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August 17 Live Feed Updates


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Grooming time in the bb house.

Erika is doing her roots. Howie is trimming Boogies hair with the clippers. Will is thinking about getting rid of his gray.

Howie ''we know erica has great cans, right internet fans"

Now Boogie is trimming Howie. Will asked if he could sit and watch, and crack jokes.

ERika says her hair is black, she lightens it. Will asked if it is as dark as his, she says yes.

Howie should not trust boogie with those clippers :o

George and James talking in red room. Boring.zzzzzzzzzzzz car talk. blah blah blah.

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Most in the bathroom dying hair or watching others dye hair.

Will is putting stripes in Howie's hair, Howie thinks that CT thinks it is cool, but when he turns his back, Will can't keep a straight face.

CG is encouraging it even more. Howie's mustache is also being dyed.

Danielle is sitting back in disbelief.

All guys but Marci are now assisting in the dying of Howie's hair, Georg is really skilled at it.

This is going to be interesting to see...

Will is telling the ladies that why can't fall in love with Howie when his hair is done....

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They are trying to burn jenga. Its not that exciting. Will is complaing about the DR.

Will is trying everything to burn jenga. Its not working. George says that its treated wood, one you get past the first layer it will go.

Visual " they stacked the jenga game with paper inbetween all the way up. Will lit the paper, the paper burned but not the jenga. howie george boogie james staring at it. Will trying more paper.'

Will wants to throw some nail polish remover on it. Or propane from the bbq.

Howie 'the leaning tower of jenga'

Will 'jenga is offically on fire'

will 'jenga is lit'

all feeds on BY

Will ' this game is so much more fun on fire'

will and howie going to get some marshmallows

Howie still has dye on his hair.

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the guys are watching the fire.

Will " the meanest thing ever said this season. When kaysar left howie said 'well, maybe this just isnt his game'"


Will 'what else can I burn. I am going to wait until howie is in the jack shack, put all the weights on it, and light it on fire'

Howie 'there is not enough weight to keep me in there'

Howie still has the dye on his head and face.


Dani and jani in the bathroom getting ready for bed, but jani just woke up.

ERica rinsed her hair.

Back to the BY

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Lots of negotiating and power-brokering amongst the Legion of Doom in the last hour . . . James trying to sell Boogie on the benefits of James voting in line with the sovs rather than the rest of them in case Howie wins HOH next week versus Boogie's concern that the votes might be tied, Danielle concerned that her voting to evict Marcellas will be just as bad as her backstabbing of him in BB3 and that she is the only one of the 3 that will lose his vote, James and Danielle both worried Chilltown are trying to set them up to do their dirty work and plan on coasting next week because they are in good with the sovs and Erika, Chilltown worried Erika is setting them up to do their dirty work . . . sigh!

The latest seems to be that Will has finally convinced Janelle to let them get rid of Marcellas instead of Erika . . . she agreed to do it because they plan on staging a fake fight to make it seem like Janelle is mad at Chilltown for 'betraying' her so that Erika won't feel the need to try for HOH or POV next week and they can backdoor her now that there's only 8 people left in the house with everybody in on it. (Not sure whether they really plan on following through with this next week though IF they actually follow through with this plan . . . still a whole day before the actual vote :P Also, Boogie is balking at the thought of using his power (if he does actually have the coup thing) on Janelle . . . )

PS Howie's hair looks absolutely hideous! :o

* * * * *

Update: Howie just asked Janelle what she's going to do with respect to the vote tomorrow and she said 'keep Marci' and 'vote out Erika' . . . she plans on telling James tomorrow. (Except of course Janelle doesn't have a vote tomorrow, and Legion of Doom rules the votes, so it looks like they plan on evicting Marcellas regardless (I think?))

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8:50AM BBT

All houseguests sleeping except Danielle who looks like she just woke up

8:53 Marci just got up to use the Bathroom where Danielle was sitting. Marci stops on way out to talk to Danielle (not sure what about) then heads back to bed.

9:00AM BBT Danielle doing ADLs still only one up

(time for me to get some sleep, take good notes on feeds so I have something to read when I wake up:))

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When marci stopped to talk to danielle before heading back to bed. He told her that if she feels she safer with Ericka in the house then she should vote to kepe her in but if he makes it in then then he still has dani's back and they will work towards getting will out. Dani just said ok.

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9:44 bbt - Feeds are back

Erika and Dani in the bathroom talking.

They can hear BB out in the BY.

Dani: What are you doing out there BB?

Erika: they are builiding us a prom!

Dani: If its a dance off, im taking my shoes off IMMEDIATELY!

Erika: Yeah, I was thinking about doing that too..

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E: it is true what Will said about the money, the jury shouldn't just get 30

D: yea, the fact the person going out 3rd gets the same as this week...

D: do they know we are grown women? Wearing a prom dress? Hanging on a web? I think Alison wakes up in the middle of the night... let's dress them in giant pickle suits... I remember the most fun was the gigantic sponge suits... during the comp I was thinking this is awful, the weight of the suits... (acting out the comp)... it wasn't fun by any means, but when you saw it on tv, it was the funniest thing...

E: I was watching your season during sequester, and I didn't get that far

D: I don't watch past Marcellas eviction, after that it's all bad... I don't like my skin in here...

(they discuss HOH web comp, Erika giving it to Danielle, Erika mentions Jan/How flipping their choice of M/E again)

D: that's the thing with them, they flipped on Jase...

