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BBReloader Morty's TV Alerts


Survey on Mortys TV Alerts for BB7 Reloader  

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  1. 1. Do you have the BB7 Reloader?

    • Yes (please continue to complete this survey)
    • No (you do not have to complete this survey)
  2. 2. Do you subscribe to the BB7 Reloader Morty's TV Alerts?

    • No (please explain why not)
    • Yes
  3. 3. Do you like the frequency and content of the Morty's TV Alerts?

    • Yes, I like being alerted to when events will or have already taken place.
    • No (Please explain how you would change the alerts)

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I have been sending out BB7 Reloader alerts for 2 weeks now and would like to know what you think. Do you enjoy the alerts? Do you receive the alerts? Have you ever heard of the BB7 Reloader Morty's TV Alerts? Thank you for completing this survey and offering your comments.

With 60 subscribers and 30 alerts sent out so far, we have the 4th most subscribers and the most alerts sent. Is it worth your while? How can I make this free Morty's service better? Do you want more alerts or fewer? More information or less? More commentary or less? Do the alerts make you more likely to visit Morty's TV or less?

If you are not familiar with the BB7 Reloader Morty's TV Alerts, please visit here:



Who appreciates your opinions and suggestions...

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first i heard of it :blink:

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