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August 5 Live Feed updates

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Howie " I hate the FLOATHERD :lol: . Up in our room drinking our gatorade'

Jani 'sleeping in my bed'

howie' that was a hard hoh u won. those are hard definitions they are all the same. Where u guessing?'

(everyone deep in thought trying to figure out how to get out of this mess)

Howie ' u called my son a fruit'

janelle ' a fruit , a sissy, a faggot , a queer. ( know idea what that means , totally out of left field)

deep in thought again

Jani ' I want to stay so bad and do some serious damage. You and me a catagory 5 . (howie)

Jani left

Jani in kitchen with James and George

james ' we are having fish, who micheal your love from last year taught me how to make'

jani ' he will be 30 on the eleventh.

george ' when did he leave?'

Jani '2nd week'

James ' they lied about him. he was wierd but....'

George 'he's the one with the woman problems?'

jani ' he was my boyfriend'

george ' was he weird'

james ' ya'

george 'how long did u go out with him?'

jani ' 8 mo' '( i think that is what I heard')

Jani ' how do u make it james'

james ' with wine or cream and flour. '

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Will Dani Boogie in backyard.

Will 'I told jani I had her back, but obviously I will vote to keep James'

Dani' marci told me that CT is with Janelle. I said I know'

Will 'marci is the biggest bitch in this game he keeps running around telling things. He doesnt know what is really going on. Why would he run and tell u that anyway? marcellus isnt playing the game. He doesnt care as long as he doesnt go.'

dani ''he thinks you are inline with her so now he wants to vote her out.'

boogie in the hot tub

dani' you know you are looking crazy when they ask in the DR 'do u want to do something with your hair?'


diary room talk = fire

Will ' jani said if she get pov she is going to yell at marcellus'

dani ' u want to see a show. she better not disrespect him'

will ' I want something better than sucky wine and beer , I want a strawberry daqiuri and whipped cream'

dani I got wine'

wil ' you would drink it'

dani ' like it my job' (spelled exactly the way she said it)


Will ' James is nervous. you need to tell him its fine. Tell him he isnt going home'

Dani 'He needs to act that way , you see.

Will 'well he is doing a good job. He convinced me.

Dani ' I know . He knows he is staying, he needs to act that way.'

will 'george is cooking something so stinky. I think he is using fart spice. I asked james to come out and feel the hot tub. He said no I am cooking with george.

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9:27 BBT

Will, Dani, Boogie in or around the HT. Will says Dani winning POV would be the best. Will told Jan (as an excuse) she shouldn't pick him to play veto becasue he is scared Dani will put up Boogie even though he really knows Dani will put up Kaysar.

Dani said what is amazing about "the plan" is that when James won the nullify a vote she was thinking how perfect it is. Boogie says what's really amazing about the plan is that James is in Dani's camp & the SOV have no idea about that James is hanging out with them to steal info. Dani says "they have no clue".

Dani said that's why in her speech (I assume her nom speech?) she said ya'll had plenty of time to go after CT 2 who have said they are coming after you & I'm not goning to do your dirty work. Will says to watch out for James. If Kaysar wins HOH next week James could switch back. They say actions speak louder than words & they will watch James.

(Will & Boogies whispering a lot & I can't hear over the swooshing of the HT)

OMG Will & Boogie are actually going over events to help prepare themselves for memory comps.

Will says people are starting to ask him who he would nominate if he ever gets HOH & he doesn't know what he should say. Dani says he doesn't have to tell who he would nom. Dani (smartly) says they should not plan ahead because no on knows what BB will throw at them next. She says this week it was the cancel an eviction vote, next week who knows.

Janelle comes out convo changes.

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Dani says when she noms people she thinks about how they will compete in competition. She thinks Kaysar threw the HOH because he fell too early. Will agrees. Will says Erika was going nowhere.

Boogie says obviously expect the unexpected. Will reviews the order of evictions. Alison, Nakomis, Jase, Diane. They review order of HOH winners. Then POV winners. Order of going in the house. He says he's decided to pay attention. He suspects a season 6 brawl going on inside and that he asked Janelle if Kaysar has her back and she didn't know. Dani says chaos. Erika says she hasn't heard anything.

Will says the competitors are taking out competitors. They are talking about who would put up Chicken George if they win HOH and who George would put up if he won (they call him a wild card).

