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August 21 Live Feed Updates


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9:20PM BBT: Janelle and Will are power walking around the backyard. The alcohol arrives and everyone's excited until they find out how little they been given. Will says the anyone can have his share, he's deliberately stayed awake all day so that he'd get back on a normal sleep cycle.

Will's Quote of the Day: "The LA zoo is kinda whacked. Like, they ran out of animals so they have people dressed up as animals."

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WIll's back is hurting.. dani is trying to help him crack it/ stretch it

Will's season had a chiropracter, because Nicole complained about her back enough.

CG / James in the BY, chit chatting. mostly past season talk.

Will/ Dani chat mostly about dermatological things

Will does 60/40 in his office, 40% cosmetic and 60% medical type thing.

W/ D chat about Dani's oldest daughters acne. D saying she begged her daughters dermo to give them some sort of medication, Will saying he'll take care of it. Will telling her all about the meds and the main problems with teens is they don't follow through with the meds. WIll mostly talking Dani occasionally "uh ha.. yeah... I understand."

James joins in the convo about health care, offering he went to an emergency room in atlanta.

subject change. W/ James wonder if dani's robe shrinks or expands in water.

W wants to take a shower and go to bed(12:21 pm BBT)

Janie brushing teeth, Will flossing.

Janelle now has gotten in the shower.

James and Dani in the kitchen not doing much

Will gets in the shower, and reccommends Janelle using his foam moisterizer, saying how great it is. He hands it to her. Will plugs his website for "that product and more."

Janelle tells Will to use his lovespell stuff (it's a scent for all you males out there). He says ok, and takes it from Janelle. Now will is singing.. "it takes two to make a thing go right... it takes two to make it out of sight." Just as I was about to type 'surprised we're not getting FOTH' they went and FOTH'ed us.

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we switch in mid convo-

D: unbelievable

James: huh?

D: that week, I can't believe I survived that week (week 1?)

J: I told you I was working as hard as I could to make sure you stayed. I felt like I was on the block!

D: honestly I would have never gone after Marcellas

James: the thing is he threw everyone under the bus to everyone. it got back to them

D: as much as janelle was devestated..does she know exactly all the horrible things he said about her

J: she doesnt care what people say about her

D: she's cold isn't she?

J: I'm cold but I admit to it. I don't try to deny it. I'm here to play.

they discuss Janelle's tears. James believes they were "COMPLETELY FAKE."

D: really james?

J: YES! it was a scam for attention with Will. As soon as he came around she had a smile. If they were really tears, she would have been able to look me in the eye but she looked up at a light to shed a tear [hmmm. one tear 5 hours? please.]

D: if she gets hoh who would she put up?

J: maybe you and me, but she doesnt think im gonna be here. Maybe CT, maybe not. she's been protecting him the entire time.

J: she know she cheated, she doesn't give a fuck because that's what her whole life is about. it's hard to get through to her.

James and Dani starting to think Janie is with CT. Half heartedly, though

D: I think shes good at comps..

J: she'd be going home this week if it werent for the producers.

D: a lot of it is luck, and she has a lot of luck on her side. I'm not scared of her.. I'm not. she's smart, but VERY lucky. things work out for her at the right time.

J: which is why when you get your chance it has to be fatal.

D: there was a lot of opportunities in this game where she could have left, but people chose not to. I don't know what boogie had.. but if he could have sent her packing, he should've.

J: if J gets HOH next week, and puts up Erika and Dani up, you know CT is lying to us.

D: wills smart and sneaky, but strategically you and I are harder. strategtically we have Will beat.

J: I gotta win HOH next week.

D: you have to win hoh.. if you win hoh what will you do

J: Janie and Erika. I'm trying to decide if I tell her that I'm going after erika, lie my ass off.

D: mend that fence before thursday so if she wins hoh she doesn't put up you and i. that's what I'm worried about

D: mend it.

J: its not about that.. it's about bullshit

{dear James.. sorry, you won't be here this thursday, according to everyone else.}

D: you gotta mend that fence.

they switch to CG.

CG apparently admitted to someone he was wrong.

they discuss CG swearing on his kids.

D wonders what she [erika] is doing with boogie.

J: who knows, who cares.

D: at times like this i'm happy to be a married woman.

J: if i came in here single... i wouldnt have even wanted to hook up with any of them. most are cute but.... i'd just do it to pass the time.

