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August 1 Live Feed Updates

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12:28 BBT: James and Will are talking outside in the BY... George and Kaysar are in the Bathroom doing ADL's... Will is looking at two moles on James... FotH...

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Kaysar joins W & J, strategy talk stops immediatly.

(James must have also gotten up in the afternoon because he tells a story of how he woke uand saw Dani, it was bright out and Dani said.. it's not morning, it's afternoon!)

James asks Will's medical advice on a mole.

Will reccommends he get it checked out


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back yard lockdown.

Will and Boogie are talking about the dumbest made up movie. They think its funny and someone is going to steal thier dumb idea about a warlord that is guy who goes to college and steals diamonds. OH who the heck cares!! trust me it is ridiculous.

But Kaysars face is funny. If looks could kill they would be dead.

Dani and Marci are in on the story, but boogie and will are doing most of the talking.

James, erika george, kaysar diane are there but guiet.

Now Will starts talking about the stars that will be in the movie. Nich Lachey, Paris Hilton, Kathy Griffin, Hillary Duff, Shannon Elizabeth, Neal Patrick Harris, Debra Messing, ( Will says her career is over) Will farrell can't be in it either. Nathan Lane , wanda sikes, Ving Rames, Wesley Snipes.

they even sing a dumb song they made up. Chi Cu Mu Ga Chu. We dont get flames because its dumb and made up.

Will says that Howie and Jani are not invite to the premire.

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All 4 cams on LR where CG and Erica are playing Checkers while James, Danielle and boogie hang out. Boogie wonders if one of the cams gets both couches...just general chit chat (mainly between B and J) about how bored they are and how it is always more fun at night...

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Diane , james, marci laying around in red room.

Diane says that Jani is jealous of her because she is smaller and cuter than she is. <_<

Erika came in.

Diane said its ok if she leaves so she can eat.

Dani is telling Boogie that Howie isnt going to go off on her.

Boogie says 'like he did with April" (which the fans loved)

Dani "I have my limits before I hit someone"

Mike "it about to get real interesting around here'

Dani "by her making that decision..'' (didnt finish sentence)

mike' they will explode or implode if they dont win. They are so used to having power.

dani '" I got to win it, I have my speech ready"

Mike "I cant wait until thursday night"

Dani told diary room '' mark my word someone else will win hoh, not sov6''

Dani ''If I win I will tell them if they try to ask me to get chilltown out, I will say, u had 3 chances now u want me to get them out. 3 strikes you are out.'

Mike ''james can be a spy until hoh''

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Dani is cooking chicken stirfry.

Will is up. Mike and kaysar and Erika are in the kitchen.

Mike is going to workout. Singing that stupid made up movie song Chi Chu mu ga Chu.

Marci is awake. Joined Mike in Workout room. Talking about made up movie.

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3:55 pm BBT

Kitchen with Dani cooking 'lunch' with Will, James, Kaysar, and George.

Bathroom is Erika doing ADLs

HOH Janie is still sleeping Someone on the floor sleeping by the chairs.


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for some time now all 4 feeds have been on Kaysar & Erika playing checkers :rolleyes:

(I mean I thought it couldn't get more boring than watching people play chess but I stand corrected :lol: )

Feeds finally switch to Will & Boogie in BY.

Will: I feel if Marcellas or Kaysar wins we are going up.

Will thinks Boogie should go talk to Kaysar about it since they are going along with the SOV vote this week.

Now feeds switch back to checkers. Kaysar wearing his Tupac bandana. Dead silence.

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Two cams on Jan and Kaysar playing chess outside HOH room, not talking.

Two cams on rest of HGs on BY just chit chatting about yogurt, dermatology, etc.

Earlier, today, Boogie worked on CG in the BY telling him that the SOV alliance is falling apart because of Jan's noms and that he(CG) is safe, because nobody is thinking of him for noms and that's because he (Boogie) and Will have been talking him up to the others. Boogie tells CG that SOVs are saying that CG would put CT on the block if he gets HOH, CG tells him he'd have to be crazy to do that. Boogie tells CG that him and Will would love to see him win the money and, if he's on their side (CT), they'll help him, because, unlike the others, they (CT) don't need the money since they're already succesful. George says he knows better than to mess with CT. Boogie asks CG to vote with them (CT) if/when they ask for it and keep them safe if he wins HOH and they will, in turn, take him to the end of the game. He tells him if CT wins HOH, they could take an SOV out.

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Now all 4 cams on Howie, Jan and Kaysar whispering outside HOH... Okay, here's the gist of it...Janie is asking Kaysar if James is still mad at her and if he (K) thinks James might nominate her because of it. Kaysar says no, he wouldn't. Kaysar thinks it would be good if Boogie won HOH cuz he would target the floaters and not the SOVs. Jan says she's scared of Danielle because she's a good player. They know the floaters are mad at Jan for her noms and wonder if Erica would go after SOV. Kaysar thinks it would be good for the SOVs not to get HOH the next couple of weeks, but Jan doesn't agree. Howie joins them and they fill him in on what they've been talking about. Then Howie farts and Jan laughs and tells him he stinks.

