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Really very little strategy ...


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But I think the way this game SHOULD be played is like the way many of us played Monopoly when we were kids - you make complex deals that you belive will turn out better for you than for the player you're dealing with. Just forming an alliance and trying towin comps isn't much of a strategy.

As an example of what I mean, here's a pitch D might have tried that might have been better for her than being in LoD.

First, she must remember that she's only HoH THIS week, will certainly not be next week and will probably not be the week after that either. So if she doesn't leverage her current HoH, if she takes the "what can I accomplish this week as HoH?" perspective, the best she can do is eliminate one of the Sovs.

But since J has said that he's ready to ACT against the Sovs when it becomes necessary, that means the alliance is only 3 people anyway, so eliminating 1 doesn't do much (esp. if it's not Janelle, the only one who's been a serious competitor in the competitions.)

IF she trusts the LoD alliance then she should see the house as 4-LoD, 3-Sov, 3-Floaters. From that perspective the Sovs are stronger than the Floaters only in game play, not in numbers, (and E. was 2nd in the last HoH and probably could have won if she wanted to!)

And when D came out of isolation she must have KNOWN that neither of CT had played to win PoV, and that should have made her question their commitment to the LoD alliance.

So, she goes to the Sov4 (James still playing along) and says

"I'm angry that CT didn't try for PoV. I'm thinking about getting rid of them. But it would be easier to just put up K. and get rid on one of you 4 this week. So here's what I'm offering:

"If I put up K. you lose a member of your alliance THIS week, for sure. If I agree NOT to put him (or Howie) up, that gives you 3 votes to save James, and since he can cancel one of the votes against him, I'm the tie-breaker if needed, so you won't lose anybody. I'm GIVING you another week intact.

"What I want from you if I put up one of CT is this: saving James will mean that one of CT is gone. I want immunity until the other one is gone. At that point it will be the 4 of you against us 4 floaters, and we can fight it out.

"I want each of you to promise that until we evict the remaining member of CT , if you win HoH

1. you won't nominate me,

2. you won't put me up as a replacement if someone uses PoV to remove one of your nominees, and

3. if someone else puts me on the block you'll vote to save me EVEN iF THE OTHER HG IS ONE OF YOU. That sounds like I'm asking a lot, but it will probably never happen, and in return you get the sure thing of not sending one of you home this week, so if it comes to that point you'll need to remember that you OWE me, and if you agree to this I will trust you to act honorably.


4. the first time any one of us gets a chance we'll put the other member of CT on the block, and we'll all vote to evict him."

I suspect that the 3 real Sovs would jump at that, and I think H and K would keep their end of it. So even if Janelle won HoH next week and put up D,, K and H would vote to save her.

Then she calls in the 3 floaters and says:

"If I put up another Sov after Janelle got herself off, the remaining 3 will all be after me next week.

"And I'm angry that CT didn't try for PoV. I'm thinking about getting rid of them.

"But if I do the other one will be after me next week too, and I don't know what alliances they've formed, so there might be others after me too.

"It would be easy just to put up one of you 3 against James: the 3 Sovs vote to save him, James cancels one of the votes against him, making it 3-3, I'm the tie-breaker and I send you home, and nobody is gunning for me next week when I can't play for HoH. That's what the Sovs did, and it's the safe play for me to make.

"But I have another idea I think you'll like better:

"We could eliminate CT and have the 4 of us play against the 4 Sovs.

"But if I don't put up one of you - which means I'm keeping you in the house one more week, a SURE THING - I need a promise from you in order to protect me next week.

"I want each of you to promise that until we evict the remaining member of CT , if you win HoH

1. you won't nominate me,

2. you won't put me up as a replacement if someone uses PoV to remove one of your nominees,

3. if someone else puts me on the block you'll vote to save me EVEN iF THE OTHER HG IS ONE OF YOU. And I know that sounds like a lot, but it will probably never happen, and in return you get the sure thing of one of you not going home this week.

"When the others ask you what we talked about, tell them I was discussing the possibility of putting one of you up as a replacement - because I was. But don't tell them anything else - NOTHING or the plan may not work.

"And no matter what you may hear next week from anyone who isn't in this room right now, don't believe it until you check with me, 'cause if what I'm planning works we 4 will be the dominant alliance in the Final SEVEN."