D: that's probably what boogie is doing

J: probably.

D: I'm so glad i';m married. i don't wanna be known as a hookup girl.

J: evict me dani, evict me.

D: you're not going anywhere.

D: If she doesn't go.. i'm going to mexico. I blame CG. And boogie if he didn't use this power.

J: this screws everyone.

D: I blame cg not putting her up...

J: it's funny CG said he didnt wanna backdoor her and she was gonna backdoor her own team.

D ranting Janie still staying this week.

J says CG is going home next week.

D saying CG was scared shitless when she confronted him.

D saying she was PISSED. D saying she stuck up for him [cg] and she feels like a schmuck giving him praises on her blog.

J; i gave him praise on my blog too.

D: Im emotionally spent.

D wants CG to leave. D saying he's too much of a wildcard who refuses to work as a team.

they discuss how CG "threw everyone under the bus" during the POV ceremony.

J: say hi to howie in mexico!! [CG]

J: howie is gonna love seeing CG in mexico

D: i hope howie doesn't verbally abuse him.

J: why? i hope so.

D: are you are so sadistic?

james explains how CG shot at howie first.

Jame ssaying he has his best times insulting people at sequester last year because no ones recording.

D: you scare me. America he's your choice!

J: it's funny kaysar got betrayed---

someone interupts.

J: kaysar got betrayed by Jennifer and Janelle went apeshit. Yet Howie and Marc go at will's hand, but she loves him. The true test is if she wins hoh next week.. does she put them up.

D: i bet she puts up boogie and erika if she gets hoh next week. You need to start acting gracious, she's your information.

J: yeah yeah yeah, I'll work on that tomorrow.

I decided to feed switch to Janie and will playing chess (they were in the shower talking about nothing the last time i checked.) -- I wonder if anything good has been said?

J/ W play chess. doesn't seem like a lot of conversation.

Will doesn't know much about chess, just the basics. Janie is teaching him.

Back outside, Dani

D talking to us, the live feeders, saying she needs Janelle out.

"I know you Janelle haters hate me. Don't hate me though I'm just trying to play the game as best as I can. I have to play! may the best bitch win, unless i take her to the final 2. I may have to call a truce with janelle, and see if she'll accept it. we'll see. I'm really worried about George and Janelle the most. Everyone else i'm comfortable with------"

James joins back again.

James figures he can take Janelle out in the competition next week.

D: she must think you're leaving. you'd think she'd make nice for a vote.

J: i thought about saying you don't want me to go to sequester because i'm telling howie and marc all the shit you did.

James continues to complain about how "rigged" it is.ANd how the producers favor Janelle.

D: you know you're going to be here next week, no sense in being mean to her.

D saying she can never get Janelle alone. Her [J] and will are like 2 peas in a pod.

James suggests asking Will to leave Dani and Janie alone.

Dani wants to nominate 1 CT and Erika next week, to backdoor Janelle.

James says he has to do the same thing.

D saying she [J] won't try as hard in POV if she isn't ON the block to begin with.

J: if I didn't know I was safe this week, I may have dropped an elbow into her during POV. I was gonna snatch her ponytail. [earth to james.. you're getting voted out 3-1 this week as of now.]

Dani saying she said she'd never backdoor anyone but, Janelle has to go like that.

James: I can't wait to send CG out this week [i'm enjoying how he feels so secure]

D: why do you despise him so much.

J: a floaters free hoh... i can't deal with stupid questions

James saying how CG is doing nothing.

James wants CG to go out 3-1 with everyones vote but Janelles.

continued ranting about Cg

James & Dani talk about how excited they are CG is going this week. they're "perfectly happy with that."

James hoping they showed him on the show throwing the pie at the gnome.

discussion moves to Howie.

they discuss final 2.

James said he'd vote Janie over Erika, but that's it.

D said she can't do it.. she'll never ever vote for Janelle to win... she can't do it.

J: think CT has told erika and janie they want to be final 4 with them?

D: it's possible.

J: prob not, Janie and erika final 4 would kick their asses.

Dani and James discuss past comps, both feel they need to study more.

James doesn't know what to study, but he's ready for the next hoh

they dicuss pre game alliances.

I'm bored. let's see what Janie and Will are up to.

they're talking together in a dark bedroom [each in their own bed] about personal things. Friends, family, relationships, travel, settling down, etc.

