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August 1 Live Feed Updates

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(not all of it , but here's the gist of the convo)

Danielle sitting at the table, james walks by and says "Come talk to me", she gets up and follows him to the bug room...

Danielle (as she walks in the room and james closes the door): Come into your office...

James (whispering): just a thought...

Danielle: (laughing) Why do you do this to me?

J: because, you said you wanted to turn this sh*t upside down, right?

D: laughs some more then says "okay, talk to me"

James (whispers) What is Janelle more scared of than anything else in this house right now?

D: Diane, and we never do what HOH wants"

J: never, no, we ne... f*ck you...Now, Erica is a good player, granted...

D: Right

J: but it's who technically we wanna fix later on down the line

D: okay...How can we save Diane?

J: (whispering) if we have your vote, my vote, Will and Boogie (missed the rest of this :()

D: then it's balls out

J: it is balls out

Marc walks in and joins in saying he's game for it...

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Kaysar and Will in spa talking about selling stuff on his website

Marcellas, diane, george and erika sitting on red couch (hooka time)

Will asking Erika to join them

Marcellas asking for naked boy time once are the girls are out of the house

Kaysar " I won't cosign that"

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Not much going on . . . CG, Erika, Marcellas, and Diane just sitting on the backyard couches smoking hookah watching Howie and some other people playing badminton (the game itself is not being show).

On the other screens, Kaysar and Will are in the hottub and Kaysar is interested in hearing more about Will and Booger's restaurant businesses . . . the revenues (Geisha House makes $60k on Friday and Saturday nights, $20k pure profit), the time commitment (Will works 24/7), how they find their investments (people have contacted them in the past), the keys to their restaurants' successes (quality product and Cameron Diaz as clientele).

CG joins them for chitchat . . . Will's next venture is trying to get into television production!

No screens on James/Danielle or Janelle . . .

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Shoot, Will and Boogie just had an update meeting in Janelle's bathroom but they were whispering so quietly all you could hear is little snippets peppered with the occasional schoolgirl giggles.

Boogie brought up the plan to turn the votes around, and it sounded like they decided it was too risky but I'm not sure . . .

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(finally a lil game chatter)

Feeds jump to Will & Boogie whispering in HOH bath.

Boog: I am like Danielle you run the show you just tell us what to do. She goes good good cause you know dahdahdah, she also said do you guys wanna flip the vote but I said I dunno cause we gave our word & (sry can't understand whispering) something about CT being gone next week if they don't get the (psstpsstpshhh)

Will: (psspsspsst) rumors are starting to swirl about you putting up season 6 people. I am going to vite to save you & I am going to keep you no matter what.

Boog: I don't think she would put us up. She might put CG up.

Will said something about talking to Kaysar & something about opening up restaurants. (sounds like Will is scamming Kaysar)

(sorry but talk is jumping around & I can't hear but 1/2 of what is said then I loose my feeds)

Now Janelle & Erika whispering upstairs outside HOH.

Erika: let's hope that some of the guys start kicking out some of the guys

Jan: I know

Erika: it has to be done, some of the guys have to start...

Jan: they won't pick off the guys cause they know it is physical

Erika: like it's a good move I understand it

Jan: do you think the guys know what I'm doing? (hec I don't please splain :unsure: )

Erika: (long pause) probabaly

Jan: there's only 3 girls after she leaves

Erika: I know isn't that crazy?

(they laugh)

Erika: the producers are like "MBE we should put in 7 girls"

Jan: yeah

Talk of how stupid it was to put in 6 girls & 8 guys.

(Boogie walks up but I am on quad & all sound switches to Howie plucking hair out of CG ears :huh: )

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2:50 am BBT Nearly everyone but Howie, George & Janie in the redrum talking about past teenage experiences, child-rearing, James gets up to go to bed and says, "You girls get ready for Howie." (Howie sleeps in the bed with them. ) Girls don't want him to sleep with them. He snores slike a drunk bear.

Dani, Kaysar & Marcy in kitchen rolling all over in laughter cuz Dani has a ball under her blouse. Laughing cuz it would be so funny if the pregnant woman won POV.

Marcy entered HOH and is listening to Janie's music and he comments how it's so bad that that is why she is having nightmares. FLAMES & WTLM Once again, showing Janie & Marcy passing the headphones back and forth and then FLAMES & WTLM. (Blockout because we can hear the song coming through the headphones!)

