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Photos Courtesy of: ABC.COM, ONE OCEAN VEW

One Ocean View Premieres On ABC

Fire Island sizzles at One Ocean View, the summer share beach house where eleven attractive, single, career-driven New Yorkers flee Manhattan each Friday to escape the soaring city temperatures for a different kind of heat, as "One Ocean View" debuts on MONDAY, JULY 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. This marks the first network summer reality series to be set on Fire Island.

"One Ocean View" is a show about people old enough to have real jobs, issues and baggage, but still young enough to leave all that behind and have a great time. Fun, flings and nights filled with romance heat up as the days grow shorter and the pressure builds to make this a summer to remember.

In the series premiere, "Episode 101," Lauren, who has come to the summer share with on-and-off-again boyfriend Zack, is vying for the attention of KJ, a handsome and easygoing charmer who knows how to play the field. The game is on when Lauren finds she has a keen competitor in Mary, who also has her eyes fixed on KJ. Flirting and dirty dancing in a local nightclub are just the beginning of Lauren's maneuvers to land KJ, who is demonstrating equal interest in both females. Meanwhile Zack is not only cast aside, but he's in denial that Lauren has interest in other men because she continues to spend the nights with him.

The drama continues during the week in Manhattan as the love triangle heats up. In an attempt to help Zack move on, KJ reveals a text message Lauren sent to him, setting the stage for the house's first major fight.

Will Lauren ultimately win KJ's affections, and will her actions cause a rift in the house and drive Zack away forever? Will Zack continue his blind loyalty to Lauren, or will he find someone new? And will two new, sexy interlopers - a Playboy model and a sultry executive who craves attention - throw the house into even more romantic turmoil? The temperature is just beginning to rise at One Ocean View.

Spending hot summer weekends together on Fire Island are these accomplished New Yorkers:


Anelka, 23, senior account executive for photography company - Anelka couldn't leave the isolated enclave of rural Pennsylvania for the big city fast enough. She took Manhattan by storm, rising rapidly in the ranks at her job. She expects to be the center of attention and anticipates a string of exciting affairs.


Heather, 27, sales account manager/recruiter -- The former brunette tomboy has morphed into a blonde bombshell who has posed for a men's magazine. She is ready to find an accomplished man to take home to meet her parents.


John, 24, broker for a Wall Street firm -- John treasures the t-shirt his father was wearing when he met his mother while waiting tables on Fire Island thirty years ago. Although he may come across as a "player," John is a romantic at heart, looking for the magic his parents experienced when they first met on Fire Island.


K.J., 26, owner and operator of two women's health club franchises -- Coming out of a stormy five-year relationship, K.J. is hoping that his weekends on Fire Island will bring him someone whom he can learn to trust.


Lauren, 23, junior analyst for a hedge fund -- This spunky beauty is fresh to the dating scene on the heels of her breakup with her first love -- and now weekend house mate -- Zack. She hopes to find out once and for all whether he is her true love or her best friend.


Lisa, 28, grad school student/dancer -- Earning her Masters degree by working as an exotic dancer is just the beginning of Lisa's tough but tender personality. Her passion for the natural sciences is so strong that she travels the country following meteor showers. She hopes to meet her fantasy guy, whom she describes as nerdy and smart.


Mary, 24, founder of a designer handbag company -- An ambitious businesswoman and |ber socialite, Mary's surprising candidness is enough to keep everyone coming bak for more.


Miki and Radha, 27, co-owners of an organic pizzeria - Identical twins with identical accomplishments -- voted among the top 30 most influential students at Cornell, semi-professional soccer players, former financial district gurus and now owners of a healthy pizza parlor on the Upper East Side. That they are attracted to the same men, compete for attention and tease each other mercilessly will add to their trials and tribulations this summer.


Usman, 27, Wall Street lawyer -- Usman is a confident, no-holds-barred attorney with a penchant for beautiful women. This summer Usman's male chauvinist attitude may get him in trouble with the house's high-powered, opinionated females.


Zack, 22, recruiter/headhunter -- Zack outwardly takes on the singles scene with gusto, yet he joins the group on Fire Island this summer with his first love, Lauren. Though the break-up is nearly a year old, the two can't seem to live with -- or without -- each other.

MTV's "The Real World" producers, Jonathan Murray and Joey Carson, are the executive producers of "One Ocean View." The co-executive producers are Laura Korkoian and Dana DeMars. "One Ocean View" is produced by Bunim-Murray Productions.

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Last paraggraph of.....

'Ugly Betty' Gets Scheduling Makeover

"In more immediate scheduling news, ABC has yanked the unscripted show "One Ocean View" from its Monday schedule, effective next week after two episodes drew weak ratings. It will be replaced by repeats of "Supernanny." "


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