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July 23/24 Video Thread


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Let's Follow Jase

(for a little over an hour after nominations)

Part 1: In the middle of a discussion with Danielle, it ends 2 minutes after this tape, but live feed recaps can catch up with the end if you need more.


Part 2: He moves from Danielle to George on his way inside. This is all of it, short and to the point.


Part 3: He moves from outside and George to the Bug Room and Kaysar. Discussion went on way past this long piece. See the live feed recaps if it caught your attention.


Part 4: Once Kaysar leaves the Bug Room, Jase ends up outside to lift weights. And along comes Erica. Conversation went on a bit longer than this, punctuated by grand pauses in between. I stopped on the first of three. Bottom line, she ended up saying she'd like him to stay (and "I haven't talked to Will yet"). Live feed recaps can tell you more.


Bottom Line:

Dani and Erica basically gave him their votes.

George and Kaysar held out.

(I think. Do you think? <sigh> -- it all changes anyway)

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