Marcy telling Janie about what went on in the redrum and who all was there. Once again talking about his drunken experience. Marcy cannot get into his clothes dresser cuz CG sleeps on floor in front of it and he doesn't want to wake him up. Janie suggests he wear her clothing. Howie on his way to HOH and knocks. Janie doesn't hear it cuz she is wearing headphones. Janie singing to her music so we once again get FLAMES & WTLM which lasted a couple minutes.

Janie & Marcy talking about a NY girl. then nerd herd spelling out words using their legs and arms. Talk of Janie's pink "J" and how Marcy might be jealous that BB might've gotten it for her. Janie leaves HOH and runs into the kitchen saying OH BOY Howie and Howies says OH BOY Janie! Howie in bthrm shaving. Janie goes back to HOH carrying a pink sweater to show Marcy and talking about wearing it with jeans during her interview with Julie.

Howie goes to BY and begins emptying the Jack Shack laying a towel inside of it, takes off his microphone, puts two plastic bags inside and then climbs in, closing the lid. (Cam is showing an extreme closeup of the corner of the lid. Loud cricket noises.) Lid pops open after exactly 4:25 minutes, and Howie putting tissue into plastic bag, then crawls out adjusting shorts. Begins to reload the Jack Shack with its contents.

Back in HOH with talk of which HG will come back. Janie wants Nakomis to come back and Marcy says you're the one that engineered her leaving. Nakomis will be the only one with you cuz everyone in the house is against you. Marcy wants Diane. What if it's between Alison & Jase? Marcy says Alison and she could be revolving door like Kaysar last season.

What other twists will there be Marcy. They will call Janie into DR and who will go to end with you and that person would get a million. He thinks that the secret partner, the one that gets to the end with you, they would win a lot of money. Laughing about Dani not getting anyone. Then a good and evil at the end. Janie doesn't know the twist. There's the theme in the house. The good & evil ducks. Fire and ice. All of those are definitely opposites. Marcy says the twist is 'no twists'... the game is as lame as it was since the beginning.

Howie: What's the consensus of the house Marcy? Think they still want CT out of here?

M: Of course.

J: It's like killing the girl in V for Vendetta

H You think it's a bad move what she did Marcy?

M I think that HOH at the end of the day it is their HOH Anyone else wins it they get to do what they do.

H Will you put up me and Janie next week when you (Marcy) wins HOH

J So when is it good for you James to do it and not me?

H James says he hans't talked with Janie all day.

J He is such a baby... I've been here all day and he's been playing badmiton all day. He's such a baby.

H Di say anything to you?

J no I wouldn't talk to me either. I would personally assault me. (smiling) I may as well go with guns a'blazin'

M So classy... such trash

J I wouldn't yell things out... oh, it depends.

Talk goes back to another season of BB.

J Do you think the twin twists was a good twist?

M They were horrible, BB needed villians.

Talk of the twins and how they were power tripping when they got HOH. That'll be the twist is where one of the twins will be back. Marcy leaves for bathroom.

J Wht else did James say down there? He's freaking out.

*****H He thinks the whole house is against us now. CT isn't going to come after us. (Howie whispers: "Do you think they will hold to their word? Janie says yes. *****

Marcy comes back to bed.

3:45 am BBT B)

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4.05am BBT

Kay, Jan, Marc & Howie in HOH

Talking about Janelle's farting. Janelle imitating Laurie from the other BB season.

Talk of Jan winning the plasma screen from last season,

Marc: u fuckin win everythin!

Jan: u sound like the nerd herd!

Howie brushing teeth getting ready for bed

Jan: Is James still mad at me?

Kay: Probably

Jan: That sucks. Danielle said shes voting out Diane

Marc: Its been 4 years & I still hate Danielle

Jan said Marc sometimes sounds like a girl.

Marc: Really??

Jan: Yeah when you laugh!

Marc: Thats a horrible thing to say!

Jan: Mr & Mrs Smith are definately wiped out, guess we took care of that problem

Marc: Only took u 4weeks to do it!

Kay: Now for Chilltown

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3:45 am BBT

Marcy talking about this season and the highlights. More guys than girls and how girls going so quickly. Howie and Geo... how far can Geo actually get.

J asks 'what about me' and Marcy replies I would be talking about his nomination!

In Housecalls he would be talking about the bitching in the game. Like "Give us cards!" The slop. This is lackluster season cuz of competitions and prizes. It should be amped up and highly emotional. Like you win POV Plus Cash prize, then people won't be throwing them. It would make people more reckless.

