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Your HOH Room


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Alright,mood lightener here!

If YOU won the HOH how would YOU want YOUR room to look & what would you want in YOUR basket?

Try to stay in keeping with the BBH.In otherwords no indoor 70 foot waterfalls lol.

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Chairs:Black suede

Coverlette:Again,black suede but sooooooo overstuffed!

Photos:Pets,family & of my beloved Navigator. :lol:

Food:Black pepper chips,sugarfree Extra bubblegum,HOT jerky,spicey cashews,buffalo wing flavored pretzel pieces and diet Lipton citrus tea.

From home:Any of my sweatshorts(comfy) and my vibrating back pillow(hehehe) B)

I forgot music!Bob Marley

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Color: Crimsons

Style: Gothic

Coverlet: Forget the bed cover, I want a bear rug on the floor!

Food: Seafood and portabello mushrooms.

From Home: My MP3 player - that is all I need.

Pics: No pics please....just give me some good artwork to look at!

Hopefully, Marcellas will send me his white robe so I can use it in the fireplace to start a nice cozy fire!

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Color: A jamesey color :unsure:

Furniture: Life size chairs of James so I can sit on him :P

Bed: HMMM A life size king size bed of James so I can lay on him :D

Pictures: hmmm maybe a few pics of James, Dade, Morty, ceci, Tracks, Jinx, Figgy, Blahs#1fan, of course ELLE, redshan, tiffy, glitter, Yana, Jem, Paige, Toot, sparklet, kaysars sister/wife, Luv, Phat Daddy, Crunk Martini, Casper, oh yeah Fuskie, my puppy Mr. Biggs and my bike ...and another pic of James :)

Food: James chips, James dip, James Bon Bons :wub: , hmmmm PLENTY OF ALCOHOL Crown Royale Please, and a hamburger for erica :P ,Twizzlers and Bargs Root Beer

CD: Annie Soundtrack or Lil Kim La Bella Mafia or DMX

From Home: My life size ana ot to maclly (sp?) correct doll of ummmm James yeah :o and my pj's

That would be the HOTTEST!!!!

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Colors: Red with black and white accents

Chairs: I'd want them replaced with one really comfortable over-stuffed love seat

Pictures: I dunno, I've never had pictures in my room so maybe some posters of my favorite bands instead

CD: Dazed And Confused soundtrack

Food: Pepsi, chips (all dressed, sour cream and bacon, roast chicken), Skittles, Tic-Tacs, blueberries

From home: My Mickey Mouse pillow and either my violin, guitar or keyboard

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Color: Black, deep purple and silver

Style: To look like a dungeon

Chairs: Wrought Iron scrolling with large oversized black and dark purple cushions

Coverlet: Dark and shabby looking

Food: sushi. peanut butter and grahm crackers

CD: Criss Angel

From Home: Book of Shadows and letters

Pics: Pics of my daughter and my friends

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This is actually funny. When we played Big Brother here on Morty's, those of us in the house had to design our HOH room. It was then graded by the mods to see how many times wie had certain words in our text. These words included water, couch, etc., and of course, CHOCOLATE!! It was a lot of fun...and a lot of work for those involved.

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Colors: Shades of blue with ivory accents

Style: Art Deco with mosquito netting over the bed

Chairs: Comfortable Chaise Lounge in a midnight blue, overstuffed armchairs in a lighter shade

Pictures: Family and friends to remind me who really matters

CD: Christina Aguilera Stripped

Food: Diet Vanilla Pepsi, Maui Onion potato chips, sashimi, Oatmeal raisin cookies, Godiva chocolate and Stoli Vanilla

From home: Computer games, 2 stuffed toy cats

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Colors- Black..the darker the better

Theme - Love the flames in the LR.

Bedspread - Black and Dark Maroon. Can I ask for the sheets to be 400 thread count

Chairs - Lounge Chairs....All enemies must be comfortable.

Food - Pretzel Rods,TGI Mozz sticks, Terakyi Beef Jerky,Herseys Kisses, Werther's Caramel (My Tea collection Black,Green and Red with my tea drop maker) Perrier, Dr.Pepper and Coors Light.

Pictures- The 2 men in my life , Son and Husband.

CD- Three Doors Down

From Home - Harley Davidson Throw and my Body Pillow.

Clothes - Led Zepplin, ACDC and Taz Boxers.

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Colors- I gotta go with the colors of my bedroom, black and dark dark blue

Theme - no real theme to it...just the colors

Bedspread - i would ask for my bedspread from home...i love it

Chairs - the wicker bowl ones...i have one in my room and they are amazing!

Food - SmartFood, Pringles, chocolate covered almonds

Pictures- best friend and family

CD- black eyed peas monkey business

From Home - letters!!! i would want very long letters from my family and friends

Clothes - my grey or brown hoodie if i hadnt brought them with me

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bunkbeds so i can have a friend over for the week.

colors : puke green... this way nobody will want to spend too much time in the hoh pestering me. ;)

Food: breakfast burrito smothered in green chili (a girl can dream)

drinks: Dr pepper, rootbeer, pepsi, frapps in bottle

music: anything 80's (this will also insure the house pest to stay away since they dont wanna hear 80's music)

no chairs at all... no need for them since i wont have any pests in my room.

pictures of my ferrets (any other pic does not belong there... i cant play that game and see a pic of my family.. nooooo)

a policy that if you come into the hoh room, you must wash your feet at the door (bucket with soapy water will be waiting ) before you come in. nooo i dont have some freaky thing about that.. i just figure that would be another road block for any pest to do to get to me.


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If there were crimsons in King's HOH room, I would fight him tooth and nail each week to win HOH.

I want that room, give it back!

P.S. Keep the ropes...its not a museum, ya know!

P.P.S. - I don't want Will anywhere near me...especially in that room! Ha Ha Ha!

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I loved the blue room that was Janell's second HOH room. My bedroom now is in blues.

Colors- Blue with maybe some yellow flower print

Theme - can't think of a thems

Bedspread - Blue bedspread and of course 400 or plus sheets. I now have 600 on my bed.

Chairs - Lounge Chairs....

Food - Chips & dip. My Green Tea and foo foo coffee. I love popcorn so some microwave popcorn.

Pictures- Pictures of my daughter, boyfriend and my dogs. I have 3 dachshunds and my boyfriend has 2 dachshunds and a white German Shepherd.

The music woud be Enya or some celtic music. Very relaxing.

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Colors- reds

Theme - extra modern

Bedspread - black and red

Chairs - modern art deco

Food - cheddar and sour cream chips, Rollos and Milky Ways, cream soda, starbucks, twisted green apple smirnoff, brown sugar pop tartws

Pictures- My family, my b/w photography

CD- Nickelback

From Home - Letters, the 49er pillow my mom made me

Clothes - 49er sweatshirt

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My room would be decorated with shrunken heads. I'd have a huge cauldron of boiling water in the middle of the room. And I'd have salt and pepper shakers and a big fork next to the cauldron.

Then I'd dare somebody to come in and try to manipulate me.

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