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August 4 Live Feed Updates

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James & Boogie whispering in the bugroom. James says he kept telling Howie that the BB6 rein would end & that they severed so many ties. More "you reap what you sow".

Boogie says he's loving the game.

Boogie & Will walking down the hall. Will says Boog may wanna make some blanket statement that he is giving the $10K he won to charity cause there has already been talk. Will says to not mention the money anymore. Will says they are probably going home next week. Will says seriously that they HAVE to win HOH next week. They start rehearsing their next brrrrrrrrring brrrrrrring for the DR. Erika comes in & catches them so Will leaves. (Will is shirtless & in jeans & I must say he is getting nicely cut :D )

Now Dani & James in bugroom too. Boog asks if Dani agreed not to put up Howie. She says yep.

Now many are in the kitchen. Talk of how honest Nak was & what a bitch Toni Ferarri was for calling everyone & telling them about the Jase/Diane alliance.

James asking Dani if she remembers the deal they made when he was HOH that he didn't nom her so she wouldn't nom him. Dani says she doesn't remember that convo at all & he's is smoking crack & he needs to share. James says no really it is because you are such a weak player (wink wink poking at Janelle). Dani laughs & says thanks I will remember that.

Dani asks CG why he didn't let go & get the slop pass. She says Marcy isn't going to give it to him (while hanging on the web several of them said if they won the slop pass they would give it to CG).

CG is eating something that looks like catsup or salsa soup. (it looks awful)

Lotsa long, silent pauses. Everybody seems worn out.

Everybody keeps bringing up the fact that Boogie won $10K so he says he is going to use it to get his mom a used car because she really needs it.

All HG except Will (think he is in DR) sitting around dining table. They say BB says they all (sloppers included except CG) get to eat at 9PM (it's 9:03 now)

Will comes out of DR & says they told him the food was really close to being ready. (9:10 & still no food)

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Everyone still waiting for pizza. Talk of Marcellas not giving CG his slop pass. They all say they would have given it to him.

9:20 BBT

PIZZA ARRIVES !!!! They attack it like they haven't eaten in a week (oh yeah some of them haven't :P )

Marcy is telling someone to get the cameras ready becasue he is about to give CG the slop pass & CG is in the yellow room.

Marcy goes & gives the pass the CG (wow atta boy to Marcy that was really really really a nice thing to do). CG tells Marcy to keep it that he might need it. Marcy tells him he would not give him the pass if he didn't want him to have it & to get up & come in there & eat pizza with them. CG keeps trying to give it back so Marcy walks off & leaves the pass in there w/CG. Now CG just laying on the bed staring at the pass in deep thought. CG finally gets up & goes to the kitchen & tells everyone what Marcellas did. They all cheer. CG says he doesn't want to use the pass until he is sure Marcy wins the food comp so he can give it back to him if he loses. Everyone Marcy included tells CG to EAT. They tell CG they are going to hold him down & forcefeed him pizza. CG calls Marcy aside & hugs him. He says that's the nicest thing anyone has every done for him. CG gets a bit teary. Finally George sits down & EATS!!!!! (HURRAY :D ). CG toasts Marcy w/his Dr Pepper & makes yumm yumm noises while chewing his pizza.

Will yells "No gas for the week"!! & everybody cheers.

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Marci gave up the pass to CG then left the room

CG Sat in the room for a long time even cried trying to decide what to do

he came into the the kitchen area with everyone else eating pizza and anounced that Marci gave him the pass .everyone cheers.....CG says he won't use it in case marci needs it

they are all talking him into eating

he's eating!!!!!

a toast to Marci

CG is Thrilled!!! everyone seems to be enjoying CG's victory!!

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cg: I propose a toast to marcy..... claps all round

Takes a drink...ahhhhhh...oh my gosh...uhhhhh..ahhhh eating pizza

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Everyone is cutting up & having a good time eating pizza. Everyone except Janelle. She hasn't said a word. She is just sitting there twirling her hair, biting her nails, & looking as nervous as a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. Kaysar is a bit quiet too. James & Howie seem unbothered & having a good time (of course Howie got a promise of safety from Dani during the HOH comp).

Janelle & Kaysar go get in beds in the bugroom. She seems to perk up a bit. They start whispering. Talk of who they should tell Dani to nom. Kaysar say Marcy. Jan says noooo that would be stupid. Kaysar asks Jan if her & Marcy have a deal. She says no. They know Howie is safe & Dani won't nom James so they are going up. Jan thinks that if they win veto Dani will put up CT & they have the votes to be safe. Jan thinks Marcy will vote with her ( :unsure::lol: ) Jan says Howie would have to win the veto to keep them safe. Kaysar says he doesn't want to think about it til tomorrow.

