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New Season of BB International


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BBUK is ending and I'm not going to have any international BB to follow! What to do!? Are there any seasons starting anywhere else? I know Finland is starting next Wednesday, but I don't speak Finnish. I speak English and French and can understand a fair amount of Portuguese and Chinese. Are there any BBs starting in any of these languages? Thanks! I need my fill of Big Brother and US isn't doing it by itself anymore!!

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How is your Dutch then?

The inventors of Big Brother will begin their sixth series the day BBUK ends - tomorrow - see http://www.talpa.tv/big-brother

The theme is "Together Alone" and each housemate will have a member of their family also in the house.

The house has also been completly revamped since last year's show, where one housemate gave birth during the series.

The Phillipines version of Big Brother will be back for it's second series later in the year - and their website is in English, though all quotes are in the local language - http://www.pinoybigbrother.com

Finland starts on the 28th August - http://www.subtv.fi/bigbrother - and an English update service at http://www.bbplaza.net/kolumnit.php?sivu=eng_upd

In September BB7 Germany begins on the 17th - http://www.bigbrother.de , while also in September is BB8 in Spain - around the 7th.

Looking ahead and Celebrity Big Brother UK will be back for a fifth series in January, and Big Brother Brazil (in Portugese I believe) should be back early next year.

BB Brazil - http://bbb.globo.com - is quite an interesting one as it's taken the HoH rules and adapted them to include the public vote.

Basically, the HoH nominates one person with the other HMs voting to nominate a second (HoH breaks any tie). The public then vote to evict.

In addition to the "Lider" challenges, there is also the Angel in which another HM wins immunity and the power to give immunity to someone else.

There is a pretty much complete archive on the official site at Globo - and also a very good site at http://exclusivo.terra.com.br/bbb6

If anyone has any more info about Big Brother anywhere in the World please add it here!

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