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August 19 Live Feed Updates


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Dani, Boogie and Will are in the HOH room. She is griping that she doesn't understand why Janelle isn't talking to her and being friendly with her.

Will says that Janie is just embarrassed. He says he truly feels sorry for Janie. He says that he didn't think about it, but she pointed out that everyone was her friend at first, and then now everyone hates her, and they sent home Kaysar, Marc and now Howie, 1-2-3. All of her friends. Plus, James has stabbed her in the back.

Will told her that she has to understand that when Season 6 won the first 5 challenges, people were kissing their butts, and they weren't really her friends then. She was at a high point then, and now she is at a low point.

Will starts saying that he explained why Howie had to go home--he was looking for a new busto.

Dani says that Janie isn't the only one who lost a friend. She cared about Diane and Marcellas, and they were taken away from her, but Janie acts like she is the only one.

Will says that Janie didn't want to go up to the HOH, but he told her that he had to go look at the ugly-assed pictures of season 6 for weeks, and she is going up there.

He thinks that season 6 has had no time to decompress. They were just fresh from the game, and then they won all of those comps.

(Erika is up there, too--surprise, surprise)

Erika says that she was upset when she didn't get the hoh and Janie was yelling "Whatup Kaysar" and didn't give three shits about her feelings. She says it's like Janie thinks she is the only one who has a right to feelings in the house. Dani says that it was like BRRR from Janie. She offered her a glass of wine, and it was like "BRRRRRR." (cold shoulder).

Will says that he said some tough love things to Janie and she can't win everything, and she is getting better, and they can stop talking about it now.

Dani continues and says that what gets her is she expects people to be better sports in the house, and they aren't.

(I switch feeds)

Outside, James and Janie and George are outside on the couch. Janie is sitting there with huge black glasses on, outside at night. She is crying, still.

George is telling them that they have their "whole lives ahead of them."

Janie seems really defeated.

George is saying again that he had the box of 68 VHS tapes of his season and never watched them.

Janie says her head hurts.

James says that he wouldn't have watched 68 tapes, either.

James is being really nice to Janie.

George: I will tell you this guys, honestly, what I did (in BB1) was a cakewalk compared to what you guys did. Honestly. (Ummm, George, I think YOU just did a little something, like evicting your friend whom you promised was safe!--ed)

James says that BB1 was nothing but kissing America's ass for weeks. No one lied or anything.

James: People do things in THIS house that they would never do in the outside world. At least, I hope not.

Long FOTH at 9:10 p.m. BB time

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Boogies room is in reds and he is really acting with a controlled happiness. After everyone leaves Will tells Boogie about his two hours with Janie. Will says she isn't mad at either of them but they have big targets on their backs and they can't isolate in this HOH room.

CG and James are outside now with Janie. She has wine and is crying still and saying she can never been happy again in that house. CG is telling her how she has her whole life ahead of her and this is just a game. He said he has over sixty tapes boxed up of his season and he has never watched them because he wants to only remember the good times and not know about all the evil in that house.

Janie keeps saying her head hurts as she clutches her wine with both hands and keeps her sun glasses on and the blanket around her.

Now we have fire..........................

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CG, Erika and Janie are all outside telling Janie that they felt bad about Howie, but someone had to go home.

James and Dani are in the storage room. James is going to cook supper. They talk off and on about Janie and about what they had to do to save themselves.

Everyone is saying it has been a rough 24 hours and someone is looking for paper towels but James says Howie took all of the paper towels in his bag when he left.

Boogie and James are talking about food in the kitchen, Dani came in and said that Boogie is like a damn kid with his spaghettio's. Boogie says he is like an 8 year old. All feeds are on Boogie, James and Dani in the kitchen just chit chatting. Sorry folks, nothing good right now.

Now James is saying he feels bad for Janie, but it is the game. Boogie says they have had to walk up to that room five times and she didn't even want to go tonight. After this week he says they will be walking to someone elses room and Janie is acting like a spoiled brat. Dani tells James she is taking a shower and she expects her food in an hour.

James says for CG's sake, he is lucky Howie left tonight because James would of been in the ant room trying to calm him down. Boogie says that they would of had to have the producers involved to keep him under control..........then we get fire.

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9:16 feeds come back, and George and Erika are blowing sunshine up Janelle's bottom. She isn't buying it. She's sitting there nodding and not saying anything as George talks about how last night was the hardest night of his life. Erika chips in about how hard it was for Georgie and her. Erika says she sits in those chairs every week and looks around and thinks that she doesn't dislike any of the people--they are not enemies. She points out that Janie is prom queen. Janie smirks at that and just says "yeah" in a defeated voice.

