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August 11 Live Feed Updates

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feeds back.

general kitchen chit chat.... mostly about julie chen

uhh.. theyre talking about how they're redoing the competition...??

I'm pretty sure they were kidding....


(((LOTS of internal service errors tonight, i'm going to try and be as quick as I can with updates for the next couple hours but the website is acting up :( )))

they ARE redoing the hoh comp!!!!!

Will wonders if the west coast are seeing the same live show.....

the new HOH will be airing SUNDAY!!!!!!

Janie/ Howie are mad that george lied to kaysar. George swore on his kids.

the HGs wonder how theyre going to fit all the comps in (food etc).

the HGs wonder how theyre going to fit all the comps in (food etc).

James / Janie/ Howie meet in the bug room.

James high 5's them and James says the 5 people that kept him are 'fucking stupid.'

Janie tells James that CG swore on his family he'd vote out james and didn't.

James: oo i wanna tell dani

Janie: no no

Janie/ Howie alone.

they study for the hoh comp.

J: we can do it howie.

they hug.


Howie felt "seriouly fucking robbed."

J: we can do it Howie...

H: i love georgie as a person. but he's the worst player of all time.

they're insulting Erika and Dani, calling her a piece of garbage

J: I was sad last year when you left.

H: you and james carried me so far, I have to step up

J: I know you do. we can do it.

all in kitchen eating.

w: the tech department is smoking some serious weed.

w: i left the oven on in case anyone wants to jump in there.

w: those idiot guys at my hotel.... FOTH.

all in kitchen eating.

w: the tech department is smoking some serious weed.

w: i left the oven on in case anyone wants to jump in there.

w: those idiot guys at my hotel.... FOTH.

all in kitchen eating.

w: the tech department is smoking some serious weed.

w: i left the oven on in case anyone wants to jump in there.

w: those idiot guys at my hotel.... FOTH.

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HGs are sitting around eating pizza makin fun of BB by saying they will have to re-do Kaysar's eviction. (this is all about them re-doing hoh competition).

They are talking about having to re-do pov contests last year (didn't know this!). Hockey was done twice last year.

HOH competition is at 10:30 tonight BB time. Then they can have alcohol. Apparently all alcohol is at Kenny's discretion. Now they are talking about how Kenny is their buddy (hoping for more alcohol) and FLAMES!

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9:09 bbt

Erika looks depressed, Marcellas is laying down while everyone else is

in the kitchen eating.

Boogie starts discussing his diary session, BB asked him how he felt about

"it" (I'm assuming redoing the comp), and FOTH.

Will talks about how he only heard Allison talk to him once,

when Justin got thrown out.

Janie says they talked to her twice, the fight and when there was a question of Janie

winning the hoh, the one where she put her chin on the white board.

Howie said Allison said "after further review....we have a reversal."

Howie said they had to redo 2 POVs last year,

the Hockey one.... the wood was screwing up and the person who went 5th

got screwed because all the nails and wood came up.

Will said the comp is at 10:30 (?)

Kenny is the man who determines when they get booze.

more tlak about Kenny, leads to FOTH

(sorry, these internal service errors are really frustrating, some stuff is getting posted multiple times)

The HGs wonder the new competition, because there isn't enough material from the seance.

Will discusses how he said when they went outside "what are the stars" and CBS said don't worry about it. Will said what is he 4, "don't look inthe closet." OBVIOUSLY the stars had something to do with it.

Boogie and James do an impression of Howie "I FUCKING HIT IT... WHAT THE FUCK."

Marc/ Janie alone

Marc hopes he does better this time.

J: you'll do good marci

M:at the end of the day, we're all going to sequester.

J: all getting the same amt of money..

M: yep...

J: it doesn't matter at this point.

J: who would you give it to.. CG or Will?


M: you know.. 3 kids.. a wife...


confirmed HOH is tonight at 1030

Will/B talk alone

they say theyre fucked if macy or CG wins. Sounds like they wanted Janie to win to hear her tell them to 'pack their bags'

it was a very brief convo.

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W/B alone

they discuss how Janie is the luckiest person EVER.

Will leaned back in the hoh comp to see who was left. he was getting worried he may accidently have won.