W says he is the most laid back boyfriend. Cheating leads to dumping, but inherent trust otherwise. He is not a jealous boyfriend. He trusts Erin is good to him.

J is not a jealous person either, she says.

J says her boyfriend is a jealous person, like the jealous type.

W inquires further.

J says it just seems like it

W wants an example.

W: night janelle.

J: night will.

W: we can talk more if you want.

J: I was just thinking about my boyfriends tattoos.

W: we can take care of them. what color are they

J: all sorts.. red, blues, greens.

W: green's tough

J; what about red?

W: second easiest color to treat

J: black?

W: easiest.

W: I'm not convinced you love him

J: why

W: the way you talk.

J: we just starting seeing each other!

W: oh ok.

J: how old's your girlfriend?

W: 33. we have an ashton/ demi relationship.

J: you're 33 too...

W: well she just turned 34. she's the oldest girl i've ever dated. my last girlfriend was like... well really young. before that was 30, then 26. I think like... girls.. my rule is half my age plus 5-10 years.

J: what age range.

W: so... I date... crap that's too young. I have to change it. new rule. half my age plus 10-15. that's 26 to 31... traditionally. you?

J: normally.. my boyfriend is 32. he's the oldest i've ever dated.

W: that's a good age for you though

J: really?

will says yes. and they chit chat about how guys mature slower.

W: this is the first relationship i've been in that I really see a future. unless i'm dumped by now.

J: i'll be super depressed if i'm dumped too.

W: me too... if we both get dumped let's get addicted to something together.. like crack.

J: ok.

W: i hope erin knows i love her.


W: what? say it.

J: nothing to say.

W: you're easy to talk to.

J: really? you're a good listener.

W: thank you.

J: what do you think Howie and Marc are doing

W: sleeping maybe.. hopefully at the beach

J: sounds nice.

W: doesn't it?

J : yeah.

W: what do you think kaysars doing

J: I don't know. i think he really wanted to go home.

W basically said kaysar was smart for getting out to early, and he felt kaysar was genuinely sad. He was homesick.

J says Kaysar was finally getting his life in order and then he had to come back o nthe show

silence for 5 or so minutes... rythmatic breathing, sounds like will may have fallen asleep.

looks like james is turning in for the night.

all cams on a dark room, with will, janie and james asleep.. or close to it.

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6:48 AM BBT : Danielle first up as usual and into the bathroom for her long morning routine. Off with her hideous pink robe and wandering around the bathroom preparing to make herself presentable. She emerges from the toilet and washes her hands vigorously and then gets into the shower. Danielle usually showers in the left side shower, but this morning opts for the right hand side. Clothes begin to fly out, landing on the floor in a heap. First the sweatpants, then the pink tank top and finally the black sports bra. Meanwhile, all other HG's are fast asleep.

7:07 AM BBT : After 12 minutes in the shower, the sound of trickling shower water ceases and the 34 year old property manager from Vacaville California, begins to dry herself off and get dressed. After various post-shower sprays and lotions are applied, Danielle finally emerges from the shower clad in her off white capri type pants, and the previously mentioned black sports bra. She's going with the powder blue tank top today, as she steps in front of the mirror for some Q-tipping of the ears.

7:21 AM BBT : Danielle leaves the bathroom and heads to the storage room to change her microphone batteries. Upon exiting the storage room, she heads back to the bathroom to continue fussing over her appearance. After blowing her nose a few times, she goes to the kitchen and plinks some ice cubes into a glass, and adds some refreshing Southern California tap water. She dons the hideous pink robe, grabs the Bible, and wanders outside to sit and stare aimlessly at the ground for a few seconds before opening the book and reading.

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(clap, clap, clap, Carvin...sorry I couldn' resist!)

10:56 EST :Appears Dani is still tired. she has nestled in on one of the outside couches.

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8:27am BBT

everyone sleeping. danielle is asleep outside. looks like boogie and erika are sleeping together and boogie has no shirt on. :huh:

edit: looks like maybe erika didnt sleep in the hoh room with boogie.

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BB good morning HG the veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes

erika back up and dani now showing some sign of life on BY sofa

10:34 am BBT

james starts singing "I get to see my shrink today, read my contract"

then we get fire...

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10:55am BBTjames talking to CG in BY while danielle sits by them on the couch.

