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August 15 Live Feed Updates

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CG and Howie in the BY, everyone else in the red room playing bullshit (the card game.)

Howie asks which was better season 1, or all starrs.

CG says theres NO comparison, this season much better. He hopes it's doing well.

Will and Erika talk.

Will says that Erika is safe.

Will suggests that Erika tell Janie she's comming after CT.

Basic jist of conversation..... Will telling Erika that Janelle MUST go, and Howie will never win HoH

before they part:

W: we'll do this, don't worry.

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James and boogie are talking in the bug room about taking out Marci rather than Erica. They say they don;t want Marci to get any money. Boogie is supposed to talk to Will and James will talk to Dani about it. James leaves quickly and finds Will in the kitchen.

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Howie shouts out to every houseguest that has appeared on BB (Hardy, Nicole, Bunky, Cappy, etc, etc)

Howie plugs his website. they sound like a commercial.

George wonders how the food fight got started.

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Everybody went to bed early tonight - Boogie at 9:30, Dani, Erika and Marcellas after the cards. Will and Janelle were up in the HOH bed listening to 50cent - Janelle was snuggling up to Will to share the earpnoes and leaning over him to turn up the volume . . . Howie joined them for a bit and is now in the 'jack shack' (aka the 'masturbation station') :P

* * * * *

Finished! Eww . . . Howie didn't wash his hands before putting all the sports equipment back in the storage box - eewww!

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11:49pm bbt - All four cameras on janie and howie in the hoh bathroom. Howie is showering and Janie is doing normal lotion routine. Will asked her if she was going to do her feet and she said she was. Will said he would be right there to do his with her.

*not too much goin 'on

will makes it up to the HOH and he is telling janie that he thinks they will spin the shower thing to look worse than it was. Will thinks that his g/f will be alright with it all

W - she's cool as hell

Janie thinks she may have lost her boyfriend. Howie mentions that Janie's bf is in the Air Force. Will says he loves his girlfriend very much and hopes that she will excuse him for all the idiotic things that he did on the show. Will says he's not a cheater/philanderer(sp?).

W - I'm worried about so many things, like patients,and I hope they see this as me being funny as opposed to 'my doctor is a whack job'.

Will reminds Howie that this season isn't the same as last year and he should be prepared to be railroaded.

They start quizzing each other, Janelle and Howie going over their usual "studying" (howie refers it to as Jedi training) and Will does it with them. He comments on how the studying is a good idea. Will tells them that they have to remember that Boogie has the "pass"

Janelle thinks that it will be more of a thing that benefits an individual rather than an alliance.

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12:17am - All feeds on HOH. Will just left as they were doing their quizzing. Janie hopes the hOH is a crapshoot.

H - we just have to make sure dani and marci....i think cg is playable. CG admitted today that people were pulling him for his votes. We have to do this every night before thursday. This is serious.

Jan - I know....wait, who's cooking? She goes out of the hoh room and downstairs james and boogie are in the kitchen. she goes down there with them and they tell her that they were woken up to go to the DR.

They are both complimenting on her banana bread that she made earlier. James is going on and on about it. They all think it was rude of BB to wake them up to do a DR.

Boogie thinks the "2 drink minimum from BB is bullshit"

james says that he knew coming in that they would be fucked.

B- I'm gonna go to bed. I'm obviously in a bad mood

Will says that he napped today.

All 4 feeds switch to boogie and james in the bedroom - lights off. talking about their dreams.

(have to go - someone please take over :)

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a few minutes ago Dani gave a bunch of Good Morning shout-outs to a bunch of people... then proceeded to sit there bored.

7:32 am BBT

Dani gets up, goes inside and heads into Bug Room, heads to her bed and gets some stuff out of her drawers under bed.

Grabs a duffle bag and heads into bathroom

looks like Dani is getting ready for her shower

trashcan in BR is overflowing, whoever is on trash duty is seriously NOT doing their chores.

Dani, back and forth, back and forth getting all of her items ready for shower.

finally takes off mic and we switch to cam sound

heads out of bathroom with a load of dirty clothes and looks like she dumps them off into a huge hamper, walks back into BR and puts on a sweater.

Takes off sweather, walks out of BR and into kitchen area, heads back to BR and starts going through drawers. Grabs a bunch more towels and dirty clothes heads out to hamper, dumps into hamper and heads back to BR.

Sist on couch in BR takes out some stuff and starts reading the directions (looking very confused). Looks like a hair frosting kit.

