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August 3 Live Feed Updates

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Cryane -(diane) is crying to howie and james about money in the gold bug room.

Howie asked "'are u completely shaved?'

diane 'I dont want to answer that"

Diane 'I dont want fake boobs, you have to redo them in ten years, I dont want anything unnatural in me, I would do it if I was rich"

diane'I cant keep a boyfriend, I will never get married. Drew is a good guy.'

howie'how quickly do u tell them u love them, how long before you have special relations.'

diane'I wait until I know that It is a relationship'

howie'how many boyfriends have u had'

diane'I have dated six guys'

howie' what is the excuse when they leave'

diane 'I usually get that text message after a week'

diane' I dated the lighting guy after he lost weight and got ripped. we had sex after 11 dates.'

Everyone else playing cards and having fun.

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Howie and james whispering.

James' everyone is coming after jani this week.'

howie' really, everyone'

james' yes, she screwed us.'

howie' i think the next hoh is going to be endurance'

james ' i dont like the idea that we have to go against the whole house. She doesnt even care. I did what the group wanted. I put up jase. We told her what to do and she said f u. jani told dani she was a weak player to her face. what is she trying to do? she stays in her room all day. '

'we played our cards too much last year. dont play your cards too much.'

Will and Jani erica laying on the floor outside of hoh talking about plastic surgery.

Will telling them to get laser hair removal. /Will asking them what all they want done.

will' compared to CG and howie, I am bachelor of the year.'

this floor is really comfortable.

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Will was telling erica and jani about his girlfriend.

Will says that he was going to do the bachelor.

wil ' I am a brutally honest person, I dont care if the internet doesnt understand.'

erika' I am ready to get married'

will ' are u guys ready to get married and have kids.'

erika and jani 'ya'

will' jani , will u live anywhere'

jani'ya I like cold weather'

Boogie,dani singing the chu chu mu ga chu song. the dance version.

Will talking about how hard it is to tell people they have cancer.

erika''I dont know how people do it. I love my dog. but if I had a kid with cancer I couldnt take it.

howie shows up' big boy like skinny willie.


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Will tells Erica and Janelle that when he was an intern he had 7 patients die on him during a 24 hour shift. The girls lamenting how awful that is and Will says "Ashes to ashes dust to dust..what God giveth he taketh away" to justify the deaths

Howie lusting after Erica from downstairs.

Will says don't ask any questions when I nominate you to Howie.

Now they are talking about caloric intake.

BB gave them 1 bottle of wine and Will tells the girls why bother.."something must be going down" [referring to tomorrow' show]

Will tells them how attractive they are they ask him to marry them and Will said "I don't think I can handle you two"

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Kaysar has now joined them and Will ask him "Kaysar tell us a love story"

Kaysar: "should I make one up?'

All say "ok"

"Hello Mr. Fart" Janelle yell to George.

Talking about George and slop and a lot of giggling.

Janelle telling them about when they were on slop and he (Geroge) always helped them make the slop and James got annoyed and told him to go outside because he kept saying "that looks pretty good".

All laughing about it.

Will says when he gets the pizza tomorrow he's gonna go through it like a buzz saw.

Jan Will and Erica Taunting George about him being on slop [jokingly]

Boogie is upsatirs with Kay Jan Erica and Will. Laying on the floor watching CG make his slop.

Erika "CG I love you"

CH "I know"

George upsatirs and Mike and Will gonna play Checkers.

Will said he would have not shaved his head but Mike said he would. Janelle ask will "would you go on slop for 60 days? Will said he would have not done that either.

Chicken George is upstairs farting grossing everyone else and everyone runs for the hills. CG "this is bad" "oh well" and continues with his plate of slop.

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mike asked george ' what is the one thing they could put out here for u to eat , that they would make you leave.

george 'nothing'

James ''I need to workout tomorrow so I can look like howie''

switching feeds to kitchen

mr fart in kitchen. eating slop

Boogie kaysar will erica on the ledge outside of hoh watching george.

Janie is drinking wine.

BB 'you are not allowed to talk about DR with other house guest.'

will 'george just put the slop on the counter and peck at it'

erika 'george, i love u'

george 'I know'

will and boogie playing checkers.


:unsure: rofl

george farted and cleared out the second floor

Jani kaysar will in kitchen.

Jani ''I think hoh is going to be endurance''

Will '' I have dreams of pizza and wake up with a mouth full of spit''

Will'' howie do you think you are having a thyroid problem? you eat like a madman, your sleep patterns are off. when was the last time you had it checked. oh nevermind they did that before we came in.''

