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Ok, I just want to state that I'm not blonde, or stupid, but I do have a dumb question..

what is ADL? I've always wondered but been too shy to ask, please don't be mean :D

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Thanks for asking Mikala... I've been here for years and didn't know... I just knew it meant something for daily routines. lol

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Here is the list of all Morty's abbreviations for everyone

Big Brother Abbreviations & Terms:

AC America's Choice

A contest where the viewers select the winner.

ADLs Activities of Daily Living

(The stuff we all do, brushing teeth, housework, etc.)

BB Big Brother

(or producers that oversee or direct the houseguests )

BBH Big Brother House

BBT Big Brother Time

It was 1:32:20 PM in the Big Brother House (Pacific Time) when this page loaded.

BY Back Yard

DOR Drop Out Request A DR form HGs complete to quit the game.

DR Diary Room where they go to talk to Big Brother

FBB Fantasy Big Brother on the CBS Web Site

FotH Fire of the House. When we don't get to see something live, they transmit a shot of the fireplace or flames. In previous seasons, they showed the "Front of the House" and in BB6, the " Fish of the House."

HGs The House Guests (players)

HoH Head of House

HRD High Rent District (The nice bedroom)

LD Lockdown: Confined either inside or out while BB prepares or changes the set.

LR Living Room

PoV Power of Veto.

The ability to remove someone from the eviction block.

TWANS The Widow Anna Nicole Smith

(Has nothing to do with Big Brother)

VC Veto Challenge

Abbreviations From Other Seasons

4H 4 Horsemen

The Alliance of Scott, Jase, Cowboy and Drew.

F5 The Fab Five: A gay makeover team on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and the alliance of Drew, Scott, Jase and Marvin. AKA The Santa Monica Van Boys

GPPW GirlPower (Plus Will) The alliance of Karen, Nakomis, Diane, Adria and Will.

GR Gold Room

KotRT Knights of the Round Table

Chatroom & Email Abbreviations

Originally I didn't include these, I thought they were common, but I sure got a lot of questions about them.

AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact

AFAIK As Far As I Know

BRB Be Right Back

BBL Be Back Later

BTW By The Way

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

GMTA Great Minds Think Alike

HTH Hope This Helps

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

ITA I Totally Agree

IRL In Real Life, i.e. off the 'net

JSYK Just So You Know

L8R Later

LOL Laughing Out Loud

LMAO Laughing My Ass Off

OMG Oh My Gawd

OTOH On The Other Hand

ROTFL Rolling On Floor Laughing

TIA Thanks In Advance

TMI Too Much Information

TPTB The Powers That Be

TTFN Ta Ta For Now

WB Welcome Back

WTF What the F'?

WDYT What Do You Think

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