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Survivor 13 Cook Islands Contestants


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Here are some of the contestants for S13... Found them over at sucks...

tracie.jpgTracie Kelly, 32, Little Rock, AR (former swimsuit model)

jessica.jpgJessica Smith, aka, "Flica Flame", 27, Chico, CA (Roller Derby player)

Tracy Lynn Stroud (no picture, no information)

steve.jpgSteve Kilgore, 46, Henderson, NV (former police officer)

bob.jpgBob Ballantyne, 22, Ann Arbor, MI (Psychology student)

kyle.jpgKyle Burks, 23, Missouri City, TX (Accountant)

adam.jpgAdam (last name undetermined), 27, San Diego, CA (occupation unknown)

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Sarah Badaczewski:

Model, 22, Brunswick, Ohio


Adam Gentry:

Sales, 27, Pacific Beach, California


Brad Virata:

Fashion, 29, Santa Monica, California


Piercy J. Stakelum:

Civil trial attorney, 34, Orlando, Florida


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This was posted by TDT...

the only contestants I'm now convinced are most likely on are Brad and Adam. Possibly Flica and Cecilia. Do I have irrefutable proof of even that? No.

I am pretty sure that Bob is not a contestant though, exactly as he posted here. And while Piercy sounded good on paper, I'm hearing things that suggest he's not on either.

And I'm willing to concede the four-tribes-by-race bit might be true.

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Alright here is some information. I am sorry if this is already posted but here it goes. The contestants will be split up into 4 tribes. There is a latino tribe, an african-american tribe, a caucasian tribe, and a asian-american tribe. There have also been more people speculated as contestanst and they include a latino woman named Cecilia and an asian-american woman named Becky Lee. For more information on this topic visit THIS website.

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Moved to Media thread.

Its on every site I looked...not a spoiler anymore lol.

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I am SO sick of all the "models" and "preppy looking people" (both male and female). Give us a Rupert damnit! I love Survivor but seriously don't know if I'll be watching to the degree I use too. It has lost all 'reality' appeal and been overrun with pretty people, not the average Joe.

Sure, a few hot babes and hunks are cool.....but don't make the whole cast like that, damn.

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