They say their good with Erika or Janie winning, but Erika won't win again cuz she's defeated.

they talk more. They're giggling like school girls. They want Marci GONE.

W: I kinda want to win this one. (the twist thing)

Theyre bouncing ideas off each other about what the twist could possibly be. WIll said there's a clue in food comp tomorrow. He says if there's a doll in the backyard tomorrow "wrap city."

Janie enters.

W/B: you gotta win this.

J: don't worry I will.

Will leaves.

J: howie is REVVED UP.

Boogie quizzes Janie.

Boogie asks what she's gonna do when she wins

J: I want dani gone.

B: no.. as far as celebration

J: i'm gonna go CRAZY!!!!!!!

Howie enters.

H: dani and james are talking in the weight room.... are we ok?

B; yeah yeah you're ok she calls everyone in there.

Janie and Howie plan what to do when they win. Janie want so make sure Howie picks her up. Howie plans to single out Marcie and tell the floaters to kiss their asses.

Boogie shares information about what the tie breaker may be.

Apparently James also should have gotten HoH tonight because he hit it first, but it didn't work the first time.

B: Dani is freaking out. She survived because her buddy fucking won but...

Dani and Erika went to the diary room and complained that Marcellas, CG and Janie shouldn't be in the competition because they weren't in whenthe buzzer broke.

J: they were gloating after the hoh too! so they deserve it.

Boogie thinks sunday night will be great TV.

Howie continues to say that he hit that buzzer and when Julie said Howie and he was like, what? howie is waiting for the next question!

Janie asks boogie about Dani/ James.

Janie: I'm sick of them gunning for me week after week.

Howie wants Janie to say "you shoulda taken that deal bitch." when she wins.

Howie and Janie chat about when they win theyre locking themselves in hoh, nobody gets to plead a case.

I guess Dani and Erika are really pissed that Janie gets to participate in the new hoh.

Janie and Howie study with Boogie.

Will is wearing a belly shirt for the comp tonight.

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10:34.... Dani to the Diary room.... here we go it seems...

right now all HGs are brushing teeth, going over last minute things, etc, as Dani is in the DR getting instructions.

10:39 FOTH :( I was hoping theyd do it live.

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Janelle is getting ready in the bathroom, putting on makeup. She's wearing a shirt that says "baby make it nice". Howie keeps sitting quietly alone at times, you can tell he is thinking hard about the HOH comp. Rest of the house kind of bored and waiting.

10:38 bbt FOTH

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HOH game has started

1: in the chant to summon former house guest what were they called: spirits or ghost

everyone correct with spirits

2: what was the predominant color of the wall that the shirt was stolen from?black or red

red, george and will out

3: who appeared first : alison or holly

alison, everyone right

4: what did alison say the mime did to her: insane or crazy

drove her insane, erika howie marcellas out

5: in which hand did bunky hold the spider, left or right

left, everyone right

6: why did eric say he was back: revenge or never forget him

never forget, james out

janelle and mike left

7: did the spirit that mentioned bagels appear before or after the one who said meow

ans: after both correct

8: who said on the other side: bunky or josh

josh, Janelle has won

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They went out in this order

Question 1: Noone

Question 2: CG and WIll

Question 3: Noone

Question 4: Erika, Howie, Marc

Question 5: Noone

Question 6: James

Question 7: Noone

Question 8: Boogie


Howie celebrated with Janelle and they both said this was for kaysar. This was a A or B question competition.

(Spr1ngtime beat me to the Q&A :-))

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3:25 BBT

Janie taking a bath. Howie watching and talking. They're going over who they trust, who they don't, who they never will. Trying to come up with a name for the Janie/Howie/James/Will/Boogie alliance. :lol: (Ed. They're completely blind, aren't they?)

Janie's out of tub... goes to look at the picture of her dog, says isn't he so pretty.

Camera four shows a restless Marcie.

Howing pacing and talking about how Jase f'd up. Telling Janie that he (Howie) told Jase about how much Janelle fought for him and really liked him and wanted him to be a part of Sov's. Janie asked if he believe Howie? Howie says, he knows. It's his fault he left. He started acting weird, he went to CT... it's his fault. He's mad and all but, deep down he knows it was his fault.

