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If each houseguest was an animal...


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There was a similar thread posted in a past season of BB, but I thought it was fun to see what people could come up with...

If each houseguest was an animal, what animal would they be and why?

You don't have to come up with one for every houseguest...just whatever comes to mind...

I'll start...

Will: A puppy...they can make a mess, break things, and annoy the heck out of everyone, but ya still gotta love 'em.

Janelle: A cat...they prance around and think they are the queen/king...while everyone else caters to their needs.

Boogie: Don't really know if this counts...a single celled organism...they have to follow the nucleus (Will), and can't really think for themselves.

Nakomis: A parakeet...ooohh, pretty colors.

James: An elephant...he never forgets anything (and it's the symbol for the Republican party).

Marcellas: Not sure =/

Danielle: A pirhana...they look like ordinary fish, but they will attack if you get too close.

Howie: A pig...need I say more?

Erika: A monkey...monkeys swing from trees...Erika swings from alliances.

Alison: A Chihuahua...they yap a lot...(plus, I don't like them and I'm not really sure why.)

Diane: A mouse...meek and easily intimidated (plus she was finished off by Janelle/ the cat).

George: A penguin...they make funny noises and waddle around, but are still adorable.

Kaysar: An owl...they just sit back and observe...and are wiser than they seem.

Jase: An ostrich...their eye is bigger than their brain.

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ericka- leech

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Forgive me Scientist by trade

James-chameleon or a lizard changes to suit his surroundings

Danielle-shark-the coloring of a shark (top is dark gray bottom is light gray or whiteis designed so that the prey doesn't really know its coming until it is too late to make an escape. Prey below look up and all they see is the light colored surface of the water. Prey from above only see the depths of the ocean.

Mike-Monkey-all he does is imitate Will

Will-virus of sorts-he invades a cell or body then changes the circuitry and workings of the cell and gets it to do what it wants Danielle could be considered one as well

Kaysar and Nakomis-some sort of cat, very methodical in how they stalk their prey

Howie-Hyena-makes a lot of noise

Diane-yapping whiny dog, chiuaha (?) or Pomeranian

Erika-parasite or sheep

George-St. Bernard-faithful and helpful

Marcellas-Wolf (turns on you at the least sign of trouble)

Jase-Bull-makes a lot of noise and stomps around

Allison-alley cat-skulks around and manipulates things

Not sure about Janelle

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Will-Leopard (stealthy & cunning)

CG - manatee (all big & nice & floats around)

Marcellas - squirrel monkey (agitated,runs around wreaking havoc & annoying)

James - crocodile (SNAP)

Howie - labrador puppy (need I say more)

Kaysar - Mountain Gorilla (just sits around all broody & quiet accessing things)

Mike Boogie - meercat (flat out resembles one & pops up to look around at what's going on constantly in the community)

Janelle - Gazelle (flighty,nervous,can be damn fast on her feet though)

Dani - Owl (big eyes & a know it all,bossy)

Allison - viper (SSSSssssssssssss)

Nakomis - chameleon (constant color changes & usually snags its victim)

Jase - hippo (prefers a herd & has a bad temper)

Diane - parrot (repeats what everyone else says,ruffled feathers & big beak)

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I take offense to the wolf comment! :P Wolves are actually very loyal and protective to their pack/family structure. Their teamwork is key to their survival. I think the more accurate comparison you might have been looking for is a fox.

Every since last season, James has reminded me of a weasel.


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Marcy-donkey (obvious ass)

Erika-housecat (lays around all day doing nothing)

CG-chicken (duh)



Kaysar-sad cow

Janelle-hippo (usually the size of one at the end of the show)

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I love these!! My take, similiar to the previous ones:

Will- definitely a fox


James- weasel and chameleon both excellent for him

Marcellas- nothing comparable.....the ass was good, or a sloth

George- too easy, definitely a chicken

Erika- leech was a good one

Howie- a big, dumb, slobbering St. Bernard

Danielle- dang....looks like a crackhead, but that isnt an animal

Not sure what Boogie and Kaysar would be.

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good thread

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