James saying that he would do big brother if it was a year long but the prize would have to be 5 million and the cast should be college students and people in their 20's.

erika, janelle, and now Will are inside doing morning stuff.

danielle playing solitare

11:00am BBT

Will is outside telling danielle that janelle told him that they convince her to put up marcellas, they lied to her about howie and she is going to go after them (CT) last night will boogie and janelle said that is what they should tell the others so they think janelle isnt going after danielle and erika.

danielle asked Will if janelle was suspitious of James coming after her. Will said yeah, she worries about james and he said james should make nice with her. James said he is going to work on that today.

11:08am BBT james goes inside and that leaves Will and danielle to talk. feeds where choppy but at one point danielle says to Will "you need to take care of that situation" all bossy like. meanwhile he is still feeding her nonsense about his and janelles talk last night.

Feeds 1 and 2 show erika up in the hoh in bed with boogie. lights are off. they are talking but i cant make out what they are saying... (and i am at work, so i cant blast my speakers!)

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11:26am BBT

james and CG in gym. james is working out and CG is.... Sitting.

janelle in bathroom messing around with her hair. Will comes in and whispers something, laughs and says "whatever" and walks off. ( i think he was telling her about his talk with danielle)

Erika is Back up. she cant seem to make up her mind what she wants to do. she is now downstairs blowdrying her hair.

:o:blink: boogie is up and took a shower.. danielle comes in the hoh and then leaves. boogie was in bathroom when he went to re-adjust his towel around his waist he flashed his.... errr.... all i saw was a tiny thing.. i dont really think i saw anything... :lol:

11:35am BBT

janelle goes outside and sits with danielle.

Janelle: when do you think he will be ready to talk to me?

Danielle: i think he is ready now. i keep telling him he needs to calm down. I can see where he is coming from and i see where you are coming from, but at the end of the day you guys have come a long way and should be ok.


Janelle: you know, you do look a lot thinner.

boogie and Will are in the Storage room. Will is filling boogie in on what he said to danielle about his talk with janelle.

BB: Guys, your mics arent on (only said this in the SR)

Will: We have them on! (puts hands up and turns to camera..but boogie didnt have his on)

Will said after he talked to danielle, she went inside and was looking for james and then she went up to HOH to talk to boogie but boogie was in the shower.

they said they would let her stew over all this till tomorrow and then they will tell her (that they want to vote out james?)

BB: Janelle, please go to the Diary Room

Janelle gets up from outside couch and starts to head inside. she turns to george and says she is sorry... and she loves him. he says its ok. she says: "i am sorry if you go up" he tells her its ok and they will talk later.

***heading home*****

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1:40 BBT

Dani and Janie on BY couches.

Dani: So, Janielle...do you want to call a truce?

Janie: What? A truce? :blink:

Danie\: Yes, for one week if you or I get HOH we do not nominate one another

Janie Okay

Dani: Good

Dani: you know when I told you not to give up that was no bullshit...you know that right?

Jani: yeah

1:56 pm BBT


(ed...Janielle was called to diary room so it is probably veto ceremony)

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George is at the bar eating his slop. Janie is eating and standing facing him, so that she can talk to him.

Dani: What are your thoughts? I mean, I don't know what your thoughts are, Erika, but the fact that he put you up and he contemplated putting me up...

Erika whispers something that starts "But James" and Dani says that she understands everything about reasons to take out James--he was playing both sides, and everything.

(I switch feeds because James is loudly yelling BLAH, BLAH, BLAH--obviously trying to upset those listening)

Erika says to Dani that they need to have a red room talk.

Dani says that if George would commit to them, it would be different, but she can just look down the road and see George and Janelle sitting in the final two.

Erika says that George is actually good at comps and Dani says he is very agile.

Erika: Trust me, it would give me the greatest pleasure to kick him out. We gotta talk.

Erika goes to the red room and Dani tells her to go and she will follow her there. Dani sits and shuffles card s some more (like we don't know she is allied with Erika?--ed)

During this, George was asking Janie again what in the world they did with themselves when it got to this point in the game. Janie says that she and Howie hung out all of the time alone.

George says that is is a long haul, and Janie agrees and says she knows.

George: It's gotta get so much harder for them to make a show, because there are so much less people.

Janie agrees.

George says that the slop goes down easier with iced tea. James comes in and suggests that he make the slop WITH tea.

