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BBUK... how do you watch it?

Guest Savage4Life

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Guest Savage4Life

Just wondering if anyone out there knows a place to download the current BBUK series. Last year I attempted to download some of the BBUK series but was unable to get more then the first couple of episodes off of torrent sites.

So all of you out there who are currently watching it is it because you are either from the UK or have some sort of satellite that picks up the episodes?

Or is there a place where you are downloading from and if there is pleeeease let me know where that torrent site is.


PS- That also goes for any of the other BB series going on in the world

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Guest Shockalot




Now here is the crazy thing.. they seem to be saying this can only be ordered by UK residents now!?

Im gonna say you could go ahead and try and sign up using the first link. Im not saying tell them you live in the UK but how would they know otherwise??

If that doesnt work then maybe give Channel4 or Realone.com an email and ask them what the deal is?

I gotta admit I have not been following this years BBUK . I guess im just concentrating it all into BBUSA this time lol?

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