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August 7 Live Feed Updates

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Janelle & James walking back & forth (exercising in the BY). Janelle says "I can't stand Erika but I have to be nice to her. She slept with Boogie last night & I told Boogie not to listen to her. She is like trying to toy with his emotions". Janelle says Marcy knows something's up w/me because I won't talk to him. James asks if anybody called Erika out for sleeping with Mike. Jan says Will did. James says outside Erika is great. Jan says in the house she is an annoying player & hated on the Sucks website.

Janelle says the floatherd isn't as vile as the nerdherd but at least they are someone to hate. Jan says that the whole thing last week with Diane...

James interupts saying CG was asking him why Jan put up Diane last week because Diane was nice. James said CG doesn't like CT. Jan says it was strategic for her to get rid of Diane because of the numbers thing in sequester plus CT would be after them. Jan says if she didn't get rid of Diane last week the whole house would be after them (uhh earth to Janelle...come in Janelle...the whole house IS after you).

Jan continues her bash of Erika by imitating her voice & saying what a suck-up she is to both sides. James says he's tired & goes inside.

Erika & Dani in bathroom talking very low (can't hear good). They say they before they do ???? (something can't hear) they have to know for sure if she has the veto (I am gathering that no one officially knows for sure who won what at the POV) They are talking about how to get rid of Janelle in the future if she doesn't go this week. Dani says if the SOV vote to get rid of James over Kaysar this week James will know & vote with them for sure in the future. Erika says if she wins HOH she will nom Janelle & Howie. They say the way the SOV (mostly Janelle) talked to Dani wasn't very smart since Dani will make sequester & be a jury vote. Erika says it wasn't smart, hec take your licks, you didn't win a competition this week. Dani says hec she nom me the 1st week.

(well my feeds are giving me a hard time so I am calling it a night ;) )

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Marci, CT and the floaters are in the living room talking about movies, Janie, james and Kaysar are jogging in the yard talking strategy. Kaysar says he needs a break from bullshit, but that he thinks they ought to be friendly to the other HGs so they can find out what is going on. Will walked outside, they said Hi to him, and he went back in the house. Kaysar said Will didn't like him because he's Muslim and James says he just doesn't like him (james) period.

James reminds Janie that she got them into this mess because she put up two floaters instead of CT last week and said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. Will came back out and they asked if dinner was ready. He said yes and went back inside.

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10:30PM BB time

James requests to see Dani in HOH room

Dani said "they" couldn't give her anything. James said he told them I don't think Dani would lie to me. James was smoking hookah and he said it's fucking him up. James says he told CT they have to step up. Dani says the two people she was gonna nominate was Marcellas and Jase, mostly because of Diane. James said they fucked us. He says its bad that Kaysar is going home and it is killing him. Dani says its killing her too.

James said season 6 is being the nerd herd because they are attacking everyone. He makes Dani swear she wont tell anyone that Janelle called her a bitch. Dani says if James won POV she would have had to put someone else up in his place. She is telling James how told Kaysar to think for himself and play for himself. James says Jani is threatened by Dani because shes a powerful woman. She says they are playing like they are gonna win HOH next week but there are 8 other people playing for it. In SOV's eyes, it's 3 against 5. Dani says she isn't pissed. She's fine with Janelle. She says sometimes you have to be angry to pay the game. James agrees and calls it rationalizing.

Both Dani and James agree that Howie doesn't have input on anything. James says he is closest to Janie. Dani said she went over the plan with them. She is not gonna do their dirty work and says she is there to play the game. Who are they to tell her how to play the game? She says she told Kaysar there are no rules as far as the game is concerned.

Will doesn't want Marcellas in sequester because he's gonna vote personal. Dani says thats how she lost last time. She said they kept coming up with ideas of who she should put up but she shot down each one. She talks about how they asked why would she take risks because she's weak and will be vulnerable next week.

Dani says if Janelle is smart they could call a truce.. but if she wants a war... Jani is underestimating Dani. James talks about when they were sitting in HOH they agreed not to give out any any information - Janelle gave info to Jase twice and some to Marcellas. And that Jani said Danielle used info that James had given her from them. Dani says that's a lie. And James says he knows she is lying. Now she is going around telling everyone she put them all on slop and James thinks she is lying about that too (just like the nominations).