Jani'' I am depressed''

Will '' without food I have nothing, this isnt reality. we have to act all happy, pretend to like that movie, be happy and say 'hi julie'.

Now they are talking about the upcoming hoh. Will will take any food offer.

kaysar and jani are telling will about previous endurance. Jani got a plasma TV. Will say LCD is better than plasma. <_<

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Janelle belives tomorrow HOH is endurance as her Kaysar Will talk in the kitchen.

Howie working out will making fun of him going slow. Will ask Howie if he's having Thyroid problems because he's eating like a beast and has horrible sleeping patterns. Howie says now.

Janelle says she's depressed.

Will hears that they[bB] is building something out there. Will "If it's an eating contest i'll win...if it's an endurance contest I'll lose"

Kaysar explaing to Will last years endurance with the flies and the enticements of food and booze. Also Kaysar there may be prizes. Janelle tells Will about her 42" Plasma TV she won last year.

Janelle says they get great prizes on the AR Will said people on other shows are treated so much better than BB. Kaysar says "were here and not on the AR or Battle of the whatever"

Will tells them about his time on Battle. They got $4000 for showing up and a $90-$100 day food stipend He said they all got along and partied.

Janelle ask are they doing it again? Will said no because the ratings were dismal so it was cancelled.

Janelle ask how he and Boogie were picked. He said they called him up and said he would do it if they let Boogie do it.

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Dani is mad jani said she is a weak player. 'I am a thinker I am dangerous. The first time jani won was luck.'

If jase comes back he is coming after you james.

James 'r u sure. They f-ed me'

dani ''if you where me what would u do''

james ''jani called you weak to your face, what about marci''

dani ''the most logical would be put up jani and marci and if someone wins veto, I put up howie''

james whispering I cant hear

dani ''they where going to keep diane, but Will is a f-ing liar'

sorry really whispering

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past fifteen minutes Will has been talking about every reality tv show ever. Kaysar is listening with a glazed look on his face.

Howie interrupted the plotting james and dani were doing.

George is making something special to wear for the live show. He wants to be a Geshia but if hoh is endurance he doesnt want to be stuck out there with all that make up.


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Will tells them he's not in the same mind set from 6 years ago.game a lot harder and says That why the show isn't fun. Will says that they (HG) are not allowed to do other shows for 1 years in the entertainment industry without permission. Will said he did and went to a legal battle with Viacom. He said he can't discuss it. Starting talking about his Dr 90210 contract and about Viacom went to FOTH.

CG is making a green helmet with bowls attached to it and declares it is his "slop helmet" for the live show tomorrow. Dan Howie and James in the room talking.

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2 cameras on Janelle taking a bath and 2 cameras on Kaysar praying in the living room. Prior to this In the Bug Room was James Howie, Danielle and Will telling them the Battle of the Network stars story as reported earlier.

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Kaysar's praying in the LR

Diane, Boogie, Marcellas, Erika playing cards in the redrum (damn you BB for giving them the cards back :P )

Lotsa smalltalk. Out of the blue Erika says "I can't believe I'm in the Big Brother House" (we can't either Erika we really can't)

CG & Howie in the kitchen. CG is doing Arts & Crafts among slop buckets. CG says you don't think it's too much do you Howie? (I'm scared :unsure: )

The kitchen is a pigsty over & above CG arts & crafts. On the countertop I see 5 empty glasses, an empty catsup bottle, 3 empty plates, a box of some kind, paper towels, & various other things I can't ID & this is only on the wing of the counter that thay can sit at (nasty). Howie comments on how nast it is. CG says don't worry he will clean it up.

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Chicken George working on his Slop helmet in the Kitchen and ask Howie "is it too much?" Howie tells him "no..were all here aren't we" The helmet is a green cloth covered bowl inverted with a huge slop bucket glued to the top. He just asked Howie to hold the cups so he can now attach them to the side with what looks like red ribbon.

Howie declares CG work area "this place is a fu#@ing mess"

Dr Will has joined in to help with CG's ridiculous helmet.

Will wispers to Boogie in the bathroom and they both laugh couldn't hear what was said

Will helps with a fork dillema on CG helmet and declares "what would we do without the Doc" and Howie replies "you got a pen and paper"

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Janelle and Marcellas in HOH and Janelle upset with danielle and James saying that they're honest when they were the two biggest liars in their respective seasons.

Marcellas doesn't think he will not do to well in an endurance because he hasn't eaten in a week.

Marcellas says once Will and Boogie drop out everyone else will.

Discussing the possibility of someone returning and when sequester begins. Janelle hopes it's interesting and wonders if diane is the returnee waht was the point of her being HOH.