E: James has to make a decision at some point

D: I think with him, he's trying to play the grey area, so he can be in on their meeting

E: that makes sense

D: he says, I know they don't care about me... if he wins, he's putting up the both of them

E: that does make sense I guess

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Erika has been wandering all over the house looking for her hair highlighting kit. She mentioned to Dani that maybe Howie used the box when he was in the jack shack (YUK)

Dani started to help her look for it and they found it under a pile of crap on the bathroom floor! (Maybe if they tidied up once and a while, they could find things!)

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Danielle and Erika are in the bathroom area... Erika is busy putting on a cap for dying her hair

D: do you think we'd save money if we learned to do things ourself, instead of going to the salon?

E: I'm sure...... but it's SOOO worth it to have someone do it for you!

D: you know what is funny about Janelle and Howie...

E: wait, talk to me after this, I can't hear anything with this cap on... (lol)

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(back from my own lunch... reviewing the past hour)

FOTH for a while

BB has woken the HGs, most sitting around the kitchen area eating/snacking

BB sternly tells Marcellas it's time to get up

Will/Mike complimenting Howie's hair

W: you went to the stud lottery and played all the right numbers

W: you went to the stud buffet and got all you wanted

W: you put the stud in stud muffin

W: they are cancelling all the other reality shows, it's over!

Mike attempts to remember the name of a reality show that he saw was on this summer... Treasure Hunters? America's Got Talent, that's the one... America's Got Mustache...

(comment from out of the blue, about Alex Trebek.... mustache)

W: and guess what Howie, you aren't in Jeopardy!

now FOTH again

Will/Mike sharing stories about 'Jeff Stolts' (played fireman/cop on 7th Heaven, someone in Wedding Crashers also)... friend of Will/Mike... says Stacy(Kiebler?) from Dancing with Stars is his girlfriend

Dani: the one who should have won?

Will/Dani laughing about BB needing to get in last minute footage of comments about Howie's hair...

(Erika walks thru, still with her alien helmet/dye cap on)

W: look at Howie's picture on the wall, then look at him with the mustache, he looks a LOT better now

J: he looks fat in the picture

W: the mustache hides the fat

(Janelle is pacing in the room, grins at Will's comment)

James/Will/Danielle laughing again about Howie's hair

J: I was literally crying, I was laughing so hard... but it was worth it

W: when someone alters their appearance drastically, they have to explain it, otherwise it's like there is someone else in the house... so they say take us back to before this happened...

W: I love when they are already laughing in the DR when you get in there

(Janelle now sitting at the table with Will/Danielle, silently eating bowl of cereal)

W: Janelle, in the morphomatic, do they show the bottom third, or just the face?

J: just the face...

W: was it annoying, or fun?

J: mmhmmm

W: how did you sleep?

J: really good

W: you seem up early for you

J: I know

(she looks sleepy still, Will seems to be trying to make conversation with her... I personally HATE talking in the morning before I wake up completely lol)

Will/Dani/James/Jan/Erika in kitchen

James asking about Will/Jan marrying...

Howie returns, Will says he needs to keep the hat off, it looks good! Howie asks Erika for her opion, she says it's good... Howie wants Will to look at his boil again, Will refuses 'not in the kitchen!'

James says Will needs to realize if he marries Janelle, the Howie dog may come along too...


W: that mustache looks great! It's like Adam Morrison, drafted in the NBA... Adam Morrison, mustache!

James: (talk of wasted talent) Len Bias, Bobby Hurley, Ricky Williams

(Howie in other room making "Howie" comments

James: maybe we can get a luxury competition to win a muzzle? Or a Tazer gun?

CG: we need to get him new material (hey! CG has joined them!)

James: this is the second year I've had to put up with this

Jan: it used to be funny, but it's not anymore

CG: same material as last year?

Jan: like a hundred times?

James: we had him go an entire day to not insult women... Howie, you made it when Kaysar bet you that, right?

Will: will you leave the mustache for a couple weeks?

James: if he shaves his mustache, would it leave a brown stain?

(Howie mentions trying to get to a light saber(?)

James: the problem is the case is made of a material that your powers can't penetrate

Will: yea, like... glass... or air...

James: it's a glass/air mixture... it does make you look younger

Will: and less fat

How: like (someone) in Rocky 4

James: I've never seen a Rocky movie

CG wants to leave the BB house down 20-25 pounds... says he'll have the 'Doc' do the botox treatment... the new hair... asks if they really like the new style... James says he looks good

How: Saturday it will be a month since you shaved your head

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Feeds are back. Boogie and James in the gym.

Janelle, Howie, Will and George in the LR.

Danielle Joins Boogie and James. Boogie saying that was the worse person to have nominate live. "We could have talked him into putting up Janelle."

and Triva!!

Erika joins gym.. James is telling Boogie that he needs to use his power and put Janelle up. Danielle is asking how long is the HoH and they are trying to work out when the eviction is going to be.

James complains that Janelle and Howie never said sorry you're on the block. They ran right to George to protect him. They think that this is what they planned all along.

(my feeds are cutting out)

Danielle is confronting George. She wants to make sure he isnt backdooring her. He said he will explain everything and she will understand.

Danielle tells him, You have to be careful george, you dont know what that power is. You dont want to piss all these people off.

George asks who is in the gym.

Gym grew exit. James and Erika left. Boogie told James to stay in the gym and be cool. James says that Janelle and Howie wont come near him because they are gulity.

He says he wants to get Janelle out this week and then win HoH next week and put George up and say, "you fucked with the wrong people."

James alone, "George, you have awakened a demon."

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