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Courtesy of: SCIFI, EUREKA

Welcome to Eureka

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Eureka is a seemingly ordinary town whose residents lead ordinary lives

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Sci Fi's 'Eureka' Strikes Ratings Gold

Premiere logs more than 4 million viewers

July 20 2006


Colin Ferguson on 'Eureka'

The Sci Fi Channel's newest series is earthbound, but the ratings for its premiere still hit some pretty impressive heights.

The two-hour premiere of "Eureka" on Tuesday drew more than 4 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode of an original series in the channel's history. About 1.7 million of those viewers were in the key adults 18-49 demographic, and 1.9 million fell in the 25-54 age range.

By all those measures, "Eureka" was the top show on cable for the night. It also beat a few of its broadcast competitors, including the premiere of ABC's reality series "The One: Making a Music Star."

"Eureka" stars Colin Ferguson ("Coupling") as a U.S. marshal who stumbles on a small Pacific Northwest town that's actually a secret government research facility populated by the best minds in the nation. Their research, however, makes the town a place where a lot of odd things tend to occur.

The series, created by Andrew Cosby ("Haunted") and Jaime Paglia, also stars Joe Morton ("Terminator 2," "Stealth"), Salli Richardson-Whitfield ("CSI: Miami," "Antwone Fisher) and Debrah Farentino ("EZ Streets").

"Eureka" also adds to a cable hot streak this summer that has seen strong ratings for original series like USA's "Psych," TNT's "The Closer" and "Saved" and FX's "Rescue Me."

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Courtesy of: SCIFI

Eureka mini-marathon Friday December 29 Starting at 7/6C on Scifi.

Dec. 29, 2006







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Eureka Marathon on tonight...sorry for the short notice.

Title......................Date & Time................Channel

Before I Forget...Thu, Mar 22.. 7:00 PM.....SCI-FI

Alienated ..........Thu, Mar 22... 8:00 PM.....SCI-FI

Invincible ..........Thu, Mar 22....9:00 PM....SCI-FI

Dr. Nobel ..........Thu, Mar 22 ...10:00 PM...SCI-FI

Blink .................Thu, Mar 22 ...11:00 PM...SCI-FI

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Eureka season two premieres Tuesday July 10 at 9/8C on SCIFI


Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

DVD Review: 'Eureka, Season One'

By Rick Porter

July 3, 2007


Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson of 'Eureka'

Part "Northern Exposure" and part "X-Files" but mostly its own thing, "Eureka" was a pleasant surprise on the Sci Fi Channel last summer. Its appeal holds up well to repeat viewings, too, even if most of the bonus material on the show's first-season DVD set is stuff fans have already been able to access.

A good bit of the show's charm stems from its relatively simple setup, in which an outsider (Colin Ferguson) moves to a town where the best minds in America work in secret on next-next-next generation technology for the government. The interaction between Ferguson's Jack Carter, a federal marshal who becomes the town's sheriff, and the eggheady townspeople provides most of the show's humor.

Yet it's not so simple that it becomes repetitive: Carter doesn't just stare blankly when someone launches into a detailed scientific explanation (though that does happen), and neither are Eureka's citizens so shut off that Carter's real-world knowledge always saves the day (though that happens too). Creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia have struck a decent balance between the two, such that we believe Jack and his daughter, Zoe (Jordan Hinson), would actually come to enjoy their new home.

Cosby and Paglia have also taken care to populate Eureka with a fairly deep ensemble cast that includes Salli Richardson-Whitfield as a Defense Department liaison/love interest for Carter, Joe Morton as the town's genius-of-all-trades, Debrah Farentino as a therapist with an agenda and Matt Frewer as a batty Aussie cryptozoologist. The writers have taken the time to create well-rounded characters for all of them, and others too, which allows them to shift their focus in any number of directions, thereby keeping the show fresh.

A number of the DVD set's extras have appeared elsewhere, though there's something to be said for aggregation. Cosby, Paglia and Ferguson offer new thoughts on the movie-length pilot, but the other commentary tracks existed first as podcasts on SciFi.com. Ditto for the fake "Made in Eureka" infomercial snippets and a series of webisodes featuring a mysterious creature stalking the woods outside town.

Other new material includes a handful of deleted and extended scenes, some of which are decent but don't exactly leave you aching that they were cut, and a couple of amusing outtakes, including one of Frewer munching on some prop food.

A featurette on how the show conceives and builds its new technology might have been a nice addition; perhaps that will come on the season two DVD. For now, fans will have to be satisfied with having all the first-season material in one place.

EXTRAS: Audio commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes, webisodes, "Made in Eureka" ads

PRICE: $39.98

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

'Eureka' Goes to School

By Kate O'Hare, Zap2it

July 10, 2007


Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson of 'Eureka'

"Eureka" -- starting its second season Tuesday, July 10, on Sci Fi Channel -- is set in a small Pacific Northwest town that is the government-created home of the nation's most brilliant thinkers and inventors, all working on technological wonders for a better tomorrow.

It's also home to the supersecret research facility called Global Dynamics.

Like any small town, Eureka has a high school. And like any high school, Tesla School has science fairs.

As you might imagine, a science fair in Eureka is not about displays on the anatomy of the honeybee or dioramas of the Grand Canyon.

On a bright but chilly Friday in Canada, the cast and crew of "Eureka" have traveled to a school in Surrey, southeast of Vancouver. The cafeteria has been transformed into a high-tech science fair, with students on hand to observe and work as background extras. One of the exhibits causes major trouble for everyone later on, but fans will have to wait until a few episodes into the season to see what happens.

