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August 6 Live Feed Updates

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The house has no hot water for showers so Will lays on the counter and has Erika wash his hair in the kitchen sink. He then takes off his shoes and washes his feet in the kitchen sink. This is evidently the only place that has hot water. How sanitary is that?

Will and Boogie have gone into the DR to complain about the situation in the house (deprivation).

Erika is threatening to leave the house because she doesn't think she can be on slop for 2 weeks. She says she doesn't want to be sick.

Janie, Kaysar, James and Howie are in the Bug Room discussing their hatred for Marcellus.

James said Marci told him he might even use the veto on James if he won it.

Janie calls Marci a bastard and says how upset she is with him. Howie calls him a little bitch. Kaysar has some choice words himself.

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James is lying on the bed. Kaysar is on the floor and Howie is giving Janie a backrub.

Kaysar says George lost it today when he read on the list "slop for the rest of the season". Kaysar says it was not made for TV.

James tells Howie to put some fun-ness back into Janie. Howie and Janie do their "Oh Howie, Oh Janie" routine.

Howie asks Janie if she's seen Spiderman. She tells Howie to shut up. The conversation goes into BB6 and thoughts about Michael. Janie says "he was weird, wasn't he?".

J: We have to do whatever it takes to get Marcellus on the block.

H: Get Marcellus the hell out of here.

J: It's 9:30. Where's our Margarita party at?

More Janie and Howie banter.

Will walks in. Says BB wants half of them having a party in the BY having fun and the other half eating slop and looking like assholes. He said he doesn't need BB to portray him like that. He can look like an asshole on his own.

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9: 16 BBT

Kaysar,Janelle,James, and Howie in Bug Room.

Janelle being given a massage by Howie

James lying on a cot

Kaysar on the floor with pillows.

Joking around about Will dating Janelle.


They said that Marci has no clue that he is hated by everyone, James said if George wins HoH, his ass is up so fast its not even funny.

Kaysar said that Howie can never speak in a sentence.

Howie makes fun of Michael and said " Have you even seen Spider Man?"

James said he laughed so hard, Janelle admits it too.

9:20 BBT

Howie gives a shoutout to Michael.

and calls him dreamy.

James ask if Michael tried to get on Surreal Life, Howie said Vh1 wanted him to go on Surreal Life.

James said that Howie has stolen Dr. Will's Heart.

James said that they have to do whatever it takes to put Marcellas on the block.

They want to threathen Danielle into doing this, if she doesn't she goes home the follwing week.

Howie "Get Marjealous's fat ass outta here"

They still haven't had there margarita party.

Howie and Janelle doing their little sex talk thingy.

9: 23 BBT

Will walks in and they discuss how Danielle is handling her solitary confinment.

James basically said that CBS rigged the competition.

Will is thinking that Marcellas won every item during the veto.

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James Howie Kaysar Jani in Gold Bug room. Having fun and laughing as always.

Will comes in. ''Its 9:20 , are we gonna have a margarita party? That is lame. obviously they want to show us having fun in the back yard while everyone else is on slop and danielle is in solitary. They want us to look like a**holes. I dont need any help looking like an a**hole, I do it on my own.I say we protest'

Jame 'lets boycott'

will 'lets go out there and not say a word'

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Will asks how many points Dani got. James says 49.

They go on to talk about the buzzer in the competition.

Janie asks how many points Marcellus got. No one knows (or cares). They talk about how all he got was the slop pass.

More complaints about the comp. How they couldn't see the screen, confusion, not knowing who had what.

Will says he needs to see a chiropractor.

They give the BB Production a D. Timing an F.

Janelle is called to the DR.

James says they asked him if he was excited about his phone call. He says he was.

Will won a trip to Aruba. Boogie joins the group announcing "it's a margarita party".

Talk of DR sessions and now we have fire.

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Will, Booger, Kaysar, Howie and James are in the bug room talking strategy. CT is pushing to take out Marcellas and want the SOVs to unite with them to get Danielle to put him up. They want to prove that he did something about slop and Booger says Marci was eavesdropping on a convo earlier in the week.

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James, Will, Kaysar, Boogie and Howie talking about the competition and who gave the house slop.

