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Big Brother Australia 2006 - The Best BB Ever


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As the 2006 season of Big Brother Australia draws to a close I am going to take a moment to reflect on the season as a whole.

Fifteen young people entered the house on the 22nd of April 2006 in Dreamland on the Gold Coast of Eastern Australia. All except 1 were 19 - 26 years old. The other one was Karen who was 36 and was the mother of Krystal, a 19 year old housemate as well.

The cast could have been taken right of the catwalks of Europe. In fact one HM had walked those very catwalks. At least half of the HM had either modeled or done promotional work. Everyone had a type A personality.

You would think that a mix like this would spark high and often. In fact there were a few sparks in the beginning. But nothing that was insurmountable.

Surprise after surprise rocked the house. With the gorgeous European model who is now a sheep farmer revealing that he is gay and wants to speak out about the oppression that gay people go thru in Australian society.

Krystal and Karen reveal that they are mother and daughter (a fact that they had hidden to gain immunity from BB). A budding romance was killed by this revelation.

Another unlikely romance began between a young guy (jamie) and girl (Katie) who only lived about one hour apart in western Australia. But she had little if any confidence and he had to fight to keep the romance going. It blossomed to a mock wedding in the house for the pair now called JamKat. This event seemed to cement other relationships in the house as well.

An insider was revealed just after he had created an entire family on the outside to impress the house so they would nominate him. They reacted far worse than BB and his staff ever suspected.

On Day 24, 3 new Intruders entered the house. A gay hairdresser for the girls, and the gay farmer; a gorgeous young girl for the guys, and the girls; and a tomboy for everybody. A more sparkling group of personalities could not have been found.

And the JamKat romance only grew deeper and more appealing to the public.

Another budding romance began between Krystal (now alone without her mother) and a male model and exotic male dancer referred as GayKrys. She had to work for this one because he entered the house not wanting to hook up. But Krystal worked her wiles and caught her man.

Divisions grew in the house as personalities of individuals and groups began to rub on each other. Tensions grew and released in arguments but nothing that could not be mended.

The JamKat romance was torn asunder by an eviction. And Jamie was cast adrift only to be supported by his friends in the house.

On day 60 three more intruders enter the house. The 100th housemate was the first and she was 39 years old. The others were quite young only 19. Perry was a firecracker who seemed to pick the house up and shake it at every turn. Bringing life into every corner.

Controversy struck the house as rules were broken and two favorites were removed from the house. Major political groups called for the cancellation of the series but BB persevered. The house goes on.

GayKrys was also torn asunder by an eviction. And new relationships formed to support the lovelorn. Was this a forbidden relationship or true friendship?

The gay hairdresser is evicted and the gay farmer is again alone. Or was he as he becomes closer to the

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BRAVO hanklee... Outstanding!

Well said... I agree in every possible way!

I have watched the live feed of every season of BB/USA from season 1. This was my first watch of BB/AU. BB/AU just put on a show that was the most entertainig season of them all. Above and beyond them all, and yes, it raises the bar to a skyrocket level...

Combine everything that the live feed viewers would want to watch on a show, and BB/AU just delivered!


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