Feeds switch to the pantry, with James and Dani. The convo is quick and rushed, and we miss the first part. Dani says she doesn't understand, and James honestly seems irritated by what went down. He tells her that Janie was told that it was going to be a vote of 4-1 with Dani as the one against Howie. She was told that was how it would be and she didn't expect this. Dani says "Oh,--I didn't know that!"

They leave the pantry and start cooking. Dani (the slopcake queen who got the worst score in the comp, by the way) is saying loudly that she will teach them to cook. James is cutting up food and he says that he feels sorta bad for Janie but if he had been backdoored last week as Janie wanted, he would have gotten no sympathy. Boogie says that Janie is acting like a spoiled brat, and she didn't want to go up to see his room, when he has walked up those stairs every week to see her rooms.

All four feeds are on the kitchen.

James says that for George's sake, it's a good thing for George that it is Janie sitting out there and not Howie. He says that he would be in the gold room right now trying to calm Howie down.

Boogie says that it would have been a disaster and that the producers would have had to get involved. We get FOTH.

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Boogie is asking James how long it will take Howie to calm down. James said that they kept expecting Howie to grow up last year, but he never did and one of their worst fears was that in the All Stars they were worried Howie would be first to leave because he is annoying. Boogie says he can't imagine what Howie is like right now, he is scary. James says that he did a good job calming him down last year but this year........ Boogie said he felt sorry for the girls last year. James says Howie picked on the smallest and weakest of the girls. Boogie wants to know if anyone defended the girls, James says only Ivette. He tells Boogie Aprils friend Jennifer didn't even defend her, they were all afraid of Howie.

Now talk of raw chicken and what is safe.

(not sure if I should switch to the next days thread or not, so if I am messing up, I apologize.)

James says when he lost Sarah last year Ivette was the only one who came to him to say she was sorry and comfort him. I think Boogie and James are really sick of the way Janie is acting, especially since she was going to back door James last week, according to James.

Boogie is giving a very brief "cliff notes" of what Will told him about his talk with Janie. About how fast this went, the order it went, how she is alone.

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They're back, and Boogie is asking James if he thinks that Howie is thinking right now about how he acted, and feeling bad, or does he probably look back and think it is funny and cool?

James says no, that last year they kept expecting Howie to turn into an adult and he didn't. It's hard to deal with a person in their 30's who acts so immature.

Boogie says he doesn't know how "those girls" took it.

James: Well, he only directed it towards one. The smallest and the weakest.

Boogie: Didn't anybody take up for her?

James: Nope! (Ummm, doesn't make you look good, then, does it, James?--ed)

James says sometimes Ivette stood up for April.

Boogie asks James if it is "dangerous" for the raw chicken to touch the cooked chicken IN THE PAN.

James obviously is starting to get more irritated about Janie being upset, or because he comforted her:

James: You know, man, come to think about it, when I lost Sarah last year, the only person who came to me was Ivette.

(Talk of the Nerd herd here)

Then James takes up the thought about Janie again:

James: Especially since I was supposed to be backdoored by her last week.

Boogie: Umm hmm

James: Now, if I get out of here and find out that was a lie, I'll be very upset. But right now I believe it 100 percent.

No reply from Boogie.

Mike says that it's kinda weird now, because in the last two days they've gotten rid of two people, and there are less ways for things to get out now.

Talk of women from Mike's season. James asks how Nicole and Shannon got along, and Mike says not well. They didn't really talk.

James asks if Will will be sleeping in HOH with Mike, and Mike says no.

(Don't they notice that Mike sleeps with ERIKA? --ed)

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George and Janie are talking and laughing and smiling. The feeds just cut to them.

George: So, you'll teach me?

Janie nods

George: Well, that would be a twist.

George tells Janie that he would have loved to have been with her alliance in the beginning of the game.

Janie says that things just work out weird sometimes, and she doesn't even know where she was the first few weeks.

George says that he knows people are thinking he did a crazy thing because Janie was ripe for the picking. He says that he told Boogie that it was only fair to let Janie go out as a competitor. (Not to backdoor her). George says that he can see that the others are distancing themselves from him, and he is prepared for them all to go in their rooms and leave him alone outside. Janie just says, "You think so?" He says yes, he thinks so.

George to Janie: Maybe me and you are meant to be at this point for some reason. Sometimes you just have to trust and not fight it or question it. You think about it.

Janie: All right.

George: And it's not so bad. (laughing, and Janie halfheartedly laughs) It's not so bad.

(Is anyone else getting a little sick of George making everything into a "deep thought?"--ed)

George tells Janie that at least she won't have to hear Howie yelling about her breasts, etc.

He tells her to take a break tonight and relax.

