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Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt


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A "Desperate" Football Triumph

By Julie Keller

Nicollette Sheridan may be desperate but at least she's decent. The Desperate Housewives star got the federal seal of approval Monday when the FCC (news - web sites) ruled that her controversial towel-dropping promo for Monday Night Football last year did not rise (or, if you prefer, sink) to the level of indecency.

In the spot, Sheridan, playing her man-hungry Edie Britt, confronts Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens in the locker room before the game and tries to coax him to stay. With that, she removes her towel and leaps into Owens' arms. "Aw, hell," says Owens. "The team's going to have to win without me."

MNF fans never actually saw Sheridan's assets, but by the end of the telecast the NFL was fuming, ABC was apologetic and conservative-minded viewers were apoplectic. An FCC rep said the agency received more than 50,000 calls and emails about the segment and an investigation was launched.

However, on Monday, all five FCC commissioners voted that the segment, while "titillating" and "sexually suggestive," is simply "not graphic or explicit enough to be indecent under our standard."

The two major factors working in ABC's favor were a lack of foul language and a lack of extreme nudity. The only skin that was shown was of Sheridan's upper back. And Owens' "hell" is downright quaint compared to, say, NYPD Blue.

While the FCC gave ABC a flyer, some of the commissioners were not thrilled that the promo aired at all, particularly during the 9 p.m. hour when kids could have tuned in.

"There wasn't much self-discipline in this particular promotion," Commissioner Michael Copps said in a statement. "As stewards of the airwaves, broadcasters can and should do better."

Sheridan's publicist declined to comment. No immediate word from ABC, either, although the network previously issued a mea culpa saying the spot was "inappropriate."

Although the FCC has handed down record fines in the wake of Janet Jackson (news)'s wardrobe malfunction (which, barring a successfull appeal, will cost Viacom and CBS some $550,000 in fines) in January 2004, the agency has been in a more forgiving mood of late. Last month, commissioners dismissed indecency complaints against ABC's unedited broadcast of Saving Private Ryan, Fox's Arrested Development and The Simpsons, NBC's Will & Grace and the WB's Angels.

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Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt on Desperate Housewives


Nicollette Sheridan, born in England and raised in London and Los Angeles, is perhaps best known to TV audiences for portraying the beautiful, powerful and manipulative Paige Matheson in the long-running drama series,

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Guest XandraSkye

From TVShowsOnDVD.com:

Desperate Housewives - Updated List of Extras Includes Nicollette Sheridan's NFL Spot!

Posted by David Lambert 4/10/05

Desperate Housewives - The Complete 1st Season hits DVD on September 20th, and one of the most up-in-the-air aspects about the release - now that the widescreen issue has been resolved, anyway - is the list of supplements that will be found on this 6-DVD set. Now, thanks to reader Adam Wade, we've become aware that online e-tailer Amazon.com's pre-order listing now shows the following list of extras:

Exclusive Unrated Deleted Scenes - including alternate endings and openings

Dirty Laundry - Gag Reel

Audio Commentary from creator Marc Cherry and his Mother

Secrets of Wisteria Lane - Interactive Neighborhood Map

Confidentially Speaking - Dr. Goldfine's Secret Sessions Revealed

Nicollette Sheridan's NFL Spot!

Intertesting, especially things like the TV Spot from Monday Night Football where a naked Nicollette Sheridan hops into the arms of Terrell Owens, receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, in an effort to persuade him to miss the opening of the game that night against the Dallas Cowboys. It was meant to be a bit of fun, nothing more, and Owens did indeed head out onto the field (and scored a trio of TDs that night!). It generated a lot of complaints to the FCC, but they ruled that the segment violated none of their rules, and mentioned that a lot of daytime TV (soap operas) showed similar segments on a regular basis.

Another interesting addition is Creator Marc Cherry's mother being a part of the commentary along with her son. For those of you who haven't heard, Cherry created the character of Lynette based on his mom! So it will be very interesting to hear her stories about how it was raising the future producer of a big ABC hit.

The press release talked about bonus features on this set as consisting of the Season One finale's alternate ending; unrated and exclusive extended episodes; the 'Making-of' the Season One finale; cast commentaries on favorite episodes; creator Marc Cherry's favorite episodes with audio commentary; a short documentary on the Housewives' phenomenon worldwide; Wisteria Lane Fashion show; and more.

When you compare Amazon's list to the one on the press release, you see new things like the NFL spot, the "Marc's Mom" commentary, the interactive map, and the "Dr. Goldfine" featurette. But you also see things left off, like the mention of "cast commentaries", and the fashion show. The wording of the press release also talks about behind-the-scenes featurettes that don't sound like they're on the Amazon list.

As they say, "bonus features are subject to change." Is that what happened here? Perhaps. Or perhaps this isn't the complete list. The Amazon listing for the Lost first season only mentions a 6-DVD set, and we have told you that the studio has now extended that to 7 discs. So the extras seen at Amazon may not be the final list. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know more once we get something from Buena Vista that says it is a final list of extras. And now, back to the show, which is airing even as I finish posting this news!

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Desperate Housewives bets on Edie for November sweeps

By Gina Keating


Richard Burgi and Nicollette Sheridan

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The ABC network is letting trampy, vampy Edie Britt out to play this month on "Desperate Housewives," betting that the popular supporting character will give the top-rated show an added boost for Nielsen's November "sweeps" survey.

The bad girl of Wisteria Lane, played by actress Nicollette Sheridan, was never meant to be central player on the darkly comic prime-time soap, which centers on the intrigues of four women who live on a seemingly quiet suburban cul-de-sac.

Sheridan began the show's first season last fall as a mere plot device to keep klutzy Susan, played by Teri Hatcher, from snagging hunky plumber Mike. "I had to cast someone who was sexy and gorgeous that would make Susan feel uncomfortable," the show's creator, Marc Cherry, told Reuters on Friday. "I never intended for Edie Britt to be one of the regular characters."

But Sheridan was so good as serial-divorcee Edie, and the storyline about two forty-something women competing for the neighborhood's only single man was so compelling, that ABC executives insisted she be written into the show as a regular, albeit subordinate to the four starring "Housewives."

Her character proved so colorful that she was featured in a notorious ABC "Monday Night Football" parody promo for the series, in which Sheridan, as Edie, seduced football wide receiver Terrell Owens in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room.

Her role will be expanded more this month as ABC and rival networks go all out to attract bigger audiences for "sweeps," the special Nielsen survey used by local TV stations to set future advertising rates.

A sweeps subplot involving Edie's 6-year-old son and her romance with Susan's ex-husband, Karl, will take center stage on the show starting on Sunday. "There will be a huge crack in the relationship between Karl and Edie that has direct implications for Susan," Cherry said. "For all her bravado there is a lifetime of hurt (in Edie). That's something we are going to reveal very slowly and something that Nicollette is great at playing."

Sheridan and her character have come a long way from the first season, when her second-tier status was apparent even in cast photographs with Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria. Sheridan was often in the background.

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Nicollette Sheridan, Michael Bolton engaged


LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- "Desperate Housewives" actress Nicollette Sheridan and singer Michael Bolton are engaged, Sheridan's publicist confirmed Wednesday. She provided no other details.

Sheridan, 42, and Bolton, 53, dated for several years in the 1990s and rekindled their romance last year. Sheridan was married to actor Harry Hamlin from 1991 to 1993. Bolton ended his 15-year marriage to Maureen McGuire, with whom he has three daughters, in 1990.

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