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I'm sorry in advance to all who already know the whole story, I'm trying to piece together what has happened through reading all the different threads...I havent found a full thread that explains it all

Here's what I understand:

CG has won POV, and his consequences are that he had to shave his head and now he cannot compete next week?

Kaysar shaved his head as well. Also to do with POV

CG saving himself (duh) and Boogie going up?

If theres someone who doesnt mind recapping the whole scenario, I'd really appreciate it.


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You seem to have it, other than CG not competing next week. I don't think that was one of the things he agreed to.

I think it was a competition of how far will you go to win the veto. CG took it the furthest by agreeing to eat slop for 60 days. There were steps, i.e. eating a bowl of slop in a minute, having someone write on you, shave your head, etc., agreeing to not compete for any more vetos, etc. I'm assuming by George agreeing to slop for 60 days, he won the veto.

I'm not yet totally clear, and I'm not sure if anyone else is whether Boogie or Jase is going up.

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