She is saying very little to him. But she is still out there on the couch with him, with her sunglasses on, and the feeds all cut to the kitchen.

Someone tells Dani that she smells good.

Dani: It's called bathing. You should do it more often.

James asks where George is, and they say outside, still talking to Janie.

Will: Man, it's tough saying a goodbye message when someone is already gone, isn't it?

Dani: You just say "goodbye."

Erika: I said, I enjoyed being a Jedi with you and I will miss you talking about my boobies.

FOTH (Thanks, Skeletor--ed)

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Will is saying it is hard to give a good bye message when that person is already gone. Erika says she just said "bye" they question her and she says no I said "it was nice being a jedi with you. I am going to miss you talking about my boobies"

Janie was called in to the DR, Will says she isn't going in there. James wants to know if Marci will bang Howie. Someone says that they would like to see Marci's face when Howie walks in there. Will wants to know how Dani and Marci's relationship was in this house. Dani says it was okay but that golden veto was hanging over their head. Will says Marci couldn't evict him because Marci would of been on the internet talking about it. Dani said that Marci said his goal was to out last Will in the house. She explains that after season 3, someone interviewed her and asked who was her favorite house guest. She says after Josh, it was Marci but anything she did............then we get fire.

I still haven't seen Janie go to the DR yet. She was outside with CG talking.

They are back now and Dani is saying how House Calls first aired, Marci really trashed Dani and said if she was smart enough she wouldn't of let certain people get on the jury. She says he brought out alot of stuff and then brought her family in it. She emailed Marci and said that he went over the line, had some choiced words for him and he posted it on his website trying to justify all the bad things she said about him. She said in the email that if she did the all stars he would be the first one she would go after. She said he posted it on his website, but then took it off and asked her if they could take a breath and maybe in an alliance in the all stars. She said she shoved that off, she told people they were okay with each other, but she told Marci that they will never be friends so stop emailing her. She told him she didn't wish him any ill will but they couldnt' be friends. She said they didn't really talk after that but was respectful with each other and she told others she couldn't be in alliance with him.

Then all stars started, Marci was the one she was worried about the most, but that golden veto moment was hanging over her head even though they were having fun. She said Marci flipped to much, and to bad the last conversation she had with him, she explained what her concerns were and how she was flipping back and forth between him and Erika and he told her that she needed to go with what would benefit her best. She thanked him and went with the first promise she made to Erika. She said she respected him and she felt bad he left but she did what he said and did what was best for her.

Boogie says that Marci can't have it both ways, he can't trash people on House Calls and then expect to be accepted by everyone. Marci was a whore that needed to go. Will says that Marci was friends with Janie because season 6 had the power, once they lost that power he went to who ever had the power. Will says Marci was in their face yelling when are you going to do something to stop season 6. Will says he wanted to tell Marci, you want to get in our face and yell when are we going to do something........well win an HOH bitch.

Boogie gets called in the DR. Boogie got pictures that didn't belong to him, someone else's grandparents and a picture of who they think is Howie.

Now the count of how many times people have been nominated. Janie still talking to CG in BY, I don't think she ever went to the DR

CG telling Janie to get a couple of drinks and get some sleep, she is going to need it for tomorrow. He is being so fatherly to her. He was saying earlier that he was sure the HG didn't have a clue what he was doing but Janie understood.

Now CG is asking how Janie deals with Howie outside of the house. She says she sets strict rules with Howie, no light sabers, no grabbing women, no rude comments. He does okay with her outside of the house.

She is telling CG where Howie lives, while Boogie is explaining that BB got the wrong pictures and we get fire..................

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Will says that "now that Marc is gone" they can talk more openly. He asks if the relationship between Dani and Marc is strained? She says that the veto was always over their heads.

Will says that it's weird--if Nakomis had taken him out, he would be fine, but he "could not allow" Marcellas to take him out of the game, because he would be on the Internet talking about it.

Dani says that Marcellas told her that his goal in the house was to stay longer than she stayed.

Will says maybe Marc shouldn't have told her that.

Dani starts to talk about writing stuff on the Internet, and we get FOTH.

It comes back and Boogies says "So, he's a ho!" and Dani says that she isn't saying THAT, but...

Dani says that on housecalls, Marc trashed her and her family. Dani is talking pretty loudly as she talks about this. She says that she had some words with Marc (before this season) and she wrote an e-mail and didn't pull any punches, and she told him that she isn't doing All-Stars, but if she does, he will be her number one target.

They say this was about 3 years ago, and Marc posted that e-mail and then took it off, and then he wrote her and told her that they should take a deep breath and maybe be a secret alliance, and she refused.

Dani says that she and Marc are not friends, and she liked him and thought he had great entertainment value, but they are not friends.