Eureka's Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is one of the few in town who is not of genius intelligence, but he makes up for it with common sense. Carter is helping his 15-year-old daughter, Zoe (Jordan Hinson), deal with some classmates. In the real world, Ferguson is happy to be working more with Hinson.

"In the last year, Jordan has turned the corner," says Ferguson, clad, as always, in his tan polyester uniform. "Her range as an actress has exploded this year, and it's great to have been a part of that with her. She's just knocking stuff out."

Also offering advice to Zoe is Carter's right-hand woman, Deputy Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra).

During a break in filming, Hinson and Cerra hop onto their director's chairs in a school hallway and talk about this bit of female bonding.

"Children bonding, on my part," Cerra says.

"What's that mean?" Hinson asks.

"Because I'm childish," Cerra replies.

Big things are up for Zoe this season, as her mother, played by Olivia D'Abo, returns to visit her daughter and ex-husband.

"She really could be your mom," Cerra says.

"On screen," Hinson says, "apparently our eyes look identical. Zoe's been apart from her mom for so long, so there are definite changes. But she gets along with her mom. She was with her mom for her whole life. She's just been with her dad for the past year. A teenager changes a lot in a year, so we're trying to cope with the changes, and it's difficult. But it was fun."

The conversation turns to possible love interests, beginning something of a theme for the day.

"I think there's a potential love interest for Jo," Cerra says.

Cerra's wish list for a love interest includes Brad Pitt, but since that seems unlikely, Hinson pipes up, "I see you and Fargo, gotta tell you."

"Well, you know ... ," Cerra says.

"You play the 'I don't like you' thing, but I don't know."

"It's the uniform," Cerra says. "It attracts a certain kind of man, the person who wants to get beat up, or the person who just wants to fight."

The Fargo in question is Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston), a brainy Global Dynamics employee who has worked on many development projects. His name also is raised as a possible love interest for Zoe, but since she's still in high school (and her father is armed), that is probably not a good idea.

"I could pretty much say that it's not going to be Zoe," Grayston says while hanging out on a stone wall outside the school, "given that there's a 10-year age difference, and there's the underage-ness."

But as for Jo, Grayston says, "Perhaps. Opposites attract, kind of thing. And Fargo likes his 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' a lot. Jo's the Eureka equivalent of Buffy, almost."

"Her and Fargo?" Ferguson says. "That's really funny, those two together."

But Zoe? Without hesitation, Ferguson says, "That just won't happen."

On the Sheriff Carter front, Ferguson says, "What we're going for this year is that he's always taken by surprise by the science. But he's expecting the science, then is taken by surprise, as opposed to not expecting anything, then getting taken by surprise."

Carter is still stuck in the middle between now-former Global Dynamics head Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) -- whose ex-wife, Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), has just taken his old job -- and former GD genius and freelance problem solver Henry Deacon (Joe Morton).

The death of Henry's love, scientist Kim (Tamlyn Tomita), in a disastrous episode last season involving the mysterious "Artifact" stored in the bowels of GD may have cost Stark his job, but it eventually brings Henry back into the GD fold.

"He definitely has an agenda," Morton says. "At GD, he's working in Kim's old lab. He requested it. I think he's clinging a lot."

Stark may be cut loose from his corporate moorings, but that doesn't mean he's let himself go. That's evident as Quinn stalks about the science fair in his usual dapper designer suit and shiny shoes.

"They've sent Stark on quite a journey," Quinn says, "but unfortunately, they didn't have the money to dress him for this journey, or there was so much money spent on the wardrobe for last season, that every chance they get, they put him in a suit."

There's even some talk of reconciliation for Stark and Blake.

Asked about that, Ferguson says, "Yeah, she'll pay for that. She can try."

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

Sci Fi Orders More 'Eureka'

Another run of 'Destination Truth' also ordered

September 27, 2007


Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson of 'Eureka'

Sci Fi Channel has ordered a third season of the quirky dramedy "Eureka," plus a second season of the the investigative reality series "Destination Truth."

The cable network announced the pick-ups on Thursday (Sept. 27), saying that production on the new run of "Eureka" will begin in Vancouver early next year, with a summer 2008 premiere date. Sci Fi has ordered 13 more hours.

The next six hours of "Destination Truth" will also premiere in 2008.

"'Eureka' rose to an even higher creative level in its sophomore season, combining entertaining, compelling stories with deeper character development and great cast chemistry. And clearly the audience noticed, bringing millions of new viewers to the Channel," says Mark Stern, Sci Fi's executive vice president of original programming. "'Destination Truth' with Josh Gates proved to be a great addition to our Wednesday night lineup and the perfect companion piece for 'Ghost Hunters.'"

The stars of "Eureka" -- or Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson, Joe Morton, Jordan Hinson and Ed Quinn at the very least -- are all slated to return for the third season of adventures in the eponymous Pacific Northwest community of geniuses. The show's July 18, 2006 premiere remains the highest rated series telecast in Sci Fi history.

Sci Fi boasts that "Destination Truth" brought in over a million new viewers over its 6-week run last summer. The series features "adventurer and truth-seeker" Josh gates traveling the world investigating notorious unexplained mysteries. It's June 2007 premiere was the highest-rated premiere for an alternative reality series on Sci Fi since the debut of 'Ghost Hunters' in 2004.

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I caught it on the second showing two hours later - thought it was terrific. Don't like the new head of GD hope she only sticks around a couple episodes then they throw it back to Allison, she is my favorite.

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Is THAT what it reminds me of, Art? There's something nostalgic about it...I think you're right (as always). I do really like it.

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Eureka returns this July on a new day and time....Fridays at 9/8c on SCIFI

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