Did Marcellus put us on slop? Danielle said she didn't. James says he didn't.

B: Dude he put everyone on slop.

J: Janelle had 55, 10 points for the veto, 5 points for the slop. James says it was such a small number he thought no one would take it. Said he was 14 points down and went for the margarita party. He says if they were f'd they might as well have some fun.

B: Janelle is not telling everyone about the veto because she doesn't want them to know she can't play for veto next week. Says "I thought BB would announce it to everybody." More discussion that BB will not announce it to the others. The only one that would be talking about it would be Marcellus.

Will says he wants a truce with SOV to get rid of Marcellus and possibly CG. Will says if he goes home next week fine because he will be going to sequester. Will says Marcellus cannot go to sequester.

Howie says who wants to sit in sequester with Marcellus? He's a bitch. He vows to protect Janie because she won't be able to compete.

James is asking Will if Danielle will be safe (next week).

They huddle together and make it unanimous that they want Marcellus out. Will says "say hi to Gretchen for me!".

More discussion about who put the house on slop. James tells Kaysar that Janelle didn't put the house on slop but isn't telling because she doesn't want them to know about her not being able to compete next week.

They decide that Marcellus is definitely the one who put the house on slop and if they are able to prove it, they'd know he f'd the entire house.

J: Janie sold out our alliance last week and sold out the house this week. I can't believe we're sleeping on the cots.

They tally the points and decide that Marcellus was the one. Howie calls him a prick and says he's gone.

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Don't have to work tomorrow and thought I'd check in on the feeds......

HG's getting ready for the margarita party. CG comes into the bathroom where Janey is getting ready and comments on how nice she looks. She calls him "Mr Fart" and tells him he looks good too.


feeds back on and Janey, mike, will, CG, Marcellas and James in the BY starting margarita party. Eating Mexican food aswell.

Erika, Howie and Kayser in kitchen eating slopp.

Howie makes a few mildly rude comments about the f'in eaters in the yard.

AND of course.... Will has to start talking about his DR so we get FIRE.....

James says " I could get kicked out tonight but remember, I did get you this margarita party. Just something to keep in mind while you are voting" CG proposes a toast for Jamsey. Will says he will do the toast as long as CG stops calling James "jamsey"

They are screwing with the margarita machine. They open the top and BB says "Stop That!"

F1 Dani is talking to herself in solitary (saying somethng about a "loophole").

F3&4 on HG in the BY at the party

Dani is pacing now, taling to herself - "you guys need to play that for me."

Will says something about him being "the boss and people need to do what I sa......" and FIRE!!!!!!

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10:09 BBT

Will, Boogie, Janelle, CG, Marcellas, James at Margarita party. Looks like they have lotsa Mexi food & frozen margaritas.

Janelle eating a burrito that looks like it weighs a pound (I wonder if it's her 1st one :P ). Boogie wearing a peachy colored Miami Vice looking jacket, Will in a shiny black jacket, Janelle in a black spandex dress (Did BB give em the clothes & it's 80's theme nite :blink: )

They are trying to suck down as many margaritas as they can quickly but they just realized the marg machine doesn't hold that much. There is lots of slurping sounds as their straws are trying to suck up every last drop of frozen maragrita. They tried to open the top of the marg machine & got a BB "STOP THAT". They start complaining that they need more cocktails & we get FoTH.

On 2 Feeds we got Dani pacing back & forth in solitary & talking to herself like a loony toon.

2 Feeds switch to Erika, Howie, & Kaysar in kitchen. Erika is upset about Dani being in solitary. They go outside to hang around the hookah.

Meanwhile at the party the marg machine continues to deny drinks to the HG & they ask for BB help. FoTH

back to party...

Will: Dude this is the wackest party I have been to. Thanks BB for throwing the shittiest fucking party I've ever fucking been to

Janelle: Can we have wine please?

Will: We had 2 drinks. We had 2 fucking drinks

Boogie: (talking to BB) Dude I don't care if this marg machine isn't going to work but can we have beer & wine & we won this fucking party & he (James) gave up points when he was on the block

James: & I'm going home for it

Boogie: We are going to throw a bitch fit up in here

Will: I'm going to throw that marg machine in the pool

Howie: Out of 2 what would you give this

Boogie: I give this party a fucking zero. I got a fucking bar with no alcohol or ice.