3:30 BBT


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3:35 BBT

Howie taking shower and Janie washing face and putting on moisturizing mask. Keeps humming and singing... fire off/on.

Time to wash off mask, Toner, pop a zit, etc.

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8 a.m. hamster time--They're Baaaaa---aaack!

Everyone is outside, sitting on the red couch. They seem either sleepy or ticked off. Dani is in her pink robe--Marc is in his white robe. It seems as though they were made to wake up early and go outside for lockdown. I see everyone but Janie, George and Erika. I can't tell if they are in another area outside, or not.

Dani starts to sing, and we have another FOTH, and it's a long one.

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I see Erika now. Everyone but Janie is outside, so Janie must be doing her nominations inside the house.

Erika is sitting there and not talking at all. Marc is sitting next to Dani and he isn't talking, either. Boogie is talking with Dani, who is being really animated and talking a lot. Occasionally, she sings and we get FOTH, and then it comes back.

Howie is playing pool with Will. James is lying down on the couch next to Erika.

I don't see George, but he must be out there somewhere.

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Camera F2 has found George now, face down on a lounge chair, apparently asleep.

Boogie is talking non-stop about his experiences with the bar scene, how he has championed certain bars that have that "special something," etc.

Erika finally starts to talk about working in bars. Boogie is telling her that it's a good thing that she got out of it, kind of, because you are making such crazy money that you wake up one day and you are like 35, and you aren't motivated to do something as a career. He says that with some open bar parties, the bartenders get blasted with tips and they can leave with $600 or $700 a night in tips. So they aren't motivated to go back to school or whatever.

Erika says that she owns cars and her own home, so it's not like--(And she stops herself here, because I think she realized that she shouldn't talk about everything she owns while playing the game).

James says that in Miami, that money is doubled. Erika says that the bars there are open a lot longer, and that's why.

Erika and Boogie seem to know a LOT of people in common in the bar scene.

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Dani is talking about "shopping" other competitors in her business. She says that she can tell when people come in her place and try to tell what they have, and she won't tell them everything. One time, Dani went to a competitor and brought her daughter, pretending to be a customer. The person who was working recognized her, and called Dani's work and told them to tell Danielle that it was nice to meet her. Dani calls her a "skank" as she describes this.

Dani calls people and they will say they were giving away two free months, and then she knows they are in trouble with their business. She will ask what their occupancy is, and they will say it is 98 percent, and she thinks they are lying.

Dani can tell when competitors are "shopping" her, because they will use words like "occupancy" and "amenities" and "concessions," which are terms for their business.

They have a porta-potty outside to use while on lockdown, and Will just went into it. (I've never noticed that before).

Dani is talking about how people try to get Pit Bulls into her place, and they will call it a Staffordshire Terrier, and she will refuse them. Or they will say it is a Boxer, and she will ask them to bring it in, and they will back out. Or they'll bring it in and she will decide it has Pit Bull in it, and they can't live there.

Yes, that is Janelle with Howie on the lounge chair, so I guess they are just on lockdown for no particular reason.

Erika and Boogie are playing pool.

Erika: We got engaged last night.

Boogie: That's right! I forgot about that.

Erika: How quickly they forget.

Boogie: Where's your ring?

Erika: In my pocket.

Boogie: Just in case you have to put your hair up later.

Boogie and Erika are basically talking in code. Boogie asks if "the thing she was just talking about," meant that the #2 thing is true or not, or if she is just winging it. She says she has no idea.

Griping about the wine again. Boogie says that he kinda wants to tell BB to just take the money out of his stipend to give them decent wine.

9 a.m.

Marc is sulking, big time. He says that BB fans are "purists" and they will NOT like this. Dani and James are discussing it. Dani says that the Janie fans will LOVE it though. James makes a comment that she may have less fans now. Marc says that some of the things Janie has done this season will not go over well. Fans won't like that she put the whole house on slop, or that she went against her alliance to take out Diane. Someone named Kenny asked Dani if she was mad, and she wouldn't answer.

Marc: I never have to be on slop again and I just don't even care. It's like my desire to play this game is gone. I'm just going through the motions. It's like I'm not playing the game--the game is playing me. How much longer can I stay in until I'm evicted?

Marc: I wouldn't be surprised if the most loved houseguests from last season are the most hated this year.