Will says they need to call Kaysar out. Everyone believes he threw the HOH competition. Dani says she called him out and when they talked he said he was cool after Boogie dropped. Dani says BB might send something else their way (like the nullification vote).

Will asks Jani what Kaysar said. She says he told her if he wins he will not use it. Will says he's a coward because he doesn't want to have to choose. They are fighting over the HOH room tonight because apparently Dani is not sleeping there. Will says if Kaysar wins and doesnt use it hes only protecting himself and its not an alliance move. He has to draw the line. If he doesnt use it he becomes a floater. If he uses it, Janie and Howie still remain.

Boogie asks wasnt it just them three in the beginning? Jani says yes they picked up James later on in season 6. Jani asks if she gets a red ball if she should pick one of them. She asks them to win it for her. Will says no he cant because Boogie will go up. Will says you should pick Howie because if he wins it he can take her off. Jani says he is safe. Will asks how safe and Jani says Dani said he wouldnt put him up this week. Will questions the guarantee in that.

Will wonders who James would pick in HG choice. Jani doesnt know. Jani decides if she gets a red ball she will pick Will. Will said he will not win it but will help her win. He can't win it because of Boogie. She's worried someone is coming back.

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Will asks Jan if Kaysar will use the POV on her. Jan tells them Kaysar says he wouldn't use it. Will says Kaysar is now a floater. He is going around acting all "moral". Dani goes in. Will says Jan/Howie/Kaysar are the original alliance anyway so Kaysar could use the POV if he won it & James could go. Janie says she will pick Will if she gets a red ball. She knows he can't win & take her off but he could help her to win. Will says Jan should tell Kaysar that if Will wins POV & takes her off that he is going up in her place. Jan says if Kaysar goes up in her place James will go. Will tells her she is crazy if she votes to keep Kaysar in that situation since Kaysar is refusing to help her. Jan says Kaysar doesn't want to make any decisions. Will says what's the point of your alliance if you aren't willing to support that alliance.

Will says for Jan to tell Kaysar if he wins POV & takes Jan off then Kaysar will be safe & Dani can't nom Howie so a non-SOV will be nom & they will have the votes to protect the SOV by using James' cancel a vote pass (:wacko:)

10:15 BBT

Will/CG/Jan in kitchen.

CG says that they called Dani in (to the DR?) & that she has to make an announcement in a few minutes. They wonder what it will be.

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James & Boogie whispering in the bugroom. Talk of POV & if Will or Boogie will use it. James says he wants them to cause he will only feel safe if he is off block. Boogie says lets see who wins POV & then decide.

Dani & Marcy in HOH. Dani loves the show becasue you can't fake it on the live feeds & people really see them & the raw emotions.

James & Janelle by Dryer. From their convo & the one James just had with Boogie I believe they have already chose who will play in POV using the balls in bag. (from bits of convo, MBE playing are Will, Boogie, James, Janelle, Dani. I dunno the 6th but Janelle said MBE she should have picked Howie or Kaysar so I guess it's not them)

James & Boogie whispering in the bugroom. Talk of POV & if Will or Boogie will use it. James says he wants them to cause he will only feel safe if he is off block. Boogie says lets see who wins POV & then decide.

Dani & Marcy in HOH. Dani loves the show becasue you can't fake it on the live feeds & people really see them & the raw emotions.

James & Janelle by Dryer. From their convo & the one James just had with Boogie I believe they have already chose who will play in POV using the balls in bag. (from bits of convo, MBE playing are Will, Boogie, James, Janelle, Dani. I dunno the 6th but Janelle said MBE she should have picked Howie or Kaysar so I guess it's not them)


Booze has arrived.

Howie in bugroom with Kaysar trying to promote some hairbrained idea to present to Danielle...that if a SOV comes off the block in POV then Dani needs to nom CT so the SOV will protect her & not gun after her next week :rolleyes: James & Jan come in. J&J says they picked POV contestants based on who they could beat. Jan says if I come off the block James leaves & if James comes off the block...like if I come off the block James leaves. Now Jan says one of the SOV are leaving & then the SOV can work with CT to get rid of the floaters (huh I thought the plan was to get Dani to nom CT & evict 1 of them, now the plan is to work w/CT to get rid of floaters :unsure: ahh welcome back Waffle Alliance)

Jan says Erika came to her w/a BS story about how she threw HOH because she didin't have anyone to nom. Howie says they are going to win HOH next week, put up Marcy & Erika, then backdoor Dani. Jan says no they will put up Marcy & Dani (Waffle plan #3) Will comes in & asks if he should go they say stay.