Erika & Boogie in the redrum making fun of all the paranoia over the possibility of a HG returning to the house. Boogie says he is just going to sit back this week, follow orders, & let Erika & Dani run the show. Erika says he better. (the tone of their talk seems like they know each other really well)

(I'm off to bed, nite all)

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Kaysar and Janelle are in the bug room - Kaysar's curled up in the fetal position . . .

Janelle was trying to explain to Kaysar how if Howie wins POV and takes Kaysar off the block then sovs+Marcellas would have enough votes to vote out the replacement nom/pawn.

Kaysar doesn't want to talk about things until tomorrow (maybe because he knows Marcellas and James will vote the way Danielle wants him to?)

Erika's floating around from room to room . . . Will is flossing his teeth, James is patting in undereye cream, and CG is eager to use the John after eating all that pizza - lol

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Danielle, Erika, Boogie, and George in the red room (Will just left) . . . the big question is whether Janelle's going out through the 'frontdoor' or 'backdoor', and who else is going up with her.

Danielle just wants to put Janelle up from the start, and she's considering putting up . . . shocker . . . JAMES as the pawn! :o If either wins POV she's thinking she can put up Howie (because she only promised that he'd be 'safe' and that his 'key would be in the box').

They don't trust Marcellas and are glad they don't need his vote to evict Janelle (haven't done the math, but I'll take her word for it!

Danielle is going to think some more about it . . .

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Ok everyone, it's way past my bedtime, please take over for me. Here's my last post to the main Big Brother page:

1:35AM BBT: Marcellas comes in and without BS she just lays it out: "You're not going up, I'm not going to backdoor you, there are no tricks." Marcellas says he has a different MO this season and he's not going to talk about people. He then proceeds to hang out and trash Janelle and talk about everyone else. They end up laughing and carrying on just like old times.

Danielle then goes on to say she having her period. And I guess I'm supposed to report this because she said "OK feeders, I know this is gross but I'm just keeping real." She was worried that while up on the ropes in the spider web she'd bleed through. "Oh I know girl, why did you wear khakis then." Oh it goes on, but it's just too much information.

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I've always wanted to check out the feeds in the middle 'o the night to see what we're all missing . . . :)

Erika, Boogie, Will and Howie are all sharing that big bed in the red room . . . they're all 'sleeping' but still awake (ie not talking), and Erika went and put her hand on Boogie!?! :o When Boogie didn't respond (he's either actually asleep or in a state of shock) she put her entire arm around him :o:o:o

Now Will and Howie noticed the movement, but are trying to play it cool and not gawk at the two . . . so instead - lol - Howie copied Erika and placed his hand on Will's. Will's arm recoiled like a snake and Howie was giggling.

(But gawd, is Erika working over Boogie or what?)

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3:00am BB time

Janelle and James talking in the bug room...

Janelle telling Kaysar is depressed and that she is kind of depressed too.

Janelle talking about how someone asked her in HOH if she is falling for Will. And what Chilltown means to her. Janelle told "her" they are just her friends. James talking about Julie. And how he never hated chicken george - that he just thought he was really annoying.

Janelle - no one is coming back. We can get rid of "him" next week. The best thing would be for Kaysar to win it. This is retarded.

James - My shoe fell off. I swung back up and tried to cross my legs. The rope was rubbing.

Janelle - I'm going to see if Kaysar is OK.

James - tell him to come here.

He's by himself and says the "F" word and throws his hands up in the air, like hes aggravated.

James - what'd he say?

Janelle - he'll come when he can. He doesnt look very happy.

James - he needs to remember that this is just a game.

Janelle - have you talked to Dani?

James - talking is always good. Everyone told you. Howie and Kaysar.

Janelle - She was begging kind of. I told her I want to be your friend. I told her I wasn't gonna put her up. My nominations were stupid. If we got rid of chilltown, the floaters still would have come after us.

James - if Diane won this week, she would have gone after chicken george

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Kaysar and Dani talking in living room area

K - all the times I didn't do something. I don't think about the game 24/7. Last year I did.

D- you'll go crazy if you did. Granted it's a game. There's times I'm thinking of home and the people who love me dearly. This is not consuming me by any means.

K - yeah. I don't know what it is, you know.

D - you're in a funky mood. I've noticed for about a week or two.

K - The problem is the game pushes out the important things in my life.

D - let those things remain important.

K - Should I be attending to those things instead of here?

D - those things - do you think being here for 3 months is gonna hurt those things?

K - that's what I don't know.

D- The things you love and hold dear are still there. But you appreciate them more. That's for damn sure. I get to see my girls when I leave the house. Being around them and my husband is amazing, I cherish every moment.