Then she told Marc that he doesn't need to send her e-mails, they are not friends and never will be friends. Period. She told him she didn't wish him any ill will, she wishes him success in his life, but they can never be friends and obviously he had some resentment toward her. She says she has always been respectful of Marc. They don't trust each other. All-Stars shows up and the person she is most concerned about is Marc, because they have unfinished business. They enjoyed each other, laughed, but the golden veto was still over their heads. She saw him look like "this" too many times and she had to be safe rather than sorry, and during their last convo she told him her concerns, and he said she should do what was best for her in the game, and that's what she did. (I know this is a run-on sentence, but this is the way she is talking now--ed).

Dani says that she cried and can't cry on cue--she isn't that type of person--but it reminded her of the golden veto moment, it was an ugly moment, bad, and she did it because it was the game.

Will: By the way, can we do away with sanctimonious goodbye speeches?

Boogie starts talking about the things that are the "trouble with Marc" and he says that Marc wants it both ways.

Boogie: He was a HO that had to GO.

Will says that it is his opinion that Marc was friends with Janie only because she had the power, and then as soon as she wasn't in power, he turned on her.

James says that he threw them under the bus, and he was talking about "the four, the four, the four" and he was up in the room yelling at them, asking "When are you guys gonna DO something?"

James told Marc, he shouldn't ask them when they are gonna do something--"When are YOU gonna win HOH, Bitch??"

In the meantime, Erika is whispering to James, asking how he feels about Janelle's behavior, and griping about her in whispers. It's hard to make it out as they talk over them. Janie comes inside and gets more wine.

Erika says that she got a new key--they all got new keys.

James asks Erika how many times she has been on the block now?

Janie chips in and says SHE has been on the block SEVEN times!

Erika ignores her and says that she has been on the block six times.

They are all counting down the times they were on the block.

Janie goes outside.

George is still there, telling her to sleep, have a few drinks, etc.--she is going to need it tomorrow. She say she knows.

George: Yep, you're gonna need it tomorrow. That's for sure.

Janie: Yeah.

George: So, you guys kept in touch all year round, then.

Janie: Yep. All the time.

George: What's Kaysar like outta here?

Janie: Same. So is Howie. So am I.

George: How do you go out with Howie? How do you guys do that?

Janie: I set strict rules for him beforehand, and he cooperates. No light sabers. No grabbing women. He does okay.

Boogie is in the kitchen, and they say something about light sabers in the background. (of the DR?)


George is asking a LOT of questions, and Janie is opening up to him. He asks if they were an alliance (season 6) and she says yes. She says they didn't agree to be one ahead of time, but when they came into the house they couldn't pretend because no one would believe it if they denied it, so they were.

George asks how they became a group during last season, and she explains a little of how it happened.

They are all saying they will get into the hot tub. Will asks if Janie is getting in, too, and she says no. Dani says she and Janie will stay out and watch them. Dani starts talking about the cheap wine, and how it is "Woodbridge" and Janelle talks with her.

Janie is being friendly to them, actually.

Janie asks Will what his favorite kind of wine is. He doesn't know, and asks her, and she says it is Opus wine. Will says that he bets that is her favorite. She asks if it is expensive, and he yells and asks Boogie how much it costs, and Boogie says he doesn't know. Janie commented earlier that she will be glad when she can have good champagne again.

Boogie is in the hot tub, alone. Will is sitting on the couch, still.

Will asks about the schedule. Dani is saying that they will probably have nominations tomorrow, and maybe even POV the same day.

Will says he guesses he should get into the hot tub, he leaves and Erika comes out and they get in. Janie immediately gets up and leaves the couch and Dani. She goes to smoke a cigarette outside, away from the others. George is in the HT, too.

Will is giving ideas for the next POV. Giant balloons suspended in a net, with things in them. Pieces of paper with food, POV and luxury items in the balloons, all at once. You can pop one balloon, and if the balloon has a prize, you can drop it or run in the house to keep it, but you have to stay in the house for one minute. People can grab the prizes on the ground if they want. Some people would be popping balloons, some will be looking at the floor. Will starts imagining what would be in the balloons. A slop pass, $100 bill, etc.

Dani is sitting on the side of the hot tub. She is called to DR.

Janie is sitting all of the way across the grass, in one of the lounge chairs. She is sitting facing them.

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Now everyone is out with CG and Janie. They are joking and laughing. They can't believe how few are left. Will says Howie sounded and ate like nine people so with him gone that is why it seems like a small group. some are getting in the hot tub. Dani says no way is she going, Will ask Janie and she says no. Dani says her and Janie can sit on the sofa and talk.