Think producers sick of Will. How mics were taken off for food and that the live feeds were blocked out.

People that respect each other doesn't make for a good show.

Janie leaves to get water in the kitchen and there was someone on the balcony in the dark. It was Kaysar. Kaysar walks in. Kay cannot go to bed and Howie says to go to Jack Shack like I did.

Kay tells them it is 4 in morning and Janies says she shouldn't hav e slept so long. Tells Janie the HOH is really ugly, the colors throws him off.

If Marcy would've won this HOH then CT would be having a meltdown. Teasing Kay for drinking an orange drink... something like orangina. Janie has pink phone iwth diamonds on it. Her razorphone is hot pink and razorphone is a shitty phone.

Kaysar laughing about a doc joke. Lots of silliness and laughter. Janie winning year of Netflix and plasma TV. Lights turned off and Kaysas says, Does this mean I have to leave?

Janie: Is James still mad at me?

Marcy: Don't worry about it.

Janie: Dani says she's voting out Diane. (Which is not what Dani said a while back today)

Janie said Marcy sometimes sounds like a girl and he said that was the most horrible thing to tell someone.

J Mr & Mrs Smith will be definitely wiped out and we took care of that problem

M: Only took you 4 weeks to do it!

K That's not so bad. now for CT!

J: Tony ferrari's call freaked us out. Di is going to kill him when she finds out about the call. I'll make sure she knows it was Tony.

Janie asks Kaysar to play chess and he tells her not to cheat. Marcy doesn't want to be left alone with Howie.


4:19 BBT B)

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4:20 am BBT

Kaysar & Janelle laughing and falling over each other because Janie just farted, but she leaned forward to let it out. Laughing about where they fart and how many times. Janie then says I leaned forward to move my knight and they laugh again. (Didn't Kay miss prayer time?)

Where'd Howie go? Down the drain in the HOH shower? (I don't see him nor hear him)

Serious time at the chess game right now.

(Gotta go)

4:27 am BBT B)

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8:30 bbt

Im watching the feeds now....all are sleep but uhhhhh

I hear some HEAVY breathing and someone is listening to the sports radio....David Justice is talking now ... Go BRAVES!!! LOL its funny....

It could be one of the camera people sleeping lol

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Erika is up..She just went outside to the BY to lay on the red couches!

The 'radio' is gone now...Just the quiet from the house is all I hear.

9:14 BBT - Erika is sitting with her legs in the Hot tub now

9:22 BBT - I just saw Erika come out of the bathroom, she went towards her bedroom, stopping to glance at the memory wall for a minute.

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Erika is walking around picking up stuff of hers to prepare for packing. In the bathroom she found a t-shirt, and what looked like a straightening iron. She went back to the bedroom stopping to look at the memory wall.

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Dani is up now. Shes in the SR changing her batteries.

Dani is getting ready to have her shower now.

She now has gone into the backyard and put a few things in the dryer, and started a load of her laundry.

Ok, so maybe she isnt having her shower right away..She seems to be tidying the kitchen or something..

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Now Dani is washing the dishes...She is wearing rubber gloves, and just wiping the dishes off..I havent seen soap, or a dish cloth touch those dishes yet...Who taught these people to wash dishes?? Yuck

Oh, Thank God. Theres the sponge and soapy water...She must have just been rinsing them when I saw her!

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Dani has been up and cleaning the kitchen for nearly an hour now.

Shes made several comments under her breathe about how nasty the kitchen is, and how the people in this house are SLOBS!

She has had to put away everything that the others left out on the counters last night.Ketchup,Mustard,breads,cereals,rotting fruits,slop,and a ton of dirty dishes!!

<Feeds have gone out.....were getting the "temporarily unavailable " message".>

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James, Will chat about who is more threatening.

James wants Erika to go because he wants to give a statement to Janelle saying "you fucked up Janelle."

Will tells James that Will feels that Kaysar "threw the sov under the bus."

J: a lot of people are playing the game scared. we can do this.

W: tell me what you want to do. I want to do this.

W tells James that boogie is legit in his word

James says this is perfect because the house is in a crazy mode.

Will said it speaks a lot for the sov alliance that Janie would do that.

J: are you willing to make the long haul?

W: if i go past sequester...

J: you'll get overlooked next week

W: unless marcellas wins.

CG and Kaysar doing ADLs.

W: once I pass sequester, i'll be much more inclined to...

James interupts with some random thing.

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