& FoTH

back to calmer HG. Janelle & Will hanging out alone together an awfully lot. Everyone else around the hookah. (Lotsa mixed chatter going on with quad, sounds like a bunch of crazy voices in my head)

Will & Jan rehashing how she went against the SOV. They are acting like she is now CT. They strategize over how to make everyone think she hasn't joined them. Will says she need to pick which SOV she wants to bring into CT to make them 4. Jan laughing at how she told Dani she would never bring CT & SOV together. Will says we gotta get rid of Marcellas. Jan agrees. Will wants to crush Marcy's dreams & send the little bitch back to Housecalls. Will says to let Dani decompress after solitary & then they will talk to her about getting rid of Marcy.

Janelle seems to be quite chatty (MBE buzzing from booze a bit) & Will is turning on the charm & pumping her for info which she is freely giving up.

(I'm off to bed, nite all)

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Howie talking to Janelle in the BR. Janelle admits to Howie that she put the house on slop and the cots.

Everyone is getting ready for the party. Getting dressed up. Janelle is in a nice black dress with heels, Will, Boogie and Chicken George all have jackets on. CG and Boogie are wearing hats. Boogie looks like Miami Vice with his red jacket with the sleeves rolled up. James says he's not dressing up because he's dirty and can't take a shower for a week. :unsure: Will has a black jacket and black shirt and looks handsome.

Erika, Howie and Kaysar are called to the DR.

Marcellus flitters in and is trying to find something to wear without ironing. Says he's going to put on his Mexican-Cuban shirt. Says that's as close as he's getting to dressing up.

James, Janelle, Will, Boogie, Chicken George and Kaysar in the BY having a margarita party. They have food and drinks.

Will asks for chicken burritos and says "What's up with this dump?" Then they ask for music.

Dani is up in Solitary pacing the room while the others who competed are having a party. Really sad. :(

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Feeds back

Mike Boogie is drinking a beer/margarita combo

Will says he feels like he can drink 15 of these and not be drunk. Then he says that's when you find yourself in Mexico naked in an alleyway missing a kidney.

Dani "what am I doing in solitary confinement while people who are supposed to be on my side are outside having a margarita party? Can someone explain that to me?"

Boogie asks George " How much of the $500,000 would you give up to be able to eat a winner's feast after every competition." "$50,000?" Cg says yeah and Will says t"that's a lot of money"

CG says after he has had an evening of eating real food it is easier to say he would hold out.

Erika in the house talking to Kayser about Dani in Solitary. Kayser says "she chose it" but Erika says it kills her to see people celebrating it.

Back in BY.......

Boogie does a toast to janey the veto winner, Will says a toast to the best lookking person in BB... and Janelle too. (lol, that Will is so funny.... hee hee)

Kayser and Erika on couches smoking the Hooka and comment about Boogie. (I think they expect him to act up again)... edited for my own 2 cents worth - I hope so It would be fun to watch!!!

Will asks for instructions on how to work the margarita machine. Janelle jokes around and says "Yeah Can we just get more tequila.... we just want it straight." They all have a little giggle about this

FOTH (maybe someone telling Will how to use the machine)

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feeds are back

Complaining about the party

Will says "thanks for the worst f*in sh*y party ever"

Boogie saying yeah thanks BB, we have a party with an alcohol machine that doesn't work. We can't have wine or beer and James is on the block and gives up points for this party and it sucks.... James joins in once again saying how he may go home.

Erika says Janelle looks glamorous though and Janey says thankyou to her.

and we get fire.

feeds come back and CT saying they are going to burn the pinata. Howie starts in on the "Jenga must die" and Erika says we hid the Jenga from you Howie.

Janelle has joined Kay, E, and Howie on the couch. She's having a cigarette while E smokes on the Hooka.

Will is taling about running shoes I think (? LOL)

Boogie over by the mexican party set up talking to CG. Boogie drinking a margarita and CG is eating away..... he looks so cute in his powder blue suit and sombrero!!!!!!

Boogie starts to say something about someone and the $50,000 guy.... and we get Fire yet again.