And I believe all 3 floaters would agree to that and again keep their word (except posssibly Marcellus, but even if she goes on the block she'll have J, K, H, E, and G voting so save her)!

And even if the remaing CT wins HoH and puts her up, she has the votes to stay. So she is TOTALLY SAFE next week - the week she can't compete for HoH.

And if one of the 3 floaters wins HoH, she tells them to put up 2 Sovs - ignoring the remaning CT member, leaving her the leader of the 4-Floaters alliance AND in a secret 2 person alliance w/ James, versus 2 Sovs and 1 CT.

And if she made it to F2 everyone would have to vote for her because it would clearly have been her plan that determined the outcome of the game.

THAT's an example of the way I think the game should be played. All this "she dissed me on the 'net" and "I'm not gonna get anyone mad at me" stuff isn't game-playing, it's muddling through, knowing that SOMEBODY will get to F2 and just hoping you'll be one of them. Dull to watch, which is why so many of the posts are about the HG's personal stuff. Back in Season 5 when the house was working to evict Jase there were lots more posts about strategy.

The only one who seems to really know what he's doing is Will - and I just can't root for him.

Has anyone else out there had other points in the game where they thought HoH (or someone else) had a really good play available but didn't even look at the possibilities, just did what the situation at the moment seemed to prescribe? (What about HG's who win PoV, don't use it, and get nothing in return? Shouldn't they, at least in some situations, be able to get leverage from winning it?)

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I got halfway through and did see some good points, BUT, that's not how it played out. I think Danielle is doing good by having secret alliances and backup alliances. The only one she is in real danger with is Janelle and she has Will and Boogie's votes to save her. Eliminating Kayser was her best bet because that group had to be weakened. Now there is only Janelle and Howie and Janelle's got enough enemies going after her.

The most strategic alliance so far, IMO, is the Legion of Doom. Will and Boogie could always flip but they seem the most loyal to this alliance and all four are doing a good job at keeping it a secret.

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Yes, that probably would have been her best move.

But do you seriously expect Danielle or any of these egomaniacs to be thinking that far ahead in this game?

The only thing wrong with your plan is that it completely removes the human factor. As soon as somebody ticks off somebody in power the plan goes down the tube. Things change in a second in there. It's like the slop kills their brain cells.

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New poster here. Hi everybody.

It won't ever happen but, I've been thinking that Kayser should go to Howie, Erika and CG and form a secret alliance. Their votes plus Janelle would save him this week. There would be the 4 + Janelle, which would give them all of the voting power in the house and because Janelle is good at comps (and if Kaser and Howie would at least TRY to win HOH) they would have a good chance of getting rid of one or two of the remaining 5 in the house without giving themselves away (Dani, James or CT...leave Marcelles for a bit because he isn't a real threat). At the point the others figured it out, they would have no voting power and would absolutely have to win HOH to do any damage. I really don't care who wins (as long as it isn't James or Marcelles. I hate whiners and they both just whine all the time. It drives me nuts :angry: ). Anyway, just a thought on how the game could take a truly unexpected twist.

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hey ItWasntMe welcome to Morty's. Little flaw in your plan Kaysar can't vote tonight so that would leave them with 3 + Janelle. James is still gonna null Janelles vote so we are back to square one with a tie vote and Dani voting out Kaysar. other than that it would be a good plan.

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Crap. LOL. Janelle, Howie and Kayser could offer Marci and Erika immunity for a couple of weeks if they win HOH. That still wouldn't give Howie and Kayser away. It's not like it's a big secret that the supposed SOV 4 will be gunning for Dani next week if they get HOH. I don't think it would be hard to sway Marci but I don't know about Erika. :unsure:

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Couldn't read the entire op...but one flaw I see....CT convinced Dani that Marci won all the prizes...as far as Dani is concerned CT did try to win PoV...just wasn't the first to buzz in.

They are so sneaky. ;)

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D. knew CT didn't try. She talked to herself about it in solitary.

Also, she and Janelle were the ONLY ones to "win" one of the 4 negative (for which you GAINed points) items, so unless she's in Denial (almost an anagram of her name) she KNOWS CT didn't try much. And Mike admitted to getting the TV.

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