James tells Howie last year he was funniest but this year Will is ahead of him & CG is a close 3rd. Howie tells Willie he is so cute :huh: . Will says his GF is going to dump him because he has lasted so long on the show & still isn't home. They joke around.


Jan goes to bathroom, James is showering. Jan said I shouldn't have picked Marcellas (so I guess he is the 6th POV competitor). She says Marcy is up in HOH room talking to Dani. James says in all honesty you have to either pick someone who will use it or who you can beat. Jan says no matter what next week the SOV needs to work with CT.

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Will, james, kaysar jani howie in Bugroom

Will talking again how he should not be there. His girlfriend is going to break up with him. He thought he would be gone a long time ago. I am sure she is watching it before she goes to work. I bet everyone at work says to her, did u see your idiot boyfriend. I am afraid it will wear on her. Afraid that she wont like what she see, or what her co workers say. I am cool with her mom. Her mom is very pretty. I am going to be scared to call her after this, she might not want to see me. I want her to miss me.

WIll is drinking wine. going on and on about his girl.

Jani has wine too.

switching feed. I cant take anymore on what a great guy Will thinks he is. :P

bb just told the floatherd to turn off the spy cam.

Marcellus yells back ' no, we want to see if they are coming up with knives.' (quick fire)

Marcellus talking about the dorks that called in. (his words)

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HOH room

Erika says she feels like its BB4 all over again. Saying how people said we are going to take these people out. She is talking about how things happened in BB4.

Dani says everyone keeps saying Chicken George will never win an HOH. But she thinks he will. Marcellas talks about him winning the POV. He brings up the wake up call of the clucker and how aggravated he was every time he heard it.

Erika and Dani in the kitchen. Dani goes out to the backyard. Boogie and Chicken George in the hot tub. Dani's looking for Will. Boogie says hes in the ant room. Not much game talk here.

James looks like he's getting ready for bed. The other three feeds are Boogie, Dani, and Chicken George in the hot tub.

James, Kaysar, and Howie in the ant room. Looks like Will left. He's playing cards outside HOH with Janie. Looks like they are drinking wine.

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11:31 BBT

On quad

Erika changing to swimsuit in shower.

James brushing teeth.

2 feeds on HT. CG & Boogie in HT, Dani standing beside HT drinking wine.

Janelle heads up to lounges by HOH. Will joins her. They are both drinking wine. Will asks why Jan didn't pick Howie for POV. She says he doesn't want to pick between her & James. Lots of whispering can't make 1/2 of it out. They are playing cards (war I think)

It's gotten more crowded at the HT. Lotsa joking around.

(I'm out. nite all)

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Will and Jani are playing SPEED with the cards. Very fun.

Jani trying to get some info out of him. But not getting any. But they are having fun.

Kaysar and howie joining them on the ledge outside HOH.

Boogie george Danielle Erica in backyard. everyone in a good mood tonight. (the sov6 still have fun even when nominated. no pouting going on. Love it.) :D

James is ready for bed. Kaysar went in the bugroom where the lights are out to talk to him.Whispering too low.

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11:45 PM BBT

Kays talking to James in ant room.

He's talking about people scattering. James said the only people who came to him was Marcellas and season 6 people. Kaysar said some people are best friends and share HOH while others lay in bed. He says make your stance known, be there, stay there. No need for BS.

James said they are so transparent. Kaysar said Howie told him he stepped down because Dni said he was safe. He said don't play for the moment. James said "she" basically cut "him" off. Kaysar says Erika has to establish relations. She was super uncomfortable. Kaysar said if he gets his hands on Marcellas.... James interrupts and says he isn't coming out of the HOH room. Kaysar says he's gonna let him have it. James says sick Howie on him.

Kaysar then says that Howie's gameplace is despicable. It makes him so mad. He goes on to say that it was about earning respect. James sayd respect is not traded here but blackmarketed.

Kaysar says they are both guilty of using... but doesnt finish the sentence because James interupts. James suspects they had a gameplay in private. Kaysar says Danielle is playing the game but something is wrong with Marcellas and Erika because they arent playing the game.

He talks about how Marcellas was in HOH last week with Jani telling her how great she was. James tells him to relax. Kaysar says my point is you have to make your stance, that's it.

