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August 11/12 Video Thread


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Friday's Food Competition, Friday thru Sunday Entries

June, Marvin, and Nicole judge plates of food prepared by the HGs. Each meal was required to use slop as an ingredient. Scoring of 1 to 5 determines what food for each day. If a meal scores 10 or more, they eat for that day. If it is a 9 or less, they go on slop. If all three judges give the dish a five, they get a barbeque with all the fixins.


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Part 1:

3:10 BBT, Saturday

Janelle confronts Marcellas in the HOH room. He covers his tracks (mostly lying) and reveals that James is in an alliance with CT.



3:15 BBT

Marcellas and Janelle hug, kiss, and make up.


Part 3:

3:20 BBT

Marcells and Ericka discuss his conversation until Danielle enters the room.

Then FOTH comes along.


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