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Who's leaving this week?


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im really hope it's jase and i think it will be.... i don't see many people in the house voting against will




most likely for jase but they can change but they'll all probably vote the same


jase no question


probably jase i think he's freinds with like 2 people in the house dr will and howie


probably jase she been pushing for him and wants to keep will around


maybe will if the mr and mrs smith thing is real which i dunno....



they'll go with the majoruty on this i belive so it depends on s6 i guess

i see jase going home on thursday, which i'm not to upset about i would of rather it been boogie erica or marci but as long as it's not will he's become very entertaining

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Marcellas said Jase lost his vote to stay. They've been argueing a lot so i don't think Marcellas will vote for him to stay. The way i see it,

Votes to evict Jase:





Danielle (if she really is working w/ James and Will)


Votes to evict Will:


Chicken George (a maybe)

Erika (a maybe)

I think Jase is going, but what the hell do i know. lol Anything can change on a dime in that crazy house.

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Are you kidding me? Trying to figure out what the sov. 4 are going to do 24 hours before the vote is useless. They'll analyze, think,overthink, change their minds, agonize, ponder, argue, argue again. This is a group that is exhausing to watch decide ANYTHING.

It's a simple choice. Jase can win an HOH. Jase has said he'll still target one of their alliance and one of their supporters. Will will probably go home on his own before sequester Anyway. Jase should go. But I hate to even think what the sixers are going to do, and I certainly can't predict it.

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i would prefer WILL to go. but since jase is good @ hoh he will get the boot

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George confirmed with Danielle that he will vote out "the doctor." He says Jase is a walking time bomb.

Diane and George should be voting out Will. Marcellas and Mike are going to vote out Jase. Danielle seems to keep switching so the power is in the sovs' hand.

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Danielle, who I can't figure out WHY she is campaigning to keep Jase, told him she would try again to talk to James tonight. I don't know why they are focusing all their energies on him since he can't vote. After the hours on Sunday going round and round, does anyone think James can convince the SOVs to change their vote to Will? Even with the Booger's digustingly mean antics last night, I still want Jase to go quickly out that door.

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Hey Sam the Cat I explained it in the Danielle post..It is all strategy...

But I hope Jase is the one to go though..PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY EYE CANDY AWAY!!! :D WILL IS HOT...AND DAMN FINE not just fine but DAMN FINE..

But business is business and whatever works for Dani I will support. :angry: . when it comes to WILL.

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No the reason why Dani wants to keep Jase is because he can win competitions and she could use him to do her dirty work.. She believes Will and Boogie cant win competitions to get her ahead.. And Will betrayed their allliance when he threw a vote to Nak

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