few times.. "are we going to do this?" i assume he is talking about the comp. then they start talking about itunes and listening to music for free.

all 4 feeds are on living room. Janelle and Erika are MIA

in the LR will and danielle are talking about the internet viewers and who the viewers thought would win bb and who they thought they had to get out quick. will saying that the internet thought Diane would win BB and that danielle should be taken out quick.

CG is STILL eating slop.. i dont know if its the same bowl and he just takes forever to get it all down or if he keeps refilling his bowl.

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They are starting the food and luxury comp. CG and E are dressed as flowers, D & J are dressed as birds and B & W are dressed as bumblebees.

They have the chance to win christmas in august, 5 star dinner, 1 week slop pass, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, a trampoline.

They have to jump into a pool of something (nectar) and squeeze the nectar into buckets. Which ever are filled are the prizes or food they have won.

They were discussing which they wanted to win and then we went to FOTH

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HG in backyard preparing for food comp.

Will is in a bumble bee outfit. All other HG's were in some sort of insect suit as well, but couldn't make out what kind.

The comp is something where they have to dip themselves in "nectar" then go deposit the nectar on a large flower and the flower has a bucket under it to collect the nectar. Food will be given away based on fullness of buckets or something like that.

BB talking telling them they are going to get started and that they can squeeze the nectar into the buckets by squeezing against each other.

Before we went to FIRE I did hear that a slop pass for the week is part of the comp.

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