Janie is perking up now that Dani is talking about wine with her. Of course Janie likes the expensive stuff and can hardly wait to taste good champaigne again.

(imagine this......sitting on the sofa out side we have Dani, Will and then Janie...then CG. Janie is giving Dani some stares, Dani is staring back, Will is in the middle playing with a toy and CG is on the other side of Janie talking about socks.)

Will changes subject to the schedule for the rest of the week. Some is whistling and Janie says "what the hell song is that?" Will leaving to get in hot tub. Janie leaves for somewhere. CG, Erika, Boogie, Will in hot tub, Dani sitting by the hot tub.

They are showing Janie sitting outside by the pool smoking by herself looking all sad again. Will is telling BB about this great balloon game for POV. (Janie is acting just like CG does when they are eatting and he is all alone.) Dani is called to the DR.

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10:19 p.m. BBT

Boogie, Skeletor, CG, Dani, Will have all gathered in/by the HT. Janie is sitting on the chaise by the pool apart from the group. Janie is smoking a cigarette and looking depressed. James is not in the picture.

Will is talking about balloons with pieces of paper having POV, prizes. Saying HG find a clue/prize and have to put it in their basket and wait one minute before going for the next clue. Saying you have to get P O V from each of the balloons. Says it wouldn't cost anything and would be entertaining because of all the HGs trying to get the pieces of paper from the balloons. Said they could give away a car - put CHEV in one balloon, RO in another and LET in another. If you get all the pieces, you win a car. (Now they are trying to produce BB.)

General conversation in the HT. Still talking about prizes and websites. Now we get FOTH.

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Dani and James have gone into the room to talk, inside. They are wondering if Mike can use the power to get rid of Janie even if she gets the veto and pulls herself off the block? Dani says that his power has to expire.

She asks how James is feeling about the game so far.

James: Sometimes I like myself. Sometimes I don't.

Dani: I like you.

James repeats it.

James: It's tough sometimes taking myself outside my situation and putting myself into others. Like, immediately I was upset at Boogie because of Howie, while in reality, it's like you said--you can't throw someone's clothes across the room.

Dani says that if any chick did that to her, she would most likely hit her.

James says that at the moment that Howie raised his hand to Boogie, how did Boogie not know that Howie wasn't going to hit him? Anything Boogie did at that point would be understandable.

Dani says that she would have found it hard to not react in a bad way. She is "old school."

Dani says that she wanted to see season 6 all play their own game. She says that James was, and Jani made her own decision. James brings up the Diane and Nakomis thing, which he felt was a bad decision.

Dani says that she expected people to wander off and make commitments to other people. She tried to talk to Kaysar and thought he would try to make a deal with her.

James: I told him the entire time that you don't have to worry about Dani, ever.

Dani starts rehashing the game up until now. She says that she thought if season 6 were smart, they would go for Alison and not her.

Dani says that she told Kaysar that she couldn't be the fourth person in his alliance. If Kaysar had come to her and said she didn't have to worry, she would have taken him at his word, and he never did tell her that. Then he nominated Erika and she thought, WTH is going on?

Dani says it didn't make sense to her.

Dani says that Jani can be upset, but she did the same thing and told Diane she was safe.

James: Yep.

Dani says that "you guys" told Jase that he was safe. He was willing to shave his head and dye his hair blue for his family.

James says that is why he felt so betrayed--he wondered if Janie was working with CT, so he had to go up and join the LOD.

Dani says that she knows she (Dani) isn't so good at comps, but you have to have a person who you know has your back.

James: I have never felt safe with them. The one time I felt safe with them was last year, before they put me up. Then this year, they asked me if I had an alliance with Dani and Diane. Why would they ask me that? I was the one busting my ass getting info for them on Alison and stuff.

Dani says that she understands where James is coming from and it is not an easy game.

Dani says she didn't sit there and click her heels when Kaysar left because she felt Kaysar was a man of his word. She has heard conflicting things, but she reads the live feeds and watches the tapes--

James: Ugh! Are you gonna do that?

Dani says she has to do that, and she realized last year she should have gotten rid of someone after she read them.

Dani says Kaysar came to her and told her that she was going to put him up, and Kaysar "knew I was right because I was between a rock and a hard place and couldn't do anything else--I couldn't!"

James: If we would have left Jase, you would have had to have gone after him.

Dani: I would have had to.

James: But they were lying! Alison, Jase, Nakomis and Diane! WTH!

Dani tells him that she knew she had James to a point, but he was aligned with the other three.

James: Yeah, but you're the one I trust, though.

Dani: I can't wait until you see my DR's. You're gonna crack up.