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F1 & 2 Dani in solitary

F3&4 by at party

Janey, Will, Boogie, and CG talking.

Janey says "the first week you guys said you were going after season 6"

Boogie claims "We were joking, we thought you would steal all the thunder"

Will says "who told you that?" all deniability

They claim they are concerned with making a good show first

Dani reading instructions for toilet/portapotty outloud. (poor thing she must be sooooooooooooo biored)

Will asks CG to go so they can talk to Janey

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everyone walks away and Will, Janie talk in private.

Will tells a story of how Janie ignored him at the beginning.

they laugh about it.

Boogie joins.

they talk crap about someone but can't hear who.. foth

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Janie admits to Will and Boogie she put the house on slop.

W & B tel her NO! to pretend marc did and to "go with it."

boogie leaves.

Janie and Will talk in private again.

Janie said she tohught will was going to be a jerk, but he isn't at all.

W says he isn't purposely malicious and it would hurt will if he thought that.

Janie said she doesn't think so.

Will calls her distant and witchy before. Janie says she knows she was mean and she's sorry.

Janie predicts Will will win BB again.

W says after next week if he's ok... he's flipping the switch to on, he isn't even playing yet.

me, you, boogie, and one person of your choosing are going to run with it.

J; just one?

W: yes.

W: I bring one and you bring one.

J: are you gonna try to win thurs

W: yes

J: promise

W: yes

J: swear

W: yes

Will said to Janie: Erika told me she is the one who got you not to put me up

they laugh

Will says marc is GONE

W: i wanna put up erika and CG and get erika the F out of here.

Will said he's going to start physically distancing himself from janie, but to know that Will has Janie's back. But, Janie should let Will know who the one person of her choosing is

Janie sugests if anyone asks to say Boogie and Janie still hate each other.

Will really wants to get Dani to put marcellas up, so they can vote him out.

they discuss Erika.

W: i fucking hate that whore.

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Will Boogie and Janey talking about Marcellas.

Wondering if he knows that everyone dislikes him. CT tells Janey the house knows that Marci put them on slopp and tool away the beds. Janey steps up and admits it was her. (Again) they tell her to let Marci take the fall for it (they tell her it would be good for her - protection) They want to get rid of Marci this week and the "send CG to sequester so he can drink all the margarita's he wants"

Will asks Boogie to go... he and Janey talk. He asks her why he didn't want to talk to him. She says because she thought he was mean. he said really why? She says because I watched season 2 and he says "that was years ago" You don't think that baout me now and she says "no' and will says "yeah you kinda do"

Will offers a deal him and Janey and boogie and one person of her choice for final 4 (how many alliances is that for him now???? god you gotta love the balls this guy has!!!)

Will tells janey that Erika took credit for protecting him from being put up on the block. janelle is saying "No way!! she didn't"

They are talking about how Marci freaked on SOV's for not going after CT. "you have to go after the threat"

Janelle asks if Will will actually be competing in the contest. he says yes and she asks "Do you promise?"

Will says we have to get rid of marcellas and Janelle agrres "I know"

They are planning how to get Dani on board with putting Marci up.

Again talking about Erika and how she runs from group to group. Erika claimed she won the veto to protect Boogie and Janelle tells will Erika was up in HOH asking them what they wanted her to do with it. Erika suggested putting boogie up instead Will says he hates her.

They are talking about possible "goodbye messages" to Marcells. Will wants to be "the dream crusher and send Marci back to housecalls and he can return to the bitter bitch he was before"

Checking to see if margarita machine working again.

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Will wants to have a temp alliance with s6 to get Marc out, then Erika.

Will calls this 'the dream crushers'

W says Marc won evey prize.

J & W insult Marc and call him bitter etc, etc.

W says to Janie she needs to let dani slowly decopress after comming out of solitary, then they (Will and Janie) can slowly approach her with the Marc idea.

Will and Janie discuss how the last episode was edited to make Julie Chen ask Janie about Will/ CT.

Boogie joins

Janie tells them a true story how marc was SO mad that Janie didn't put up CT.