7:49 am BBT

Dani still sitting on couch reading 'instructions'. Picks up each item as it is referred to in the instruction sheet.

gets up, heads to kitchen (I am assuming to get a bowl). Heads back to bathroom, says "hmmmm" then heads back to kitchen and then back to bathroom. then mumbles something and heads back to kitchen, gets water from sink, and heads back into bathroom. Yikes, she is going back and forth a lot!

starts putting 'mixture' together and mumbles something else but cannot hear her as her mic is off.

continues mixing stuff together, and referring back to instructions with a quizzed look on her face.

comences mixing and stirring mixture, takes hair down, glasses off and puts lotion or vaseline around hairline as to not die her skin. puts on gloves, starts parting hair and starts singing for a brief second.

Is now applying the dye and humming. (hope we don't get fire) Mumbling to self.

continues to separate hair sections and apply mixture to hair starting at roots (doing it right!)

sings a word to a sond every now and again, but stops immediately.

Marci up and walks into bathroom and says something to her that I cannot decipher, she replies back with something equally incoherent. Marci goes to WC and dani continues with hair treatment.

marci out of wc, goes to het something to put on his hands and washes hands.

marci still at sink starts washing face, dani continues with hair

d- what time is it?

M - says something I cannot understand

marci done with his stuff and whispers "I am going back to bed" leaves BR and dani continues doing her hair

dani leaves bathroom for a quick second walks to area by patio doors and heads back to bathroom and continues on with hair.

Looks as if she is done but she left all of the ends of her hair undone...

walking around getting shower items ready.

heads out to kitchen (light now on in kitchen) looks like she is washing her bowl, back into bathroom.

starts shower water, and gets in shower. Begins her shower routine.

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Dani, Erika, Boogie awake in BY. Boogie making coffee for them inside the kitchen now.

E: Says CG is going to be out in the cold.

D: Dani wants to know what CG says he's voting because she needs to know who he's lying to.

E: Says we have to get Janelle out of here. Says she keeps changing the order in her head. Janelle, Will, Howie, CG. Says if we get out Will we can scoop up Boogie. Doesn't want to jinks it though.

D: Wait. One day at a time. First thing we need to do is make sure you are safe.

D: About Marci. Says he's saying things to you that he does not need to say.

Boogie returns with the coffee order.

Dani, Erika and Boogie in BY sipping coffee and chatting and shooting the breeze. Talk about how fast Dani eats. Dani says when she's stressed or nervous she doesn't eat. Then talk of last nights murder game.

James awake and just came out of WC.

They're all still waking up so I'll hop back on later to update.

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James and boogie in BY.

James is PISSED at Howie.

James: he's so cocky cuz he thinks he has you and will.. he's making comments about sarah all the time. He thinks he's getting under my skin. you fucked with the wrong HG 2 years in a row.

James: if he starts in on my family, I will rip him and his family apart.

James begins to do crunches.

Howie, Dani, CG and Erika in the kitchen. I think Howie just woke up. Chit chatting.

meanwhile in BY

James: kaysar may be pissed off at me right now.. but I do't give a fuck it's a game. All we talked about was that we know Janelle can't be trusted and how she will manipulate people ALL summer long. We talked about it all summer and then we got in here... and he completely trusts her.

B: so you were always odd man out.

J: no shit!!!!!

B: I do't know why they're so into howie.

J: because he's easy to manipulate. Everything I say to him about Janelle he runs right back and tells her.

(he seems PEEVED)

B: has howie met sarahs parents

J: yep.

B: they came out for the...

J: yep.

Erika goes to the BY to get in the pool.


J/B are working their abs

Veggie Oil is floating in the pool. They wonder how BB is gonna clean it up.

Dani, CG, Howie in kitchen.... continued chit chat.

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:o 12:56 pm - BBT

Dani outside playing cards. Erika sunning herself. Boogie & Will work out and talk together ...of course, making fun of everyone who trusts them...esp. Janie. Tries to decide what to say today in the DR, and manipulate/worry about what will be shown on television tonight. (they think they are the producers, of course). They all decide to have breakfast, and to me, it's the most disgusting leftovers they find to eat. The pizza has a fly in it, and out all night, but he eats some anyhow. Erika tries and egg pocket, Dani eats some spicy hambuger. Will wishes CG would've particapted a bit moe in the food fight. Dani is drinking something out of a huge juice/water bottle.

CG still talking about the party. Dani laffs at Boogie checking out his abs. They discover Dani's key is gone. Dani asks Geoge if he's going to make some waffle slop. Geo. is glad he can use syrup now. Will doing dishes! (wow!)....Howie wakes up wih a "Morning Howie." Howie talks about eating the cake at 2am last night (with Janie), and he says it was great. Erika & Dani turn into silent observers.

James & Boogie in the back yard trying to do a few exercizes, but not with much enthusiasm. James can't think and exercise at the same time! :D Erika is back in the pool still complaining about being bored; Sue and James is obsessing about the oil on the pool from the cake. He is definitely obsession about cleanliness, too.