Janelle can't compete for veto next week. Dani says she is angry and needs to get past that. She will watch the tapes later on. James says Janelle is one of America's favorites and who knows how the show is edited. He says she apologized for throwing the veto competition. Danielle says she told them she has an alliance with one person in the house. James asks if it's Erika and Dani says yes.

James talks about how the floaters want to go after SOV first and then CT. Dani says James you arent going anywhere, you are fine. Kaysar thinks he's going home and James wasn't want him to think that. If it was Jani maybe but not Kaysar. Dani says he needs to understand it is a game and that Janelle can be mad all she wants. James says he loves all the going back and forth in the game.

James says he can't talk to them like this. It sucks. He likes Kaysar and so does Dani. She says she's had great convos with him but he has never committed to her. If he had committed to her, it would be different. James says Kaysar thinks too far down the road and doesn't think about right now.

Dani brings up Jase and Marcellas again. She wasn't going after SOV. They agree its all part of the game. She says shes gonna play really hard for POV next week. And they would have to see if they have enough votes to get her out. They think they do (but little do they know James is in an alliance with Dani).

Dani said she was upset after the POV yesterday becaue she wanted to keep the nominations the same. James says they already have all that stuff (the prizes; ie - trip to Aruba). She was so upset she cried for two hours in solitary. They both don't want Kaysar to go home. James says kaysar is respected and wants to play an honest game. Dani says it breaks her heart but he gave her no other option. She begins to bring up week 2.. but dang, James interrupts her AGAIN.

James brings up the fact that Janelle didn't pick Kaysar for veto. Dani says he wasn't gonna use it but James says she didn't even pick him. Dani's thing is if Jani was upfront with her about nominating Diane she could have respected her. James says they can't even fall back on their word anymore because they lied to Jase, Diane, Nakomis, and the entire house.

I wish James would stop interupting people all the time...

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1:55 BBT Howie Kay and Janelle sitting outside talking. Kaysar very upset talking how when they were HOH and they never treated people badly. "Why do people treat us like this" Kaysar ask them.

Now Kay is blaming Marcellas for feeding Danielle all their secrets leading up to their nominations.

"the game is definitely in full swing now" Janelle tells Kaysar.

Talking why CG is so withy the Floatherd. Howie guessing it because he was told the Sovs were targeting him.

Kaysar says "it walking into an empty warehouse and being ambushed"

Concluding that the Diane eviction was part of their alliance and they were pissed.

Janelle calling Dani a bitch for telling them she wasn't going after CT because she wasn't going to do their dirty work.

"The biggest mistake I made in this game is not getting rid of her" Janie says talking about Dani.

Kaysar said we all screwed up for trusting them with their info.

Howie says "we were always the #1 target" Howie proclaims ""you're messing with the wrong hg" Janie chimes in "your messing with the wrong HG's floatherd"

Janie and Howie talking about how they will celebrate if the win HOH and throw it in their faces.

Howie making fun of Marci when he said "Quite pussyfooting around get out CT" Howie says thet "bitch is gonna get it.

Sov's reallly mad because Dani was condensending to the "Talking to me like a 3rd grader"

Howie "the pressure is on them now" to win HOH because they have to.

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2:08 BBT Just Howie and Janie outside in front of fire pit. Kaysar looks as though he went inside.

Long Silence.

Janelle thinks someone is coming back. She belives it will be a girl since there are few girls left.

Kay back and Janie asks "are you going to bed? What's wrong? Are you sad?

Kaysar calling the floatherd transparent people.

Janie "it sucks"

Kaysar said he is not going to campaign to stay. Janelle "KAYSAR! at least find out how others are voting"

Kaysar goes in and Janelle tells Howie "I feel bad for Kaysar" and Howie says "So do I" Janie "It sucks"

"I can't believe Kaysar is getting fucking backdoored. Damn it! It pisses me off" Janie tells Howie.

Howie wonders if Marci thinks he's safe in the Floatherd with the house coming after him. "He has to know the whole house wants him gone"

Janelle said howie should have played POV to at least win all the prizes. Howie said he would have played to win and he would have taken her off.

Kaysar back. Janie say they're mad. "Are you riled up?" "Yes but what is that going to change?"

Kaysar says "I'm going to bed" leaves back into the house again.

Janie go back to talking POV and telling Howie she didn't want James to feeel bad if she picked him.