W: it's marc then Erika

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Spreading out to quad cam to see if anything else happening.

all feeds on Janey, Will and mike

Mike asks to hang with them. Will tells janey to tell the story.....

when Janey won HOH they told her to put up CT. she says she changed her mind and thought about putting up CG and she tells Mike that Marci yelled at her "you lied to us, Erika will go now.... yad yada ... you have to put up Will...." Will says to Boogie "Erika was saying it too"

Mike starts to say "the 3 of us...." to Janelle and Will cuts him off (on purpose?.... hmmmmmmm....)

Will tells boogie he told Janelle about "Mike Boogie, DREAMCRUSHER" Boogie says someone said Yeah your a real dreamcrusher (must have been about a producer because we get FIRE!)

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(it was some one behnd the scenes calling him dreamcrusher because he said something about 'Arthur')

Boogie calling Marcellas a cancer to Janie, privately.

Boogie, Janie don't want Marc in sequester at all.

Boogie said something about waiting 3 weeks, then seeing how things shake out (as far as alliances go)

Will and Dani talk through the door of solitary.

Dani shows Will and Kaysar her toilet.

Kaysar decides it looks like a kitty liter box.

Boogie joins them at the door.

Boogie and Will chat briefly in private.... can't hear much, but Will tells boogie everything janie just told him (and janie told him the truth).. mostly convo regarding Erika...

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feeds back and Kayser has joined the conversation

Kayser says" you think she's freaked out now? wait until she sees that we have come to an agreement." Wil says " well you guys are going to go and talk to her not us" CG comes over Boogie and Janey step aside to talk and CG kay and Will are turing on Margarita machine.

Boogie talks about the veto and says he buzzed in prematurely when he heard "will you not play the veto for 10...." he thought it would be $10,000. but he says it worked out anyway because you won the veto. (making it sound like that was his plan all along LOL!!!)

Boogie says Dani will take the deal and put up Marci because she is afraid of Janelle because Janelle can screw with her game. Dani is afraid now he says because she knows that they are going after her. If all 4 of them are in HOH saying she is safe on a week that she can't play.... she will. (the 4 he means are him, will, Janey, and kayser)

boogie says they need to get Marci out now because he is a cancer in the house. If he goes to sequester he will be bitter and bi*$h and poison the other against people. Janey agrees.

Boogie asks if she wants another drink. says he tried to get her some wine but the producers want to stick with the Mexican theme. they laugh together saying I can't believe we are begging for crappy margarita's.

Feeds switch to will talking to Dani through the solitary door. She says she can't hear him and they will talk when she gets out. Will tells her that he knows she is strong but hse doesn't have to be. She admits that she cried. she shows them her toilet Kay wants to see they call it inhumane and a litter box.

brief FOTH

Will and Boogie go talk in the Bathroom about the plans. They say if Janey goes and talks to Dani she will take it. (the deal) Will tells Mike not to say ANTYTHIING to Erika because she will run around to others. He tells boogie that Janelle isn't lying to him. They can count on her word.

Boogie uses Marci's washcloth for something.... missed because of FOTH ... Will says don't do that Boogie and Mike says I will clean it.... and FOTH

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I REALLY have a hard time hearing Will talk to Boogie...

Will whispers to Dani (thorugh the door) about how marcellas went to the DR to check on his prizes and dnai asks what he won. Will told her, and includes he may have put the house on slop.

BB: guys, i'm gonna need you to... FOTH

Now Will whispers to Janie that whole convo (dani/will) as it happend.

Sounds like Will really wants Marc out... he planted the seed to Dani, and tells Janie to talk to Dani tomorrow about it.

(ETA to poster aboe... Boogie cleaned beer up with Marci's washcloth)

Will refuses to believe they've been in there for so long without a twist.

Will tells the others how BB told Will to get away from Dani's window.

Howie says if they really wanted them to not talk to her, they should've covered her window.

The alcohol is all out.

Will wants to "slit his wrists" because he doesn't know what to do, the hot tub is dirty, but the showers are too cold, and everyone will get mad if he showers in the sink. His predicament is that he doesn't know whether to get in the hot tub or not.

they all in the BY sarcastically make fun of BB's parties.

they say they're never going to BB's parties ever again and it was a waste of jame's 3 points.

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