James: George, once again, due to the fact that our lives are pre-determined, you can (something about slop).

George: Will you just get off of that? (laughing as he says this) There are just certain things that you have no control over that are just going to happen.

James: I know, George.

(This was said for Janie's benefit. He was standing next to Janie when he said it.)

George is loudly laughing, saying "Jamesy!"

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Erika is lying by herself on the red couch and she is talking to the camera.

Erika: You freak me out when your eye goes open like that. First it goes closed and then open. You're looking at me. It's not fair. (sighs)

Janie is telling a story in the kitchen about an anonymous guy giving her presents when he saw her working out.

In the red room, Erika has her eyes closed and is whispering "George" over and over.

Erika: I can't think. My brain is a mush pile! (Well, at least something about you is soft, Erika. --ed)

Dani joins her.


Dani: OK. Do I see avocados and a grapefruit in here?

Erika: Uh huh.

Dani: And tell me why I should feel comfortable about this again?

Erika laughs.

(No idea what they are talking about).

They are talking about who had the veto, in what order. They are memorizing the initials of the people's names in order.

Erika: She's won the veto 3x.

Dani says that she has explained this to people. Jase threw the pillow to Janie before, and that's why she won one veto. Another veto was luck. Another one was that she was with a bunch of "knuckleheads."

Erika: She's very lucky.

Dani: Right. And it's gotta wear out sooner or later. And the HOH's she won-it was a redo. You see what I'm sayin'?

Erika: My body feels just so weak.

Dani: You need to drink beer. (Laughs)

Dani says if Amy is watching, she is screaming, "YEAH!"

Dani gives a shoutout to Amy and Don, her husband. Erika says she thought Dani was going to tell her to eat right or something, but no.

Dani insists that beer will make her feel better.

Dani is saying that George keeps changing his story. He said he couldn't take out Janie because he called everyone out in the red room and it wouldn't be fair. But then later he was talking about America's choice and he was talking about how Janie was the underdog.

Then later, Dani heard him (and she says she confirmed this) talking to Boogie and James, saying that he couldn't take out Janie because of what he did to Britney during his season. He put up Britany during his season thinking she was just popular. Banners started flying over saying CG was responsible for Britney's eviction. George's whole town banded together to do that to make him responsible.

Dani says why dig up that story instead of saying this whole spiel?

Dani says George didn't know how popular Janie was until Dani told him.

So why come up with this story?

Dani: So his family took a lot of heat from that?

Erika: Yeah. I think they did. He's not in this game to do a lot of dirty work.

Dani: That's fine. That's good for him. Why does he have to be--he doesn't say anything, Erika.

Erika: I know.

Dani: So they felt his town was the one that was voting? If she was that popular for Ameria, then America was responsible for her going home.

Erika says the online people are different than the people in America. The online people loved Britney.

Dani: Oooooh.

Erika to camera: Why are you always looking at me? Oh, it's your job. I forgot.

Dani: If we get rid of James, that means that he has established that he is not going after her, and he never will.

ERika: I don't believe that James will, either.

Erika says that she would rather get out a powerful player who is with Janie. She knows where George stands, but not James.

Dani says that she doesn't have a comfortable feeling in her gut about George.

James comes in: What are you all laughing at?

Dani: CG winning HOH.

James says when CG won, he thought, WTF?

James leaves. "Don't you two get too comfortable in here."

Dani: In the prinicipal's office, they wanted me to say I threw it.

Dani says no way--that would have been stupid.

Dani points out that James and Janelle have this "burning hatred" for each other now, though. (They will go after each other).

Basically, Erika is trying everything she can to make sure that James goes instead of CG. She has said that she feels that James won't vote out Janie. Then, she says that she believes that James will "hide behind" Janie and he is scared of her. A little later she says (contradicting herself) that if James stays, he won't put up CT--he will put up Erika and Janie.

James: This will be my one game talk for the week. If you want to keep me, keep me. If you don't, f--ing send me to sequester. I'm going to tell the shrink that I won't talk about the gameplay at all.

Dani asks if the shrink talks to them after they leave the house, and they say yes.

Dani whispers to James after Erika leaves. Dani immediately says that Erika wants to keep George.

James: Of course she does. Which means she has been lying to me and I have no problem putting her up next week.