Janelle says "I'm nervous about tomorrow Marci" and Marcellas says "you should be"

Janelle said if they vote someone back in they will vote Nakomis. Marcellas does not want Jase back and Janelle says Danielle wants Allison back.

Janelle aske Marci what Di is saying about the voting and Marcellas says that she has resigned that she is leaving.

Janelle says she will be really pissed if Diane stays it would be lame because all she did was piss two people off.

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Marcy & Janelle in the HOH. Marcy trying to take credit for the 6 finger plan away from Nak. He says other people were thinking it but Nak just vocalized it 1st & BB ran with it giving her all the credit :rolleyes: Janelle dogging Dani saying what's with her trying to be like I'm this great honest person. Jan says Dani & James are the biggest liars in the house. Jan asks if he thinks it will be an endurance comp. Marcy says he almost fainted today from not eating. Jan says CT will drop out 1st. Marcy says once CT drops out then everyone can. Marcy says he can't compete w/people that have eaten for 4 weeks. Jan says it's not fair. They say the next 2 people go home then sequester starts. Marcy wants to go home. Jan wants the twist to be interesting not somebody comes back cause that is lame. They are talking out in left field paranoia about what the twist (if there even is one) might be. Marcy thinks he has a fever he says this season is sad. They dogg Jase & Janelle says he is so annoying. Marcy makes fun of Jase's exit speach. (are Marcy & Jan the new nerdherd?)

Talk turns to liposuction. Marcy says it sucks fat cells out. Buxom Blonde says no it sucks out fat not fat cells. (for those who don't know it sucks out fat cells)

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Janelle tells Ericka she's nervous about tomorrow and Ericka says so is she and says Marcellas is too. They are wondering why they didn't get to vote today.

Janelle stuffing her face with chips and declares she can't wait for Thurday to get here so she can be over with it and take some Xanax and pass out.

Erika just let Jan and Marci know se's ovulating.

Will came in and erika tells Marci that Will is marrying them and ericka gets him Sun through Wednesday.

Will joins them in bed gets a little nervous and jumps out.

They offer him to sleep in HOH he tells them it wouldn't "be appropiate"

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Erika telling Marci, Will and Janelle how she paid $3000 dollars in vet bills for her puppy she had for 24 hours that contracted the parvo virus.

Janelle telling how she nursed her dog Peanut back from parvo that she got from a puppy mill by force feeding him.

1:38 AM BBT Howie just ask Janelle if they are still voting out Diane. Howie and Kaysar up in HOH. Kaysar has headphones on listening to music

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Howie and Janelle talking about "bear" her dog. Janelle is telling Howie she's getting her mom a pomerainian from a breeder in San Bernardino.

Small chit chat.

Howie says he thinks it may be like a like a stand out on one foot type of HOH. Than he says maybe straight out physical. Janie says "I don't know"

Howie just asked if he can sleep in HOH and Janelle said if he showers real good and scrubs his feet.

Howie agrees.

Talk turns once again to who is coming back and how the selection process will go.

Howie doing shout outs while giving Janie a massage.

CG and Diane in LR playing checkers and Di is talking about money [maybe working CG for a vote]

We have flames on all 4 cameras now at 1:59 BBT

Howie is now downstairs with DI and CG and CG is asking about her work history and telling her to get into construction but says she doesn't want to be around all men. Crying she's 24 year old college drop out with no intentions to go back and finish. Diane says working for Boogie as that's her only outlet now and says she doesn't want to end up being a "bar whore". "I don't want to be kicked out tomorrow" CG trying to figure out her work dilema and she says she doesn't want to talk about it no more and CG says "DONE"

She says she's gonna file for brankruptcy and have bad credit for 7 years and be a (Diane's own words) a "bar whore"

She says working as an extra is humiliating . CG tells Diane he sold his car to tour the country to try to get on the show. Howie and Di said bad move since he was a shoe in to make the show.

Di whinning her exit is only because 1 person[Janie] has a personal vendetta against her.

"I don't give a fuck about BB all stars..I'm only here for the money"..Diane 2:06BBT Goes on she doesn't care about the show and that she only did it for money and "her fans".

CG and Howie are trying reassure everything will be alright.

Diane is saying she wants to get in Real Estate but her life is here in LA and doesn't want to go back home.

Will up to reassure Diane that he has a job for her but she seems hell bent on staying on the show rather than leave and go to work. Will says take a few weeks off . "I hate talking about this because I don't want to fucken go" She says she wants to puch Janelle out when they get out [LOL]

Now she's bitching about her college debt. Will asks her what do you want to do with your life. Di says "I don't know..marry a rich man" Will says no you don't.