Boogie & James talk about Will's secret plan and call Will a bad ass. Boogie still doing exercises all over the back yard now. Will says he's paranoid about Danielle and Marci, and Danielle and James.....so Danielle is James are distancing from Erike. Janie says James doesn't like James tho. (Will * Janie talking in BY) Wonders who cleaned up the backyard. Will thinks Dani & Erika was talking this morning but Dani left Erika and talked to Marci.....knowing Marci is safe and ready to prepare his attack. Will also mentions he is sooooooo bored. Do you think the secret power is the only twist?...Will asks Janie, but she doesn't know.

Howie tells Dani he's not strong enough this year. James asks him when he's going to come to admitting his mistakes in his past, and he doesn't want them plan them on James. What if they give him a light saber....will that help him this week, or will James win one?? James as a Jedi????? Doubt it. (Has James been that strong either this year? They discuss how important an ally Maggot was last year.

Howie decides to make eggs for Jani & Boogie as well as for himself. James reminds everyone they'll be on slop tomorrow, so eat up today.

Erika & Will say it's going to be a boring week. Erika suggests another "shower scene"....and it helped to coax Janie not to put up Boogie at the last minute. Will is still hyper about what was said in the D.R. about the whole showering. Dani joins them wishing the hammock wasn't in the sun...would get more use out of it if it were shaded. Erika asks Dani if she wants 2-play some cards and Dani relucantly agrees. Marci, in his famous white robe (that smells like feet) joins them.

HOwie offers Marci some eggs...but Marci says they scare him.....Marci worries about the stages of an egg....and is eggophobic. Everyone outdoors eating, sunning, sleeping or playing cards.....Boogie asks CG how to get the vacuum working, but they said it isn't working right. Everyone decides they'll eat slopples tomorrow when they're all on slop. Comment about the nice weather....and the lockdown. All cams are on lazing around in the BY.

Sure hope the day livens up a bit......otherwise, it'll be a long day with some really boring people!

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Backyard lockdown. Erica and Dani still playing cards. Marci complained about not sleeping last night - he's still in his robe (surprise, surprise), but other than that, no one was talking for a long time. James and Booger are talked about protein shakes very briefly, but so far no one has set up the stage for Howie to blow up on Marci like James, Will, Dani and Booger planned this a.m.

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I'll try to fill in some of the blanks from this morning...

The LOD found themselves outside alone together a couple of times between 10-11 when Erika was in the gym and the rest were sleeping or otherwise occupied inside. They brainstormed a lot about how to take M out. It seems that it is already decided that he needs to go, since he told Dani that he couldn't put Janelle up even though he is mad at her. They at first thought it would be great to pull a kamakazi mission and just let Janelle and Howie be stunned on Thursday, which of course made them all giddy for a little bit. But then they thought it might be safer if they could figure out a way to get Janelle and Howie on board with the idea of voting M. out and not make the split just yet. They go through a lot of talking out loud, thinking about how they can get Janelle and Howie to feel threatened by M. so that they both feel motivated to get him out as well. They ended up with a loose plan of Dani telling M. that he is not safe even though Janelle tells him he is (she is going to bring up Jase and Diane because Janelle told both of them that they were safe and of course they weren't), James is going to poke Howie with a stick and tried to get him riled up and targeted at M. because he (Howie) is already ready to blow; boogie is going to wait until everyone is locked down outside and then get M in to a defensive argument about why M is threatening CT and blaming them for him being on the block. Then the rest of them will join in the argument at different levels and tried to get it to the huge scene that we know M is capable of.

That's as far as they got before they were interrupted... although maybe they changed their plans because they are all on outdoor lockdown and, although M looks really grumpy, and I might have missed it, no one is instigating a fight.

Also, last night, while Howie, Janelle, and Will were in the HOH room doing Jedi training, Will stepped out to go to the diary room and Janelle and Howie questioned whether they should maybe save some of their Jedi training for a time when Will was not with them. I have heard Howie say that he thinks they may be being played by CT, but Will has Janelle sucked in enough that she dismisses Howie's comments about that every time he brings it up. But she did seem concerned about keeping some of their Jedi training questions to themselves... although when Will rejoined them, she ended up going over all of the questions that she had told Howie they should probably keep to themselves anyway.

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James, Jan, Howie in the red room. Jani saying she trusts CT and if Will promised that Erika will go this week. If Marci goes, she knows she can't trust CT. James made a comment about Marc being up in the HOH room right now (ed note, not sure why Marci is in there and no one else is).

James saying Boogie is afraid of Marci putting him up. Basically saying since Boogie is scared of Marci, it makes sense for CT to want to evict M.

Janie asks if she really thinks CT would do that. James said if it was him he would. Makes sense.

James tells Janie that she is dealing with 2 of the most sinister people in the house.

James telling Janie & Howie that Dani is not dangerous, she is not the one running around the house causing chaos. James saying CT is in Janie's back pocket.

Janie going to talk to CT now to make sure Marci stays.

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