Dani says that she doesn't think that is true.

Dani says that when everyone is against one person, that is who the people like.

Marc says that he feels "discarded."

Marc is in fine form today, being very dramatic and sulking.

We keep getting FOTH as people sing.

Dani says that the other side probably gained a lot of fans last night, and people hate her because she took out their beloved Kaysar.

Marc: Whatever. He has as many fans as he has detractors. People see him for what he is.

Dani says that she can't believe last night happened--it is like a dream.

Talk about Ann Rice books now.

Marc (still brooding and being dramatic): Oooh, today's show must be a doozy. They must be trying to edit that bitch as fast as hell.

Then, Marc realizes this show will not air until Sunday.

Dani: It's so surreal. I can't believe it. I can't.

Marc says that this is the big F---ing BB All Stars, and it took them so long to put it together, and yet they couldn't get it right.

Dani says that this will be huge.

Marc says that there will be articles about why BB All Stars sucks.

Marc: It's a lawsuit at the end of the day.

Marc says a bunch of people will be suing.

Dani: I don't do the live feeds, but if I was getting off of work, I'd have to be on the Internet all day just to see what people are saying. It's like why reality failed.

Marc agrees and asks if she has seen the fantasy BB games. If Erika had stayed in power, what would have happened. That's what people will do.

Dani: It's gonna be crazy. Absolutely insane.

Marc: Power changes on a dime here. I just thought for once, something would have been done fairly.

Dani: Just maybe, huh?

Marc says something about the ten of clubs and two of clubs? Dani asks him, "What?" and Marc says "I ain't gonna help you no more."

Marc says he told Erika last night that they should have made it a co-HOH like they did it the first week.

Dani agrees that would have been better.

Marc says that they should have done that to completely invalidate Janelle's HOH.

(I wish I could do screen captures to get a picture of Marc pouting).

Marc says that he is going to spend the entire day in the red room, "literally running from the two of them."

Dani says if she is on slop any more and loses more weight, she will have to go on an IV and that her implants are going to be messed up.

James is just quietly lying there, listening. Erika is back sitting with them.

Dani comments that James is missing Sarah. He doesn't comment.

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Marc: This is the worst experience of my life.

Marc: I'm going to go into prison and teach people how to read or something after this, because now I know how it feels to be in prison and be trapped for something bad you did.

Marc is turned sideways in the couch, and I think he is staring at Janie and Howie, on the lounge chairs.

Dani has gone over to the pool table, where Will and Boogie seem happy and they are playing and having fun.

Marc: It's like there is no end in sight. They need to f--ing speed this game up.

Dani is back at the couch. She is saying that it is wrong that BB didn't tell them that they were reviewing the buzzers, etc. Because what if Erika had yelled "Pack your bags, b--tches" or something, and then they didn't tell them that the tapes were being reviewed? Then Erika would have to face retaliation for what she said.

Marc: She's got a lawsuit.

Dani: What?

Marc: She's got a lawsuit!

And now FOTH, as BB is probably very sick of talk of lawsuits from Marc.

They are back, and Dani says that if they have the alphabet in a food comp, she is going to go straight for the V for vodka.

Singing, and more FOTH.

(This is just me, but I think there may have been a clue in the Porta potty.)

Dani and Erika are walking, back and forth. Erika says that the funny thing is that everyone hasn't been in there. (Earlier, when Will went in there, he came out and told everyone it smells in there, probably to keep people out). They think BB is keeping everyone outside on lockdown until everyone has to pee and go into the porta potty. Dani says she thinks she has it figured out.

Dani asks Erika if they asked her about Kaysar, and she says they did, but she couldn't talk about it--she didn't want to talk about anything.

Erika: When I saw the fly, I thought it was a big fly.

Dani: Movie, the Fly. DNA.

Erika: That first clue was a dead giveaway.

Dani: Yeah. They should have done the fly first. We would have been like, Fly under the radar. Radar, fly, da da da.

Erika: I would have put together that it was a big fly. Why put a big fly there?

(Okay, so it sounds like there is a big fly in the porta potty, as a clue, and the clue ends up being DNA, like Dolly the sheep and the movie The Fly).

Dani says that she tried to talk to Will and Boogie, and they told her to talk to them later.