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Will is wondering if the first 4 weeks were to just get everyone out and now the game will really start. Kaysar said last year at this time it was more interesting. Janie says thats because there was more hate.

Janie has been happy with everyone who has left. Will agrees and says that its been a popularity contest and the people who have left were unpopular.

Will now guessing on whats coming up. He says that there could be two evictions and then somebody comes back. FOTH

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4:00 am BBT

On HOH balcony Kaysar, Janie & Will. Appears that everyone else is sleeping.

Talking about how the money is a motivator. How George is on slop for 60 days. They don't know how he is going to do it. What if he gets HOH? He can't eat. If he gets food, Will tells (manipulates?) Kaysar by saying Kay can bring up that he shaved his head, and here George gets food! :( Kays says, You would really do that? I wouldn't.

Tomorrow's competition is going to be ridiculous. Who would George put up if he got HOH? It will be fascinating if George gets HOH in 4 weeks because he will be out of his mind... no food... no alliance.

Didn't he get backed into corner to join with CT? Will laughs. Geo doesn't talk game unless convenient for him and Will says, well... of course!

W: Were you dying on slop?

J: yes

W Mike loves a party... well take a bus out and go to 15 parties in a night. I have to turn the phone off every night for four years cuz Boogie calls me at 3 - 4 every morning cuz of drunk. Di felt better after we talked. I said to her, When I was her age I had shit going on in my life because of friends and relationships it turned out well.

K He told her stories of his life and his brother's life... interesting and uplifting positive stories. I've GOT to get out of here. (he just sits there giggling)

W: I was promised a lot and this sucks. You think this game will finally start after four people leave?

J Our got more interesting as it went along cuz of more hate.

W. Here it's like a popularity club.

K But they lie a lot including Diane

J I don't understand when people get kicked out and they come back. Some idiot couldn't stay in the house.

K Could it be that there is no coming back? We had 2 double evictions.

Talk about how that won't work because of the sequester house, and it HAS to work out that someone comes back. They aren't sure when but the dates work out that it will happen. Janie mentions Julie Chen and immediate FLAMES & WTLM

4:15 am BBT B)

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4:15 am BBT

Will, Janelle & Kaysar on balcony

W If George wins this will you hate him like you did Maggie?

K Why does he dress up?

It's so embarrasing to them, and he blocks 3 players with all that stuff on. Being here makes them appreciate their life a whole lot more, except Janelle's whose life is really this boring. Will going to Miami in September after the show to spend a week at Miami Lakes. Will is so nerdy, but he works with lots that are even more nerdy. Kaysar going to pay a visit to Miami also. Somehow Mike Boogie got Janelle's phone # and called her.

Laughing that Howie has to sleep for 14 hours to get prepared for endurance competition. Will asks if they are going to stay up all night and Kaysar says no. He thinks it is 3 am (but it's really 4:20 am)

Percs, Xanax, Valium is what Janie has, says it's for sleep. Valium?? says Kay. It makes me feel good when I sleep she replies. All of them HATE that it's so boring and their schedules are all off.

K: We have 2 more weeks, if things don't go well I want to go home.

J; Me too

W: Get in line You can't have a game based upon luck. I won a show based mostly on luck. There's strategy but there was a lot of luck.

They joke how Will is best player and he says who cares because in 10 shows, you'll have 10 different winners.

W Wants to get on hands and knees and eat pizza like a dog. There's no honey for my slop cuz George makes all this gross slop stuff.

K I'm convinced he's trying to kill Howie. He made 9 roast beef sandwiches using 2 packages of cheese!

More stories about food and George's slop.

W He means well, he just isn't a good cook.

K At least Howie eats it. Howie is much more angry this year.

J He's yelling all the time. More aggressive. Anytime something happens he says that the nerd herd is going to pay for this yet they aren't here. Funny. Think he's fkd up?

Cannot hear Will now cuz he's laying on top of his mic... he's on his belly. He rolls over now.

W Boring vs depression... not good vs evil

K: Just lies there and laughs. Giggles galore. Howie was shaving George's arms, back.

W The two most disgusting shaving each other? laughs

They laugh about some of the things Howie and George does.

4:30 am BBT B)

4:30 am BBT

Can't hear a thing cuz all of Janie's toileting is tremendously loud. Atleast she turned on the faucet for 2 seconds to wash hands.

K: You want complete chaos.

W: I want excitement.

K: That translates into chaos.

W: Sees what time it is (4:30 am) and cannot believe it.

4:40 am BBt B)

(Gotta go for the morning... laters)

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