They talk about respect. James says people arent here in the house except to win. They see only from their perspective. The game is played only when you put yourself in the game. That's all that matters. James gives him advice that when you suspect people, never confront them because then you make an enemy.

Kaysar says it annoys him when people he cares about and tries to respect act in despicable ways. James tells him when you get HOH you bring it. That's all you can do. You take information, you store it, and then blow it up in their face. Be friends with them all for now and then when you win HOH, you put them up and explain it to them then. Tell them they are cowards. You give people one chance in this game because that's all you can afford them.

Kaysar says people are suspecting that Erika and Danielle are tied to him. They got played by all of them. James says respect doesnt belong in this game.

(ok im out later!)

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kaysar' marcellus and erika stabbed us in the back. Marcellus was up there every night with Janelle, hanging out , laughing , being best friends. Now doesnt talk to her"

James' take some deep breaths'' Kaysars pretty mad. Yelling whisper.

james' these people are only here to win, they only see their perspective. Your are trying to see every side, they are not. In the game nothing else matters.'

James ' dont confront them, you make another enemy. Hold it and use it to get them'

Kaysar ' It is on in a very dispecable way, as far as I am concerned, ITS ON.

James 'when you get HOH, bring it. wait until HOH, then throw it in their face. Go out there and just be their friends , talking and laughing , counting down the days until you are hoh.'

Kaysar' It is on.

BB george , please go to DR

Big Yawn from James , trying to end the conversation.

Kaysar might be on to him. He says ' I am not going to play for you or Jani. I am giving you a chance to save yourselves. I have to do the DR and let it all out. I have to pray first.

James' you should pray after'

Kaysar 'maybe I will'

Feeds switch

Dani 'She is going to go after it like its her Job. and I expect her too.'

Mike and erica and Dani trying to figure out what the veto comp might be. Talking about past vetos in previous seasons. reminding each other about Julie warning 'temptation'

Dani ' Janelle, do you what some more wine?' <_< fake

jani 'no'

dani are you sure

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Wake up song.

Everyone just woke up. They look trashed.

Janelle in Kitchen

erica and will in gold bug room talking about the music to wake up to.

Will ' at the end of the day, I dont care if fat Cathy in Minnesota is watching , but to know Neil patrick harris is watching is cool.'

Now will is talking to camera, 'Hey Neil , did u see howie Jerk it in the jack shack?'

Dani ' george, you were farting all night.'

Will ' yea you were blowing the room up.'

Dani in the kitchen making eggs. ' I hate when I do the bug eyed bitch thing.'

Will and Dani trying to figure out who to use in veto. Hard to hear it all. They are getting good at mumbling.

Boogie, James, Kaysar, Ericka, in bugroom.

Boogie is doing an imitation of a producer. They are all laughing.


Everyone getting ready.

Boogie putting in contacts.

Jani doing hair.

Dani and Erica getting breakfast going.

Will starts in on Neil Patrick Harris again. so now we have FIRE

thanks Will :angry:

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George is telling boogie a story.

" I was washing dishes while Will and Howie are throwing lemons. Howie misses and the lemon hits the water and it splashes everywhere. '' george thinks this if really funny. the story is longer and george tries to make it funnier and does that laugh of his.

Will '' okay , that is enough george'' (agreed)

James doing bb voice '' the veto comp will start in ten minutes''

James asking boogie ''will you go up to HOH room and ask for a sugar free red bull and give it to me?''

Boogie '' I dont see that happening"


Kaysar yelling from bug room ''YEA THANKS''

BB HG'S the veto comp will begin in 60 minutes.

Will ' george let me ask you a serious question. What kind of people, on a Saturday morning, watching the feeds and typing everything?" <_<:angry:

George''I dont know, I never met one'' Laughing that laugh of his.

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Nothing really happening.

But this was weird. I think Howie slept in the HOH room. I saw him laying in there. When he got up, he made the bed :blink:

Boogie and Janelle in workout room.

Jani doing makeup. Boogie on cross trainer.

They are trying to figure out what veto will be.

Janelle' Marcellus is a wangster. I think he is going to throw the veto comp.'

boogie ''why did you pick him?''

Jani ''howie and kaysar said they would not use it'' :o ''Marcellus isnt even up yet. He wont play for veto''

Boogie '' I like that, he is a wangster''

Will and Kaysar eating breakfast in silence.

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