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Is Danielle making her move too soon?

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Cindy...Dani had no intention to go after CT she said that because she knew the Sovs were going to want her to go after CT and do their dirty work...DANI is a player..she is not passive..face it...If Janie doesnt get veto she is going home...and she has the weakest player to blame.. :lol::P

Kaysar could have stayed on the web and Howie could have stayed on the web...In Dani's mind if you want something done you have to do it yourself...Do not blame Dani...Janelle put herself in this position...

She could have taken out Will and Boogie and no one would be going after her the next week. She could have even nominated Marcelles and Boogie and the results would be just the same. Danielle just took a stroll into the shark tank with these nominations.

She has three people after her now instead of just two.

Why would she want to do that....If she played by the Sov's rules. then evenually they would pick her off...These people came to play and not give the sov's money....The Sovs again put themselves in this position by making themselves the #1 target....Erika was gunning for them too.. but she decided to let Dani have it...IF Kaysar wins HOH he is still not going after Dani because he respects that she is playing the game but Erika and Marcellas...for wimping out and not playing the game...

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I'm just saying that their motivations are different this year. Anyone who makes it to sequester gets 25G's which has never before been the case.

Dani has also said on the feeds that she knew she was a big target and didn't expect to last long.

If you go after an alliance, you should expect to get taken out, just like JBlo did.

Dani knows that. She said last nite that she didn't care.

25K is a great motivator. She probably would NOT have made this move last week since there would have been an excellent chance for to go home before sequester.

Dani is smart. I'm sure she has thought of all the possible scenarios.

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You know who's probably going to be playing for HOH next week like their life depends on it (because it sort of does) is Marcellas and Erika, possibly also George and Boogie. I don't know if Danielle anticipated the sovs being so vocal about their hatred of Marcellas and Erika, but it's definitely worked in her favor . . . I mean there's no guarantee either Marcellas or Erika will win over James or Kaysar (or even Howie), but the floaters are every bit as capable as the sovs at winning comps when they actually want to win, don't you think?

So Danielle's got a 50/50 shot that the floaters beat out the sovs for hoh next week and then it's down to two sovs and if they're still going on about how much they hate the floaters, there's going to be a 50/50 shot the week after that the floaters beat out the sovs and whittle them down to just one.

. . . Chicken, I guess it depends on how much risk somebody is comfortable with but if Danielle hadn't taken a sov out this week who's to say Janelle wouldn't win again next week and nominate her anyway since Janelle's got a crush on Will. If Janelle won HOH again next week, she'd have probably nominated Danielle and George, with Danielle as the target . . . there's nobody else for her to nominate.

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