All four cams on Howie, Kay, and CG outside HOH. Jan was there too, but she was called to DR, to which she says "ugh! I don't want to go"

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George thinks a hot dog eating contest would be good. Howie thinks he can eat 14, Kaysar is not sure he would want to participate.

George is offering to cook something for Howie, I think...he mentioned ground beef, no, now they're talking turkey sandwich...George: I'll make it up for you...Howie: thanks Georgie...all 4 cams on this!

Now all 4 cams on George in SR looking for stuff and all 4 cams follow him (CG) back to the Kitchen.

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Nothing good going on...two cams on BY where Erica, Diane (with Howie massaging her neck), Will, et. al. are hanging out, smoking the hooka and playing the movie game while 2 cams are on George who is in the kitchen cooking tacos for them (...*snif*)

Kaysar comes in the Kitchen and George tells him laughing "That Howie, I do enjoy him" He repeats that he really does enjoy Howie then cracks up laughing and asks "Where do they find these people?" (ed. he's such a sweetie!)

Jan comes in the Kitchen and George says "thanks" Jan answers "for what" and he says (I think) "for keeping me here".. I switch cams to get more on this and I get Kaysar putting his arm around James in the kitchen and James saying it's alright as Jan leaves the kitchen area (?)

Now two cams on BY (movie game) two on red room where Howie is giving Jan a neck massage and doing shout outs to (people in the net I guess)...Mickey, John John, Howiegordon.com, Jan's fans, swampy...

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Howie and Janie in living room, Howie giving a back rub

HG's complaining because there is no food

Janie is complaining about having to eat canned tuna for 2 days. And they make jokes that they are going to have to eat slop like the rest of the house.

Boogie joins them on the couch. They are out of everything except for slop. Janie says "Big brothersux.com" Marcellas comes into the living room and they are talking about Janie sleeping. And how Boogie sleeps in one room and has his clothes in another room.

James is whining about having no food. There's pork in the fridge but no one likes it.

James believes 100 percent that someone is coming back into the house.

Will - even CG believes you gotta break them up, you know (talking about BB6 alliance). I dont know what anyone's relationship is, but I believe Marcellas will put boogie and I up. If Season 6 wins, boogie and I go up. That's obvious. Marcellas might put chicken george and I up, something crazy. Think about people put on the block. Almost everyone except season 6 and Marcellas. Everyone has been put on the block but them. Danielle, Diane...

Erika - they say they want to make moves to not piss us off but they put everyone up.

Will - He's not putting Janelle up (Marcellas) that's for sure. Janelle said I'm not going to put you up, but if I do that you have to put someone I want up. I dont think they purposely backdoored Diane. They know they are breaking up so they are trying to make deals prior to breaking up.

Will - didn't think they were putting Diane up until POV. Janelle didn't want to let Erika win. Thought she was coming after me. Don't know why she wanted Diane up so bad. My pother question - is James with Danielle because it seems like they are

Erika - I don't know. I work hard to protect you and Boogie. Don't they see that.

Will - they want boogie to go home. But not because of me. I thought we were going to dismantle season 6 bit by bit. Our odds are worse every week. Janelle cant play this week. Sooiner or later things will flip. If I win HOH, I like everyone but if you've been nominated you can get a free pass. Five havent been so I'll tell them you guys decide who goes up. They'll have a big fight and say we cant make this decision. Then I'll have ot make it but damage will be done.

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Will is talking game with Erica . Will says he doesn't know why Jan wants Diane out so bad. Saying that James getting mad at Janelle, because she nom Diane, does not make him feel good either...Erica asks Will if Boogie realizes how hard she's worked for them (CT) and Will tells her Boogie is crazy. Will says he should have taken out Jan at the HOH comp, sooner or later things are going to flip...if he wins HOH he'll say "five of you have not been nom, so, you (5) decide who I put up"...then they'll freak out and tell him (Will) they can't make that decision to what he'll respond.."Okay, then I'll decide for you"

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Will - I refuse to believe Season 6 will win HOH again. Someone is coming back either this week or next.

Him and Danielle talking about past HOH competitions.

Will - theres physics involved. Like holding onto a button. Alison can hold on to a button. ANd can do a lot of damage to season 6. Someone is coming back. Definitely. I'm telling you. It's gonna happen. I just have a feeling. There's going to be an elimination and someone coming back.

Danielle - in big brother allstars? or someone coming back to the game

Will - don't know. It can be someone in final 20 but I dont think someone outside of that. I don't think someone like Roddy will. I really don't know the answer. Someone's coming in

Erika- we'll have to make an agreement to vote them out

Will - revolving door doesn't work. It doesn't work. If they let Bunky in and he wins endurance. That's it. Boogie and I will go up. He's a bitter dude. It would be interesting if they let Lisa in and Marcellas starts kissing her butt and she puts him up.

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