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BBUK: The favourite 4 evictees return to the house next door!

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It's a Tuesday night special in one of the most controversial Big Brother twists ever the viewers favourite four evictees are moving into the house next door - and on Friday the housemates will choose one of them to return to the main house for the final week and be eligible to win!

First though the nominations, and the housemates nominated for eviction this week are...

Imogen and Richard

The two rivals go head to head to become the unlucky 13th evictee and misout on a place in the final week - with no second chances!

And I thought Aisleyne was a certainty. Along with Pete and Glyn, she got two nominations, with Richard and Imogen getting three. Jennie was immune.

Aisleyne: Richard, Glyn

Glyn: Richard, Pete

Imogen: Richard, Pete

Jennie: Aisleyne, Imogen

Pete: Imogen, Glyn

Richard: Aisleyne, Imogen

I'd expect Imogen to go, though obviously would rather get rid of the bully!

So the evictees moving into the house next door are...





Grace, Lea, Nikki and Mikey were gathered in the diary room to be welcomed back by Big Brother.

What they didn't know is that the original HMs were watching - and rather confused - though Aisleyne's instant reaction was that they would choose one to return! Richard's view was they had been evicted, and could not return - while Glyn just loved Lea.

There were also comments on how good Nikki looked - I think they need to adjust their TV sets! If she's 24 then Jackie Stallone is 82!

The evictees were then sent to the (refurbished) House Next Door - and the plasma in the lounge was turned off, leaving the HMs to speculate!

On Friday the housemates will choose one of them to return! I'd say it's between Nikki and Lea, and I think Lea may get the nod - hopefully!

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Another twist to the twist...

This week's nominees Imogen and Richard have left the house, and will spend the rest of the week in the House Next Door.

And meanwhile, punishment will be served...

Last night Glyn climbed over the walls and attempted to enter the house next door, knocking on the door and giving the neighbours the fright of their lives, before returning to the house - and getting stuck on top of the camera runs!

Glyn has been told he will be "severely punished" on Friday!

If Big Brother's record with Jayne is anything to go by, they'll probably punish him by ruling out his fellow finalists from winning and giving him the prize! Hopefully!

There is precident though of him being ruled out of winning - it happened in Teen Big Brother - but the producers wouldn't be that stupid, would they?

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