James says that he went against his alliance the last two weeks, because Erika doesn't know about LOD, to keep Erika. And she is nothing but a bitch. He says that Erika wants to keep everyone on the same page because she doesn't want to lose jury votes.

Dani says that George is a wildcard and he contemplated putting her up, and he wanted to keep Janie because she is popular, and none of that makes her feel good.

James says George was stupid to say that when he did.

James says that George was lying about knowing about the seasons and has done it since day one.

James: Don't waste your time on him. There are other things to do here. Well, not really, but....f--ing waste. This room is a f--ing joke.

Dani: It makes him feel good.

James: Should I take these pins and stick them in the Georgie doll?

Dani: Will you please. stop. being. so. bad?

James says that he said earlier that they just put him up against a dishwasher.

Dani talks to Sara and says that she has tried.

James says that they have nothing to do in there but plan retribution.

James says that George wants all of the stuff in the room on camera so that he can sell it on ebay. Dani says that is not true, and James needs to remember that George has his family watching.

Dani says that there is a difference between gameplay and personal attacks, and she has been there, done that.

James says that saying he is selling stuff on ebay is not an attack.

James; Hand me the Georgie doll.

She smacks him and he says he was assaulted by her.

Dani says that James keeps trying to make her bad. He will know when she assaults him.

Dani leaves and says she needs to pray for him. (She has been half joking this whole time).

James: Shrink please. Or the voodoo doll gets it.

Erika comes to the red room with Dani. She asks what James said, and Dani lies to her.

Dani says that he asked what was up, and she said, "You're up for discussion." She told him that he keeps going back and forth.

She says she asked if he was going to go after Janelle, and he said yes. (This is not what James said).

Erika says that she doesn't trust James.

Erika says this is a tough one. As much as she would love to keep James in the game, she would love to take him out, too.

Erika says that she has worked CG very hard, like with the Kaysar thing, and it's like her job.

Erika: You know, I understand that he has an allegiance to you. You know, I get that.

Dani says that James put his neck on the line to give them the POV when Dani got it.

Erika: For YOU. Not for me.

Dani agrees.

George comes in the room and talks about the decor.

George: So you guys have no fear of the voodoo spirits that are supposed to be living here?

Dani says she doesn't mind sitting in there, but she won't sleep in the bed.

George says the Doctor won't "come past the carpeting."

Dani: That's funny. (Sounds strained)

They have a bunch of fruit sitting on the side table. Erika says that the grapefruit is all rind.

George: Ah, well. I just want to say, Ladies, I'm glad it was me and not you.

(This confirms, George is on the block, definitely, as if we didn't know.)

He says that Erika has taken enough of a beating. They both thank him. He says he is not going to campaign. They both have to do what is best for them to win the game, and that's all that it is.

George calls the room the "Tiki Hut." So that is why the fruit and the green and yellow and orange shirts, etc. are strewn around.

George is going to bring in beers so that Erika can have one.

Dani is going on and on about why she won't sleep in the bed.

Janie is alone in the dining room and she is staring very seriously at the wall of photos with her arms crossed.

George has brought the beers in, and they are having them.

George asks for a moment alone and he moves away and takes the beer and sniffs it over and over.

He is yelling that he will never do another reality show, ever. Don't even CALL him!

Meanwhile, James just walked by Janelle and made some comment to her (I couldn't hear it because of George) and Janelle rolled her eyes and gave him a half hurt/half irritated look as he walked by.

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Janie goes outside. She and Boogie say how hot it is outside.

Mike asks what is going on in the red room? A party?

Janie confirms they are having a party in there. (They are yelling and laughing in the red room--ed).

Mike: In other words, let's get close to Janelle.

Janie says that these people are irritating, and Boogie agrees.

Janie asks what Erika has been saying. Boogie says two nights in a row she tried to come up, and he locked the door. He heard her knocking. Today he got up and she came in and she asked if he was putting up George. He said yes and asked if she knew how she would vote, and she said yes, she was getting rid of James, and he said, "Ok, cool."

Boogie thinks that Erika will tank the next HOH and Dani will play for it. They are praying that Will will win this one and then they can "slingshot" the next one so that Janie can win the next one. Janie says that would be awesome!

Boogie says, "Danielle. That's ridiculous!" (Her approaching Janie for a truce)

Janie says she thinks she did it because she knows James is leaving.

Boogie says that now Dani realizes that James will be gone and that is why she is trying to work with Janie.

