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Hi there,

First time poster here -

I'm looking for a list of official rules for the contestants of the amazing race. I'm not interested in thier disclosure agreements etc, just the rules DURING the race - I.e. Cant use your own money, can't fly first class etc...


Also does anyone one know when the actual 8th race starts? Not the show, but the race itself.

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Guest jerryh

Here is a glossary with the general rules http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race7.../race/glossary/

Some other rules that you see that aren't there include:

  • Cannot take another team's posesstions or vehicle - Time penalty

Cannot take more then 1 clue - Time penalty

Must take a clue from all clue boxes - Cannot check in without finding all

Must follow instructions completely, ie. cannot take a taxi if says to walk. - Time penalty

Cannot break local laws - Time penalty up to disqualification

Each team member is only allowed to participate in up to 6 road blocks

Must complete all tasks, road blocks, detours - Time penalty

Must fly coach

May not use own funds

May keep excess funds not used in previous legs

May beg for money from other people

Cannot bring personal items, ie a cell phone, but one may be borrowed

If not an elimination round, last team forfeits all money and all items they are not wearing, except passports. They also will not receive any money at the start of the next round.

Teams are not clocked in at pit stop until both team members are on matt.

These are the basic ones that I can remember. I'll post again if I remember more.

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Guest ranster627

thanks Jerry ... we also have some more in this Forum somewhere ... I will try to hunt down that link ... :wink:

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Guest ranster627
I found this list of rules on Answers.com but it distinctly says that the official set of rules has never been released.  Of course, being avid watchers, we already know most of these rules anyway.  Found it interesting though.

Rules of the Race

All teams must abide by the rules set at the beginning of the race. Failure to do so can result in time penalties, which can negatively affect finishing position in that leg of the race. While the complete set of official rules has not been released to the public, certain rules have been revealed during the various editions of the race:

Teams must purchase economy class tickets for airfare. Teams are allowed to be upgraded to first or business class by the airline, as long as they only paid an economy fare (Reichen and Chip, Season 4; Ray and Deana, Season 7).

Teams are not allowed contact with known friends, family, and personal acquaintances during race. However, teams are allowed to stay in contact with and receive help from people they meet during the race, such as travel agents. (One exception to this rule occurred in in Season 3. Teams were offered a cellular phone after completing a detour. As CBS's website explains, "They had the option of making one phone call to their loved ones back home before driving to the chateau. Teams could talk on the phone as long as they wanted, but had to end the call before getting in their cars.")

For misreading a clue's instructions, the penalty is the amount of time gained by breaking the rule plus an additional 30 minutes (Heather and Eve, Season 3). It should be noted that in Season 2, Will and Blake (on separate teams) misread their Roadblock clues and completed the task incorrectly. They simply re-performed the task before checking in at the Pit Stop and did not receive time penalties.

Intentionally disobeying a clue's instructions results in a 24 hour penalty (Nancy and Emily, Season 1).

Taking more than one clue from the clue box results in a 30 minute penalty (Freddy and Kendra, Season 6).

Any action which disadvantages another team, such as driving away in another team's car, results in a 30 minute penalty (Don and Mary Jean, Season 6).

Voluntarily quitting a Roadblock results in a 4 hour penalty which begins as soon as the next team arrives at the task (Hayden and Aaron, Season 6; Various teams, Season 7).

Teams that skip a Route Marker are not allowed to check-in at the Pit Stop. They are not assessed a penalty, but are directed by host Phil Keoghan to complete the missed tasks. For example, Chip and Kim and Kami and Karli of Season 5 failed to retrieve a Route Marker. Derek and Drew of Season 3 skipped a Route Marker and thus attempted to check-in without completing a Roadblock. They were informed that they could not check in until the Roadblock was completed. In Season 7, Uchenna and Joyce failed to complete a Roadblock correctly and were not allowed to check-in at the Pit Stop. On the same leg, Meredith and Gretchen reached the Pit Stop but missed their final clue after a Roadblock; they were directed to retrieve it before checking-in.

If a team's vehicle breaks down through no fault of their own, they may request a replacement vehicle without receiving a time penalty. However, no time credit is given for their wait in this unlucky situation.

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