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Big Brother Academy Awards


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And the award for ______________________________ goes to....

Pick your award and pick your player. I was thinking....

And the award for "Best dramatic performance in a reality series" goes to... Marcellas

- For your outstanding display of chair slumping

And the award for "Best imitation of a B list adult flick" goes to... Will, Boogie, Skarika, and Janey

- For your creepy shower scene

And the award for "Best competitor with the worst case of eternal optimism" goes to... Janelle

- For your refusal to believe people when they show you they truly are scum.

And the award for "Best Actor" goes to.... James

- For your uncanny impersonation of a snake.

And the award for "Best .... well we don't know what you're the best at because you were MIA all episode... Chicken George!

- Where the heck WAS he?? :huh:

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and the award for not able to make your decision goes to janelle

and the award for you helping everybody win but yourself goes to howie

and the award for i have alot of groupies fans goes to janelle

and award for HNIC goes to danielle

and award for even if i dont win the show i get the fans choice for 500,000 charity prize goes to janelle

and award for i kiss as much ass to win goes to ericka

and award for no ones trust me in the house goes to james

and award for i make final four easily cause i suck goes to howie

and award for best/worst sidekick goes to boogie

and award for worst producer goes to allison and arnold

and award for taking suckers money in polls goes to cbs

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And the award for "Taking show commentary to a personal and pathetic level" goes to... a few people on this board!

Congratulations! You've now taken game commentary to a new low by insulting players, rather than strategy.

Sounds like a bunch of Mini-Marci's in here sometimes!

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GoJaney=groupie :blink:

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Best waste of space in a leading role. Marcellas

Best waste of space in a supporting role Chichen George

Worst editing in reality shows...CBS

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Hahaha... those are some great ones!

Oh the bad man called me a groupie and even made a thread about me not naming names. How droll.

That wasn't in reference to just you, UVP. You're not the only person drinking Haterade :lol:

But yeah... I do think its slimy of you to trash the people instead of their gameplay.

Anyhow, back to BB....

"Best performance while intoxicated"... Danielle

- For her, "I'm not drunk... I'm pretending to be drunk... while I slur alone on the patio" speech... quality!

"Best dramatic performance involving kleenex"... Skarika

- For her tearful pleas... over and over... and over... about how she loved Kaysar.

If you vote them out, you can't cry about them being gone! :blink:

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