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'The Singing Office'


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'Office' Singing Stars Get Real


'The Singing Office' is a popular Dutch reality show

CBS has given a pilot order to "The Singing Office," a reality show that will give national exposure to workplace karaoke stars. In every episode, "Singing Office" surprises the staffers at two companies who are asked to do impromptu singing auditions right.

The best five singers from each office are flown to Hollywood, where they are trained to perform a fully choreographed two-minute song-and-dance number for a studio audience. At the end of the episode, the studio audience chooses the better "singing office," whose team wins a cash prize.

Filming on the pilot is slated to begin in late August. If the project goes to series, its season would conclude with the winning teams from each episode competing in a grand finale to be decided by voting by the TV audience.

"Everybody knows people at their office who stand up at the Christmas party and sing karaoke," said the show's producer, Laurie Girion. "This is a show for these people. We're not looking for the next pop star, we are celebrating the real people who have picked a hairbrush and have sung in front of a mirror."

While performing is a major part of the show, Girion said she is looking at it more "as a comedy show with music at its core, not than just another music competition show." Casting is under way for professional entertainers to serve as on-air directors of the two troupes in each episode. The show will also have a host/master of ceremonies.

"Singing Office" is based on a successful Dutch format.

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Well, now that you mention it . . . we DO have several cameras strategically placed around your computer so . . .


Smile, you're on the newest reality show!

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. . . and ruin our fun? Damn! There goes our "good television."

As you can tell, I'm just kidding! If that was truly the case, I'd shudder at what would happen upon occasion if the camera was turned on me! Now, where was my lipstick?

Actually, I agree totally with your original serious thought behind the joke. It does seem the producers are stretching a lot of the upcoming premises a tad too thin!

I've actually stopped watching many of the "new" shows. I have not checked out "Treasure Hunters" or the recently cancelled "The One" and I only catch "Rock Star: Supernova" and "Last Comic Standing" in repeats when they air on the cable stations during the week.

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