Asking Janie if michael would have been a good competitor.

Now they are doing Jedi Drilling.

Camera switches to inside show kaysar reading the Koran showing closeups of highlighted passages. looking very sloemn

Fire[complete with obnoxious theme song]

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2:26 BBT back

Kay still reading.

Howie and Janelle doing Jedi Drilling in BY.

Upstairs in the HOH we have floatherds talking about Diane's ill fated showmance with Drew and how she was played. Dani says she "voted right" because Drew played a better game. Marci still doesn't believe it wasn't a complete landsided.

Marci had the capacity to have played a "Drew Game" if he wasn't so wrapped up in the Sov thing. Dani believes Howie has always wanted to get rid of James way early in the game. Marci says Howie lost the game when he went off on busto. Marci saying he lost it when he stopped playing a nuetral game. Dani says the whole kaysar eviction is what set him off.

Back to the BY Janie and Howie talking and laughing

Kaysar talking to Erika about what he's reading honor integrity etc. She looks disinterestes and heads upstairs with her fellow floatherders.

Back to BY Howie and Janie talking about Maggie..camera switched mid convo so really not sure what was said as camera switched back to Kaysar reading.

Marci says he isn't taking glee in the situation but since they were marked for death and they didn't care. Erika bitching about how Kaysar said he would protect her and Janelle nominated her .Marci called Will and Boggie "Frick and frack" Dani says it's just a game. Now they are justifing Kaysar being put up by saying they would have been put up if they would have been HOH.

Marci says Janelle will get to the end because she will use men and marci says he's going to let her think he's helping her and he will throw her "under the bus". They believe Janie has the veto exemption since her points do not add up.

They seemed worried abou CT getting HOH as they are not sure who they would nominate. Marci says he needs to get a truce with Booger but he still wants him out. Dani belives he will go after Howie and Janelle.

Erika says Will will "throw it". Marci says he doesn't like Boggers stories since they are so mean spirited.

Well Janie in BR getting ready for bed so I will let that be my exit and will be back tomorrow's late night updates.

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2.59AM BBT

Jan & Howie in Bathroom

Howie farted & Janelle says 'it reeks!!'

Meanwhile in HOH...(Erika, Marc & Danielle)

Re-counting Veto/Lux/Food Comp

FoTH on all feeds

Back, HOH crew still talking about the comp, Howie on his own, spraying the bathroom whilst saying 'Eughh!!!' (probably did another slop-induced fart) Howie: Eugh!! It's getting stronger! (LOL)

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Marc saying how he won't vote for Janelle to win or take her to the end 'because of the last 2 weeks' & how she's the worst player in BB history

Erika & Marc go downstairs, Howie is in Erikas bed, shes telling him to get out & that he stinks.

Marc: 'I'm going upstairs to sleep with Danielle'

Looks like everyone's gone to bed.

3.25am BBT

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Everyone is sleeping in the house except for Howie, Janelle, and James who got woken up by Howie who said loudly, "Shit! The blankets are off!" Howie then walked into Erika's room and just woke her up because he farted, and is now talking to her. Erika was tired and went to bed. Howie was laying in his bed staring at Erika sleeping. Howie just went to sleep for a few seconds and is now awake staring at the camera infront of him. Howie just farted. Erika woke up and is now complaining about Howie's farting. Erika says that her farts are silent. Erika and howie are now talking about Howie's uncontrolable farting. Howie now finally fell asleep, with some whispering with Erika in between. Erika is annoyed by Howie's farting and keeps waking up. Howie also keeps waking up whenever he farts. So now Howie is back to sleep for the 30th time.

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6:54 BBT

HG's are sleeping. All four cams.

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Boogie is up and heading to the washroom.

The cameraman zoomed in on the 'Occupied' sign a couple times.

8:42 BBT - Boogie is in the kitchen. Making something, but I cant tell what (Coffee maybe?) The lights are still off and I cant see him that well.

Ok, so I fibbed LOL...As I typed that last part, the lights came on. I still cant see what he's doing because his back is to me, but I think he's making a protein shake...Just heard him shaking something!

Boogie just changed and is now in the SR changing his battery. 8:46 BBT

Now he's making breakfast...

(ho hum..I hope someone else gets up soon! LOL)

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Ok..Looks like Will is up now..James is up now, Georgie is up now...They are all just puttering around the house.