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Dani and James in the room talking about their plans and how they feel about the game. Dani brought up how Janie shouldn't be feeling any worse than anyone else because she forced James to back door Jase, they back door Diane. It is all part of the game. James is telling Dani how he can only trust her.

They are really just venting about how they feel about coming back for all stars, how stressful this game is, how anyone watching don't understand the feelings involved in this game. James acts exhausted, Dani is drinking her wine and being her normal self.

now we get fire again.

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10:20 P.M. BBT

Dani and James talking in the Bug Room.

Dani asks James if Boogie has said who he is nominating. James says he hasn't said. They talk about the "power" that Boogie has. James says the sooner that power goes the better. Dani says that it has to expire.

Dani asks James how he's feeling about the game. He says sometimes he like himself and sometimes he doesn't. James says sometimes it's taking himself out of his situation and puts himself in other people's situations.

James says at first he was angry at Boogie's reaction to Howie. After he thought about it, he realized that technically Howie assaulted Boogie. Says you can't get in somebody's face and throw a piece of clothing across the room. Dani says if a chick did that to her, she'd probably hit her. Said Boogie didn't expect Howie to grab his hat and throw it. James said anything Boogie did would probably have been reactionary and retaliatory. Boogie probably thought Howie was going to hug him.

Dani says she's old school and even though she's little, she won't get punked. Dani says it would have been hard for her not to react in a very violent manner. Here she said she probably would have walked away but on the street it would have been different.

They start discussing SOV 4 and rehashing the past evictions of Nakomis and Kaysar.

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All feeds are on Dani and James. They get paranoid because they hear someone, and Dani looks and says "It's just Janelle, crying."

James gestures to the wall, that she can hear. Then Dani fumbles with the conversation and says that "Yeah, it's a hard game...I wish Howie didn't go out like that..."

James has gone in to talk to Janie. I think Dani told him he should.

He has the toilet paper and is handing it to her.

She is crying pretty hard.

He tells her, "Janelle, the way things look, if it wasn't Howie, it would have been you!"

Janie: So what?

Janie: I'm sad. I want to go home.

James: You don't want to leave.

Janie: Yes, I do.

James: Janelle, I know you can take this a hell of a lot better than you are taking it.

James: Did this happen to you last year when he left?

Janie: No.

James: Then, what's so different this year?

Janie mumbles. I think she said nobody likes her this year.

James: Well, you wanted to get the nerd herd back, didn't ya?

Janie: No.

James: Yeah, you did. You went ballistic on Maggie, you went ballistic on Ivette. You went ballistic on April.

Janie tells James he needs to win POV. He says that she is assuming they will be put up. She is mumbling, and seems really drunk.

He tells her that she is really drunk or crazy.

He says that this is her night to talk crazy, and then after that they need to find Janelle.

He says that losing Howie sucks.

Janelle says that she can't do it anymore.

He says she can and she will. He says that if she doesn't go home this week, she'll bounce back.

Janelle: If I go up this week, I'm done. You have to know that.

James doesn't answer.

(I've never seen Janie like this. She took everything really well last year, even when she was evicted. She's very depressed. --ed)

James: What did you and George talk about?

Janie: He told me why he couldn't put me up.

James: Why did he put up Howie?

Janie: He said he doesn't win comps and doesn't do anything.

James snickers.

James: Chicken George says Howie doesn't do anything, huh?

Janelle: Howie went out so bad.

James: Yeah, he shouldn't have done that.

Janelle: He's got a temper.

James: Are you worried, or upset about the way he went out?

Janie: Yes.

(This explains a lot of it --ed)

James: At first I thought everything was going fine. He gave me a big hug. He hugged Erika.

Janie: Oh, God, James!

Crying again.

Will comes in and asks how Janie is doing. She says "not good."

He says he will go to the DR and then come back, and asks if she needs anything before then.

Janelle: A shotgun.

James says that girls don't kill themselves that way--they use pills.

Janelle: I could drown myself.

James: You couldn't drown yourself.

Janelle: I can put weights on the bottom.

James: You can't kill yourself. That's f--ing ridiculous. If you keep saying that, I'll get the shrink in here.

James tells her that there is something more going on in her head--it's not just this.

James tells her it is insane for her to be talking like this.

(I think they need to get a shrink in there, seriously--ed)

Janie thinks she has a fever, and James is getting her some Advil or Tylenol.

Someone walks by with flip flops.

Janie says she hates the way "she" walks, the way she drags her feet.

Janie: I can only take so much!

Crying again.

Janelle is lying back, and she has tears constantly rolling down her face, silently. (It's truly sad--ed)

Janelle: James, I have to leave. I have to do voluntary exit.

James: You're not gonna leave. You're too much of a badass for that. You own these bitches.