Erika asks Dani if they should tell Marcellas about DNA? She says NO. They will just tell him about the clue.

Dani says the only one who will go into the porta potty is Howie, because he doesn't give a sh--.

Dani sings again and FOTH.

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10 a.m.

Will and Boogie have a big whisper session. Will tells Boogie all about how he tried to get Janelle not to take out Danielle. He tried to get Janie to call Dani in and talk to her about all of this. The person who is coming after you right now could be the person you trust down the road. The trouble is that Janie and Howie already told Dani to her face that she was the target (I think this is what they said). Will tells Boogie that Howie said that they are not going to carry Boogie and Will through the game. Boogie gets really upset, and Will tells him to chill out. He says he has been cool all this time. Will tells him this is just like with Hardy, and you have to wait for your time to strike. Boogie asks why they would say they were carrying them, though? Will says because they are throwing challenges. Boogie immediately relaxes and says ok, he didn't understand that was what he meant. Will says that the problem with this whole scenario is that when it comes down to it and it is Boogie, Will and James, they will need a fourth vote. Will says that at this point he does not want to anger Janelle.

Will and Boogie still do not understand what the clues mean. They are agreeing that they cannot tell Erika and Dani when they have figured out the clues (not realizing that Erika and Dani already know the answer--ed.).

Will and Boogie are still talking about the prize, with the bell on the table. They have to go to the DR and tell them the answer, and ring the bell. Will says that they have to be careful, because they don't know what the prize is. They don't think they should rush into the DR when they figure it out. They have to ring the bell when no one is in there. If no one knows that you got the answer right, keep it a secret. Boogie says he doens't want to lose people's trust by being "Joe Secret." Will says that isn't what he means. Just come out the room and say that he got it wrong after ringing the bell and going into the DR. Boogie says they will lose trust. Will says no one will know that you won until THEN, when you use it. Boogie says that he thinks Will is reading into the situation--it isn't like a trip to Aruba. Will: I know it isn't a trip to Aruba. WTF is it? What is the prize??

Dani has joined them at the pool table. Dani tells them that it is The Fly, DNA, right? Will acts like he has thought of it and says he doesn't know--it does make sense.

Will doesn't think that it is fair to make them wait outside until they all have to pee. Everyone has had a chance to see it, if they wanted to try.

Boogie says that DNA is a good idea, but they have to wait until the 3rd clue to be sure! (He is obviously afraid they will try to guess).

Erika says loudly to BB that she wants to go inside and pee--she isn't "using that thing!"

Dani says this is crazy.

Earlier, Dani said she "has a thing" about not eating at all when you know you will be on slop. Boogie asked her why she thinks she will be on slop, and she acts all mysterious, saying she just has a feeling, expecting the worst.

James asks Dani if she has ever been in a fistfight, and Dani says yes. James says you have to be careful how you hit, so you don't hurt yourself. She says she just bites.

James: You have to be careful who you bite nowadays!

Dani says she picks up objects and throws them, too.

James talks about a gang he hung out with, how they fought a lot, and he liked fighting.

Marc: The hardest part of this experience is feeling like someone owns you.

James says that someone does own them--it's in the contract they signed.

Marc says he feels like a slave. "A slave to the four" and to the show.

James says actually, Marc is the four now, and the other side is the three. So he has the numbers now.

Marc: And we have the numbers on the jury!

James: Oh, good. Another nerd herd.

Marc says that bad behavior and unfairness is rewarded.

Marc again comments about legal matters with CBS, and FOTH again.

(I'm out for now)

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Everyone on lockdown outside. George goes into the outhouse and James talks booger into tipping it while he's inside, but by the time Booger gets over there, James asks him a qu about a broken lounge chair and gives Booger away before he can do it.

11:00 BBT: Marci is complaining (big surprise) that he didn't sleep last night and hates that they had to get up so early to go outside. George says "at least they gave us good music this morning." Marci says it's just a bone to keep an angry dog happy. Dani says she's hungry, then BB announces the door is to be unlocked upon which time is Janelle to go to diary room and the other hgs are to be told about the rules

Feeds back - Erica and Dani are really pissed that Janie is HOH. They say she shouldn't be it at all.

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