Boogie is in the hot tub, and James in is the bathroom sitting on the couch...I cant tell if he's waiting for someone in the bathroom, or if hes just sitting there thinking?!

James just went outside with an armful of laundry...Asked Boogie if he could throw his stuff in with his, and Boogie said sure, but it might be too full...Looks too full so looks like James is gonna wait to do his stuff.

James thinks everyone is getting sick, or allergies or something (everyone seems to be snoring up a storm in the house)

Boogie says that maybe they could ask BB for the vaccum so they can vaccum the floors they are sleeping on.

James attempting to sponge bath with a bucket of warm water.

James and Boogie have been talking in the BY. (I hope someone was able to catch this...I just sat back down at the computer..Went to do a few things around the house because I was getting bored! LOL)

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9:58 am BBT BB: Good Morning Houseguests. The Veto Ceremony will begin in 2 hours.

10:00 am BBT - FIRE

10:05 BBT - Feeds are back.

BB: James, Please go to the diary room

James: What the f*ck?

Chicken George: Give'em all you got Jamesy

All feeds are on Boogie laying on the red lounge outside.

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10:31 am BBT : BB - Good morning HG's. The veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes.

Dani and Marcellas are awake now.

Howie is in the kitchen. He may have farted or burped or something and says 'Aww, sorry BB'

Howie and Will laying on the couches in the living room. Howie farts which disgusts Will. Howie jokes about being nominated and voted out of the house because of his gastro intestinal (sp?) problems.


Will just got up and went somewhere (feeds are still on the living room)

All of the sudden, Howie grabs a can of air freshner and sprays it around him! HAHA

Will & Boogie in the kitchen talking.

James is outside folding laundry on the pool table.

I have to jet for a bit everyone...I hope someone else can report for a while!! I'll be back later!

Ok, one more last update...

James got his phone call...He's telling Dani about it now.

He said 'Sarah cried...I may have shed a tear or two'

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Mike quizing Will on the house...

stops in the middle to inform Will of part of the conversation James/Mike had outside this morning... laughing at the fact James said Howie had 'counted all the bricks'

Danielle up, going outside to talk with James, CG is outside

James starts telling Danielle about the phone call he had with Sarah... she's seen the things he has done crossing his fingers and the scarf, everyone is proud of how he's playing... apologized for how things went with them the month before the show started(going off to campaign/wanting to spend time with her)...

D: how long was it? 3 minutes?

J: yea... grandmother is doing good, in the hospital... supposed to give you and season 6 people hugs... well, she said everybody but I guess that's who she meant... one of my nieces is talking... guess it's Cathlene, cause the other is only 2 months old... they watch me on tv so I need to watch my language... no more dropping my pants for POV... I thought it would weaken me, but...

D: it empowers you

J: I thought it would be harder without her here, but I can take more risks, last year I was worried about leaving her here alone, now if I go out it's my fault, if I go home I could care less

(Mike/Will still in kitchen whispering, very hard to hear them)

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Saw feed for a short time before FOTH again.

Danielle was in HOH playing cards. She looked to be crying a little bit.

Switched to quad cam and saw Erika/Kaysar talking. Kaysar was asking for a vote out of Erika. Erika said she didn't say whe wouldn't vote for him, but she didn't know if it would help. Kaysar then came right out and asked her if she would vote for him. She hesitated and then we got FOTH again.

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Erica is crying in hoh after talking to kaysar. She thinks james is tricking them all. She thinks that James is backdooring Kaysar. She is worried that James threw the veto comp. Erica likes kaysar and its not fair he is being backdoored. She said she was up all night. James should not throw a veto comp.

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1:37 BB time - HOH room (Danielle, Marcellas, and Erika)

Marcellas says he's not telling anyone how he is voting. Only James because his vote for him stays the same. It hasn't changed since Janelle got off the block. Erika talking about convo with Kaysar. She is upset because he's too intense. Dani says when he believes in something it protrudes through his eyes. Erika says CT has been going by week after week. Kaysar told Erika we werent going to do your dirty work. Dani says well, I'm not doing theirs by going after CT, they had 4 chances. She said it's a numbers game.