James: You need to talk to Dr. Zachary.

Janelle: No, I don't (sobs)--I've already talked to her!


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10:37 PM BBT

Feeds show James going into the BR. Janelle is on the couch in the BR. James asks her if she's going to sleep there. Janie replies she isn't sleeping.


James: From the way it looks, if it wasn't Howie, it could have been you.

Janie: So what?

Janie crying

James: Janelle, I know you can deal with this better than this. You are one of the strongest people I know.

Janie is still crying and James trying to help her out picks up Janie's used tissue with another piece of toilet paper. (Never shall his hands touch any bodily fluids of Janie's. :unsure: )

James asks Janie if this wasn't what happened last year with the Nerd Herd. Said you wanted to get the Nerd Herd back.

Janie mumbles something about POV. James says you're assuming we're going to be nominated. Janelle is mumbling almost incoherently.

Janelle you're either drunk or crazy. That's bullshit.

This is your night to talk like a fool. I want the real Janelle back. Losing Howie sucks. Losing Howie really sucks. It's going to happen to all of us but this was just not our week. Janelle mumbles I want to go now and James says unfortunately it's not in the rules. (I don't think Janelle has her microphone on.)

James is still feeding Janelle toilet paper and looking totally exasperated.

Janelle: Erika (couldn't understand) I fucking hate her. James says she throwing everyone sex (?)

Janelle keeps saying she wants to quit and go home. James is telling her if she doesn't go home this week, she has this game in her back pocket.

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Janie is just lying there, crying, and James is sighing and sitting there.

James: Janelle, there has to be something so much deeper than Howie's eviction. What's going on? No one talks about killing themselves because Howie got evicted.

Janie: I just lost another person, James. I can't help it.

James: You can't take it personal, Janie. You can't.

Janie: I do, though.

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11:00 PM BBT

BB calls Will to the DR. He stops by the BR and checks on Janelle. He asks her if she needs anything and she replies a shotgun. he said they would talk when he gets out of DR.

The conversation turns to how women never kill themselves with guns but use pills instead.

James berates Janelle for talking like that. James says she is giving the producers a heart attack.

Janelle bitching about Erika and how she walks and drags her feet. She says I can only take so much.

James gets Janie some Advil and then leaves to go get water.

Janie takes the medicine but is still extremely depressed.

BB calls Mike to the DR.

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The feed goes to Erika and Dani, gloating.

Erika: They got outplayed. I'm sorry. Where are they?

Dani points and they laugh.

Erika: You are f--ing a reality television dream. You are gold.

Dani: I don't think they show that.

Erika tells Dani she is gorgeous, funny, smart, etc. and she swears that people would have seen that when she was trying for Survivor (I think) and we get FOTH (because Skeletor talked about someone she wasn't supposed to talk about--Lynn, apparently).

Will comes in and James says, "Dr. Dreamy!"

Will asks what is going on, and she says, "Nothing, I'm fine."

He says that she isn't fine--she's upset. Does she want to talk about it?

He says he will take a shower and she can watch, and then they will talk.

James tells him she has a fever and she took aspirin.

(I think she has a burn of some sort, too -- ed)

Janie: I'm so sick. I don't feel good.

James: What is it? Just stomach and headache?

Janie: I have a really bad headache.

James is going into the DR to ask for Advil. They are out of it and she took aspirin before.

Will says she can still take Advil, even with Aspirin.

Will: I'll make you happy, don't worry. I'll take a shower and be right back. It makes me sad that you are sad.

I just realized that Janie is on the couch in the bathroom area, not the red room.

James comes back.

James: I said, Dr. Delicious is here!!

Will tells her he will shower and they will go upstairs and work it out, okay?

James goes to the bathroom.

Will: James is taking a marathon dump, everybody! (Yelling)

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11:10 PM BBT

Janie and James still in the BR. Janie still talking about leaving. James tells her she's not going to make a voluntary exit because she's too much of a badass for that.


Feeds back but not much conversation. Janie looking depressed and sighing a lot. More tears from Janie and sighs from James. I think he's waiting for Will to come back.

James says this has to be something so much deeper than Howie's eviction. What's the hell's going on? Nobody talks about killing yourself because someone got evicted.

Janie mumbles something about "personal" and "game". She's talking so low I can't get what she is saying.)

James: You can't take it personal, Janie, you can't.

Janie: She makes me want to throw up. James is reassuring her that she'll be fine.

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Janie asking Will to promise to vote her out.

He is saying abosolutely not. He's gonna rebuild her faster and stronger

J: no, no rebuilding

she is depressed and feels she can't go on. she says shes physically ill.

J: will.. you need to vote me out of here. i'm serious. i'm suicidial.