They say why? So that Dani can get rid of Janie the week after she gets HOH and can't play?

Janie says no way.

Janie thinks that James told Dani that he thinks Boogie threw the POV to Janelle. Boogie says that he likes the guy, but he has to go now.

Boogie is telling Janie how Dani told him that she is so human, she is the Bunky this year, she is crying all of the time.

Janie: That's why she is throwing a hissy fit because James is leaving. She's like, now I don't have anyone to protect me except for Erika.

Boogie: So, what do you think?

Janie: Why would I want to work with someone who has been trying to get rid of me for like four weeks straight? Screw that. I'm going to check my banana bread.

Boogie: You made banana bread? Sweet!

Boogie starts yelling shout outs like he's on a phone or something, and starts telling people what he needs them to do for the finale. We get a fairly long FOTH. They're back, and he isn't yelling any longer. (He is in the pool).

Dani is telling a big story in the red room about her interviews. James is lying on the bed. Janelle finally comes in and joins them, and Erika tells her to come in.

Dani is talking about being sad during final two, and talking to Dr. Zachary.

James: They don't seem to care that I'm sad.

Dani: You know what, James? This room is not all about you.

James: I'm just calling her out. Go on.

(James never misses a moment to be an ass any time he gets near Janie--ed)

Dani says that Dr. Zachary said at that time that she didn't have time to get closure, and the other contestants did because they had been out of the game for a while and had apologized, etc.

Janie is stretching and says her lower back is so stiff. Dani tells her it will help if she does a certain kind of stretch.

Dani is talking about how she kept going into the DR asking how Amy was during her season, because she was so worried about her.

(More stories about how sensitive and caring and human Dani is).

Janelle left the room after a few moments of uncomfortableness.

James made some sound like he was asleep during Dani's story.

Dani says "Good job, James" and claps.

He says that when she is rambling on and on about a story like that, he might as well go to sleep. She never stops.

She says that he is "making her job that much easier."

James: It's not your job. The producers are sending me home this week.

Dani is doing her mocking of Internet people. "Let's start a new thread. Why we hate Danielle."

Danielle says that "some smart person" should record her and put it on their website. She says (about HERSELF, mind you) that it is hilarious when she does that.

Mike is sitting in the pool, thinking. He hasn't moved for a while.

George is lying face down across the bed, with his green pillow under his chin. He looks really sad. (No one else is in there now).

Dani says she is allergic to walnuts, and that's why she didn't eat the banana bread before. Janelle didn't know that.

Dani is talking about the show with Jessica Simpson and how she didn't understand about "Chicken of the Sea."

Janelle chimes in and says she didn't understand that, either! Why call it chicken? It's not chicken.

Boogie starts to explain and then stops. Dani says "Because chicken is delicious and it's delicious tuna and it is of the sea.."

Janelle: Yeah, but why not call it tuna?


Will comes out of the HOH. Janie asks if he was sleeping.

Will: Yeah. How am I gonna stay up until 5 a.m. with you, Sweetheart, if I don't sleep during the day?

Janie: I was going to wake you up! It's a good thing I didn't.

Dani makes a little snickering sound.

Will asks if they heard when BB woke him up? They say no. Will says they said, "Hey, Willie...."

They say "No, they did not!"


Will says he bets a smaller table is coming in and FOTH!

CG is still lying facedown on the bed. He really looks upset.

(I know this sounds awful, but every time someone walks by, he looks up expectantly, and no one sees him or talks to him. It's like he is waiting for someone to notice him, IMO. I'm out for a while--will try to come back tonight--Catnip -- ed)

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lockdown there all outside they think it is to switch the tables and take out some beds

janie wants a americas choice - cjay

janie - i want a americas choice, be nice to get out of here

will - yeah i need you to win it then you can take me

Now flames

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all HGs on outdoor LD. they are imitating the machine woman during the POV comp. "You now have 57 seconds until the pov.. 56...55...54."

Will feels they [E & D] do a good impression

various random, non strategy convos going on. nothing worth reporting.


we're back, they're still locked down.

i'm getting annoyed because they keep FOTHing for no reason what so ever.... but i'll continue to watch.

3:01 FOTH.

they got a smaller table!!

only the girls expressed excitement toward the table.

george is sad they don't have the spinny thing

george asking if it gets smaller. erika and janie say yes.

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