Dani says we can't fault them for trying. Kaysar had asked if it was a tie and Dani just told do what you got to do. Dani knows Jani dislikes her right now but Dani is trying to be nice and she is fine that Jani is being nasty to her. Kaysar told Dani he has been himself. Dani says it has nothing to fdo with being nice, but it's about numbers.

Erika said Kaysar had a convo with her where Kaysar told her she is in the pecking order. He told her he had gotten into arguments with people. Dani said no, we decided who was going to stay or go, they didn't. They may have had the power of who is nominated but the house has the decision who stays or gos. They were making deals with everyone but them (Dani, Marcellas, and Erika) and they were the ones who had the votes, not SOV.

Marcellas said you can't have it both ways and that's what Kaysar wants. He says they can "eat ass." Erika says Kaysar acts like she owes him. She knows that Dani, Marcellas voted to keep her in the house. Dani keeps saying it comes down to numbers, Kaysar. Marcellas says of Kaysar my way, or the highway - see things my way or you're wrong. Erika says she told Kaysar she is playing the game now. She isn't going to backdown now. Erika worked with them and they went after her when there were other people in the house after them.

Marcellas said Jani ruined their alliance. Dani says she doesn't see it. Marcellas says that's because her people keeping telling her how great she is, and how pretty she is so they don't tell her she ruined it. If Kaysar goes home it's because of Janelle. Kaysar had told Dani people are around Erika. Marcellas says don't be provert now after you've fucked with people's lives and games (about SOV). Marcellas is worried if George can withstand this whole thing.

(I'll be around later tonight!)

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1:55bbt (ed. just got here, sorry)

(Danielle/Erika in the HOH)

D: if he would have commited to you, give you his word I won't vote and will do all I can to protect you... but when your key don't come out, what do you think? You could have went home!


D: I come up here, sit down after talking to them... he asked me, if it's a tie, what will I do? I'm not telling anyone that. He asked if I should go talk to people? I said yes, I'm not going to tell people not to play the game... he said but I've been nice to people, talked to them about their family, I don't want them to think I'm campaigning.. I said you are honorable, it's a game... the interesting thing, when you watch the 4... James is still in the chair, the other 3 go off, he's the odd man out... I don't need to convince you... I said in DR the only person with common sense is Erika, everyone else is stupid... I was just livid after the POV comp... when they are all going out for margaritas I was giving them the finger, they were laughing, I was serious... I would have just gone for the phone call...

D: the thing that makes me leary about Marcellas, BB said if you got prizes they will tell you, and he said they won't tell

E: in his defense, Boogie did the say... then they were talking about points, I said why are you talking in code?

E: I'm sure she has the veto thing... unless James has it

D: no, no way James would give up that... I was in solitary... tears of anger... I was so angry, never in my life been soooo angry

E: I was standing outside and knew... did you know before I revealed it?

D: my heart was racing... if I win this, I can't win POV or HOH, stick a fork in me... I had to risk it, in BB3 I was hide in the corner... I don't have coattails this time... help me help you, you know what I'm saying?

(Marcellas on feed outside: why are my cranberry underwear out here?)

D: the thing is, he's still commited to them (ed. Kaysar?)... cause honestly, he had no say in who stays... she did... in that alliance... the first 4 voted out, is because of her... she wanted Alison, they wanted Diane gone, but we turned it and said no... it was his job, he came out and begged...

E: wow, what a dumb move, why are you playing the game for her?

D: so you went after Mr/Mrs Smith, then you want to go after Diane? Janelle, you have a personal vendetta against her, and you are being catty.. that's young girls for you.. I looked at all 3 and said, I have no problem sitting next to Julie... they asked don't you need protection? But I'm saying you want to protect me, but turn on me?

E: did you think we would let you be final 4? we would be what, final 6? we aren't going to let you win the game...

D: it's the hudspa to sit there and tell me... when I sat down with him, he had NOTHING to say...

Erika says she wants to hide out in the HOH room, Dani says that's fine

D: Howie thought I was going to put him up

E: that made some great television

D: when I said Howie... he totally gained a lot of respect... and he's on slop... he's done anything possible, that's why I gave him a hug after the comp....


(Danielle/Erika still in HOH, Jan/CG/James/Kaysar in kitchen)

CG says drinking olive oil straight 'does not work' (ed. lol)

Danielle staring at spy screen, James asks Howie to get red onion from storage room, Janelle asks him to get cheese... and we get flames

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