W: don't joke around about that.

J:I need t get out of here immediatly.

W: no.. no way.

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George comes in and says that he won't be seeing Will at his door at 3 a.m. any longer with ideas, right?

Will says he just might.

Janelle leaves.

Will is calling out to her not to leave--he will be right out. He asks where she is going. She says "To my bed."

Will tells her to go to HOH and he will meet her there.

Janelle goes into the room and the girls are laughing and Erika tells her to come in--they are talking about Marcie, and Janie starts sobbing loudly. They get up and Dani puts her arms around her and they sit on either side of her. Janie says she is fine, and Dani says that is just like a woman to say she is fine. Janie says she doesn't feel well.

Erika says that they are all crying. Dani says that they are all having a moment.

Dani says she was about to have a moment, and Janelle came in and now they are all crying. They were talking about Marcellas and having a moment.

Will wants Janie to go up to the HOH and they all say they will go, and Will asks Janie to go and she says she wants to stay there in bed by herself.

Now, George is in the room with them, looking for his green blanket.

Erika says they are all sitting in the dark, crying.

Will asks her if she wants to move into Boogies old bed, and she says yes, and he says he will help her move in there.

(She really seems to want to get away from Erika and Dani)

Will: Okay, look. He's only jacked off in here about 2200 times. Okay, it's not the time for jokes.

Janie is not laughing.

Will: Check it out. You're going to bed in a new area.

Will is tucking Janie into bed, fully clothed.

Will: You want me to leave you alone, or you don't care?

Janie: I don't care.

Will gets a stool and sits by her head like a psychiatrist. You can hear Dani and Erika laughing it up in the next room, telling stories about Marcellas, etc.

Will just made Janie smile for the first time in a long time. He tells her to drop that snotty rag.

Will: What's going on? What's going on in that crazy head of yours?

Janie: I want to get out of here.

Will says he wants to know what Janie was like as a kid.

She says he has to get her out of here--she wants voluntary exit--she's serious. She doesn't want to be there, she feels ill and she can't stand it there.

Will: You're gonna remember this moment and you're gonna laugh at it in a day or two.

Janie says that Will is teasing her.

Will: Why?

Janie: Because you're an asshole?

Will: Why?

Janie: Why are you an asshole?

Will: You think you're pretty funny, don't ya?

Janie: Will, promise me you will vote me out.

Will: No.

Janie: Vote me out. James and chicken George are gonna vote me out.

Get me out of here.

Will: Look at me. No. We're gonna rebuild you. Faster, stronger, better. You just need a break. You were here for me when I was sad, right?

Janie: Yeah.

Will: You're a lot stronger than you know.

Janie: Will, I can't stay here. I want my dog and my boyfriend. That's it.

Will: But you are going to sequester.

Janie: I'll have a picture of my dog and I can call my boyfriend.

Will says if he wins AC, he will give Janie the phonecall.

Janie: My boyfriend won't call me on television. I'm physically ill, I can't go on. I'm depressed.

Will: Well, me, too.

Janie sighs.

Janie: Will, please get me out of here. I'm suicidal. I'm serious.

Will: Don't joke around about that.

Janie: I don't feel good. I need to get out of this house.

Will: When?

Janie: Immediately.

Will: No way.

Janie: I have a fever. I'm sick.

Will: Let me feel. You're fine. Hot, yes. Feverish, no.

Janie: I have a fever. My head is never that hot.

Will: I think you're okay.

Janie; No, I'm not. I'm sick.

Will: Tell me stuff. Tell me what you miss.

Janie: I miss everything.

Will: Right now, I'm just depressed, too.

Will: What are you thinking? Say it.

Janie: It's stupid.

Will: Tell me.

Janie: George and I were talking about the county fair.

Will: Tell me about it. What do you do there?

Janie: It's a midwestern thing. 4H

Will: What did you enter?

Janie: A horse.

Will: Did you win?

Janie: I got fourth.

Will: Fourth is good.

They talk about the animals and Will says he has never been to anything like that. Janie is really perking up. Talking about food at the fair.

Will: Do you ever want to, like, have a more simple life than you have now and move to the Midwest?

Janie says yes. Will asks if she is serious or not. Won't she miss stuff?

Janie says she can erase it from her mind if she wants--she can forget it.

Will says that you don't want to erase stuff from your mind--memories. She says she can easily forget the life she has now, and he asks if she can walk away from it, and she says yes.

She starts to get a little pensive again.

Will: Let me hear more. About the fair.

She starts talking again.

Talking about rides, and Will says he always throws up on someone on those.

Will: And then you can get a goldfish that lives like ten years.

Janie is laughing now.

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