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TV show "The Mother-in-Laws"

Guest Walter

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Guest Walter

Does anyone know if this show from, I think, the late 60's early 70's is aired on any channels? I remember it from my childhood on daytime re-runs only.

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Hey I do remember this show too! Now that i have registered and am posting in a forum for the first time ever I notice that the initial question was from 3 years ago but oh well! Anyhow I think the show was called "The Mothers-in-Law and starred Kay Ballard and Eve Arden ( dont ask me how I remember that) but they were hysterical !

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"The Mothers-in-Law"


"The Mothers-in-Law" starred Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as the lead actresses. Desi Arnaz Jr. acted in a couple of episodes and Desi Arnaz Sr was not only the producer of the first show but acted in four episodes as well. Kaye Ballard is still alive while sadly, Eve Arden died in 1990.

Eve Arden

Date of Birth: 30 April 1908, Mill Valley, California

Date of Death: 12 November 1990, Los Angeles, California

Kaye Ballard

Date of Birth: 20 November 1925, Cleveland, Ohio

The Mothers-in-Law


'The Mothers-in-Law' (1967-1969)


Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Davis


1 | 2

Series Directed by:

Desi Arnaz (2 episodes, 1967-1968)

Elliot Lewis (2 episodes, 1969)

Elliott Lewis (unknown episodes)

Maury Thompson (unknown episodes)

Series Produced by:

Desi Arnaz .... executive producer (2 episodes, 1967)

Charles Shyer .... assistant producer (unknown episodes)

Release Date

10 September 1967 (USA)




Roger and Kaye live next door to Eve and Herb. Eve and Herb's daughter Suzie marries Roger and Kaye's son Jerry. This forces the families to be a bit closer than they would prefer, particularly since Jerry and Suzie live in the garage. Written by Ed Sutton {esutton@mindspring.com}

The Hubbards and Buells are the best of friends despite their wildly different lifestyles. Herb Hubbard is a successful lawyer and Eve is a former champion athlete, while Roger Buell is a television writer and his wife Kaye is a poor housekeeper to the point of being lazy. Also, Roger and Kaye's son, Jerry was married to Herb and Eve's daughter, Susie. Sometimes the friendship is tested as both "mothers-in-law" try to help their children as they go through the early stages of their marriage. Written by Brian Washington {Sargebri@earthlink.net}

Series Cast

Eve Arden ... Eve Hubbard (44 episodes, 1967-1969)

Kaye Ballard ... Kaye Buell (44 episodes, 1967-1969)

Roger C. Carmel ... Roger Buell (18 episodes, 1967-1968)

Desi Arnaz ... Raphael del Gado (4 episodes, 1967-1968)

Deborah Walley ... Suzie Hubbard Buell (3 episodes, 1967-1969)

Vanda Barra ... Nurse Charlotte / ... (3 episodes, 1967-1969)

Joe Besser ... Bandleader / ... (3 episodes, 1968-1969)

Herb Voland ... Dr. Butler (3 episodes, 1968-1969)

Herbert Rudley ... Herb Hubbard (2 episodes, 1967)

Jerry Fogel ... Jerry Buell (2 episodes, 1967-1969)

Stafford Repp ... Policeman (2 episodes, 1967-1968)

Del Moore ... Fred (2 episodes, 1968-1969)

Jeanette Nolan ... Annie M. Taggart / ... (2 episodes, 1968-1969)

Benny Rubin ... Pratt (2 episodes, 1968-1969)

Desi Arnaz Jr. ... Tommy (2 episodes)

Source(s): imdb, wikipedia, nndb, google and kayeballard.com

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