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Big Brother Australia - News - The final week


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Thanks Blackcat3, I appreciate your input.


At the end of the Wednesday eviction show Gretel made two announcements:

On Friday Night Live, the HM will get the chance to win some of the money back into the final prize.


On Sunday night at 18:30, prior to the eviction which starts at 19:30, there will be a suprise visitor who will enter the house. It will not be Kykie Minogue or Cameron Diaz as the boys have wished for. Gretel did not say who it would be but I think that either Tim or one or both of the Logan twins from last season are possibles.

See you tomorrow with Thursday's update.

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I think its great that BB will give them a chance to win some money back!! and a surprise visitor, hmmm, how could it be?? lol, I will miss this when its over!

Thanx again Hanklee!!

So what do you think - Will Jamie and Katie reunite and be happy?? I hope so!! :D

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