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The Return Of the "Killer 7"


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Last year I was a NOOB at Morty's. Sure, some of my posts were stupid at times. And, so were some of your's. But, that's not the point of this topic. Last year I predicted the show would improve dramatically mainly when it came down to the Final 7(AKA the "Killer 7"). It was widdled down to SOV's VS NERD's. I was Wrong. IMO it pretty much sucked(regardless of who you liked).

This year, However, I think that the Final 7 Might actually be something interesting to see. Regardless of who wins what, I think James is gone within 2 weeks. George goes when George goes. Dani Is pretty much in James' Boat(give or take a week). Which leaves Erika/Marci...

Who Cares? Regardless of who leaves this week is of no consequence if you ask me. They are pretty much both at the same level of threat.Neither have officially won Jack. The only edge between them would go to Erika, obviously.

Which leads to my point. The "Killer 7" might be a good showdown as opposed to last year. Chicken George as a "Vote for Hire" might pose an Interesting factor, as will Dani/James depending on who goes first. Chilltown and the S2 seem cool this week. Then again, it's Chilltown and the S2. Erika/Marci are busy talking trash and doing nothing to save themselves(Advantage Erika, IMHO).

So, Hopefully the "Killer 7" might redeem what IMO has been a 40-something day snorefest.

-Rant mode off

PS- Flame on, Human Torch! It's only my POV.

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There are still strong personalities in the house this year. Janelle, Danielle, Will, Booger and Howie should make the remaining weeks entertaining, to say the least.

I can't remember when there were this many strong players still in the game at the half way mark. I think the next four weeks will more than makeup for what some have called a boring season.

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I too think if the final 7 are: Janelle, Will, Howie, Boogie, Dani, James, and CG it will be an awesome ending. You've got three teams and CG- J and H, W, and B, D and J. I think it would be great, CT would pair up with whoever is HOH and CG would just keep doing his thing. All the big numbers are gone. The hosueguest don't really know this because CT is on both sides.

Sidetrack- Is James stupid? CT is on his side with Dani and on his side with Jani, doesn't he see that CT are snakes?

Back on track- This is the way I'd like it to go down!

Marci leaves

Ericka leaves

Dani leaves

Boogie leaves

James leaves

CG leaves

Will and Jani in the final two (Even though this would never happen because it would be stupid for Jani to take Will or for Will to take Jani over CG)

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