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Where can I download previous BBuk seasons?


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Try the usual newsgroups and torrent services - things do crop up. http://www.bigbrotherbinaries.net is a good place to start.

It's worth noting that though the basic concept and rules have always been the same, Big Brother UK dramatically changed from season 5 and really upped the ante, introducing the idea of "evil" Big Brother and throwing in tougher and tougher twists.

Big Brother 5 is good, IMO Big Brother 6 is better (my personal fave), and along with them there are also two shorter celebrity series which aired in 2005 and 2006 (Celeb BB3 and Celeb BB4).

Before that Big Brother was still good, but by series 4 the format had become slightly tired and needed freshening up. There are some highlights though - BB3 had the famous "Rich-Poor" divide which saw housemates split between the luxurious side and the basic side of the house - with those on the poor side having to contend with outdoor showers, an outdoor toilet and just an outdoor stove for cooking!

Big Brother 4's main running twist was the Reward Room. Each Saturday night in a live task (usually some sort of parlour game) HMs would compete to win access to the Reward Room, which changed them each week from things like a VIP Nightclub to an American Diner to a Gourmet Restaurent to a Hotel Suite. The main twist of BB4 was the international housemate swap with Big Brother Africa.

And going back further, courtesy of Stentionhouse (via Digital Spy and You Tube), a chance to see the very first Big Brother UK eviction as Sada becomes the first ever person voted out:


The BB1 evictions thread (YouTube)


OK, here goes the first of several BB1 evictions I'll be posting on this thread. Kicking off with Sada, the first person ever to be evicted in BBUK. First part contains some highlights followed by Davina going to the house and annoucing who the evictee will be. Followed by the full eviction and interview show, broken into three pieces:





The eviction shows have changed alot since then - for the worse unfortunately!

The first show used to feature Davina walking around the compound and camera runs and even nosing in the locked bedrooms, linking to a number of features about the nominees.

There were also brief highlights from the previous day before Davina went to the studio to talk to friends and family and then announce who would be evicted from the house.

In the second show the basic structure is virtually the same as today, but it worked so much better with Davina linking to the house from the studio, with the screen then opening up and Davina walking through the crowd before crossing the river bridge to go and join the waiting friends and family outside the gates to the house.

The evictee would then leave the house via a short walkway and be greeted by close friends and family at the gates before Davina took them over the bridge to meet the crowd, and then into the studio to meet the rest of their friends and family.

More will be posted at Digital Spy.

You may know I'm not a huge fan of YouTube (well my computer isn't anyhow!) - but I'll struggle through with this. If anyone though can grab just the eviction announcement and actually eviction (from announcement to evictee returning to studio) and turn it into a downloadable media file, I'd be very greatful. Thanks!

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