K - you miss out on things

D- my parents are so important to me. It's crazy. Talking with them a lot. Every Sunday we go to Starbucks. Sometimes we don't and then my life is not complete. We tell stories and make up words and laugh. I miss my parents, my husband, my daughter. But I'm here because of them. They told me I have to do it. My mom is an amazing woman. I love her to death. My dad cracks me up, he's so funny. Like when he makes up words.

K - one of my problems is to my lack of desire for material things in life makes it seems like I'm not driven. I find more importance to - in this situation right now - like sequester. That money vs the time spent with people you care about. The stories, jokes, laughter.. it's not worth the money. That's the thing. People are like yeah it's only 3 months.. but is it worth what you miss out on? A couple of months.. is it worth it?

D- No, it's not.

K - always wanted to be a better person in life. Is this making me a better person? I don't know. Maybe I'm too into this. I probably sound crazy.

D - no, you don't. You can't have a heart and be in this game and not question that every minute, every moment. You guys sleep too much. Did you go outside at all? You need sunlight.

K - I don't think I'm depressed. Depression is like when you're sad.

D - are you sad? What is wrong with you?

Jani is there now too.

J - I wasnt depressed last year at all.

D - it could be that last year everyone was strangers and now you know everyone.

J - it got worse when I nominated Diane. I didn't want to be here.

D - Some days I ask myself what am I doing here? I shouldn't be. But, if we werent and were watching we'd be saying I should be there.

J - I don't know what would make me happy.

D - I don't know what's going on. Diane had the same thing. I said that's not the Diane I know. She was just sitting there.

J - that's what I feel like.

D - she was always laughing a giggling.

Dani leaves. Jani and kaysar alone. Janelle asks Kaysar would you be happier if you weren't here. Dani comes back again.

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4AM BB time

Kaysar and Jani alone.

K - this house is bothering me. Once I'm gone - there are certain things I want to do. And I'm not talking about going to Taco Bell.

J - I'm afraid if I leave I'm going to go on a drinking binge for about a month.

Kaysar and Janelle talking about shampoo and trying each other's shampoo because Kaysar has special shampoo for curly hair. Apparently this shampoo they have is different but the same brand.

Dani says she hates using bar soap so she uses hand soap instead and sometimes if there is none she will use shampoo. She says her legs and hip joints and ankle joints hurt like a "mofo" so she is going to bed. Jani asking if Kaysar has ever been depressed before. She says she got a little depressed in October. Didn't want to see or talk to friends. And didn't want to leave her apartment. Then she started drinking alone and preferred to be alone.

Howie comes and says there's no ice cream left. Kaysar and Jani laugh because he got out of bed for ice cream. They all go into the kitchen.

Janie says she has a plan. Howie asks if anyone is in the bathroom. Jani says Dani is putting James up because he is strong player. Howie says he doesn't know why she would do that. She may be doing that because he could be safe. Janie says no he isn't safe.

Now they are in the bathroom area.

Janie - she promised she wouldn't put you up Howie

H - did she swear on her kids?

J - why would she say James was safe

H - that's bull. You know how stupid she is? They're going right out of this game. I hope someone does come back. There's another week before semester. Are you f-in stupid? They clearly are together. She held out for Dani to win it. F-in HOH man.

He keeps saying the F word.

J - She's putting James up.

H - no way. That's bull.

K - She'll probably put the two of you up. You're going up 100% (to Janelle). There's probably an agreement.

And we got FOTH

K - I hate this game.

H - if they put me up I will go ballistic. You watch. Its best to keep this alliance together.

K - James has a pass. It's only gonna work - theres 9 votes. If the votes are really close like 4-3, against you (Janelle) lose one 3-3 she's the tie vote.

H - These f-in floaters get to stay for a f-in month. I'll never vote for Erika. Wish she'd get out of the game. There's three votes you're not getting one hundred percent (to Janelle)

(and I'm out)

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Janie, Howie, and Kaysar still up and talking. They seem to finally understand what has been happening in the house, albeit about a week too late! Janie has finally seen the light regarding Marcellas. Howie says he hates all the floaters. Janie says she needed someone coming after her, needed to feel the hate, to really get in game mode. Janie says she will continue to act like Marci is her BFF and work that end. Kaysar is going to tell CG today that Dani and CT were all trying to get them to put him (cg) up and see if they can get CG on their side. Kay is also going to pretend that nothing is different in his freindship with Erika and work that end. They are really trying to find an angle to work to get themselves out of this mess.

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The live feeds are performing poorly for me today.

Danielle and James were up by 10:30 and had a whispery conversation in the bathroom...not of which I could hear!

Danielle is showering/grooming in HOH; Erika showering downstairs; Boogie is puttering around in the kitchen. These are the only HG's I can currently see.

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